Freeze Dryers - VirTis - Benchtop Pro 3XL

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BTP 3XL This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for the closest replacement - Freeze dryer VirTis Benchtop Pro 3XL for solvents that condense above -72°C, 3l condenser capacity, advanced process control, 0.37m sq shelf area, does not self sterilize, no negative shelf temperature uniformity. Featuring robust, stainless steel, internal smooth wall condenser for easy access. Omnitronics intuitive colour touch screen controls illustrating system vacuum and temperature status by Red/Green colour coding. Data trending and alarms included. One touch control ensures correct, safe and sequential start-up and shutdown to protect system components.
This part number has been discontinued.
12 months Biopharma-Process-Systems_Benchtop-Pro-3L.pdf ? £0.00 £0.00

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK

Additional information

For solvents that condense above -50°C Yes
For solvents that condense between -50 & -70°C Yes
For solvents that condense between -70°C & -85°C Yes
For solvents that condense between -85°C & -100°C No
Condenser capacity 3 l
Control of process Advanced
Negative shelf temperature uniformity No
Package system No
Self sterilizing No
Shelf area 0.37 m sq
External height 432 mm
External width 394 mm
External depth 724 mm

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BTP-DA-12-I Manifold VirTis drum, 12 port, acrylic

? £3358.91 £3358.91

BTP-DS-18-0-I Manifold Virtis drum, 18 port, stainless steel

? £5110.93 £5110.93

BTP-DA-08-0-I Manifold VirTis drum, 8 port, acrylic

? £2542.27 £2542.27

BTP-MST-12-I Manifold VirTis T-type, 12 port, stainless steel

? £2826.48 £2826.48

BTP-MST-08-I Manifold VirTis T-type, 8 port, stainless steel

? £2550.53 £2550.53

BR-3H-12-I-W Shelf rack VirTis 3 shelves, heated (for use with part number BTP-DA-08-0-I)

? £2519.90 £2519.90

BR-3U-08-I Shelf rack VirTis 3 shelves, unheated (for use with part number BTP-DA-08-0-I)

? £850.22 £850.22

BR-3U-12-I Shelf rack VirTis 3 shelves, unheated (for use with part number BTP-DA-12-0-I)

? £873.01 £873.01

BR-3U-18-I Shelf rack VirTis 3 shelves, unheated (for use with part number BTP-DS-18-0-I)

? £911.38 £911.38

VPD Vacuum pump Edwards 6iC oil-free, chemical version, includes all fittings and cables required for connection, inlet valve, exhaust silencer. Recommended if working with aggressive, non-aqueous based solvents

? £4789.61 £4789.61

VPW Vacuum pump VirTis with accessories, high quality oil-sealed          

? £2051.82 £2051.82


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