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How is Wolflabs the most sustainable supplier in its market sector?

Paperless operations.
No hard copy marketing material.
Paperless invoicing.
Electronic processing of purchase invoices.
• Reducing the volume of paper ordered for the office.


No own-label packaging.
• 99% of orders shipped direct from suppliers.

No sales representatives with call targets to meet.
We are rarely on the road reducing our carbon footprint.
• 2 directors own hybrid cars for when travel is necessary. 

Recycling and encouraging the trading of equipment wherever possible. 
• ISO 14001 Environmental Policy
WEEE certified
• Battery disposal policy

Sustainability comparisons part of our procurement process.
Ecological benefits of equipment in our comparison tables are listed on the product pages.
• Every piece of electrical equipment must be provided with details of its maximum power draw.  You can calculate your energy costs using the figures shown in our applications tables as follows: Annual cost = (kW x 0.1) x hours in use x £/Kw. For example, with a unit cost of £0.10 per kW an autoclave rated at 9kW used for 2 hours per day 230 times per year will cost £41.40 per year to run. Defra has calculated that 0.54522kg (2010) of CO2 is released for every kW of electricity used, so the autoclave will be responsible for the release of around 226kg of CO2 over the course of the year. We are keen to work with people interested in helping us to offer more detailed information, and to measure energy usage in working laboratories. Please contact us if this subject is of interest to you.

Products manufactured in the UK and Europe sourced preferentially. 
• Reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the distance in which are products must travel.

Continue to reduce are carbon emissions.
• We have reduced our carbon emissions from 38.22 tonnes of CO2 in 2017 to 14.73 tonnes in 2020 and will continue to pay the offset yearly.

Supporting charities that help us to #thinksustainable.
Wolflabs is a proud supporter of Cool Earth. A charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Find out more here.
• We have also been carbon neutral since 2017. The off-setting company we use is ClimateCare. ClimateCare finances, manages and develops climate projects. Find out more here.

ISO 14001


Future plans

We are looking for customers to work with to help quantify and minimise carbon emissions in laboratories. Please contact us if this is of interest to you.