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We have all heard the phrase ‘wolf in sheep's clothing'. Perhaps the poor wolf has been misrepresented and wasn’t really being devious and pretending to be nice but was just a bit cold? If only he could pop into an incubator when he felt cold he could lose the fleece and be a happy Wolf! With Wolflabs wide range of incubators now on special offer a wolf would certainly be spoilt for choice!

We would like to thank Tracy Warnett from Bradford University for the above fun fact. The next product category will be spectrophotometers. Can you think of a fun fact linking spectrophotometers with wolves that can be made funny (or even remotely funny)? If we use your fun fact, we will be happy to send you a £50 gift voucher from a shop of your choice as thanks. Entries need to be received before 19th April 2021.

Incubators - Battery Testing
Incubators - CO2 And Multigas
Incubators - Cooled
Incubators - Cooled for Drosophila/Fruit Fly Research
Incubators - Plant Growth Cabinets
Incubators - Stability Chambers
Incubators - Warming Cabinets

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