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Arctic wolves maintain an internal body temperature of 37°C, even in below freezing surroundings. The temperature difference is maintained by a rete mirabile; a complex of arteries and veins running alongside each other. They help keep the core temperature up without wasting excessive heat to the surroundings.

Like wolves, ovens are also hot on the inside. But if the Artic Wolf still feels cold we are sure Wolflabs would be happy to supply them with an oven to keep warm. 


We would like to thank Robert Watts from St George's, University of London for the above fun fact. The next product category will be rotary evaporators. Can you think of a fun fact linking rotary evaporators with wolves that can be made funny (or even remotely funny)? If we use your fun fact, we will be happy to send you a £50 gift voucher from a shop of your choice as thanks. Entries need to be received before 19th October 2020.


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