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Wild Arctic grey wolves live in the cold Arctic. To survive in this icy landscape wolves have two layers of fur. The long guard hairs that form the visible outer layer of the coat determine a wolf’s appearance/colour and works like a raincoat, protecting a wolf from rain, snow, and sleet. The soft dense undercoat is usually grey in colour and keeps the animal warm by keeping it insulated in cold temperatures. Additional adaptations to reduce heat loss include a slightly shorter nose, ears, legs than other grey wolf subspecies.

Thanks to these special features, Arctic wolves can easily survive in temperatures as low as minus 70° Fahrenheit. Even though they are perfectly happy to sit on the snow for hours enjoying the sharp cold air, I’m sure they would be more comfortable sitting on a chair bought from Wolflabs (if only Wolflabs delivered to the Arctic). 

We would like to thank Anna Sobolewska-Stawiarz from Croda for the above fun fact. The next product category will be centrifuges. Can you think of a fun fact linking centrifuges with wolves that can be made funny (or even remotely funny)? If we use your fun fact, we will be happy to send you a £50 gift voucher from a shop of your choice as thanks. Entries need to be received before 24th August 2020.


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