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The products we are featuring are from R&L Enterprises with platform widths of 50 to 320mm, platform depths of 40 mm to 260mm, maximum heights from 78 to 470mm and for loads of 20 to 90kg. Use our comparison table to identify the best product for your application. The most important questions to ask are size of jack required and the maximum load it is required to hold.


R&L Enterprises lab jacks from Wolflabs

Product Update

R&L Enterprises lab jacks from Wolflabs.

Features and benefits
- Manufactured to close tolerances from aluminium with stainless steel operating screw.
- The top and bottom plates are specially designed aluminium extrusion giving exceptional rigid and robust support without excessive weight.
- The labjacks are designed to be completely stable and free from rocking movements.
- All the labjacks with the exception of the 2041 and 2038 have a 10mm tapped hole in the right rear corner to take standard retort rods for which a locking nut is provided.

Product Category: Lab Jacks

Manufacturer: R&L Enterprises