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48LGOLD/0.1-19O2  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/1-19O2  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HUMWARM/0.1-19O2  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HUMWARM/1-19O2  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HUMWARM  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/0.1-19O2  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/1-19O2  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/0.1-19O2  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/1-19O2  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/0.1-19O2/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/1-19O2/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HUMWARM/0.1-19O2%/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HUMWARM/1-19O2/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HUMWARM/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/0.1-19O2/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/1-19O2/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/0.1-19O2/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LGOLD/HT/1-19O2/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LSILVER  CO2 incubator
48LSILVER/HT  CO2 incubator
48LSILVER/HUMWARM  CO2 incubator
48LSILVER/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LSILVER/HT/2DR  CO2 incubator
48LSILVER/HUMWARM/2DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/0.1-19O2  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/1-19O2  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HUMWARM/0.1-19O2  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HUMWARM/1-19O2  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HUMWARM  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/0.1-19O2  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/1-19O2  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/0.1-19O2  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/1-19O2  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/0.1-19O2/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/1-19O2/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HUMWARM/0.1-19O2/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HUMWARM/1-19O2/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HUMWARM/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/0.1-19O2/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/HUMWARM/1-19O2/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/0.1-19O2/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LGOLD/HT/1-19O2//4DR  CO2 incubator
170LSILVER  CO2 incubator
170LSILVER/HT  CO2 Incubator, GS Biotech, 170L, infra red CO2 sensor, seamless chamber ,25mm access port, high temprature decontamination, inner door, no datalogger or RS232. Three year parts and labour warranty
170LSILVER/HT/HUMWARM  CO2 incubator
170LSILVER/HUMWARM  CO2 incubator
170LSILVER/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LSILVER/HT/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LSILVER/HT/HUMWARM/4DR  CO2 incubator
170LSILVER/HUMWARM/4DR  CO2 incubator
14LRS232  RS232 for 14L CO2 incubator
48LRS232  RS232 for 48L CO2 incubator
170LCOOL  Cooling for 170L CO2 incubator
170LRS232  RS232 for 170L CO2 incubator
GSB-5000   CO2 Cylinder Auto-changeover controller
GSB-5010  Two Stage CO2 Regulator
GSB-5020  G2000 CO2 Supply Line Filter (Pack of 2)
GSB-5030  In Line Pressure Regulator
GSB-5060  G2500 Auto-zero Filter (Pack of 5)
GSB-5710  Black Protective Cover (Pack of 5)
GSB-5760  CO2 Inlet Tubing and Clips, 3M
GSB-5771  LCD Display
GSB-5790  O2 Sensor 1-19%
GSB-5870  CO2 Valve 24V DC (48R & 170R Models)
GSB-5890  170R Transformer 120v
GSB-5900  Porous Covers (Pack of 5)
GSB-5910  O2 Valve 24V (48L Models)
GSB-5920  Hydrophobic Filter (pack of 5)
GSB-5921  Hydrophobic Filter (pack of 10)
GSB-5930  Inverter with Terminal block
GSB-5940  48L Humidity Tray
GSB-6020  170R Transformer 230v
GSB-6030  Autozero Pump FOR 48R & 170R
GSB-6050  O2 Sensor Removal Tool
GSB-6061  Calibrated Gas S-Flow
GSB-6062  48S CO2 Valve - 115V
GSB-6063  48S CO2 Valve - 230V
GSB-6140  170L Humidity Tray
GSB-6150  CO2 Analyser
GSB-6200  14S Humidity Tray
GSB-6550  14L CO2 Valve 120v (14S Model)
GSB-6551  14L CO2 Valve 230v (14S Model)
GSB-6580  14L Transformer120v
GSB-6581  14L Transformer 230v
GSB-6582  170S Transformer 120v
GSB-6583  170S Transformer 230v
GSB-6590  N2 Valve 230v (14S Model)
GSB-6591  N2 Valve 115v (14S Model)
GSB-6592  170R N2 Valve 24V
GSB-6640  Chamber Sensor (All Models excluding Gal Std)
GSB-6670  48L Toroidal Transformer 230v
GSB-6680  48R CO2 Restrictor
GSB-6681  14S CO2 Restrictor
GSB-6682  170L CO2 Restrictor
GSB-6831  CO2 & O2 Analyser
GSB-6832  CO2 & O2 Analyser, with RH & 5mm Temperature Probes
GSB-6930  170S CO2 Valve - 120V
GSB-6931  170S CO2 Valve - 230V
GSB-7080  O2 Valve 24V
GSB-7130  CO2 Tubing Clips (Pack of 6)
GSB-7150  Molex Hand Tool
GSB-7210  Calibrated Gas 110L Can
GSB-7211  Calibrated Gas 20L Can
GSB-7220  Two Stage N2 Regulator
GSB-7221  Calibrated Gas S-Reg
GSB-7222  Two Stage O2 Regulator
GSB-7270  O2 Sensor 0.1-19%
GSB-7540  Mox O2 Zeroing Kit
GSB-7660  Inlet Filters for G100 Analyser (Pack of 5)
GSB-7690  Calibrated Gas Cert
GSB-7710  1 metre Sample Tubing & Connector for G100 Analyser
GSB-7800  Additional Hard Carry Case
GSB-8090  48L Toroidal Transformer 120v
GSB-8350  48S Restrictor
GSB-8760  Auto-zero Solenoid Valve 24v (48R & 170R Models)
GSB-8761  Auto-zero Solenoid Valve 230v (48S & 170S Models)
GSB-8763  Auto-zero Solenoid Valve 120v (48S & 170S Models)
GSB-8790  CO2 Sensor (all models excluding Gal Std and serial no prior to 2355)
GSB-8900  170R O2 Restrictor
GSB-8920  48R O2 Restrictor
GSB-8930  14S N2 Restrictor
GSB-8940  170R N2 Restrictor
GSB-8950  48R N2 Restrictor
GSB001-CARR01  Carriage cost GS Biotech

  • Product update

    New 14LGOLD/O2, 14LGOLD and 14LSTANDARD CO2 and multigas incubators from GS Biotech have been added. Scottish based GS Biotech, design and manufacture a range of CO2 Cell Culture Incubators. The range is initially comprised of:- 14, 48, and 170 litre chamber capacities. All models are close descendants of the first six-sided, direct heat incubator. GS Biotech has built on this lineage with smart blending of older and newer technologies to build reliability, performance and choice into the range - at a fair price.

    Features and benefits
    - Optimum chamber environment, profiled heating creates gentle circulation –no fan or HEPA filter.
    - Seamless chamber, with rounded interior corners makes cleaning easy.
    - Removable shelves are non-tip.
    - Sealed inner glass door allows chamber viewing.
    - Temperature range programmable from 4 °C above ambient to 50 °C.
    - Infrared CO2 Sensor, with auto self-referencing function.
    - CO2 range programmable from 0.2 to 20 %.
    - Large, easy to read LCD display with LED backlight.
    - Removable, seamless, stainless steel humidity reservoir.
    - 25mm access port for cable pass-through etc.
    - HEPA filtration for all incoming gasses.
    - Large range of options allows you to configure each incubator for each task.
    - Optional data capture and reporting for QA and verification purposes.
    - 3 Year Warranty (extendable).

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    Incubators - CO2 And Multigas GS Biotech Ltd David Suddaby 01-Dec-2017