Wolflabs is currently the public sector's top supplier for this range of products through framework agreement LAB5028 LU. A range of fluorometers with single cell format, wavelengths from 200 to 830nm and sensitivity of 25ug/ml from Eppendorf.

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  • ? Price £
    5000 - 7499.99 (1)
    7500 - 9999.99 (1)
  • ? Manufacturer
    Eppendorf (2)
  • ?Format
    Single (1)
    Single cell (1)
  • ?Min wavelength / nm
    200 (2)
  • ?Max wavelength / nm
    830 (2)
  • ?Sensitivity / ug/ml
    25 (2)

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Format ? Min wavelength nm? Max wavelength nm? Sensitivity ug/ml? Offer price ? Quantity

Special Offer
Eppendorf BioSpectrometer fluorescence Single cell 200 830 25 £7,017.87
Eppendorf BioSpectrometer fluorescence with µCuvette G1.0 Single 200 830 25 £8,279.64

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  • Special Offer - Fluorometers

    Special Offer - Fluorometers

    Special offers

    Discounts of almost 10% - https://www.wolflabs.co.uk/laboratory-products/fluorometers

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Fluorometers Eppendorf David Child 01-Jan-2018
  • Jenway fluorometers from Wolflabs

    Jenway fluorometers from Wolflabs

    Product update

    Jenway 62 series fluorometers from Wolflabs. Jenway 62 Series Fluorometers are designed to suit a wide range of budgets and applications. All three models offer intuitive operation with a user interface based on logical menus that can be navigated from a simple keypad.

    Features and benefits
    - High quality optics: pulsed xenon lamp and Total Energy Transfer (TET)
    - Intelligent Filter Modules ensure correct filters are fitted for selected method
    - Intuitive programming allows fast program creation
    - Raw fluorescence or concentration values options
    - Standard curve and kinetic functions
    - Heated sample holder and sipper pump accessories
    - Compatible with DataWay PC software
    - 3 year warranty

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Fluorometers Cole-Parmer - Jenway David Suddaby 25-Sep-2016
  • New Eppendorf fluorometer from Wolflabs

    New Eppendorf fluorometer from Wolflabs

    Product update

    New BioSpectrometer fluorescence fluorometer from Eppendorf has been added. The integrated fluorescence unit of the BioSpectrometer fluorescence can be used to increase the measuring range by a factor of 1,000, for example, to detect DNA. This enables reliable quantification up to a concentration of 1.0 pg/μL. Measurements can be flexibly executed in the UV/Vis or fluorescence range. What's more, quantifications can be carried out using fluorescence dyes in the same device, even well beyond the photometric detection limit.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Fluorometers Eppendorf David Suddaby 01-Apr-2016

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