Flow Cytometers - Sysmex Partec - CyFlow Ploidy V1

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CY-S-3039_V1_S Wolf special offer - Flow cytometer Sysmex / Partec CyFlow Ploidy V1 UV LED, 1 colour, 1 parameter OFFER ENDS 28-02-2019 12 months Sysmex_Flow-Cytometer_CyFlow-Ploidy-Analyser.pdf ? £15718.23 £15153.99

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer European
Max. Power Draw 0.200kW
Ecological Features The lasers can be individually turned off using the software, this preserves the life of the laser as well as saving energy.

Additional information

488nm blue laser power 0 mW
632nm red laser power 0 mW
405nm violet laser power 0 mW
375nm UV laser power 0 mW
561nm yellow laser power 0 mW
532nm green laser power 0 mW
Number of colours 1
Number of parameters 1
Manual Sysmex_Flow-Cytometer_CyFlow-Ploidy-Analyser.pdf

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