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The products we are featuring are from Grant with capacities for up to 18 x straws for 0.25ml tubes, up to 16 x straws for 0.5ml tubes, up to 55 x 2ml vials or up to 1 x SBS microplate, with or without plates to accommodate various items/vessels, with controlled temperatures from -100°C to 30°C, with cooling rates from 0.1°C/min to 10°C/min, with horizontal, vertical or vertical and horizontal freezing alignments. Use our application table to identify the best product for your application.


Grant controlled rate freezer from Wolflabs

Product Update

Grant CRF-1 controlled rate freezer from Wolflabs. Unlike conventional liquid nitrogen based controlled rate cooling equipment, the CRF-1 poses no contamination risk and can be used in cleanrooms and barrier facilities. The CRF-1 fits neatly and quietly on a bench-top and its performance in terms of cell viability after freezing is comparable or better than standard liquid nitrogen freezers. As alcohol is not used, there is also no potential fire risk. 

Features and benefits
- Accurate and reproducible control of cooling rates and sample temperatures.
- Easy to use and samples can be nucleated/seeded in-situ.
- Linear and non-linear cooling profiles.
- Low running costs.
- Temperature remains at -100°C at the end of cycle for straw applications until freezer is switched off.
- CE marked.
- 3 year warranty.

Product Category: Controlled Rate Freezers

Manufacturer: Grant