Class III Cabinets

Wolflabs is currently the public sector's top supplier for this range of products through framework agreement LAB5028 LU. A range of class III cabinets from Contained Air Solutions (CAS) and Envair/Faster. These cabinets offer both operator and product protection to the relevant standard. Use the filter on the left hand side to narrow down the choices available and then the table in the middle to compare products. You can generate a ballpark quotation for a range of units from this page or click the catalogue numbers in the table to obtain more detailed quotations. We would strongly recommend speaking with one of our technical representatives to ensure that you are quoted for the correct specification. The unit we recommend would depend on your application, what similar units you have close by, how easy it is to site the unit and what services you have available.

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  • ? Price £
    20000 - 29999.99 (2)
  • ? Manufacturer
    Contained Air Solutions (CAS) (2)
    Envair / Faster (3)
  • ?No. of glove ports
    2 (2)
    3 (1)
    4 (2)
  • ?Inlet filter and passive transfer hatch
    Yes (5)
  • ?Working height / mm
    700 (2)
    740 (3)
  • ?Working width / mm
    1100 (1)
    1192 (1)
    1497 (1)
    1800 (1)
    1802 (1)
  • ?Working depth / mm
    580 (3)
    630 (2)

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Catalogue no.



No. of glove ports ? Inlet filter and passive transfer hatch ? Working height mm? Working width mm? Working depth mm? Offer price ? Quantity

Special Offer
Contained Air Solutions (CAS) BioMAT3 12002G 2 Yes 700 1100 630 £23,282.98
Special Offer
Contained Air Solutions (CAS) BioMAT3 18004G 4 Yes 700 1800 630 £28,039.90
Envair / Faster SCS 4 2 Yes 740 1192 580 £25,839.88
Envair / Faster SCS 5 3 Yes 740 1497 580 £26,417.60
Envair / Faster SCS 6 4 Yes 740 1802 580 £26,949.07

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  • Contained Air Solutions class III cabinets from Wolflabs

    Contained Air Solutions class III cabinets from Wolflabs

    Product update

    Contained Air Solutions BioMAT 3 class III cabinets from Wolflabs. Class 3 Microbiological Safety Cabinets provide full barrier protection for use with high hazard group samples, fully compliant to EN 12469:2000.

    Features and benefits
    - Main body manufactured in 2.5mm grade 316L stainless steel with a white polyester finish RAL 9010
    - Hinged (downward) fully opening front visor with 10mm clear cast acrylic screen
    - Uninterrupted access to cabinet interior for ease of cleaning
    - Single membrane facia control panel
    - Diagnostic airflow display Inclined working angle for improved working position
    - Inlet and Exhaust HEPA filtration to Class H14, 99.995 MPPS efficiency or 99.999% DOP efficiency to EN 1822-1
    - Available in three standard widths with ducted, thimble recirculation or bypass exhaust options
    - Larger models available for specialised applications
    - Independently Type Tested to EN 12469:2000 and BS 5726:1992

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Class III Cabinets Contained Air Solutions (CAS) David Suddaby 28-Aug-2016

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