Class II Cabinets - Envair / Faster - ecoSafe Basic Plus

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UCS 4 Envair special offer - Class II microbiological safety cabinet Envair / Faster ecoSafe Basic Plus working width 1192 mm, electronic sliding sash, single fan, for ducted or recirculating applications. This unit can only be fitted with one HEPA filter in the exhaust compartment. (replaces Faster Classic 212 - F00001140000) OFFER ENDS 31-05-2018 12 months Envair_Class_II_Cabinets_Basic_Plus.pdf ? £6224.06 £4268.78

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer European

Additional information

Working width 1192 mm
Front closure Motorised sliding sash
Number of fans 1
Max power draw 0.364 kW
Noise level 54 dB
VHP ports? Optional
Ducted or recirc-ulating Ducted or recirculating
Angled HEPA filter? No
Warranty 1 Years

No manual is currently available for this item.

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LAB1021 AP framework - UCS 4

This product is currently being evaluated for framework agreement LAB1021 AP as it has the following minimum requirements.
  • Compliance with the requirements of BS5726:2005/EN 12469:2000 and other current, relevant standards
  • Stainless steel (minimum grade AISI 316) or epoxy coated work surfaces
  • MSC to have conspicuous visual indication that the unit is operating safely and an audible & visual alarm indicating any condition that may render the MSC unsafe to use.
  • Air flow rates of at least 0.4 metres/second inflow (average across the face) and a down flow over the working area of at least 0.25 metres/second but no greater than 0.5 metres/second.
  • A variety of widths
  • An inlet to allow for oil aerosol penetration tests of the HEPA filters and seals
  • An additional HEPA exhaust filter (non-ducted models only)
  • Internal lighting in the workspace of at least 1,000 Lux
  • A site visit by a trained operative to advise on the suitability of the proposed location of the MSC.
  • Electrical operation from a 230 volt, AC (50hz), power supply with a three-pin plug top to BS1363