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Wolflabs is currently the public sector"s top supplier for this range of products through framework agreement LAB5028 LU. A comprehensive range of centrifugal concentrators from Vivaproducts with hydrosart filter material, molecular weight cut-offs from 2000 to 100000, minimum sample size of 10ul, maximum sample size of 500 to 2000ul, with or without PCR grading and in packs ranging from 25 to 100. Use our comparison table to identify the best product for your application.


Vivaproducts centrifugal concentrator centrifuge tubes from Wolflabs

Product Update

Vivaproducts Vivacon 500 and Vivacon 2 centrifugal concentrator centrifuge tubes from Wolflabs. Vivacon centrifugal concentration tubes offer the optimal solution for DNA concentration and buffer exchange applications. For optimal performance with very dilute samples, e.g. forensic samples, Vivacon is equipped with the patented regenerated cellulose membrane Hydrosart. High recoveries and excellent reproducibilities are paired with convenience offered by volume graduation and molecular weight cut-off printed on individual devices.

Features and benefits
- Vivacon, in comparison to the classical Vivaspin units, features a horizontal membrane design that is optimized for consistency with previously used procedures.
- Selected cut offs of the Vivacon units are also available in PCR Grade, meaning sterile and DNA-free. For this, they have been treated with a validated, dual-cycle ethylene oxide (ETO) gas process to a safety assurance level (SAL) of 10-6. They are also free of detectable human genomic DNA tested in a qPCR assay over 55 cycles with a verified limit of detection < 2 pg. This high safety level makes Vivacon 500 and Vivacon 2 PCR Grade the products of choice for most critical applications, like e.g. case work in the forensic industry.
- For optimal performance with very dilute samples, e.g. genomic DNA for forensic applications, Vivacon 500 and Vivacon 2 are equipped with the patented Hydrosart regenerated cellulose membrane that guarantees extremely low binding properties and high flux.
- The option of a back-spin step after sample processing assures complete and highly reproducible concentrate recovery. This is especially important when working with low sample concentrations.


Wolflabs Vivaproducts :: New category 'Centrifuge Tubes - Centrifugal Concentrators'

Product Update

Wolflabs Vivaproducts :: New category 'Centrifuge Tubes - Centrifugal Concentrators

Models include; Vivacon 2, Vivacon 2-PCR, Vivacon 500, and Vivacon 500-PCR