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80-7000-21 Spectrophotometer Biochrom LIBRA S70 190-1100nm, 1nm bandwidth, scanning, dual beam, single cell holder, no printer or bluetooth included, for educational, life science, industrial, micro volume and pharmaceutical applications 24 months Biochrom_Spectrophotometers_Libra-S_S-PC.pdf ? £7236.00 £5919.00

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK

Additional information

Min wavelength 190 nm
Max wavelength 1100 nm
Min bandwidth 1 nm
Max bandwidth 1 nm
Scanning Yes
Beam format Dual
Cell holders 1
Printer included No
Temperature controlled cuvette shaft? No
Bluetooth No
Suitable for general purpose applications No
Suitable for DNA/RNA applications No
Suitable for educational applications Yes
Suitable for life science applications Yes
Suitable for industrial applications Yes
Suitable for micro volume applications Yes
Suitable for pharmaceutical applications Yes

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Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. 80-7000-21


80-7100-08 Cell charger Biochrom automatic linear cell changer with 8 position ambient multicell holder. Accepts 10mm pathlength cuvettes. Includes 10 mm single cell holder for reference beam

? £874.00 £763.00

80-7100-09 Cell charger Biochrom thermostatted 5-cell, automatic linear cell changer with 5 position water thermostatted multi-cell holder. Accepts 10mm pathlength cuvettes. Includes 10 mm single cell holder for reference beam. Temperature range of dependant on external circulator (not supplied), tubing and holder. Supplied with tubing and connector

? £900.00 £786.00

80-7100-03 Cell Holder Biochrom temperature controlled (Water jacket) single cell holder for connection to external water circulator (not supplied) Temperature range of dependant on external circulator, tubing and holder. Supplied with tubing and connector

? £554.00 £461.00

80-7100-05 Cell Holder Biochrom variable pathlength, sample and reference beams. Allows the use of rectangular cells from 1 to 100mm pathlength. Fits to standard sample compartment baseplate

? £567.00 £472.00

80-7100-12 Film holder Biochrom for solid films/filters from 1mm to 10mm thickness

? £447.00 £356.00

80-7100-50 Peltier thermocirculator Biochrom range from 20ºC to 60ºC. Digital display. Temperature accuracy of +/- 0.1ºC.

? £2664.00 £2311.00

80-7100-14 Printer Biochrom built in thermal printer for local and PC-controlled spectrophotometers.

? £490.00 £409.00

80-7100-36 Sipper system Biochrom automatic aspiration, air gap volume feature, waste or return option, local or PC controlled. Choice of tubing kits.

? £1509.00 £1312.00

80-7100-11 Test tube holder Biochrom fits test tubes up to 160mm tall and from 10mm to 24mm diameter

? £490.00 £409.00

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