Monitors - Ethylene Oxide

An Ethylene Oxide monitor from Riken Keiki suitable for wall mounting with audible and visible alarms, mains powered and remote sensor cable.

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    500 - 999.99 (1)
  • ? Manufacturer
    Riken Keiki (1)
  • ?Type
    Wall mounted (1)
  • ?Audible Alarms
    Yes (1)
  • ?Visual Alarms
    Yes (1)
  • ?Power
    Mains (1)
  • ?Remote sensor cable
    Yes (1)
  • ?Width / mm
    50 - 99.99 (1)
  • ?Depth / mm
    10 - 49.99 (1)
  • ?Height / mm
    100 - 499.99 (1)

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Type ? Audible Alarms ? Visual Alarms ? Power ? Remote sensor cable ? Width mm? Depth mm? Height mm? Offer price ? Quantity

Special Offer
Riken Keiki GM-600-EO Wall mounted Yes Yes Mains Yes 80 35.5 120 £637.23

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  • New Riken Keiki ethylene oxide monitor from Wolflabs

    New Riken Keiki ethylene oxide monitor from Wolflabs

    Product update

    New GM-600-EO ethylene oxide monitor from Riken Keiki has been added.

    Features and benefits
    - Designed for easy installation & operation.
    - Indicator can be set anyone’s eye level.
    - Intuitive three color alarming display.
    - Remote sensor with cable length 3m available.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Monitors - Ethylene Oxide Riken Keiki David Suddaby 10-Nov-2018

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