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The products we are featuring are from Coy with 1 person, 2 person or mini models, heated or not heated, with full gloves and with auto purge airlock, with and without a auto dehumidifier, chamber lengths of 762 to 1981mm, chamber depth of 660mm, chamber height of 711mm. Use our application table to identify the best product for your application. The most important questions to ask are if it is required to be a 1 or 2 person unit, if it needs to be heated, if an airlock is required and the dimensions required.


Coy hypoxic vinyl glove boxes from Wolflabs

Product Update

The importance oxygen levels play in various biological processes is increasingly significant to researchers. To study this requires consistent atmospheric control — maintaining hypoxia, normoxia, hyperoxia, or anoxia to mimic physiological conditions. Coy offers a complete line of glove boxes and cabinets that enable you to maintain desired levels of CO2, temperature and humidity, along with oxygen control. Our modular design allows us to configure systems, including custom designs, to meet your needs whether for tissue culture or live animal studies.

Features and benefits
- Factory calibrated for 0-20.9% O2 control (field calibration required)
- Oxygen is controlled with user-adjustable setpoints in increments of 0.1% (option available for ramp and cycle)
- Purge-only airlock (which, for optimum efficiency, can be custom-built based on the number and size of the animals as well as their cage-size)
- Hyperoxic atmosphere possible
- Glove box materials range from flexible vinyl to durable aluminum and polycarbonate
- Interior power supply
- Fan (heated or unheated)

Product Category: Glove Boxes - Hypoxic - Vinyl

Manufacturer: Coy