Genevac’s high performance solvent evaporation systems are designed for use in drug discovery applications and are in use in pharmaceutical research laboratories world wide. Our aim is to continually improve the products that we offer, providing support for all previous version during their usefull lifetime.

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Genlab incubators from Wolflabs

Product Update

Genlab Mini Economy incubators from Wolflabs. The Genlab Economy range of Incubators offer a range of highly efficient, reliable, cost effective units to suit most biological analysis, research and general laboratory applications. The simple to use thermostat system is good for teaching purposes and the units can be built up to meet individual requirements.

Features and benefits
- 7 sizes 6 to 100 litres
- Temperature range: Ambient +5°C to 70°C without fan
- Ambient +8°C to 70°C if fan fitted
- Fluctuation ± 0.25°C @ 37°C
- Easy clean powder coated body
- Aluminium coated mild steel chamber
- Direct reading thermostat
- Safety overheat thermostat
- Full two year warranty
- C.E. compliant

Product Category: Incubators

Manufacturer: Genevac

Vacuum Concentrators - Genevac

(left: Duo; right: Quattro)

miVac concentrators are extremely quiet when in use and typical results with water show that miVac systems are up to 40% faster than comparable machines, due to the very high displacement pumps. Performance can be further enhanced through the use of the miVac SpeedTrap refrigerated condenser – see page six for details. A large, clear acrylic lid allows you to monitor the drying process and is specially treated with a novel coating to resist the most aggressive chemicals and solvents.

These two precision-engineered systems allow you to safely concentrate your samples or take them through to complete dryness. The miVac Duo system has been designed to accept a two-swing position microplate holder or disc rotors for tubes and vials.

The miVac Quattro is a bigger system with a larger capacity bowl, enabling it to use a fourswing position rotor and much higher capacity disc rotors. In both swing rotors, each position for shallow well microplates can accept multiple plates through the use of stackers, so that a miVac Duo can hold six shallow plates.

In the larger miVac Quattro, up to twenty shallow-well microplates or eight deep-well plates can be used simultaneously, vastly increasing your throughput and slashing drying times.

With such a wide variety of available rotors, the miVac evaporators are suited to many different tasks. These include drying or concentration in microcentrifuge tubes, conical centrifuge or other plastic tubes, glass vials and shallow or deep well microplates. miVac concentrators can be used in a wide range of application areas such as ADME / toxicology, polymer chemistry, DNA, RNA & peptides, oligosynthesis, forensics / drugs of abuse testing, food science and agrochemical research.

The compact size of the miVac concentrators saves valuable bench space; even the busiest lab will have room for a miVac. Their simple, robust design will ensure years of reliable service, even when used
intensively, such as in teaching or multi-user laboratories. Intuitive controls allow inexperienced users to get first-class results first time with most samples, while allowing more sophisticated programming for experienced workers.

The large display makes miVac very easy to use and can show the actual temperature and elapsed time. Setting is simple, with just one ‘set and select’ knob and a minimum of keys. All status and programme
information is displayed alphanumerically on the large LCD display, giving every user confidence in their run conditions and results.

Technical Information


Model: DUO Quattro
Dimensions mm (in.) WxDxH 360x424x300 (14.2x16.7x11.8) 480x594x300 (18.9x23.4x11.8)
Max g-force 250 250
Vacuum connection 0.5 in. or 12.7 mm 0.5 in. or 12.7 mm
Weight 21 kg (46.3 lbs) 35 kg (77.2 lbs)
Temperature range Ambient, 30ºC - 80ºC Ambient, 30ºC - 80ºC

Vacuum Concentrators - Genevac

The miVac DNA integrated system is a centrifugal concentrator capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, and vials. It is designed specifically for working with nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) and is supplied complete with everything the scientist requires; built in high performance vacuum pump, concentration chamber with electromagnetic drive for quiet,
maintenance free operation, and a fixed angle aluminium rotor for 1.5 ml or 2 ml micro-centrifuge tubes. Simply position the system on the bench, connect the power lead and exhaust tube and look forward to faster, trouble free concentration!

The miVac DNA system is very simple to use. Concentration time and temperature are readily monitored on the large clear display. Parameters can be easily set and selected using the friendly dial. To improve performance there are built-in special modes for working with water and alcohols, which optimise concentration time. Concentration using the miVac DNA is faster than any other system in its class, due to the high displacement vacuum pump. The clear acrylic lid allows you to monitor progress and is specially treated with a novel coating to resist the most aggressive chemicals and solvents. The miVac DNA system is everything you would expect of a DNA concentrator, and more!

The miVac DNA is suitable for simple organic solvents, e.g. methanol, ethanol, up to 100°C boiling point, and water in low sample numbers and volumes. There is a range of possible rotors including an option for microtitre plates. For a wider range of solvents and/or a larger range of sample formats, select miVac Duo or Quattro concentrator with miVac SpeedTrap, Pressure Controller and pump.

Technical Information


Model: miVac DNA
Dimensions mm (in.) WxDxH 360x597x300 (14.2x23.5x11.8)
Max g-force 250
Weight 34 kg (75 lbs)
Temperature range Ambient, 30ºC - 80ºC