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Townson and Mercer have been in existence for over 200 years as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality laboratory equipment. In 2001, the company was acquired by Record Electrical Ltd, and now is part of Record Electrical Associates, formed to exploit the consolidated group strengths in Laboratory, Electrical Measurement and Indication and Sheet Steel Manufacturing. The division manufactures and markets a wide range of ovens, incubators, furnaces, viscosity baths, ultrasonic baths and Dessicator/humidity cabinets. All products are manufactured at our Altrincham site under a quality control system accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:1994

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Ovens - Vacuum

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1425-2  1425-2
1445-2  1445-2
1465-2  1465-2
XFL020  XFL020
XFL050  XFL050
XFL120  XFL120
XFL240  XFL240
XFL320  XFL320
XFL512  XFL512
XFM020  XFM020
XFM050  XFM050
XFM120  XFM120
XFM240  XFM240
XFM320  XFM320
XFM512  XFM512

Other laboratory products -

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P20073  Paper Chart Recorder-Anders
9001818  38.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial
PO20172  Neon (EH) Red
P11081  Thermostat
6734006  Tray for HFRR
9000403  M4L Super Heat Furnace
9001928  200.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial 3 Phase 2kW
PO8325  Heater 250W
68320033  Microswitch assembly
4400273  Lighting unit
PO8078  Neon
9001815  70.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial
9001757  15.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath
9000654  RBS 35 (1 x 5kg)
68620014  Triac assy
P11125  Solid State Relay
P20208  3 x bolts
PO8700  Paper Chart Recorder-Jumo
P20202  Insulating Jacket
4900120  Strip Action Still
PO8427  Neon green
4600146  Easy Heat 8-302 Oven
PO8426  Thermal boost switch
9001570  Incubator/oven (40 litre)
9000496  M42L Super Heat Furnace
PO20171  Neon (EH) Amber
PO8066  Thermocouple
72310045  Fan Unit
4400101  Cooling coil
PO8209  Mains switch
9000465  M15L Super Heat Furnace
9001926  160.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial 3 Phase 2kW
72610007  Adaptor plate
9000513  Analogue temperature read out
9000740  TandM solid (1 x 5 litre pack)
PO8323  Boost heater
9000472  M20L Super Heat Furnace
9001759  20.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath
PO8277  Vacuum gauge
PO8050  Shelf (series 8)
P20198  Heater band
9000427  M3L Super Heat Furnace
2604239  Thermometer
4600249  Series 9 Oven Standard
67120011  Fan
9001755  10.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath
9001828  160.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial 3 Phase 1kW
9001648  Rocker switch (3037P)
9001674  Raychem curing oven (Raymark) 115V
PO6547  Silicoset (75cc)
3600122  Pressure Tubing (5 metres)
4800648  Humidity Desiccator Cabinet Townson and Mercer DE/75012 Mark III, Stainless Steel, external: 570h x 410w x 300d mm
4400156  Circular spirit level
9000489  M28L Super Heat Furnace
4600201  Series 8 Oven Standard
PO8264  Neon amber
4400149  Universal viscometer holder
9001830  200.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial 3 Phase 1kW
PO8599  Dewar flask cork seal
PO8326  Heater 170W
PO8151  Indicator lamp red
68630081  Adaptor ring
P20056  Controller (2216L)
9001814  58.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial
9001594  Themostat (0103)
9000506  Chimney and flow valve
P00567  Microswitch
9001819  40.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial
9001574  Time switch (24 hours)
4400118  Lighting Unit
68620015  Stirrer unit modified
68330050  Door spindle (small)
9000362  M1L Super Heat Furnace
4600168  Easy Heat 9-302 Oven
4800652  Desiccator Cabinet (HFRR) 220v
9001566  Incubator/oven (18 litre)
67130048  Tray
68320029  Vacuum tap assembly
9000942  TandM Viro (1 x 5 litre)
PO8471  Microswitch
9000678  RBS 35 (1 x 65 litre drum with tap)
4400091  8 hole viscometer lid
68610010  Window retaining clip x 4
6309798  Pipette Basket
4600260  Chart recorder
PO9156  Potentiometer
PO8519  Fan motor
PO8689  Valve ECC 83
4900144  Thermometer holder
PO8573  Shelf (series 9)
PO8347  Inner glass window
9000630  RBS 25 (6 x 5kg)
4600218  Series 8 Oven with cut out
9001816  28.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial
PO9155  Hygrometer
9001672  Raychem curing oven (Raymark) 240V
72620015  Wall bracket
PO8344  Inner window gasket
68610011  Thermistor and dial assy
PO8149  Indicator lamp clear
PO8442  Heater 600W
4900304  Dishes Townson & Mercer Aluminium, box of 500 44mm dia x 5mm deep x 0.2mm thick
P20197  Heater band
9000970  External pump/emptying
72620010  Heater thermostat and boost
68330058  Door spindle boss (small)
68420008  SCR relay
PO8622  Door knob
68330082  Shelf (small)
9001568  Incubator/oven (30 litre)
PO8324  Heater 600W
P08421  Control Panel Pot 15K
PO8558  Tank top gasket
68340002  Heater replacement kit (small)
PO8428  Neon red
9001564  Incubator/oven (6 litre)
4800622  Shelf
PO8265  Indicator lamp amber
PO8315  Window O-ring (small)
9001922  98.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial 3 Phase 2kW
68910020  Motor/fan spares kit 50/60 Hz @ 20/240 Volts
2604222  Thermometer -10 to 400oC
68310044  Door seal kit (medium)
72610015  Viton washers for pump (x2)
4400163  Plastic cover
4600256  Series 9 Oven with cut out
4400266  2-hole viscometer lid
4800654  Deep Desiccator Cabinet
PO8511  Glass Door
PO20150  2 x clamp bands
PO8621  Window seal (medium)
M-Aero  M-Aero (25 litre)
68330205  Shelf (medium)
PO8515  Shelf
9001751  2.5 litre Ultrasonic Bath
PO8407  Microswitch
9001572  Safety themostat
4400077  Plain metal lid
P20149  2 x clamp bands
PO8056  Heater
4600270  Electronic time switch
9000623  RBS 25 (1 x 5kg)
PO9177  Switch
9000644  RBS 25 (1 x 65 litre drum with tap)
4400187  Viscometer bench stand
09001656/58  Elements 240V or 110V (0230B) (set)
PO8595  Dewar flask (with window)
PO20173  Switch (EH)
4600177  Easy Heat 9-302 Oven with safety cut out
P08657  Thermometer -20 to 220oC
9001650  Lamp (3053P) Amber
2601270  Thermometer (-20 to 55oC)
9001826  120.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial 3 Phase 1kW
P20201  Insulating Jacket
4600153  Easy Heat 8-302 Oven with safety cut out
68340003  Heater replacement kit (medium)
P20210  High temperature tape
PO8341  Outer glass window
68630011  Window clamp gasket
9001824  98.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial
9000386  M2L Super Heat Furnace
PO8258  Heater
9000441  M7L Super Heat Furnace
68310043  Vacuum tap repair kit
9001654  Lamp (3056) Red
2604215  Thermometer -10 to 240oC
9001753  5.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath
3102699  Pipette Soaking Jar
4800730  Pair of thermometer support blocks
9001652  Lamp (3055P) Green
9001924  120.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial 3 Phase 2kW
PO8408  Electronic valve ECC81
9001821  55.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial
68620013  Amplifier unit
4600280  Window (double glazed)
4400170  Perbunan cap
9001820  48.0 litre Ultrasonic Bath Industrial
PO8221  Fluorescent light
PO8440  Heater 480W (LH)
PO8439  Heater 480W (RH)
72610016  Viton washers for heat (x4)
PO9179  Heater
9000661  RBS 35 (6 x 5kg)
TOW001-85  Order cost Townson and Mercer
4400132  Opal glass diffuser
9000908  Time Switch (24 hours)
4400424  E270 Viscosity Bath (Mark IV)
4800581  Pipette Dryer
4900319  55mm diam x 10mm deep x 0.2mm thick with flange 2 boxes minimum
XF020  Digital Vacuum Oven (20LTR) Up to 300° C
XF050  Digital Vacuum Oven (50LTR) Up to 300° C
XF120  Digital Vacuum Oven (120LTR) Up to 300° C
XF240  Digital Vacuum Oven (240LTR) Up to 300° C
5680567  Shelf Townsen and Mercer 1408 vacuum oven
9751226  Shelf assembly Townsen and Mercer short, medium vacuum oven

  • Product update

    New XFM and XFL vacuum ovens from Townson and Mercer have been added.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Ovens - Vacuum Townson & Mercer David Suddaby 01-Oct-2017

  • Product update

    Townson and Mercer XF vacuum oven from Wolflabs. A highly versatile range of compact vacuum ovens. These vacuum ovens enable heat sensitive materials to be dried at low temperature. 

    Features and benefits
    - Designed to operate up to 200°C (300°C option)
    - Four sizes: 20l, 50l, 120l and 240 litres
    - Temperature time fluctuation: less than ±0,2°C
    - Final vacuum until 10-6mBar

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Ovens - Vacuum Townson & Mercer David Suddaby 06-Feb-2017

  • Product update

    Townson & Mercer EV018 vacuum oven from Wolflabs. The EV018 vacuum oven has the ideal design for gentle drying of heat labile samples and experiments under inert gases and optimizes under inert gases and optimises the control of temperature and pressure is obtained by the sheet heaters surrounding the chamber with the combination of PID microprocessor control system.

    Features and benefits
    - Digital controls for easy setup
    - Easy to set 100 hour timer functions
    - Multiple setpoints per program
    - Stainless Steel Interior
    - Square chamber to minimise wasted space
    - 70 – 200 Degrees C temperature range

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Ovens - Vacuum Townson & Mercer David Suddaby 04-Jul-2016

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    Discounts of over 25% -

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    Ovens - Vacuum Townson & Mercer David Child 29-Sep-2015

  • Testimonials

    Hi Jenny

    The unit has just arrived! I am very excited about using it and would like to thank you for all of your correspondence and efforts that have led to its final delivery.

    Many thanks,


    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Ovens - Vacuum Townson & Mercer Jenny Foss 01-Jun-2012

Archived product specifications

The following information relates to archived product specifications. To see current content and products from this manufacturer, please look in the Products from this manufacturer tab.

Ovens - Vacuum - Townson & Mercer


A highly versatile range of compact vacuum ovens. These vacuum ovens enable heat sensitive materials to be dried at low temperature. You can use our vacuum ovens for any laboratory or industrial application.

Heating Quality:
The chamber is heated by large area heaters strapped to its outer surface. No-wear switching (solid state relay) is used for activating and deactivating the heating elements. As an option, internal heating plates can be installed as well as the external heating elements.

Vacuum Control:
An exhaust solenoid valve is situated for convenience connection to a vacuum pump. The inlet solenoid valve accept air entry or inert gas connection. A vacuum gauge is fitted showing vacuum pulled from 0 to 1000 mBar. The valve is a 3-position manual for the 20 litres model. 

Temperature Control & Safety:
Temperature sensor is a J thermocouple inside the chamber. The temperature is controlled by a precise microprocessor based-controller that provides a high accuracy and prevents the set temperature from being exceeded. The independent over temperature thermostat cut out has an adjustable upper limit, giving a class 3.1 protection. The auto tune PID digital controller digitally displays the set and actual values of temperature, and incorporates a heater indicator lamp. The control panel houses an ON/OFF switch and a fault indicator lamp which lights when the safety thermostat comes into operation.

Multiple position shelving for convenient loading / unloading.
Additional shelves are available.

All C3000 Controller Functions:
The PID digital controller FRANCE-ETUVES C3000 offers the following functions:
• Thermometer probe Pt100 Ω
• Set and actual temperature display
• Delayed start: from 1mn to 99h59 mn
• Heating ramp: from 0,1 a` 20°C/mn
• Heating timer: 0 a` 99h59 mn
• Repeat loop
• Buzzer at the end of the cycle
• Over temperature cut out

An independent over temperature thermostat (class 3.1 protection) cut out with an adjustable upper limit, to protect users, your products and the oven..

Technical Specifications

Model XF020 XF050 XF120 XF240
Temperature Range: Ambient temperature + 20°C to 200°C
Max Temperature Standard: 200°C
Max Temperature Option: 300°C
Temp.Fluctuation: ± °C < 0.2 < 0.2 < 0.2 < 0.2
Dimensions of the room:
Chamber Volume: dm3 20 50 120 240
Width: mm 250 320 470 470
Depth: mm 320 500 500 1000
Height: mm 250 320 470 470
External Dimension:
Total volume: m3 0.11 0.24 0.49 0.8
Width: mm 410 530 750 750
Depth: mm 530 710 775 1275
Height: mm 515 635 840 840
Shelves in stainless steel:
Supplied / Maximum: 1/2 1/2 1/3 1/3
Dimensions WxP: mm 215x260 285x440 435x440 435x940
Max Load per shelves / Total: kg 30/60 30/60 30/60 30/90
Weight (empty): kg 44 70 149 230
Electrical supply : 50Hz
Standard Wattage 200°C : Watts 500 1005 2010 3015
Wattage for Option 300°C : Watts 800 1860 3720 5580
Voltage: Volts 230 V 230 V mono 230 V mono 230V mono


Ovens - Vacuum - Townson & Mercer



The EV 018 vacuum oven has the ideal design for gentle drying of heat labile samples and experiments under inert gases and optimizes under inert gases and optimises the control of temperature and pressure is obtained by the sheet heaters surrounding the chamber with the combination of PID microprocessor control system. 

The Stainless steel chamber has high resistance to corrosion, most of the chemical vapours and contamination as well as the silicon gasket which is made in one piece and simply fitted directly on the oven body. The round corners of the chamber and the design of the gasket make the cleaning easier. 

The vacuum level can be followed on the vacuum gauge on the control panel. Two spherical valves are provided as standard: One for vacuum connection and the other for adding dry air or inert gasses. 

The samples can be observed through the heat-treated glass window on the door. The programmable microprocessor control system has two digital displays for temperature and time as well as many functional LED’s. Although the microprocessor control system has many safety features, an independent safety thermostat takes over control in case of any failure.

Technical Specifications

Model EV018
Temperature Range 70 Deg C / 200 Deg
Temperature Sensor Fe-Const
Control System Programmable Microprocessor PID
Temperature set and display sensitivity 0.1 Deg C
Timer 100 Hours + Hold Position
Useful Volume, Litres 15
No Of Shelves (standard / Max) 2 / 3
Vacuum Gauge -1 / +1 bar
Vacuum Gauge Reading Sensitivity 0.05 bar
Power Consumption 950 W
Power Supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Internal Material Stainless Steel
External Material Epoxy-Polyester Painted Steel
Internal Dimensions 300 x 250 x 200
External Dimensions 517 x 445 x 530
Packing Dimensions 560 x 490 x 635
Net / Packed Weight (Kg) 37 / 40


Ovens - Vacuum - Townson & Mercer

Vacuum ovens are used for a wide variety of vacuum drying, curing, and moisture content testing. Common applications include drying heat sensitive samples, moisture determination, and drying samples under a controlled atmosphere. All Townson and Mercer vacuum ovens are specifically designed for unparalleled performance when utilised for these, and other, applications.

Since there is no air in the vacuum chamber, heat is transferred from the heating elements to the interior chamber wall, then to the shelves, and finally to the samples. To minimise conductivity resistance, aluminium shelves are provided with all the vacuum ovens. The oven chambers are wrapped in high temperature insulation which aids overall performance and promotes energy efficiency.

Townson and Mercer offers a range of high performance, microprocessor controlled models. All models include unique design features which enhance the overall performance of the ovens. These features include durable construction with corrosion resistant stainless steel chambers, true vacuum valves, cross-flow ventilation through the oven chamber, and interchangeable door gaskets for application specific use. Independent, resettable circuit breakers prevent any electrical overload.

Technical Specifications

Model 1425-2 1445-2 1465-2
Control Digital Digital Digital
Chamber capacity 16 litres 47 litres 127.5 litres
Temperature range +10 - 240 ºC +10 - 240 ºC +10 - 240ºC
Temperature uniformity ±2.0 ±2.0 ±2.5
Heat up time, minutes 35 @ 100 ºC 45 @ 100 ºC 65 @ 100ºC
Shelves supplied 3 aluminium 3 aluminium 3 aluminium
External dimensions, HDW mm 584 x 483 x 432 660 x 686 x 508 813 x 787 x 660
Internal dimensions, HDW mm  229 x 305 x 229 305 x 508 x 305 457 x 610 x 457
Watts / Amps - 110 Volt   850 / 7.0 1100 / 9.0 1500 / 12.5
Watts / Amps - 230 Volt   850 / 3.5 1100 / 4.5 1500 / 6.5
Cycle 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Phase Single Single Single


Vacuum oven Townson & Mercer analogue 15L. Our recommended vacuum pump for this unit is the Vacuubrand MZ 2C


• Useful volume: 15 litres.
• Temperature range: 70°C / 200°C. 
• Ideal design for gentle drying of heat labile samples and experiments under inert gasses. 
• Programmable PID microprocessor control system. 
• Easy to use control panel including digital displays for temperature and time. 
• Stainless steel chamber with high resistance to corrosion, most of chemical vapours and contamination. 
• One piece gasket made of silicone, simply fitted directly on the oven body. 
• Vacuum gauge on the control panel. 
• Two spherical valves for vacuum connection and adding dry air or inert gasses. 
• Heat-treated glass window on the door. 
• Safety thermostat as standard. 
• Optional Nüve Therm data control software and RS 232 kit.