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FCESNOL3/1100LHM01  SNOL 3/1100 LHM01
FCESNOL8/1100LHM01  SNOL 8.2/1100 LHM01
FCESNOL13/1100LHM01  SNOL 13/1100 LHM01
FCESNOL22/1100LHM01  SNOL 22/1100 LHM01
FCESNOL39/1100LHM01  SNOL 39/1100 LHM01

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PROCON3216S  Controller TMS Europe Eurotherm 3216
PROCON3216S1  Programmer TMS Europe Eurotherm 3216, 1 program
PROCON3216S5  Programmer TMS Europe Eurotherm 3216, 5 Program
FCESNOLFURNOTP1  Protection TMS Europe Over temperature, standard
FCESNOLFURNOTP2  Protection TMS Europe Over temperature, advanced
FCECHIMNEY1  Chimney TMS Europe
FCESNOLFURNSURVTUBE  Port tube TMS Europe 13mm for survey
FCESNOL3/1100TRAY  Tray TMS Europe Metal
FCESNOL8/1100TRAY  Tray TMS Europe Metal
FCESNOL13/1100TRAY  Tray TMS Europe Metal
FCESNOL22/1100TRAY  Tray TMS Europe Metal
FCESNOL39/1100TRAY  Tray TMS Europe Metal

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    Furnaces TMS Europe David Child 27-May-2016

  • Product update

    New SNOL series furnaces from TMS Europe have been added. The Fibre Muffle 1100 series from TMS Europe are a range of precision laboratory electric muffle furnaces, with a counter balanced lift-up door, for use up to 1100°C. They are designed for materials testing, heat treatment, ceramic and stoneware samples firing and ashing (models with chimney). And are used in laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios and in industry for thermal processing. The chamber is made of high thermal efficiency vacuum-formed ceramic fibre, with heating elements embedded in four sides and a ceramic tile to protect the fibre base from wear.

    Features and benefits
    - Lift-up door for efficient use of work space and better safety
    - Good stability and uniformity
    - Fast heating and cooling time due to low thermal mass construction
    - Low power consumption for reduced running costs and energy savings

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Furnaces TMS Europe David Suddaby 28-Apr-2016