In this time of down-sizing and lean manufacturing, the outsourcing of sub-assemblies is becoming increasingly attractive to many manufacturers. By utilising The West Group’s expertise and capabilities, your company will gain a complementary group of skilled engineers and technicians geared to providing you with the highest quality products & services to assist you in the manufacturing processes.

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Gas Cylinder Regulators - The West Group


Multistage Regulators

These regulators are normally chosen for laboratory use and are designed to minimise outlet pressure fluctuations. the first stage automatically reduces cylinder pressure to 17 bar. The second stage is adjustable resulting in overall sensitive accurate control. Regulators for 0-4 bar and 0-10 bar are available for all non-corrosive gasses.


Gas Cylinder Change Over Units - The West Group

Chromachange was developed to meet the needs of Chromatographers and other labporatory workers requiring a reliable, compact device for maintaining continuity of gas supplies to GCs, ICPs and other gas dependent equipment.

Unlike large industrial change-over systems, CHROMACHANGE is a self-contained, non-electrical automatic device, requireing no resetting after cylinder change. The specially developed valve system requires inlet gas pressure of 100 PSO (7 BAR) and hence the gas cylinder empties and the outlet pressure falls to 70% of the original value. It is recommended that inlet pressures should be maintained at 100 PSI. The outlet pressure regulator and gauge allows the pressure to your equipment to be set at any value up to that of the inlet pressure.

The status of the feed cylinders is indicated on the inlet pressure guages and the currently active (on-line) cylinder is indicated by coloured indicators. Gas ports are 3/8" BSP male (as fitted on UK cylinder regulators).

Chromachange is suitable for all non-corrosive, non-flammable gasses only.

All units can be bench or wall mounted. Preset, fixed output cylinder regulators are available and are recommended for use with this equipment. A range of optional equipment is available including battery operated change-over alarms and remote indicator panels.



Gas Cylinder Change Over Units - The West Group

PC Series

Pneuchange is the unit of choice in thousands of laboratories for ensuring the continuity of CO2 and other inert gases suppliers to CO2 incubators and other equipment where loss of gas would be inconvenient, costly or dangerous. These compact units can be bench or wall mounted using the keyholes on the back of the unit. Full installation instructions are included.

The unique pneumatic logic construction of Pneuchange means that it can be placed anywhere between the gas bottles and the equipment being served, no electrical supplies are involved. These units are suitable for use with all non-corrosive, non flammable gases.

The inlet ports are connected with suitable tubing to the gas bottle regulators. Two pressure gauges indicate the inlet pressures and two coloured indicators show which cylinder is active. On exhaustion of the active bottle the unit switches automatically to the second bottle. The empty cylinder can be replaced at leisure and without fear of loss of gas from the disconnected regulator or inlet port. An audible battery operated charge-over alarm is fitted.

Standard port fittings are 3/8 BSP male and are supplied with (6mm) hose tails. Fittings for 6mm. OD tube as used on some European incubators and other hosetail sizes are also available.


This unit has three outlets into which special outlet pressure modules (OPMs) can be plugged. The modules consist of a pressure regulator and gauge. Using these OPMs, up to three incubators can be served at the same of different pressures.

PC_TRIO is supplied without OPM's. Additional modules can be supplied at the same time or later. The OPM ports are self-serving and on removal of the OPM will completely isolate the incubator from the gas supply.