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Sherwood Scientific Ltd is a Development and Manufacturing company producing a range of scientific instruments and apparatus with applications in many industries, education and research. Based in Cambridge, the centre of excellence for the UK, we work with a very wide network of specialists in every area of science and technology.

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Chloride Meters

2 products >
92600009  926
92600109  926S

Flame Photometers

9 products >
36000009  M360 5 Element Propane/Butane
36000109  M360 5 Element Natural Gas
36000209  M360 Clinical Propane/Butane
47541200  M410 Classic
47541201  M410 Industrial
47541301  M410 Clinical
47542000  M420 Clinical
47542100  M420 Industrial
47542500  M425 4 Element

Other laboratory products -

391 products >
156208  Combined acid buffer 00156208 for the sherwood chloride meter
85101001  Compressor Sherwood Scientific air, model M851, 230V
41019002  Kit Sherwood Scientific regulator for natural gas
41027002  Filter and holder for rubidium
92611001  Plastic beakers for M926 chloride meter
92686500  Software (for Sherwood 926 only) Active Salt data collection
00108234  Regulator Sherwood Scientific propane, primary assembly
47541100  Dilutor Sherwood Scientific M805 continuous flow
85501001  Compressor Sherwood Scientific air, model M851, with water trap 230V
00108439  Regulator Sherwood Scientific butane, primary assembly
00108732  Regulator Sherwood Scientific Camping Gas
47708400  Regulator Sherwood Scientific for disposable Propane cylinders
00192492  Guide Sherwood Scientific flame photometry
86000009  Autosampler Sherwood Scientific M860 40 place
41086001  Interface Sherwood Scientific digital lineariser
41086002  Package Sherwood Scientific BlueNotes upgrade for M410, (consists of 41086001 + 41066000)
41086003  Package Sherwood Scientific BlueNotes upgrade/automation for M410, (consists of 86000009 + 41086002)
41066000  Software Sherwood Scientific BlueNotes for M410
41086004  Package Sherwood Scientific BlueNotes automation for M410, consists of 86000009 and 41066000
40020001  Restrictor Sherwood Scientific Butane/Propane assembly
92511002  Electrodes Sherwood Scientific silver 2 electrodes 1 cath
92511003  Anodes Sherwood Scientific silver, pack of 3
40022003  Tube nebuliser inlet 150mm
40022012  Tube nebuliser inlet 150mm pack of 12
156205  Polish silver electrode
156202  Standard solution Sherwood 100mmol/litre, 6 x 100ml
156203  Standard solution Sherwood 200mmol/litre, 6 x 100ml
00156184  Cleaning solution Sherwood Scientific 500ml
00156620  Sodium solution Sherwood Scientific 1000ppm, std 6x10
00156621  Potassium solution Sherwood Scientific 1000ppm, std 6
47386009  Printer Assembly Sherwood Scientific
5406646  Screw For Manifold Block
106102  Clamp Ratchet Tube
130012  Foot, Self-Adh, Rubber, Grey
40072000  Tube 'U' For 410/420/425 #20586 On
24001039  Washer, Atomiser, Flame
80002012  Washer
131058  O Ring
80002033  Shim
36072000  Tube 'U' For M360
148101  Fuse, 1A, T, 5X20
92505007  Bar, Slide
103018  Thumbscrew
112054  Spring
148407  Fuse, 7A, F, 32X6.35, Glass
172116  Tubing, Air, Metre
148204  Fuse, 4A, F, 32X6.35, 250V, Glass
148210  Fuse, 10 Amp, Q/B
148215  Fuse, 15 Amp, Q/B
148220  Fuse, 20 Amp, Q/B
148225  Fuse, 25 Amp, Q/B
50131003  O-Ring, M501 Top Flange
41008005  Probe, Ignition
148152  Fuse, 1.6A, T, 20X5Mm, 250V,Glass
148105  Fuse, 0.2A, T, 20X5Mm, 250V,Glass
50031000  Gasket, Fibrefax, Ex3 X 305Mm
50131002  Ring, Insulating, M501, Top
148153  Fuse, 315Ma, T, 20X5Mm,
148154  Fuse, 160Ma, T, 20 X 5Mm,
131060  O Ring, Manifold Orifice
80002045  End Cap
172025  Tubing, Polythene, Gas Internal, Metre
92505009  Lock, Lifter
50035309  Mini Bottom Filter - 60 Mesh Ss
108718  Clip, Unex Tubing
40022000  Tube, Drain All Flames #20586 On
40022002  Tube, Drain All Flames Upto #20585
40072002  Tube 'U' For 410/420/425 Upto#20585
172138  Tubing, Atomiser, Compressed Air, Metre
143976  Potentiometer
148202  Fuse, 2 Amp, Q/B
40010004  Retainer, Nebuliser
148052  Fuse, 150Ma, T, 32X6.35, 250V Glass
172043  Tube, Reinforced For Air Compressor, Metre
109006  Cable, Usb A To Usb B
126900  Screw-Cap, Gl32, Red, W. Hole
80002037  Lifting Arm
50035110  Nylon Support Filter
172107  Tubing, Diluent Supply For M805
47171900  Lead Mains 2M Black 10A Iec Plain
5601694  Insulator, Tufnol
108419  Connector, Fuel Inlet, 1/4 inch
108420  Connector, Air Inlet, 5/16 inch
108118  Coupling Male Stud 1/4 inchOd-1/8 inchBsp
50035132  Ss Support Filter 60M - Mini Glass
144201  Neon, Amber, 110V
139013  Fuseholder 1/4 X 1 1/4 10A Screw-Cap
139000  Fuseholder 32X6.35Mm 30A Finger-Cap
148006  Fuse, 6.25A, T, 32X6.35, Glass, S
41005001  Knob, Assembly, M410
41008011  Pipe, Fuel, 3 + Nuts And Olives
40020004  Restrictor (400/405/410)
10099010  Wires, Nebulizer Cleaning Pk3
172001  Tubing, Manifold Block For M805
40002013  Retainer, End Cap
142854  Adaptor Assy, 9-25 D M/M
131076  O Ring For Mixing Chamber Assembly
141436  Switch, Momentary
108480  Belt, Drive
50035113  Stainless Steel Support Filter, 60M
47391010  Manual, Operating, Printer
85191855  Manual, Instruction For M851 and M856
126250  Bottle, 250 Ml, W/ Cap
50031002  Gasket, D Shaped
149924  Control Knob
126902  Screw-Cap, Gl32, Red Closed
141437  Switch, Latching
86009001  Tube, Manifold, Red
126014  Cup, Sample, 14Ml, Polystyrene Pk50
85008001  Filter Element For Compressor
139003  Fuse Holder, Press Fit (2 Amp Qb)
92505006  Boot, Socket
80002027  Manifold Spring
80002038  Pin, Platen Catch
50035120  Polyester Support Filter 3Micron
172169  Tubing, Analysis (Nebuliser Inlet
50035305  Mini Bottom Filter - Nylon
50035306  Mini Bottom Filter 3 Micron Polyest
50035307  Mini Bottom Filter - 250 Mesh Ss
44999001  Wire, Cleaning, M805, Pk Of 3
126909  Screw-Cap, Gl45, Red Closed
80009005  Tube Sample Na/K 1:200 Orange Pk 3
80009008  Tube, Sample, Lithium 1:50 Red Pk 3
172114  Tubing, Gas 6.3Mm Id For Gas Inlet, Metre
144200  Neon, Supply On, Amber, 240V
152110  Brush Motor New Style 110V Set Of 2
152230  Brush Motor New Style 230V Set Of 2
126905  Washer, Gl32, 16Id
50035114  Stainless Steel Support Filter 250M
71074000  Torsion Wire
50035141  Filter Only 3Micron Polyester
36007001  Chimney, Inner, Glass, M360
50035308  Mini Bottom Filter - 500 Mesh Ss
141106  Switch, Stop
133101  Filter, In-Line
151861  Relay, For Digital Dryer
156100  Solution, 140Na/5K/1.5Li 1X100Ml
50035301  Mini Top Filter - Nylon
50035302  Mini Top Filter - 3 Micron Polyester
50035303  Mini Top Filter - 250 Mesh Ss
80009007  Clot Catcher For 80009005 Pk 10
80009009  Clot Catcher For 80009008 Pk 10
50002001  Tool,Tub-Spring-Pin Adjustment
108479  Pulley
80591001  Manual, Operators, M805
92514001  Stirrer
50091000  Manual, Instruction, Fbd
92509006  Coupling Mk 3 (Maxon)
92691000  Manual, Operators, M926, Mk Iii
92691017  Manual, Operators, M926S, Mk Iii
92691002  Manual, Operators, M926, Mk Ii
92691005  Manual, Operators, M926S, Mk Ii
50035160  Ss Top Flange Filter, 7.5In, 60M
156681  Sol'N Diluent Concentrate 6X100Ml
80009002  Tube, Diluent Pump For M805 Pack 3
71086006  Sample Tube, Narrow 1Mm
71086007  Sample Tube, Narrow 2Mm
71066700  Cdrom Graph/Table - Manual Entry
70066701  Cdrom Graph/Table - Auto
71066701  Cdrom Graph/Table - Mk1
70086004  Sample Tube, Wide Bore
50191001  Manual, Operator, M501
80009006  Tube Autosample/Li Intstd 1:200 Pk3
151267  Relay 10A 240V Dpco For 110V Motor
71086002  Sample Tube, Normal
92609051  Lead, M926 To Serial Port
85086001  Silencer For M850/M851
80002046  Water Rotor Shaft
141108  Switch, Start
80002030  Catch Moulding
156124  Sol'N 1000Ppm Barium Std 100Ml
71086010  Tube Guide Assembly
92609052  Cable, Rs232, Plain, 9Dm/9Df
156182  Enzymatic Cleaner/Disinfectant, 6X5G Sachets (Each Sachet Makes 1 Litre Of Solution)
71086000  Transport Clamp, Old Style (Mk1 Only)
50035310  Mini Nylon Filter Set
50035311  Mini 3 Micron Polyester Filter Set
50035312  Mini 250 Mesh Ss Filter Set
141201  Switch Blower
141202  Switch, Mains
80512001  Holder, Weir For M805
92689001  Manual, Service, Mk Iii
126033  Cup, Sample, 25Ml, Polypro Pk50
126073  Cup Sample 24Ml Polysty Pk20 (M820)
40111000  Constant Head And Drain From Serial No 20586 On
161290  Cover, H/T Probe, Stainless Steel
50035400  Bag, Filter, Nylon, Large
50035404  Bag, Filter, Polypropylene, Large
50035403  Bag, Filter, Terylene, Small
50035401  Bag, Filter, Nylon, Small
50035405  Bag, Filter, Polypropylene, Small
46079002  Igniter Electrode Assembly
46039007  Insulator Assembly, FandC
145002  Transformer, New (For 110V)
108259  Coupling, Universal
50035304  Mini Top Filter - 500 Mesh Ss
85008002  Filter Assy, Inlet, Air Compressor
92505008  Lifter, Sample
92625010  Overlay, M926 and M926S, Mk Iii
151465  Relay, 11 Pin 240V (Imo)
41004005  Chimney, Top Cowl
92604006  Overlay, Panel, Front, M926S, Mkii
92604007  Overlay, Panel, Front, M926, Mkii
156622  Sol'N 1000Ppm Lithium Std 6X100Ml
156623  Sol'N 1000Ppm Calcium Std 6X100Ml
156682  Sol'N Tubing Disinfectant 6X100Ml
70086005  Adaptor Sleeve, Wide-Bore Tube
50004046  Flange For Flexible Hose
80009004  Rollers For M800/805, Pack 12
41011000  Constant Head And Drain Replacement Kit For Serial No'S Upto 20585
131870  Silicone O Ring
86002000  Probe Kit, Autosampler
47359700  Printer Consumable Kit
108594  Valve Kit (Gauze Style)
50035402  Bag, Filter, Terylene, Large
41007020  Baffle Assembly 410/420
42004001  Overlay - M420, Sherwood
44904008  Orifice
50035313  Mini 500 Mesh Ss Filter Set
71056000  Sample, Calib. (10% Mncl2)
92508001  Board, Electrode Assembly
41005008  Touch Panel/Display For M410
70086010  Adaptor Sleeve, Standard Tube
80002042  End Plate
42008022  Restrictor 22G M420/425
42008023  Restrictor 23G M420/425
143987  Potentiometer 10Trn On Shaft
40002014  Burner Stem Assembly
42071001  Lead, 420 To Autosampler (M 820/840)
42554001  Photocell Assembly For M425
153313  Psu, Uni. Multi Plug, 12Vdc 1.25A
153312  Psu,Multi Plug Adaptor, 12Vdc 12W
153343  Psu, Uni. Multi Plug, 9Vdc 1.7A
50033001  Air Inlet Filter
92589001  Manual, Service, Mk Ii
41021001  Holder, Filter Kit (Ex Filters)
151521  Solenoid
50035115  Stainless Steel Support Filter 500M
50061001  Thermocouple And Bush
50161000  Thermocouple Assy, M501
71009003  Meter Assembly, Mk1, New Style
80002016  Shaft Housing
71086001  Transport Clamp, New (Mk1 Only)
70004126  Sample Tube Holder
36065002  Pcb, M360
98905137  Filter, Sodium, M410
98905138  Filter, Potassium, M410
98905139  Filter, Lithium, M410
153256  Air Filter C/W Valves And Drain
141387  Switch, Air Pressure
40212001  End Cap Assembly
41004006  Chimney, Inner, Glass
50035408  Bag, Filter, Nomex, Small
42090000  Iq-Oq-Pq For M420/M425 System **
70090000  Iq-Oq-Pq For Msb'S *
108595  Valve Kit For Compressors
44906001  Filter Assembly, Complete
40016004  Filter, Calcium And Label M410
41089001  Manual, Service, For M410 and M805
42089001  Manual, Service, M420
42589001  Manual, Service, M425
48063002  Mixing Chamber Bottom Only
126002  Cup, Sample, 2Ml, Polystyrene Pk500
42027137  Filter, Sodium, Characterised, M420/M425
42027138  Filter Potassium Characterised M420/M425
42027139  Filter, Lithium, Characterised M420/M425
42027140  Filter Calcium Characterised M425
36049001  Flame Detector Assembly, M360
153310  Psu, Universal Input, Iec,
80002055  Sample Rotor Shaft
42054001  Photocell Assembly For M420
50005100  Classifier Lid
153300  Psu, Triple Output, Universal Inp
41015001  Phototransistor Assembly - Flame Detector
153420  Psu, Universal, Flame, Iec
41010001  Photocell Assembly
42020001  Igniter Unit Assembly
50102002  Top Flange M501
50035407  Bag, Filter, Nomex, Large
40006003  Mixing Chamber Body
41008006  Solenoid Kit, Fuel, M410
41038016  Solenoid Kit, Fuel, M410 For Inst. Ser. No. 15792 On
41006009  Air Gauge and Reg. Assembly
145218  Transformer Assy, M805
50051001  Contactor + Auxiliary Contacts
50002010  Screw-Cap For Mini Sealed Tub
179152  Carry Case
108233  Regulator, Propane, French
114008  Clamp Only For Top Cap
71086005  Sample Tube, Gas Tight Top
46039009  Burner
80511001  Weir Assembly For M805
92665003  Display/Button Pcb
92665005  Interface Pcb
42008006  Solenoid Kit, Fuel, M420/425
41008001  Chimney Plinth Assembly
40016005  Filter, Barium, M410
40006001  Mixing Chamber Assembly
155001  Heater, 2 Kw, 110V
155000  Heater, 2 Kw, 220V
156603  Sol'N, 3 Molar Lithium Internal Standard, 6X100Ml
36027001  Filter Stick Assembly
41008010  Secondary Gas Regulator
70086003  Sample Tube, Flow Cell
92645009  Transfomer Assy, M926
42054003  Photocell Set For M420
92505003  Moulding, Sample Area
92652001  Motor Assembly
92665002  Rs232 Pcb Inc. Microprocessor
50035004  Tub Base (All Large Tub Assemblies)
140101  Timer, New Style, 6S-6Hr, 48X48Mm
50040201  Speed Controller, 110V New
50040202  Speed Controller, 240V New
50004201  Top Flange
42045001  Transformer , Complete For M420, Before Inst. Ser. No. 16446
71086500  A/D Converter
41027001  Filter, Caesium In Holder
41027003  Filter, Strontium In Holder
41045001  Transformer M410, Complete
50035013  Mini Glass Tub
152078  Motor D3M With Fan
92515001  Motor Assembly
126035  Cup, Sample, 25Ml, Polypro Pk500
50035012  Mini Stainless Steel Tub
140002  Temperature Controller, Analogue
80003001  Sample Rotor Assembly
42008102  Atomiser Stainless Steel Complete
92629000  Rs232 Output - Upgrade Only
50186700  Cdrom S/W M501 Programmable
50035020  Top Cap With 45 Micron Filter
50035021  Top Cap With 250 Mesh Filter
50035023  Top Cap With Nylon Filter Bag
50035024  Top Cap + 3 Micron Polyester Filter
108441  Valve, Needle
92509001  Motor Kit
50035030  Top Cap With Nomex Filter Bag
86086001  Carousel Assy - 40 Pos'N
50086001  Motor Assy, Fbd, 110V, New Style
50086002  Motor Assy, Fbd, 230V, New Style
50152001  Motor Assy, M501, 110V
50152002  Motor Assy, M501, 230V
141105  Switch, Push Button
140105  Timer, Digital, 0.1S - 9990Hr, 11
50035033  Mini Sealed Tub
50035022  Top Cap With 500 Mesh Filter
80016001  Motor Kit
80007001  Manifold Assembly For M805
41026001  Mixing Chamber And Burner For M410
48011011  Rotor Hsing/End Plt/Platen FandC
92665004  Main Pcb
85100000  Air Compressor M851/115V, Unboxed For Co-Shipment With Flame Photometer
85100001  Air Compressor M851/230V, Unboxed For Co-Shipment With Flame Photometer
85101000  Air Compressor M851/115V, Boxed For Separate Shipment
50035360  Tub, 2L, Ss (Tub Only W/O Base)
140001  Temperature Controller, Digital
41013001  Pcb Assembly For M410 Ce Version
50186001  Pulser Attachment, M501, (User-Fit)
50035006  Tub, 2L, Glass, + Base
50186500  Humidity Temperature Probe - Note: 20% Discount Only On This Item
50035045  Sieve Adapter Assembly
50035370  Tub, 5L, Ss (Tub Only W/O Base)
50035005  Tub, 2L, Stainless Steel, + Base
70086501  Hand Held Control Unit
50035011  Multi-Drying Unit and Base
50052101  Factory Retrofit Motor, 110V
50052102  Factory Retrofit Motor, 240V
50035009  Tub, 5L, Glass, + Base
50035008  Tub, 5L, Stainless Steel, + Base
50035010  Tub Assy 5L Glass + Gl32 Port
85501000  Air Compressor+Water Trap M855/115V
50035015  Low Density Vortex Separator Assy
50035014  5L Sealed Glass Tub and Base W. Clamp
50035216  Low Density Classifier Tub
50135000  Tub Assy 5L Sealed With Gl32 Port
50135020  Dma Tub Assembly
42065201  Panel, Front and Pcb Assembly, M420 - From Serial No 16446
42565200  Panel, Front and Pcb Assembly, M425
50035049  Low Density Classifier Assembly
71000000  Msb, Mk I
50100200  Fbd, Programmable, 110V, 50/60Hz
50100201  Fbd, Programmable, 230V, 50/60Hz
70000109  Msb Auto
108232  ADAPTER, FRENCH FOR PART #00108234
41008003  AIR GAUGE & REG. ASSEMBLY for Inst. From Ser No. #23160
92665007  PCB Main from #27325
36084000  POD ASSY - Prop./But
36084001  POD ASSY - Nat. Gas

  • Special offers

    Discounts of almost 15% -

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Chloride Meters Sherwood Scientific David Child 22-Nov-2017

  • Product update

    Sherwood Scientific M425 flame photometer from Wolflabs. The Model 425 Flame Photometer (475 42 500) expands upon capability of the Model 420 Flame Photometer with addition of an additional detector and filter for Calcium determination.

    Features and benefits
    - Readings on both channels are linear over the working range.
    - There are several monitoring and control functions included in the firmware driving the model 420 thus measurements can only be made after blanking and calibration.
    - Can operate in Continuous or Peak mode. In Continuous mode the instrument displays the current value on each channel and through the analogue ports. An instantaneous reading can be printed at any time. In Peak mode the unit automatically detects a stable reading for transfer to a printer or computer and the display is frozen until the next sample is introduced.
    - The model 425 expands upon capability of the model 420 with addition of an additional detector and filter for Calcium determination. It also offers the “301 mode” feature which allows connection to a number of the more popular continuous flow systems.
    - Both the 420 and 425 have RS232 output for printer or computer connection and are compatible with our model 860 Autosampler for unattended sample analysis.
    - Both models may be used with the model 805 continuous flow diluter, again in-conjunction with or without the model 860 Autosampler.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Flame Photometers Sherwood Scientific David Suddaby 01-Sep-2017

  • Product update

    Sherwood Scientific M420 flame photometers from Wolflabs. The Model 420 Clinical Flame Photometer was developed from the Single Channel Model 410 Flame Photometer, with the objective of improving productivity and analytical performance, when measuring Sodium and Potassium. It is available in Clinical (475 42 000) or Industrial (475 42 100) format with appropriate NIST traceable calibration solution concentrates.

    Features and benefits
    - Dual Channel operation, allowing both Sodium and Potassium to be calibrated, measured and displayed simultaneously.
    - The Model 420 Flame Photometer retains many of the Model 410's attributes: ease of use, ease of maintenance and stable flame design but is enhanced with auto flame optimisation, internal standard referencing and on-board firmware to achieve significant improvement in sample throughput and precision.
    - The time taken to set up and calibrate the instrument is much reduced; achieved by automatic ignition and optimisation of the flame conditions.
    - The analytical performance is improved by the use of a Lithium Internal Standard signal which compensates for fluctuation in flame conditions.
    - There are several monitoring and control functions included in the firmware; thus measurements can only be made after blanking and calibration.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Flame Photometers Sherwood Scientific David Suddaby 22-Jul-2017

  • Product update

    Sherwood Scientific M410 Classic flame photometer from Wolflabs. The Model 410 Classic Flame Photometer (475 41 200) comes with Sodium, Potassium and Calcium filters. 

    Features and benefits
    - Ease of use with large, accessible, “upfront” work area for calibrator and sample presentation
    - Gas control/flame optimisation
    - Ease of maintenance with “no-tools” approach to removing; mixing chamber, burner stem and burner
    - Element filters easily accessible for cleaning and/or replacement
    - Optical “flame-on” and air pressure detectors for instant fail safe flammable gas containment
    - “Cool” chimney
    - Full CE Compliance.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Flame Photometers Sherwood Scientific David Suddaby 01-May-2017

  • Product update

    Sherwood Scientific M360 flame photometer from Wolflabs. The model 360 retains at its heart, the well respected mixing chamber and burner design which give the model 410 its renowned stability and performance a solid foundation to add the model 420’s auto flame optimisation technology to. Ease of maintenance has been retained as a key feature and in response to current market trends five filters for Sodium, Potassium, Lithium, Calcium and Barium are standard. Available as a single channel analogue unit in a competitively priced build design, the model 360 makes our proven stable flame and easy to maintain designs available to a greater number of analysts who will gain a better analytical experience than they currently do from operating low cost units.

    Features and benefits
    - Five element (Na, K, Li, Ca, Ba) single channel flame photometer
    - Ergonomic design with front loading, unobstructed sample work area, with removable tray for easy cleaning
    - With ease of use resulting from auto ignition and flame optimisation
    - Peak picker for presenting unambiguous readings and selected filter indicator
    - Safety features including fail safe flame detection and shut off
    - High sensitivity with fine manual control of air, and stable flame design
    - Ease of maintenance and storage
    - Separate pneumatic and electronic pods 
    - Small footprint (20 x 30cm) 
    - Easy to remove and clean filter stick

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Flame Photometers Sherwood Scientific David Suddaby 06-Feb-2017

Archived product specifications

The following information relates to archived product specifications. To see current content and products from this manufacturer, please look in the Products from this manufacturer tab.

Chloride analyser Sherwood Scientific M926

Designed for the determination of chloride ions, the Sherwood Scientific Chloride analysers are an instrumental analogue of “Argentimetry”; the traditional titrimetric methods using silver nitrate reagent. Like those classic methods, the 926 and 926S rely on formation of the insoluble salt, silver chloride. 

The importance of chloride determination was realised well over a century ago, with many variations and changes being made in order to improve detection limits and selectivity. Research into chloride analysis was conducted by Gay-Lussac (1832), Levol (1853), Mohr (1856) and Volhard (1874). Their findings are the basis of methods still in common use today. 

The first instrument using these techniques was developed in the 1960’s by Cotlove at the AMINCO Company. The 926 analysers developed from that first instrument are now exclusively manufactured in Cambridge, UK by Sherwood Scientific Ltd.


Industrial Model 926

The measurement of Salt (Sodium Chloride) in the Food and Dairy Industry is universal. The ability to read directly, Salt concentration and the automatic endpoint detection system has made the 926 the instrument of choice for food manufacturers and analysts throughout the world.

Salt and salinity also represent serious contamination in many industrial processes. The sensitivity of the coulometric method enables ppm range measurement in boiler feed water; polymer washes; bore-hole slurries as well as soil-salinity studies. The 926 is intended for general laboratory use and is calibrated in ppm (mg/l) chloride. The Select Button offers the immediate conversion of chloride content into mg% Salt (Sodium Chloride) of the original sample*.
* assumes ratio 1g of sample to 100ml diluent

Clinical Model 926S
Raised chloride concentration in sweat of young children is a Cystic Fibrosis indicator. The 926S is intended for chloride measurement in biological samples and calibrated in mmol/l. The 926S can accept original samples of as little as 20μl and from all types of sweat generators. The Select Button switches between sample volumes of 20ul or 100ul. 

Technical Information

Model: Model 926 Model 926S
Sample size: 500μl 100μl or 20 μl
Readout Range: 10- 999 mg/l
2-165 mg% Salt
10-299 mmol/l
Analysis Time: 36 seconds to 100 mg/l 26 seconds to 100 mmol/l
Accuracy: ±3 mg/l at the 200 mg/l level Results would be within one Standard deviation of the mean values of recognized QC schemes i.e. within ±2.2 mmol/l at the 100 mmol/l level
Reproducibility : CV < 1% for 20 replicate samples@200 mg/l (excluding pipetting errors) CV 100μl sample <1%
20μl sample <1.5%