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General Vertical Features

Our Vertical Gel Electrophoresis units are manufactured to a high specification and designed to combine versatility with safety. The robust gel tanks are easy-to-use and are offered in three plate sizes, 105 x 100mm (W x H) mini gels, 205 x 100mm (W x H) wide mini gels and 205 x 200mm (W x L) standard gels. The gel temperature is regulated either by passive or water cooling. All gel units are supplied with float glass plates to ensure that the gels are of uniform thickness, providing an even sample migration and minimum lane distortion. Gels can be cast directly in the inner running frame in the dual plate models, or by using an external gel casting unit. All commercially available pre-cast gel cassettes fit into the units. However, a special silicone rubber gasket (available as an accessory) is required for Biorad® precast gels. This gasket also allows the casting of gels using ‘non-eared’ or short glass plates. Accompanying the range are gel casting units which allow easy cassette assembly and tape free gel pouring, power supplies and a full range of combs and accessories.

Robust acrylic construction.

Easy to use clamping system.
Safety Lids with integral power leads.
Shrouded power connectors.
Long-life pure platinum electrodes are both protected and user replaceable.
Gold plated terminals for corrosion resistance.
Leak-free buffer seals
Integrated gel casting system in the dual models.
Float glass plates ensure uniform gel thickness and straight sample migration.
Variety of combs and spacers.
Easy to use, multiple casting systems.
All CDC models have an integrated gel casting system utilising the gel running module and a casting base. No need to remove the gels from the caster prior to electrophoresis


18x8.5cm DUAL COOLED
16.5x17.5cm DUAL COOLED



Scie Plas Gel Dryers


Vacuum and Heated Slab Gel Dryer


  • 800 Watt heating membrane provides even heat distribution
  • Dries sequencing gels up to 40 x 50 cm in as little as 30 minutes
  • Quickly dries multiple small format gels
  • Accurate temperature control up to 90 degs C
  • 5 hour timer for heating
  • 5 hour timer for vacuum
  • Purpose built Gelmaster vacuum pump simultaneously serves up to 3 dryers


The Scie Plas gel dryers are available in two size 45 x 34 cm and 50 x 40 cm. The dryers have independent timers for temperature and vacuum. These gel dryers feature robust construction with a cast aluminium base for even heat distribution and stainless steel control box for strength and safety. The GelMaster Vacuum system features two pumps in one package. A room temperature vapour trap acts as a pump by condensing the hot vapours from the gel dryer and trapping them from the rest of the systems; this is followed by a high efficiency diaphragm pump delivering a powerful non fluctuating vacuum for fast smooth drying which acts as the primary vacuum source. This pump is so efficient that one Gelmaster can be connected to three gel dryers at the same time. To operate simply connect the vacuum line to the gel unit and power up. As the gel is drying, the vapour trap condenses the vapour and removes liquid from the system. The 1.5L capacity allows for the drying of 10 - 15 gels before the trap needs to be drained. The trapping medium can be used repeatedly as it does not mix with the condensate.


Specifications for Electrophoresis Gel Dryers

Specification  Size cm
H x W x D
110 x 570 x 400
120 x 630 x 480
0 - 5 hours
0 - 5 hours
Gel size
Dries gel up to size
45 x 34 cm
50 x 40 cm
Weight 14 kg
Vacuum Pump  
Maximum vacuum - 440 mbar
Max Airflow 70 l/m
Noise level 45 dba at 1meter
Dimensions 31.5 x 18 x 22 cm
Weight 7 Kg


Ordering information Slab Gel Dryer

Model  Description
SP GD4534A 45 x 34 cm Slab gel dryer system includes Stainless steel screen, Mylar sheet, porous polyethylene sheet, clear silicone rubber overlay sheet. 110 volts
VGD-MS Mylar Sheet
VGD-PPS Porous Polyethylene Sheet
VGD SRO Clear silicone rubber overlay
VGD-SSS Stainless steel screen
SP GD5040A 50 x 40 cm Slab gel dryer system includes Stainless steel screen, Mylar sheet, porous polyethylene sheet, clear silicone rubber overlay sheet. 110 Volts
GD-MS Mylar Sheet
GD-PPS Porous Polyethylene Sheet
GD SRO Clear silicone rubber overlay
GD-SSS Stainless steel screen
SP GDPUMPA Vacuum pumping kit

Scie Plas Gradient Mixers


GM15, GM25, GM50 & GM100
Scie-Plas offers four sizes of gradient mixers, 15, 20, 50 and 100ml. The small, 15 and 20ml mixers are ideal for the preparation of centrifugation gradients, using sucrose or cesium chloride solutions. The larger 50 and 100ml mixers are mainly used for the preparation of linear polyacrylamide gel gradients. The 100ml mixer is configured to be used in conjunction with the multicaster systems.

All of the mixers are produced from a single acrylic block. They consist of two chambers, a reservoir and a mixing chamber, with an interconnecting valve. A second valve regulates the output flow from the mixing chamber. A magnetic stirring bar is placed in the mixing chamber to maintain a constant gradient. All of the mixers have a flat base to enable them to be placed on a magnetic stirrer. They also have a support rod which can be used to fix the mixers to a retort stand for extra stability.

Part No.
15ml Gradient Mixer
25ml Gradient Mixer
50ml Gradient Mixer
100ml Gradient Mixer