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800/100/120  Portex Tubing PE 0.38x0.355mm BxWall (TUB3656)
800/100/280  Portex Tubing PE 0.86x0.33mm BxWall (TUB3668)
800/100/100  Portex Tubing PE 0.28mm ID 0.61mm OD (TUB3650)
800/012/425/800  Portex Tubing PVC 7x1.75mm BxWall (TUB3428)
800/100/200  Portex Tubing PE 0.58x0.190mm BxWall (TUB3662)
800/012/375/800  Portex Tubing PVC 6x1.5mm BxWall (TUB3426)
700/160/010  Portex T Connector T 11mm o d (CON7204)
800/500/475  Portex Tubing Silicone 9x14mm BxO D (TUB3812)
800/012/300/800  Portex Tubing PVC 5x1 5mm BxWall (TUB3424)
800/100/260  Portex Tubing PE 0.86x0.205mm BxWall (TUB3666)
700/140/002  Portex Y Connector 7mm o d (CON7220)
700/140/005  Portex Y Connector 11.5mm o d (CON7222)
800/500/450  Portex Tubing Silicone 8x12mm BxO D (TUB3810)
800/500/325  Portex Tubing Silicone 5x8mm BxO D (TUB3806)
700/110/300  Portex Connector 6 to 10.5mm (Ext. Diam) 4.5 to 8.5mm (Int. Diam) Straight Variable (CON7264)
700/110/100  Portex Connector 4 to 6.5mm (Ext. Diam) 2.5 to 4.5mm (Int. Diam)Straight Variable (CON7260)
800/100/460  Portex Tubing PE 1.67x0.375mm BxWall (TUB3686)
800/021/300/702  Portex Tubing PVC Blue 6.35x3.18mm BxWall (TUB3512)
800/500/250  Portex Tubing Silicone 4x6mm BxO D (TUB3802)
800/500/150  Portex Tubing Silicone 2x3mm BxO D (TUB3798)
800/100/680  Portex Tubing PE 4x1mm BxWall (TUB3708)
700/110/200  Portex Connector 4 to 10.5mm (Ext. Diam) 2.5 to 8.5mm (Int. Diam) Straight Variable (CON7262)
700/150/634  Portex Connector 6mm Straight (CON7242)
800/500/550  Portex Tubing Silicone 11x16mm BxO D (TUB3816)
700/160/005  Portex T Connector T 9mm o d (CON7202)
800/021/300/706  Portex Tubing PVC Yellow 6.35x3.18mm BxWall (TUB3516)
700/150/630  Portex Connector 4mm Straight (CON7240)
800/500/575  Portex Tubing Silicone 12.7x19.1mm BxO D (TUB3818)
700/150/640  Portex Connector 10.5mm Straight (CON7244)
800/500/300  Portex Tubing Silicone 5x7mm BxO D (TUB3804)
800/500/525  Portex Tubing Silicone 10x15mm BxO D (TUB3814)