Photon Surgical Systems Ltd is the choice for all your X-ray imaging requirements. We supply high quality products at very competitive prices supported by our nationwide team of experienced engineers. We also provide excellent after sales customer support with on-going technical advice and training provided to ensure you get the best possible results from your equipment.

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New Photon Surgical Systems x-ray processors from Wolflabs

Product Update

New Mediphot 900E and Optimax x-ray processors from Photon Surgical Systems have been added.


Photon Surgical Systems x-ray cassettes, screens, and film from Wolflabs

Product Update

X-ray cassettes, screens, and film from Photon Surgical Systems have been added.


Photon X-ray processor from Wolflabs

Product Update

Photon Ecomax Automatic X-ray film processor from Wolflabs. 

Features and benefits
- Compact size, ideal for small darkrooms
- Aesthetically pleasing and technically innovative
- Designed to offer optimal image quality
- Clever tank design reduces chemical oxidisation
- Ingeniously simple to use and maintain
- All components are easily accessible reducing down time and maintenance costs
- Innovative roller rack ensures a more gentle film path
- Combination of innovative roller rack design and newly shaped chemical tanks result in optimal image quality
- Smaller chemical tanks reduce chemistry oxidisation of large quantities of chemistry saving money and making it more environmentally friendly
- Anti-crystallisation, anti-oxidisation and permanent circulation of the chemistry functions included
- Automatic replenishment adjustment
- Rests in stand-by mode when not in use