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Photon Imaging Systems Ltd is the choice for all your X-ray imaging requirements. We supply high quality products at very competitive prices supported by our nationwide team of experienced engineers. We also provide excellent after sales customer support with on-going technical advice and training provided to ensure you get the best possible results from your equipment.
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X-ray Cassettes, Screens and Film

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ACC004  Wolf special offer - X-ray cassette Photon size 180x240mm OFFER ENDS 31-08-2018
ACC006  X-ray cassette Photon size 240x300mm
ACC007  X-ray cassette Photon size 300x400mm
ACC008  X-ray cassettes Photon size 350x430mm
ACC074  Intensifying screen Photon size 180x240mm
ACC076  Intensifying screen Photon size 240x300mm
ACC077  Intensifying screen Photon size 300x400mm
ACC078  Intensifying screen Photon size 350x430mm
FM024  X-ray film Photon high resolution blue sensitive size 180x240mm 100 sheets per box
FM025  X-ray film Photon high resolution blue sensitive size 240x300mm 100 sheets per box
FM026  X-ray film Photon high resolution blue sensitive size 300x400mm 100 sheets per box
FM027  X-ray film Photon high resolution blue sensitive size 350x430mm 100 sheets per box

X-ray Developers/X-ray Processors

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EQ009  Ecomax Automatic

X-ray Film Consumables

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CH015  Developer ready to use 2 x 5L
CH016  Wolf special offer - Fixer ready to use 2 x 5L OFFER ENDS 31-08-2018
CH003  Fixer XF2 concentrate 2 x 20L
CH002  Developer XD2 concentrate 2 x 20L

Other laboratory products -

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ACC126  Minidome Safelight
ACC200  Silver trap Photon
EQST1  Stand Photon for Ecomax film processor
FM037  X-ray Cassette, Screens, and Film X-ray Film (High resolution - Blue sensitive) Size 180x240mm (100 sheets per box)
FM074  Kodak MXB X-ray Film, 35 x 43cm