OLIVO has manufactured insulated containers for more than 30 years and has a current production capacity of over 50 000 containers a year. The Olivo range is of two formats, ROLL (cabinets with front opening) and BAC (chests with top opening) and is designed for the transport of products under temperature control. Different refrigeration systems are offered, such as eutectic, cryogenic and thermo-chemical systems, allowing the required temperature to be maintained, whether it is chilled or frozen, for a period of 24 hours and more.

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New Olivo dry ice container from Wolflabs

Product Update

New BAC320 dry ice container from Olivo has been added. 

Features and benefits
- Body and lid in monoblock rotomoulded polyethylene. Insulated with expended polyurethane foam without CFC.
- Rustproof treated steel frame, flush mounted, fitted with 4 metal feet ø 80 mm.
- One-piece silicone seal on lid.
- Label Holder.
- Lid fitted with 2 hinges with gas jacks for a 80° lid opening.
- Lid/body hinging from moulding with metallic axle.
- Flush mounted and recessed fastener.
- Integrally moulded handles.
- Moulded eutectic plate support.
- Drain plug.

Product Category: Dry Ice Containers

Manufacturer: Olivo


Wolflabs Olivo :: Dry Ice Containers Update

Product Update

New Dry Ice Containers from Olivo have been added to the website. Models include: BAC75, and BAC130.

Product Category: Dry Ice Containers

Manufacturer: Olivo

Dry Ice Containers - Olivo

Body and lid are made of one piece (monobloc) rotomoulded polyethylene. Manufactured using the latest rotomoulding technology, these "ready to use" containers have minimal optional equipment and are fitted, for the large capacity range, with a silicone seal as standard . Their dimensions are in accordance with standard European transport sizes.


Technical Information

Model BAC55 BAC160 BAC420
Outer dimensions in mm 600 W x 500 D x 580 H 800 W x 600 D x 1050 H 1200 W x 800 D x 1050 H
Inner dimensions in mm 415 W x 315 Dx 410 H 580 W x 370 D x 700 H 1000 W x 600 D x 700 H
Volume 53 litres 150 litres 420 litres
K value 0,38 W/m 2.K 0,30 W/m 2.K 0,27 W/m 2.K
Weight 16 Kg 60 Kg 90 Kg
Insulation material Expanded polyurethane foam Expanded polyurethane foam Expanded polyurethane foam
Material of the walls Rotomoulded polyethylene Rotomoulded polyethylene Rotomoulded polyethylene