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Medicell International Ltd has for many years supplied laboratory products to the United Kingdom, Europe and the World and with this website it is our intention to provide as much information as possible on the ever increasing range of products available from us. Some of the items are so specialised that we have set up separate sites for them and reference will be made to these sites where relevant.
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410287  neodisher LaboClean A 8 12X1KG (410287)
410276  neodisher LaboClean A 8 10KG (410276)
411233  neodisher LaboClean FLA 5L (411233)
420133  neodisher N 5L (420133)
410376  neodisher LaboClean GK 10KG (410376)
410030  neodisher LaboClean FT 12KG (410030)
410133  neodisher FA - 5L (410133)
420233  neodisher Z 5L (420233)
410976  neodisher LaboClean UW 10KG (410976)
330347  neoblank 750ml (330347)