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Motic AE20/21 Inverted Microscope

Functional inverted microscopy

Established to bring inverted microscopy to levels of routine clinical preparation, the AE20/21's functionality exceeds the expectations of a basic inverted microscope.


The AE20/21 is a fantastic inverted microscope and is not a stripped down version of its more powerful brother, AE30/31. The AE20/21 is an inverted microscope equipped with the functions typically used by routine clinical preparation, instead of saddling the user with unused accessories and a heavy financial burden.


Equipped standard with the Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®] and an ELWD N.A. 0.30 condenser [WD=72mm] that incorporates a slider stop for the standard PH 1 annuli phase slider, the AE20/21 already is prepared for multiple tasks with an extra cost to user. Combining the long working distance condenser with a hard coated stage [for those accidental spills] that rests at 207mm from the bench, numerous samples and containers can be used with the AE20/21. The AE20/21’s standard CCIS® E Plan Achromat inverted objectives have a waterproof construction for those accidental spills, as mentioned before, in addition to providing the clarity needed in preparation up to a field flatness of F.N.20.


Making those long periods of observation and preparation less tiring and painful, the AE20/21 rests at a comfortable 45° observation angle and a viewing height of 370mm [390 trinocular] while positioning its focus mechanisms low to reduce wrist strain. The overall focus system has a stroke of 10mm with a minimum increment of 2mm. Reducing eye fatigue is the intensity controlled 30W/6V quartz halogen illumination to provide adequate illumination plus the siedentopf system [50-70mm] and diopter adjustment [±5°] for further optical correction to the user. 



  • CCIS optics
  • Field flatness up to F.N. 20
  • ELWD 0.30 N.A. condenser [WD=72mm]
  • Low-positioned focus controls
  • 2 m minimum increments
  • Optional Phase constrast observation