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1100600100791  Motic Moticam 3+ USB Camera - 3MP (MIC0060)
1100600100691  Moticam X (MIC6500)
1101001703281  Motic CCIS Plan Phase objective PL Ph4x (MIC2864)
1100600100601  Motic Moticam 1 USB Camera - 1MP (MIC5812)
1101000200292  Haemocytometer Holder (MIC2972)
1101000201641  Motic Phase Ring PhO (4x) (MIC2866)
1101000200011  Motic Attachable Mechanical Stage With Well Plate Holder (MIC2872)
1101002400452  Motic quartz halogen lamp 6v 30W (MIC2890)
1100103800043  Motic Microscope AE2000 Binocular (MIC2842)
1100100402593  Motic BA210 Elite Binocular microscope (MIC5633)
1100100200576  Motic AE31E Trinocular Microscope (MIC2894)
1101000200262  Motic 65mm petri dish holder (MIC2878)
1101000200282  Motic 54mm petri dish holder (MIC2876)
PX40026201  Motic SMZ-140-N2GG Stereo Microscope (MIC5900)
1100103800054  Motic Microscope AE2000 Trinocular (MIC2852)
1100600100611  Motic Moticam 2 USB Camera - 2MP (MIC5950)
1101001901791  Motic 0.5X C-Mount Camera Adaptor (1/3 + 1/2 Inch) (MIC2922)
1101002000011  Cold Light Source Motic MLC-150 (MIC2806)
1101002000142  2 Arm Gooseneck Light Guide (MIC2804)
1100100401483  Motic BA310 LED Microscope Binocular (MIC2016)
1100100402433  Motic BA310 Elite Binocular microscope (MIC2935)
1100100402443  Motic BA310 Elite Trinocular microscope (MIC2937)
1100600101031  Moticam X3 WiFi Microcope Camera (MIC6504)
1101001904061  Motic LED module 600K +/-300K (MIC1576)
1100100402423  Motic BA210 Elite Trinocular microscope (MIC5635)
1100600100871  Motic Moticam 10+ USB Camera - 10MP (MIC0064)
1100100402115  Motic BA210 LED Microscope Binocular (MIC2004)
1100104600142  Motic Panthera Life Science Binocular Microscope with Digital Smart CAM (MIC4702)
1101001702911  Motic CCIS Pan Phase Obective 10X/0.25 (MIC2942)
1101001702931  Motic CCIS Pan Phase Obective 40X/0.65 (MIC2946)
1101001903141  Motic Phase Contrast 5 Position (MIC2940)
1101001402441  Motic CCIS Pan Phase Obective 100X/1.25 (MIC2948)
1101000300836  Phase Centring Telescope (MIC2970)
1100201300062  Motic Stereo Microscope SMZ-161 Binocular LED (MIC1588)
1100600100831  Motic Moticam 1080 Full HD Camera (MIC0066)
1100200600766  Motic SMZ-171-Trinocular LED Stero Microscope (MIC5445)
PX43M26201  Motic SMZ-143-N2GG Stereo Microscope (MIC5902)
1100100200565  Motic AE31E Binocular Microscope (MIC2892)
1100201300082  Motic Stereo Microscope SMZ-161 Trinocular LED (MIC1590)
1101001906191  Motic Moticam 1080 INT - Intermediate Digital Camera with Screen (only compatible with Motic BA microscopes) (MIC0082)
1100600100801  Motic Moticam 5+ USB Camera - 5MP (MIC0062)
1101001702301  Motic Objective 10X/0.25 WD 3.9mm (MIC2910)
1100100401453  Motic BA210 LED Microscope Trinocular (MIC2006)
1100401200572  Motic BA310 Digital Microscope LED (MIC2939)
PX660C6201  Motic Stereo Microscope Binocular SMZ-168 BL (MIC2800)
1100100402972  Motic BA410E Elite Binocular Microscope Sextuple 50W (MIC1578)
1101001100531  Motic 3 Position Phase Slider Ph1 Ph2 for BA (MIC2920)
1101001702921  Motic CCIS Pan Phase Obective 20X/0.4 (MIC2944)
1101001100401  Motic Phase slider Ph3 (100X) (MIC1586)
1101000200272  Motic 35mm petri dish holder (MIC2874)
1101000201562  Motic led module 4500K +-300K (MIC2886)
1101000201561  Motic led module 6000K +-300K (MIC2888)
1101001902923  Motic Epi-LED Fluorescence attachment with standard FITC filter cube 470nm LED module Elite models only (MIC2961)
1101001902925  Motic Epi-LED Fluorescence attachment with standard MB filter cube 470nm LED module Elite models only (MIC2962)
1101001902924  Motic Epi-LED Fluorescence attachment with standard Auramine O filter cube 455nm LED module Elite models only (MIC2960)
1101001901781  Motic 0.65X C-Mount Camera Adaptor (2/3 Inch) (MIC2924)
1101001100381  Motic Phase Slider PH1 (MIC2914)
1101001100391  Motic Phase Slider PH2 (MIC2916)
1101000201551  Motic LWD condenser N.A.0 40 (WD=53mm) (MIC2870)
1100100401512  Motic BA310 LED Microscope Trinocular (MIC2018)
1100401200542  Motic BA210 Digital With Camera (MIC2008)
1100104600183  Motic Panthera HD Microscope with Built in Digital Smart CAM Only (MIC4708)
1100104600102  Motic Panthera University Model Binocular with Motic Light Tracer (MIC4700)
1100104600122  Motic Panthera Classic Binocular Microscope (MIC4704)
1100104600162  Motic Panthera E Binocular Microscope (MIC4706)
1100104600112  Motic Panthera University Model Trinocular with Motic Light Tracer (MIC4712)
1100104600172  Motic Panthera E Trinocular Microscope (MIC4716)
1100104600092  Motic Panthera School Trinocular Microscope (MIC4718)
1100104600132  Motic Panthera Classic Trinocular Microscope (MIC4714)
1101000300741  Simple add on polarizer (MIC5830)
1100200600762  Motic SMZ-171-Trinocular P Stero Microscope (MIC5447)
1101001703661  Objective 0.63X ESD (WD=142.7mm) (MIC5449)
1100200600754  Motic SMZ-171-Binocular LED Stero Microscope (MIC5444)
1101001703821  Objective 0.5X ESD (WD=191.8mm) (MIC5448)
1100200600758  Motic SMZ-171-Binocular P Stero Microscope (MIC5446)
1101001401791  CCIS Plan achromatic objective EC-H PL 20X/0.45 (WD=0.9mm) (MIC5463)
1101001702941  CCIS Plan achromatic objective EC-H PL 2X/0.05 (WD=7.2mm) (MIC5462)
1101002000072  Blue filter MLC-150 (MIC5455)
1101001703671  Objective 1.5X ESD (WD=56.3mm) (MIC5451)
1101002402702  LED ring illumination 60T dimmable and segmentable (MIC5452)
1101001703811  Objective 0.75X ESD (WD=128.6mm) (MIC5450)
1100100402982  Motic BA410E Elite Trinocular Microscope Sextuple 50W (MIC1580)
1101001900791  Motic Analyser slider with rotating mount (360 Degree rotating) (MIC1584)
11001 00403071  Motic BA410E Elite Trinocular Microscope Sextuple 100W (MIC1582)
1100600100891  Motic Moticam 1080 BMH - Fully Integrated Documentation System (Full HD Camera with Screen) (MIC0080)
1100600101051  Moticam BTX8 4MP Wi-Fi Camera with Integrated 8 Inch Android Tablet (MIC0030)