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Freeze Dryers

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LSBC50  LyoDry Compact
LSMC50  LyoDry Midi
LSMC85  LyoDry Midi

Other laboratory products -

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RV5  Vacuum pump MechaTech Systems RV5 for use with LSBC50, complete with mainslead, EMF10 exhaust mist filter, gas ballast oil return kit
LSDC  Acrylic drying chamber MechaTech Systems 350mm diameter x 435mm high, including clear acrylic lid and 2 x L-gaskets
LSD6  Drying rack assembly MechaTech Systems 6-tray, for use inside LSDC acrylic chamber 350mm x 435mm, SS, unheated
LSAD6H  Heated tray drying accessory MechaTech Systems comprising: acrylic drying chamber 350mm diameter x 435mm, lid and 2 x L-gaskets, complete with 6 SS product tray rack assembly, heater mats and temperature controller
LSPM24  Pipe/column manifold MechaTech Systems 24-port with rubber valves
LSCT  Trolley MechaTech Systems stainless steel, purpose built for use with LyoDry Compact benchtop freeze dryer, with castors and brakes, with bottom shelf to accommodate vacuum pump
MEC001-CARR01  Carriage cost MechaTech Systems Freeze dryer LyoDry midi
MEC001-CARR02  Carriage cost MechaTech Systems Freeze dryer LyoDry Compact
MEC001-CARR03  Carriage cost MechaTech Systems Vacuum pumps, drying chambers, drying racks, heated trays, pipe manifolds and trolleys

  • Product update

    New LyoDry Compact and LyoDry Midi series freeze dryers from MechaTech Systems have been added. The LyoDry Compact benchtop freeze dryer is the very latest generation 5 litre capacity, -55°C multipurpose, ice condenser from MechaTech Systems. The LyoDry Midi is an 18Kg capacity freeze dryer base unit, with condenser temperature options of either -55°C (part number LSMC50) or -85°C (part number LSMC85).

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    Freeze Dryers MechaTech Systems Limited David Suddaby 01-Apr-2016