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LT-4500-6F  LT-4500-6F

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412NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 412 nm, for LT4500
420NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 420 nm, for LT4501
440NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 440 nm, for LT4502
540NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 540 nm, for LT4503
550NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 550 nm, for LT4504
650NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 650 nm, for LT4505
660NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 660 nm, for LT4506
690NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 690 nm, for LT4507
750NMFILTER  Filter Labtech International 750 nm, for LT4508
30055582  Plate Labtech International MultiCheck QC for LT4500

  • Product update

    New LT-4500-6F microplate reader from Labtech International has been added. The LT-4500 is a high performance visible microplate absorbance reader supplied as standard with FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant LT-com PC software.

    Features and benefits
    - 34.7 X 18.9 cm footprint saves valuable benchspace
    - Plug and play USB interface allows easy setup in minutes
    - 8 channel (+1 reference) optical system ensures fast read times with accurate and reproducible results
    - Tested reliability of >100,000 plates
    - Four standard filters with space for up to 4 optional filters that are user installable without the need for tools
    - Linear shaking with four modes
    - LT-com data analysis software supplied as standard

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    Microplate Readers Labtech International David Suddaby 06-Feb-2017