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Furniture - Laboratory

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LB-FS-0.9  LB-FS-0.9
LB-FS-1.2  LB-FS-1.2
LB-FS-1.5  LB-FS-1.5
LB-FS-1.8  LB-FS-1.8
LB-F-10  LB-F-10
M-D-2-D  M-D-2-D
M-D-2-D-1-DR  M-D-2-D-1-DR
M-D-2-D-2-DR  M-D-2-D-2-DR
M-D-4-DR  M-D-4-DR
M-S-4-DR  M-S-4-DR
M-S-1-D  M-S-1-D
M-S-1-D-1-DR  M-S-1-D-1-DR

Other laboratory products -

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KINETIC-280  Order cost Kinetic
KINETIC-420  Order cost Kinetic
KINETIC-19021  Order cost Kinetic
KINETIC-260  Order cost Kinetic
KINETIC-630  Order cost Kinetic
KINETIC-CARR01  Carriage cost Kinetic Laboratories
FRMT2  Mobile Fusion Table Kinetic size 1500x750x900mm high, complete with powder coated support frame, trespa toplab base top, 1no single cupboard/drawer & 1no Single cupboard unit