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1937  Cuvette Kartell Macro PS 4.5ml Disposable (CEL1030)
1938  Cuvette Kartell Semi Micro PS 1.5ml Disposable (CEL1034)
553  Desiccator Plate 239mm PP (DES2014)
554  Kartell Desiccator 250mm Vacuum (DES2004)
1159  Kartell Jug 3L PP (JUG1006)
1158  Kartell Jug 2L PP (JUG1004)
231  Desiccator Plate 190mm PP (DES2012)
213  Kartell Drying Rack Polystyrene (DRA1020)
1160  Kartell Jug 5L PP (JUG1008)
265  Vertical rack for 18 x 10mm and 10 x 15mm Pipettes. Base unit (PIP5522) sold separately (PIP5520)
262  Base Unit with PVC Rod for PIP5520 (PIP5522)
1941  Cuvette Kartell Semi Micro PMMA 2.5ml Disposable (CEL1036)
1157  Kartell Jug 1L PP (JUG1002)
550  Kartell Desiccator 150mm Vacuum (DES2000)
1961  Cuvette Kartell PMMA 4.5ml 4 Window Disposable (CEL1038)
911  Container Polyethylene with screw cap 10ml (BOT3422)
436  Kartell Dis Connector PE 8-10mm (CON7104)
535  Disconnector 10-11-12mm (CON7106)
418  Kartell Valve Non Return 8-10mm (CON7120)
551  Desiccator Plate 141mm PP (DES2010)
435  Kartell Dis Connector PE 6-8mm (CON7102)
539  Flow Indicator Kartell 539 (FLO1002)
434  Kartell Dis Connector PE 4-6mm (CON7100)
537  Kartell Dis Connector PE 14-16mm (CON7110)
536  Kartell Dis Connector PE 12-14mm (CON7108)