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Hellma spectroscopy cuvette tray cells from Wolflabs

Product Update

Hellma spectroscopy cuvette tray cells from Wolflabs. The TrayCell is a fibre-optic ultra-micro cell designed for the UV/Vis analysis of DNA/RNA and proteins. The dimensions of the TrayCell are equivalent to a standard cuvette in order to work in most spectrophotometers.

Features and benefits
- Different light paths standard 1 and 0.2 mm
- Very small measurement volumes 0.7 to 5 µl
- Large dynamic range of 2 - 5000 ng/µl (dsDNA)
- No dilution of sample needed
- No evaporation of the sample through the cap
- Reuse of samples possible
- Simple application and cleaning
- Suitable for all current spectrophotometers