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Being the global market leader, Hellma Analytics Develops, manufactures and distributes quartz and glass cells and optical components for laboratory equipment in modern analysis technologies. Manufacturers and the industry sectors of chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology, food industry, health care and environment all over the world are being attended to by 13 subsidiaries and more than 50 representations. Hellma Analytics stands for highest quality and reliability, latest technology and maximum customer focus.
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Spectroscopy Accessories - Cuvettes

47 products >
AS2C-10K0-3M50-L  AS2C-10K0-3M50-L
AS2C-20K0-7M00-L  AS2C-20K0-7M00-L
AS2C-40K0-14M0-L  AS2C-40K0-14M0-L
AS2C-10K0-1M40-L  AS2C-10K0-1M40-L
AS5C-10K0-3M50-L  AS5C-10K0-3M50-L
KS5C-10K0-3M50-L  KS5C-10K0-3M50-L
AS5C-10K0-1M40-L  AS5C-10K0-1M40-L
KS5C-10K0-1M40-L  KS5C-10K0-1M40-L
AS4C-01K0-350K-L  AS4C-01K0-350K-L
AS4C-05K0-1M75-L  AS4C-05K0-1M75-L
AS4C-10K0-3M50-L  AS4C-10K0-3M50-L
AS4C-20K0-7M00-L  AS4C-20K0-7M00-L
AS4C-40K0-14M0-L  AS4C-40K0-14M0-L
AS1C-10K0-3M50-L  AS1C-10K0-3M50-L
AS1C-20K0-7M00-L  AS1C-20K0-7M00-L
AS1C-40K0-14M0-L  AS1C-40K0-14M0-L
AS1C-50K0-17M5-L  AS1C-50K0-17M5-L
AS4C-01K0-350K-S  AS4C-01K0-350K-S
KS4C-01K0-350K-S  KS4C-01K0-350K-S
AS4C-05K0-1M75-S  AS4C-05K0-1M75-S
KS4C-05K0-1M75-S  KS4C-05K0-1M75-S
AS4C-10K0-3M50-S  AS4C-10K0-3M50-S
KS4C-10K0-3M50-S  KS4C-10K0-3M50-S
AS1C-10K0-3M50-S  AS1C-10K0-3M50-S
AS7C-01K0-350K-S  AS7C-01K0-350K-S
KS7C-01K0-350K-S  KS7C-01K0-350K-S
AS7C-05K0-1M75-S  AS7C-05K0-1M75-S
KS7C-05K0-1M75-S  KS7C-05K0-1M75-S
AS7C-10K0-3M50-S  AS7C-10K0-3M50-S
KS7C-10K0-3M50-S  KS7C-10K0-3M50-S
AS1C-10K0-1M40-L  AS1C-10K0-1M40-L
KS1C-10K0-1M40-L  KS1C-10K0-1M40-L
AS4C-10K0-1M40-L  AS4C-10K0-1M40-L
KS4C-10K0-1M40-L  KS4C-10K0-1M40-L
AS4C-10K0-700K-L  AS4C-10K0-700K-L
AS4B-10K0-700K-L  AS4B-10K0-700K-L
AS4D-10K0-70K0-S  AS4D-10K0-70K0-S
AH4C-10K0-1M40-M  AH4C-10K0-1M40-M
AF4D-10K0-390K-F  AF4D-10K0-390K-F
AF4C-10K0-1M50-T  AF4C-10K0-1M50-T
AF1F-10K0-18K0-N  AF1F-10K0-18K0-N
FH4C-1010-3M50-C  FH4C-1010-3M50-C
FF4D-1001-110K-F  FF4D-1001-110K-F
FS1C-1010-3M50-L  FS1C-1010-3M50-L
FS4C-1010-3M50-L  FS4C-1010-3M50-L
FS4C-1010-3M50-S  FS4C-1010-3M50-S
FS4C-1004-1M40-L  FS4C-1004-1M40-L

Spectroscopy Accessories - Cuvettes - Essential Cells

4 products >
6030-UV-10-531  Wolf special offer - Macro cell Hellma UV quartz black light path 10mm internal width 9.5mm working volume 3500ul OFFER ENDS 30-11-2018
100-10-46  Macro cell Hellma NIR quartz blue/red light path 10mm internal width 9.5mm working volume 3500ul
110-10-46  Macro cell Hellma NIR quartz blue/red light path 10mm internal width 9.5mm working volume 3500ul
6040-UV-10-531  Semi-micro cell Hellma UV quartz black light path 10mm internal width 4mm working volume 1400ul

Spectroscopy Accessories - Cuvettes - Tray Cells

2 products >
105800-A3-V1-46  Wolf special offer - Tray cell Hellma 105-800-UVS, quartz SUPRASIL window, three height options, 68.5h (centre 8.5h) / 75h (centre 15h) / 80h (centre 20h) x 12.5w x 12.5d mm, 0.7-5ul volume OFFER ENDS 30-11-2018
105810-A3-V1-46  Tray cell Hellma 105-810-UVS quartz SUPRASIL window 12.5mm width, 12.5mm depth, height 53mm (centre height 8.5mm), 59.5mm (centre height 15mm), 64.5mm (centre height 20mm) 0.7-5ul volume

Other laboratory products -

371 products >
011-101-72  Hellma cells
010-001-1-10  Hellma cells
010-001-20-72  Hellma cells
011-102-72  Hellma cells
040-105-77  Hellma cells
010-001-00-10  Hellma cells
040-001-722  Hellma cells
040-101-722  Hellma cells
665-000-40  Hellma cells
202-40  Hellma cells
040-201-72  Hellma cells
040-203-72  Hellma cells
692-091-12  Hellma cells
100-10-20  Hellma cells
665-000-46  Hellma cells
202-46  Hellma cells
040-200-72  Hellma cells
040-202-72  Hellma cells
040-002-722  Hellma cells
6030-20-10  Hellma cells
402-10-10  Hellma cells
040-102-722  Hellma cells
100-5-20  Hellma cells
013-101-71  Hellma cells
013-102-71  Hellma cells
013-105-71  Hellma cells
9-307-011-4-507  Hellma cells
104-10-20  Hellma cells
100-1-20  Hellma cells
100-2-20  Hellma cells
104-002-10-20  Hellma cells
013-000-71  Hellma cells
100-20-20  Hellma cells
692-103-23  Hellma cells
6030-40-10  Hellma cells
6030-50-10  Hellma cells
402-50-10  Hellma cells
110-10-20  Hellma cells
104002B-10-20  Hellma cells
704-001-30-10  Hellma cells
100-40-20  Hellma cells
402-013-10  Hellma cells
100-10-40  Hellma cells For the cuvettes 3500 ul
201-1-23  Hellma cells
704-000-20-10  Hellma cells
692-104-23  Hellma cells
105-10-40  Hellma cells
704-002-40-10  Hellma cells
700-000-10-10  Hellma cells
700-000-20-10  Hellma cells
700-016-10  Hellma cells
100-50-20  Hellma cells
100-5-40  Hellma cells
110-5-20  Hellma cells
101-10-20  Hellma cells
100-1-40  Hellma cells
100-2-40  Hellma cells
104-10-40  Hellma cells
540-110-80  Hellma cells
704-003-50-10  Hellma cells
114-10-20  Hellma cells
120-50-20  Hellma cells
100-20-40  Hellma cells
120-10-40  Hellma cells
104-002-10-40  Hellma cells
104-5-40  Hellma cells
110-1-20  Hellma cells
110-2-20  Hellma cells
700-010-20-10  Hellma cells
020-001-761  Hellma cells
020-002-761  Hellma cells
120-20-40  Hellma cells
104-50-20  Hellma cells
120-100-20  Hellma cells
100-5-46  Hellma cells
100-2-46  Hellma cells
110-10-40  Hellma cells
108-000-10-40  Hellma cells
100-1-46  Hellma cells
104-10-46  Hellma cells
108-002-10-40  Hellma cells
101-10-40  Hellma cells
120-10-46  Hellma cells
110-5-40  Hellma cells
111-10-20  Hellma cells
101-015-40  Hellma cells
109-000-10-40  Hellma cells
110-1-40  Hellma cells
110-2-40  Hellma cells
114-10-40  Hellma cells
100-40-40  Hellma cells
115-10-40  Hellma cells
110-50-20  Hellma cells
120-50-40  Hellma cells
110-5-46  Hellma cells
540-111-80  Hellma cells
700-015-10  Hellma cells
100-50-40  Hellma cells
110-20-40  Hellma cells
111-10-40  Cell Hellma fluorescence type 111-QS 10x10mm
104-B-10-40  Hellma cells
106-0.10-40  Hellma cells
106-0.20-40  Hellma cells
106-0.50-40  Hellma cells
100-100-20  Hellma cells
540-135-20-40  Hellma cells
124-0.1-40  Hellma cells
110-1-46  Hellma cells
120-100-40  Hellma cells
109-004-10-40  Hellma cells
100-50-46  Hellma cells
104002B-10-40  Hellma cells
119-10-40  Hellma cells
117-100-10-40  Hellma cells
120-000-1-40  Hellma cells
120-000-2-40  Hellma cells
120-5-40  Hellma cells
220-10-40  Hellma cells
013-011-71  Hellma cells
013-013-85-71  Hellma cells
013-013-15-71  Hellma cells
106-0.01-40  Hellma cells
109000F-10-40  Hellma cells
119-004-10-40  Hellma cells
117-104-10-40  Hellma cells
108B-10-40  Hellma cells
104-50-40  Hellma cells
137-1-40  Hellma cells
111-057-40  Hellma cells
110-40-40  Hellma cells
104F-10-40  Hellma cells
114B-10-40  Hellma cells
119F-10-40  Hellma cells
108002B-10-40  Hellma cells
104002F-10-40  Hellma cells
130-10-40  Hellma cells
221-10-40  Hellma cells
137-2-40  Hellma cells
110-50-40  Hellma cells
117100F-10-40  Hellma cells
105-200-15-40  Hellma cells
105-200-85-40  Hellma cells
105-201-15-40  Hellma cells
105-201-85-40  Hellma cells
105-202-15-40  Hellma cells
105-202-85-40  Hellma cells
100-100-40  Hellma cells
101-20-40  Hellma cells
178011-85-20  Hellma cells
115B-10-40  Hellma cells
137-5-40  Hellma cells
165-10-40  Hellma cells
114F-10-40  Hellma cells
115-F-10-40  Hellma cells
404-10-46  Hellma cells
178-765-10-20  Hellma cells
238-000-40  Hellma cells
108-F-10-40  Hellma cells
175-15-10-40  Hellma cells
175-85-10-40  Hellma cells Macro cell 750 ul
176-15-10-40  Hellma cells
108002F-10-40  Hellma cells
111-070-40  Hellma cells
131-10-40  Hellma cells
178-010-10-40  Hellma cells
109004F-10-40  Hellma cells
137-10-40  Hellma cells
100-100-46  Hellma cells
119004F-10-40  Hellma cells
1787118510-20  Hellma cells
178712-10-20  Hellma cells
221001-10-80  Hellma cells
117104F-10-40  Hellma cells
121-0.10-40  Hellma cells
121-0.20-40  Hellma cells
121-0.50-40  Hellma cells
121-1-40  Hellma cells
404-1-46  Hellma cells
1767001510-40  Hellma cells
1767008510-40  Hellma cells
404-2-46  Hellma cells
105-250-15-40  Hellma cells
105-250-85-40  Hellma cells
178-710-10-40  Hellma cells
1787108510-40  Hellma cells
105-251-15-40  Hellma cells
105-251-85-40  Hellma cells
1787128510-40  Hellma cells
105-252-15-40  Hellma cells
105-252-85-40  Hellma cells
170-000-1-40  Hellma cells
170-000-2-40  Hellma cells
110-100-40  Hellma cells
1767005-15-40  Hellma cells
1767005-85-40  Hellma cells
170-700-1-40  Hellma cells
170-700-2-40  Hellma cells
1052101015-40  Hellma cells
1052101085-40  Hellma cells
176-751-85-40  Hellma cells
170700-0.1-40  Hellma cells
170700-0.2-40  Hellma cells
170700-0.5-40  Hellma cells
176-50-40  Hellma cells
176-50-85-40  Hellma cells
176-760-15-40  Hellma cells
176-760-85-40  Hellma cells
176-761-15-40  Hellma cells
176-761-85-40  Hellma cells
176-762-15-40  Hellma cells
176-762-85-40  Hellma cells
176-754-10-15-40  Hellma cells
1787101550-40  Hellma cells
1767001550-40  Hellma cells
040-111-722  Standard cells Hellma
040-222-72  Standard cells Hellma
740-000-10  Standard cells Hellma
114-5-40  Standard cells Hellma
124-0.2-40  Standard cells Hellma
124-0.5-40  Standard cells Hellma
117-200-10-40  Standard cells Hellma
124-0.01-40  Standard cells Hellma
117-204-10-40  Standard cells Hellma
120-50-46  Standard cells Hellma
101R-10-40  Standard cells Hellma
225-10-23  Standard cells Hellma
117200F-10-40  Standard cells Hellma
104-20-40  Standard cells Hellma
111-061-40  Standard cells Hellma
111R-10-40  Standard cells Hellma
220-1-40  Standard cells Hellma
770-60-60-10  Standard cells Hellma
117-204F-10-40  Standard cells Hellma
700-061-10  Standard cells Hellma
175-765-15-40  Standard cells Hellma
176-765-85-40  Standard cells Hellma
101-171-44  Standard cells Hellma
101-172-44  Standard cells Hellma
KS4B-10K0-0M70-L  Match cell/lid, BlackQS/G LP10mm, 700ul
XCHA-320-003  Hellmanex cleaning concentrate 1l bottle
XCHA-325-000  Cell holder for cleaning 4 x 10mm cells
XA6B-013-101  Spacer for using 1mmLP in 10mm holder
XA6B-013-102  Spacer for using 2mmLP in 10mm holder
XA6B-013-105  Spacer for using 5mmLP in 10mm holder
XF8A-040-111-F  FEP Tube set long/shrt connect 2x 500mm
XF8A-040-222-P  PTFE Tube set long/shrt connect 2x 500mm
3001.1  Standard Cell Hellma
332-300-VE10  Standard Cell Hellma
692-455-23  Standard Cell Hellma
104F-R-10-40  Standard Cell Hellma
176-766-15-40  Standard Cell Hellma
176-766-85-40  Standard Cell Hellma
660-236-40  Standard Cell Hellma
HEL002-CARR01  Carriage cost Hellma
665-705-2-40  Cap Hellma Lightpath, 2mm
665-706-0.1-40  Cap Hellma Lightpath, 0.1mm
665-703-1-40  Cap Hellma Lightpath, 1mm
665-704-0.2-40  Cap Hellma Lightpath, 0.2mm
105-850-85-40  Traycell Hellma Fluorescence
325  325.00 Clean Assist Cell Holder
667001  Liquid Filter UV1
667003  Liquid Filter Set UV003
667004  Liquid Filter Set UV004
667005  Liquid Filter UV5
667006  Liquid Filter UV6
667009  Liquid Filter UV9
667010  Liquid Filter UV10
667011  Liquid Filter UV11
667012  Liquid Filter UV12
667014  Liquid Filter UV14
667020  Liquid Filter UV20
667035  Liquid Filter 667035
667040  Liquid Filter UV40
667060  Liquid Filter UV60
667080  Liquid Filter UV80
667100  Liquid Filter Set UV100
667101  Liquid Filter Set UV101
667102  Liquid Filter Set UV102
667103  Liquid Filter Set UV103
667104  Liquid Filter Set UV104
667200  Liquid Filter Set UV200
667301  Liquid Filter Set UV301
667304  Liquid Filter Set UV304
667305  Liquid Filter Set UV305
667307  Liquid Filter Set UV307
667400  Liquid Filter Set UV400
667600  Liquid Filter UV600
6030-10-10  6030-OG 10
6040-10-10  6040-OG 10
6670100  Liquid Filter UV100
010-001-10-VE10-72  010.010(packof10) 10
010-001-50-VE5-72  010.050(packof5) 50
011-001-VE5-72  011.001(packof5)
011-002-VE5-72  011.002(packof5)
011-103-VE10-73  011.103(packof10)
011-550-VE10  011.550(packof10)
011-600-VE10-734  011.600(packof10)
011-601-VE10-734  011.601(packof10)
011-650-VE10-72  011.650(packof10)
011-651-VE10-72  011.651(packof10)
666F0-71  Empty Filter Mount F0
666F1-339  Glass Filter F1
666F1RE  Recertification Glass Filter F1
666F201-39  Glass Filter F201
666F201RE  Recertification Glass Filter F201
666F202-36  Glass Filter F202
666F202RE  Recertification Glass Filter F202
666F203-36  Glass Filter F203
666F203RE  Recertification Glass Filter F203
666F204-37  Glass Filter F204
666F204RE  Recertification Glass Filter F204
666F2-39  Glass Filter F2
666F2RE  Recertification Glass Filter F2
666F3-38  Glass Filter F3
666F3RE  Recertification Glass Filter F3
666F4-37  Glass Filter F4
666F4RE  Recertification Glass Filter F4
666F7-323  Glass Filter F7
666F7A-323  Glass Filter F7A
666F7ARE  Recertification Glass Filter F7A
666F7ORE  Recertification Glass Filter F7O
666F7RE  Recertification Glass Filter F7
666F7W-323  Glass Filter F7W
666F7WRE  Recertification Glass Filter F7W
666R013  Reference Plate R013
666R013RE  Recertification Reference Plate 666R013
666R113  Reference Plate 666R113
666R113RE  Recertification Reference Plate 666R113
666S000  Glass Filter Set 666S000
666S000RE  Recertification Glass Filter Set 666S000
666S001  Glass Filter Set 666S001
666S001RE  Recertification Glass Filter Set 666S001
666S002  Glass Filter Set 666S002
666S002RE  Recertification Glass Filter Set 666S002
666S003  Glass Filter Set 666-S003
666S003RE  Recertification Glass Filter Set 666S003
666S004  Glass Filter Set 666-S004
666S004RE  Recertification Glass Filter Set 666-S004
666S006  Glass Filter Set 666-S006
666S006RE  Recertification Glass Filter Set 666S006
667001RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV1
667003RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV003
667004RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV004
667005RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV5
667006RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV6
6670100RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV100
667010RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV10
667011RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV11
667012RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV12
667014RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV14
667020RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV20
667035RE  Recertification of filter 667035
667040RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV40
667060RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV60
667080RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV80
667100RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV100
667101RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV101
667102RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV102
667103RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV103
667104RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV103
667200RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV200
667301RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV301
667304RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV304
667305RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV305
667307RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV307
667400RE  Recertification Liquid Filter Set UV400
667600RE  Recertification Liquid Filter UV600
730-009-44  Quartz Microplate with 96 wells
730009-B-44  Black Quartz Microplate with 96 wells
KS4C-10K0-3M50-L  Match cell/lid, QS/G LP10mm, 3.5ml
100-10-K-40  Pair of Hellma cells For the cuvettes 3500 ul

  • Product update

    Hellma spectroscopy cuvette tray cells from Wolflabs. The TrayCell is a fibre-optic ultra-micro cell designed for the UV/Vis analysis of DNA/RNA and proteins. The dimensions of the TrayCell are equivalent to a standard cuvette in order to work in most spectrophotometers.

    Features and benefits
    - Different light paths standard 1 and 0.2 mm
    - Very small measurement volumes 0.7 to 5 µl
    - Large dynamic range of 2 - 5000 ng/µl (dsDNA)
    - No dilution of sample needed
    - No evaporation of the sample through the cap
    - Reuse of samples possible
    - Simple application and cleaning
    - Suitable for all current spectrophotometers

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Spectroscopy Accessories - Cuvettes - Tray Cells Hellma UK David Suddaby 22-Oct-2016