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Maurice Gale and Rupert Robin, who bought the Company in 2003, are two professional engineers who work full time in the business. It is their aim to maintain Hawksley’s long-standing traditions of always responding to our customers needs and offering high quality, technically advanced products at the best possible value in the marketplace.
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AC1000+Z4  Haemacytometer Imp Neubauer 2xBright (HAE2018)
BS1000+Z4C  Haemacytometer Imp Neubauer 1xPlain (HAE2000)
BC1000+Z4B  Haemacytometer Imp Neubauer 1xBright (HAE2006)
AC6000+Z4  Haemocytometer Mod Fruchs 2xPlain (HAE2020)
AS1000+Z4A  Haemacytometer Imp Neubauer 2xPlain (HAE2012)

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    New products added to website - Hawksley Centrifuges - Haematocrit - models include: Haematospin 1300, Haematospin 1400, and Haematospin 1400DS

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    Centrifuges - Haematocrit Hawksley David Suddaby 16-Aug-2012