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Gem Scientific, a leader in the field of laboratory supply is committed to delivering the very best in products, service and technical expertise. Successful from its beginning in 1997, a highly skilled and professional team are dedicated to sourcing laboratory products from an extensive network of manufacturers worldwide. Passion and dedication to quality can be found in our "family style" company, ensuring that the customer has total confidence in all products and services supplied. Furthermore, a continually growing list of new customers join established clients, again underpinning the quality aspect of our performance in todays market place. Gem provides comprehensive care, technically approved products, nationwide distribution and an assurance that you are in safe hands.

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G100-10G  CO2 and O2 analyser G100 Incubator Analyser Package CO2 0-100% and O2 0-100% with Internal Pump Kit Includes: Hard Carry Case, Battery Charger, Sample Tube/Filters, Calibration Certificate and Operating Manual
CDA7.6  Calibration gas canister
G1.1  Regulator tubing for calibration gas
G1.2  Temperature probe with 5mm plastic tip
G1.6  Spare sample tube and filter
G1.8  RH probe with cable
G1.10  Soda lime kit
068296/S  Spare water filters pack of 5
G1.3  Temperature probe with 100mm plastic tip
G1.4  PC download software and USB lead
USBLEAD2  Additional USB lead for G100
G150-00G  IAQ analyser package G150 CO2 0-10000ppm with internal pump includes hard carry case, battery charger, sample tube/filters, calibration certificate and operating manual
G1.12  High moisture removal filter pack of 2