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Freeze Dryers

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FIT/LYO/03/1  F-50
FIT/LYO/01/2  F-100
FIT/LYO/04/2  F-250
FIT/LYO/07/2  F-500
FIT/LYO/05/1  F-25
FIT/LYO/65/1  HS-1
FIT/LYO/68/1  HSL-1 manual
FIT/LYO/71/1  HSL-1 automatic
FIT/LYO/74/1  HS-2
FIT/LYO/77/1  HSL-2 manual
FIT/LYO/80/1  HSL-2 automatic
FIT/LYO/83/1  HS-3
FIT/LYO/86/1  HSL-3
FIT/LYO/89/1  HS-4
FIT/LYO/92/1  HSL-4
FIT/LYO/95/1  HSLS-4
FIT/LYO/98/1  HSL-5
FIT/LYO/46/1  Mini Lablyo
FIT/LYO/49/1  Lablyo
FIT/LYO/52/1  Lablyo
FIT/LYO/53/1  Lablyo Plus
FIT/LYO/56/1  Lablyo Ultra

Other laboratory products -

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FIT/LYO/6/0  Lid Frozen In Time 8 port manifold lid (requires FIT/LYO/43/0)
FIT/LYO/43/0  Valves Frozen In Time quick seal, each
FIT/LYO/01/0  Drying chamber Frozen In Time acrylic, 300mm OD. N.B. A lid (FIT/LYO/12/0) is required.
FIT/LYO/03/0  Rack Frozen In Time 6 shelves, for acrylic chamber, aluminium (requires 6 x FIT/LYO/34/0)
FIT/LYO/9/0  Cold trap lid with hose for solvent recovery or vacuum pump protection
FIT/LYO/12/0  Lid Frozen In Time for drying chamber, plain, 310mm diameter x 20mm thick
FIT/LYO/13/0  Manifold column Frozen In Time 8-port (requires FIT/LYO/43/0)
FIT/LYO/16/0  Manifold column Frozen In Time 16 port (requires FIT/LYO/43/0)
FIT/LYO/19/0  Shelves Frozen In Time heated, temperature controlled, six shelves (requires FIT/LYO/01/0 and FIT/LYO/40/0)
FIT/LYO/22/0  Closing device Frozen In Time 300mm diameter
FIT/LYO/25/0  Lid Frozen In Time with ampoule manifold 48-port
FIT/LYO/28/0  Spin freeze Frozen In Time with 1 x set carrier plates
FIT/LYO/31/0  Extra Spin Freeze carrier plates
FIT/LYO/34/0  Trays Frozen in Time 230mm for vials or tray drying, pack of 1, six are required if all shelves are to be used.
FIT/LYO/37/0  Vacuum hose Frozen In Time 1m length, for use with vacuum pump
FIT/LYO/40/0  Gaskets Frozen In Time L section for accessories, x2, all sizes
FIT/LYO/59/0  Vacuum pump Frozen In Time for use with Mini Lablyo, Lablyo, Lablyo Plus and Lablyo Ultra (requires FIT/LYO/37/0)
FIT/LYO/62/1  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time HS-1 -55°C ice collecting 0.48m² shelf area without stoppering, manual controls
FIT/LYO/10/2  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time 1000KG in 24 hours food
FIT/LYO/13/2  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time general purpose
FIT/LYO/16/2  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time general purpose
FIT/LYO/19/2  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time general purpose
FIT/LYO/22/2  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time general purpose
FIT/LYO/25/2  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time general purpose
FIT/LYO/28/2  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time general purpose
FIT/LYO/31/2  Freeze dryer Frozen In Time general purpose
FIT/LYO/26/0  Lid with ampoule manifold 96-port
FIT/LYO/40/1  Multidryer
FIT/LYO/01/1  Vacuum pump oil Frozen in Time per litre
FIT/LYO/02/0  Acrylic drying chamber 350mm OD
FIT/LYO/04/0  Clear acrylic lid 370mm diameter x 25mm thickness
FIT/LYO/100/1  Freeze dryer FR-100 100kg freeze drying in 24hours
FIT/LYO/1000/1  Freeze dryer FR-1000 1000kg freeze drying in 24hours
FIT/LYO/200/1  Freeze dryer FR-200 200kg freeze drying in 24hours
FIT/LYO/50/1  Freeze dryer FR-50 50kg freeze drying in 24hours
FIT/LYO/500/1  Freeze dryer FR-500 500kg freeze drying in 24hours