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5021-1807  Label Attention
BSR450  111 O-Ring Viton 90 (1)
DY50328800  5-101 BUNA-N O-Ring, N6
R020008002  SS Washer 1/8
0100-0058  Nut 1/8inch Tubing Brass
0100-1259  Plastic Fitting
2812898600  TUBING, POLY, 1/4 OD, BLUE
2812898800  TUBING, POLY, 1/4 OD, GREEN
6910000100  O-ring screw bead adjuster, nitrile
6910012100  O-Ring S/C Bung 1ID x 1-3/16OD x 3/32 IN
6910017400  O-ring nitrile 2-3/16id x2-3/8od x3/32in
6910037000  O-ring spray chamber Mark 7 Nitrile
8003-0480  Nebulizer clip for concentric nebulizers
8003-0516  O-ring, baffled glass cyclonic s/chamber
8003-0523  Large O-ring for Scott spray chamber
8003-0551  O-ring, Inj Suppt Adapt, Int Twist/Cass.
8003-0659  Connector for 2.4 to 3.2mm ID tubes
8003-0824  O-Ring 0.208 ID x 0.070 WD f/SS Neb assy
8003-0825  O-Ring 0.176 ID x 0.070 WD f/SS Neb assy
8003-0830  Spring, for GemTip nebulizer - Aanalyst
8003-0843  End Cap Viton O-Ring Standard
8003-0853  O-Ring 1/8 in ID, Seal plug in end cap
8003-0862  O-Ring f/Hi-Sens Neb w/Pt-Ir Capillary
8003-0865  Spring f/Hi-Sens Neb w/Pt-Ir Capil.
8003-0957  O-Ring behind Contact Cylinder
G3440-90000  ReNEWable Gas Purifier Cartridge Manual
R020031100  Tubing,PTFE,0.8mmx1.5mm/ft,1/pk
1510249400  Probe retaining nut M10x1.25 knurled 1/p
4610017400  Nebulizer spring, 1/pk
3710025400  Clear PVC tubing, 1 mm id, 1/pk
6910006000  O-ring nitrile 11/16id x13/16od x1/16in
6910010400  O-ring nitrile 1-1/8id x 1-1/4od x1/16in
7910031300  ESD Wrist Strap Disposable
8003-0388  O-ring for DV radial purge tube, Optima
8003-0389  O-ring for DV axial purge window, Optima
8003-0407  Corkpreen gaskets for burner end cap
8003-0460  Tubing PTFE 1mm ID s/chamber drain per m
8003-0464  O-ringfor Meinhard neb, Optima 5/7/8x00
8003-0581  Screw for hyper skimmer cone, PE NexION
8003-0592  Ferrule, Front. 1/4 in
8003-0833  Spring, Hi-Sens. Nebulizer w/Pt-Ir Capil
8003-0842  End Cap O-Ring 0.312 x 0.070 in
8003-0852  O-Ring, 1/4 in ID,f/end cap asy 00570984
UCF185  Microtight Sleeves, .015id
UCP316  PTFE Plug For 1/4-28 Flat Bottom
0515-1446  SCREW-SET M3 X 0.5 3MM-LG PLAIN-CUP-PT
6910001200  O-ring (1/4 id x 3/8 od x 1/16)in
6910004000  O-ring nitr (1/16 id x 7/8 od x 3/32)in
G1999-20021  5973 Gold Fil Screw (M2 X 0.4 10MM-LG)
0100-2846  Barb connector straight thru 4.8 - 2.4mm
0100-2848  Barb connector straight-through 2.4mm-ID
1610093000  Barb connector 1/16in ID to 1/16in ID
280548-001  Frit, PEEK 1/4 1 each
5043-0924  A-Line front ferrule
5183-4461  Black cap,13-425 open screw top, 100PK
6910009700  O-ring 1/32in id x 3/32in od x 1/32 in
8003-0390  O-ring, torch clamp, vertical torch mod.
8003-0550  Inj Suppt Adapt O-Rings, Ext (Lrg) Cass.
8003-0823  Spring for metal body nebulizer assembly
8005-0427  O-ring PTFE For Waters 2695PM Kit
G4220-20041  Bit Torx 10x25 mm
6910008200  Neb bung O-ring , 7/32in id x 11/32in od
6910009800  O-ring 3/16 in id x 5/16 in od x 1/16 in
6910010500  O-ring burner base, nitrile. 1/pk
815-0129  Tubing polyurethane 1/8 x 1/4 in, per ft
G1313-43204  Seat adapter
G4556-90500  7697A Tray labels
0100-0057  1/8inch Nut, SST
280959-006  Frit,PEEK,2u,For 3.0mm Cols.
2869463500  FRONT FERRULE, 1/16 BRASS
3710030800  PTFE tube for RSA, 0.042mm id. Per m
3710043100  Tubing polyurethane 4mm id x 6mm od, 1/m
393010910  BUNA O-RING CLEAN 0.125
5042-9967  Tubing Clip
5183-4438  Blk cap,for 8-425 opn scrw tp vial,100PK
8001-0805  SS male nut 1.6MN SIL-20AC LC-20AD/T SHM
8001-0816  SS ferrule 1.6F LC-20AT/AD 1pk SHM
8003-0591  Oring for type II torch
8003-0594  Tube Fitting
8003-0605  Tube Fitting
8003-0858  Burner Head Cleaning Tool
815-0619  Tubing, 1/4 in, precision viton, lgth/f
8710-2394  Hex Key 9/64in 15cm long, T-handle
G8485-60521  Inlet Tubing 0.1m PVC 2.5mm ID SVS2 Plus
R007100150  OUTLET FILTER FOR 1.2 ML
UCF120  1-piece PEEK fngrt, 1/pk
UCP624  Adaptor, Luer, Tefzel, 1/4in. - 28, 1/p
110648800  POWER SUPPLY Y ADAPTOR For Cary 50
1499822800  WASHER, BLU 0.317
3710009200  TUBE CLR VINYL ID-M10 WALL-1,5
3710024600  TUBE NALGENE 0.12 IDX0.062INTK
810177600  Tube holder for SPS 3 autosampler, 1/pk.
G4581-20543  M3X0.5 mm, 6 mm LONG, WS2 COATED
G7002-20083  M2-0.4 x 12 Lg. Crest-Cup, Gold Plated
G8010-40026  Clip, drain tube on sample tray 5100 ICP
18900-20850  Tube, assembly tool PTFE
2170925700  Compression Spring 0.360
2418004400  Target alignment, Cary SRA/DRA, 1/pk
3710031700  Tube PTFE 0.088 od x 0.056 id in.Natural
5043-0064  Sample Bottle 250mL For 5x60mm Std Rack
6610011000  Funnel, medium plastic, Temp Controller
6910005200  O-ring Viton 1in id x1-3/16in od x3/32in
7210001600  Screwdriver 4 mm Dia x 75 Lg, 1/pk
8003-0381  Nylon igniter standoff, Optima 5/7/8x00
8003-0411  PTFE tubing for FIAS, 1.75mm ID x 1m
8003-0412  PTFE tubing for FIAS, 1.0mm ID x 1m
8003-0463  End cap O-ring, spr chmb w/Meinhard nebs
8003-0504  Sample capillary, PTFE 0.020in id, neb.
8003-0849  O-ring, burner head, 0.984 x 0.139 in
8003-0861  O-Ring f/Hi-Sens Neb w/Pt-Ir Capil-PinAA
CP7983  Viton o-rings for connecting unit
G3440-90001  ReNEWable Gas Purifier - System Manual
PCG369220200  Nut 1/8-in-DIA SST
UCF130  Xtra lng fngrt,PEEK,10-32 thrd(B)
1460-1160  Spring Compression for FPD
1510139300  Screw UNC 6-32X0.18 SKT Set
1610048800  Collar strip for D2 lamp, 75 Series 1/p
2410020500  Nebulizer capillary tubing, per m
5022-1703  Inner sleeve, use with HMI kit for 7500
5182-9758  Spring for SLH
815-0485  Tubing PTFE (.125od x 0.065id)in. per ft
G6600-80051  O-Ring, 1.301 inch ID, Size 2-027, Black
0100-0053  Stainless Nut 1/16 in
0100-0110  1/8inch Male Connector, Brass
0905-0103  O-ring, 2-108, Fluorocarbon, Black
18900-21000  10-port Actuator limiter
5080-4978  O-rings; 0.070in id, 0.070in cd 12/PK
6910012600  O-ring nitrile 1-13/16id x 2od x 3/32 in
8001-0510  Plunger seal spacer LC-20AT 1pk SHM
8003-0598  Connector+nipples, f/1.7to3.2mm ID tubes
9300-0761  Lens cleaning paper, lint free. 50/pk
9301-0721  20mm silver alum crimp cap,100pk
01018-21207  Inlet cap
3150-0619  Air filter
7210018900  Graphite tube removal tool
G3431-60680  FID Ignitor Cable
G4204-40000  Clamp for in-line filter
0100-0420  Adapter, 1/8inch - 1/8inch Brass
0905-1516  O-ring, Viton, 30mm
12234013  Vacuum Release Ring, 3/Pk
280959-001  Frit,PEEK,2u,For 9.4mm Cols.
3710031500  Tubing 1/8in id x 1/4in od x 1/16in wall
3710034000  PTFE Tubing, 1.9mm od x 0.3mm id, 1/pk
393010906  VITON O-RING CLEAN 0.176
5061-5869  Washers .375 od 12/PK
5080-4982  O-rings, 0905-0322 12/PK
5180-4153  Capillary inlet cleaning wires 5/PK
5182-0542  Snap cap 11mm 100/PK
5182-0575  Vial storage container
5182-0726  Red screw caps 100/PK
5182-0727  Green color screw caps 100/PK
5182-0728  Blue color screw caps 100/PK
5182-0853  PTFE disc for Merlin Microseal 2pk
5182-0871  PTFE disc in aluminum crimp seal,100pk
6910035000  Liquid trap gasket, Mk VI s/chamber, 1/p
8003-0455  Air Filter, RF generator inlet-Opt.3x00
815-0640  Tygon fuel tubing, 1/4 in id x 3/8 in od
8710-1346  Cleaning Brush for SSL or FID
A4050  Nut-finger-tight 10-32 0.06-IN PEEK NAT
A4070  End-Plugs, Column, 10-32 Fittings, Nylo
G8410-67001  Cable ties, natural polypropylene, 10/pk
G8410-80120  Nipple, PVDF, 5mm ID, SPS4 rinse station
G8410-80121  Nipple, PP, 2.5mm ID, SPS4 rinse station
G8410-80124  Barb connector for SPS4, 2.5mm-1.5mm ID
RF0109T-5  Tubing, red, OD 1/16 in, 5 in
RF0110T-3  Tubing, bg, 1/32, V1P2-V1P5, 3.4in 3/pk
RF0111T-2  Tubing, grey, 1/32, V3P3-V3P4, 2.5in 2pk
RF0111T-8  Tubing, gray OD 1/32, V3P1-V1P6, 8 in
01018-23702  Insert tool
0905-1159  O-Ring, Size 2-123, Silicone, Rust Color
1510226500  Impact bead securing screw M6 X 6LG, 1/p
5067-6137  Tubing Connector Leak Kit
G6600-80050  O-Ring, 1.614 inch ID, Size 2-030
0100-0549  NW 20/25 Clamping Ring
0100-1145  Gasket, interface
0100-1710  Mounting tool for flangeless nut
0535-0046  Nut, syringe, removable needle, H
1610132400  Fitting y barb 1/16, 1/pk
2884971000  Fitting, BARB1/16mm, 10-32 thread, 1/pk
5043-0403  Ring Nut, Gas Clean Filter System
5063-6577  Tray for 16 Spectrophotometer cells
5067-6624  Disposable syringes 20ml 10/PK
5080-5400  Swabs 100/PK
5181-1257  Small Truarc Clip 10/PK
5181-1258  Retainer ring 10/PK
8001-0803  CL PTFE ferrule 3.0F-T LC-2010 SHM
8003-0485  Cross-Flow II Nebulizer Argon Ferrule
8003-0488  Sample Ferrule, Cross-Flow II nebulizer
8003-0583  O-rings skimmer cone, Elan 9000/6x00/DRC
8003-0667  Screw Plug
8005-0428  3V Battery For Waters 2695 PM
8710-0806  Wrench, open end 1/2in and 7/16in
9301-0718  20mm silver alum safety crimp cap 100pk
9301-1161  Stirring bar, 7 x 3 mm, 5 mm dia 2/pk
A304201G  Pursuit 10u Diphenyl
A600201G  Pursuit XRs 10 C18
A6350  Degassit Fitting ( 3/00)
RF0098T  Nut beige, headless 1/4-28, 1/8 V1P4
07673-80070  TOP INSERT
19245-60760  Cool On-Column insert spring
2740236100  O-RING,.987 I.D.
5181-3311  Washer, spring 10/PK
G4220-20020  Internal gold seal for 1290 outlet valve
G4280-60034  Tubing,PTFE,16cm with fittings,3mm od
0100-0208  1/4 inch Male Connector,Brass
160-2255-1  FS,Deactivated -.250mm X 1m
1610088400  Compression Adaptor 1/4in NPT-5/16in OD
2170925600  Compression Spring 0.600
5042-9954  Tubing clip
5183-4476  Gry butyl hdspc stpr,20mm,-40/120C,100PK
5185-5784  Vacuum outlet (Ni plated) 96-well man.
5190-3156  Screw Cap Blue PTFE/Silicone Septa
5190-9045  Crmp cap al blu redsilptfe spta 100pk
8003-0547  O-ring kit, injector support adapter
8005-0426  Insert Seal For Waters 2695 PM Kit
8121-2258  Cable-Assembly Power Cord 18-AWG 3-Condu
8710-0972  Wrench, open end 7/16in and 3/8in
8710-2435  Wrench, open end, 14 / 17 mm
9301-6527  Solvent Bottle Clear 125ml With Cap
99756405  fs tubing methyl deactivated 1m x 0.25mm
CP4250  Tubing,copper,pretsd,1/8in.x2.1mm,1/pk
R007105549  FILTER, 20-60 MICRONS (POREX)
0535-1082  End cap Nut for Nebulizer connection
1510226700  Lock nut for nebulizer adjr M12X0.5, 1/p
393010908  VITON O-RING CLEAN 0.487
5061-5853  Truarc, clip, large 10/PK
8660-0852  Abrasive Mesh (Micro-Grit Paper)
9300-1747  Electrolyte Bottle Cap
G1313-43216  Waste Adapter, 1100/1200 Autosamplers
G1361-23204  Frit adapter, 4mm, PTFE
G1680-63720  USB 2.0 Cable (10 ft.)
G8010-60306  Autosampler Connect Kit for AVS, 1/pk
G8410-40004  Tube anchor for SPS 4 autosampler, 2/pk
0100-1490  1/16inch Ferrule set SST
160-2325-1  FS,Deactivated -.320mm X 1m
325-0506  Adapter flow meter - fused silica cap
5067-5691  19mm open wrench
5181-1210  11mm Red Rubbr Crmp cap,clr FEP spta 100
5181-1507  Snap caps, polyethylene olefin, 100/PK
5181-3375  Vial,crimp,2ml,clr,cert,100PK
5182-0731  Septa, PTFE/red silicone, 8.7mm 100/pk
5982-9106  SPE Manifold Ball Ring/Vacuum Quick Rls
8001-0813  CL M6 flangeless nut LC-2010 SHM
8003-0311  Column nut 1/16in 2pk PE
8003-0688  Tubing, PTFE, 0.35 mm ID, 1 m
8003-0689  Tubing, PTFE, 0.5 mm ID, 1 m
8003-0690  Tubing, PTFE, 0.7 mm ID, 1 m
8003-0698  Tubing, silicone, 5mm IDx1m, no fittings
8005-0437  Syringe Seal Kit For WAT 2695 PM
CP4260  CU tubing pret 1/4X4.3 mm, 1/pk
1610118400  Blanking plug for neb. block, PEEK, 1/pk
1610136600  Flangeless ferrule SVS 1/16 in tube 1/pk
9910080300  Kit Cap Seals for SIPS 10/20, 10/pk
0100-1847  Fitting-Adapter female-to-male 1000PSI
3710033700  PVC joining tube, 0.030 in ID
390596009  O-RING BAKED .348 OD
440-1000  Kit, Ferrule Tool
5020-8294  Blanking plug, finger-tight style
5043-0915  Mounting tool for fitting
5180-4143  Connector, 1/8 x 1/4 Brass Male NPT 2/PK
5180-4181  Size 2-006 O-Ring, Fluorocarbon, 12/PK
5181-1512  Snap caps, polyurethane 100/PK
5182-9697  Vial,crimp/snap,2ml,clr,CE,100PK
5185-5779  Base O-ring for 96-well plate manifold
5190-4032  Vial,crimp,2ml,clr,LP,100PK
5190-6151  SN 2mL crimp cap rubber septa 100pk
8003-0202  Liner O-ring FKM PSS 10pk PE
8003-0699  Tubing, silicone, 3mm ID x 1m, Amal Sys
8710-0899  Screwdriver, Pozidriv Shaft
8710-1561  Nut driver, 1/4in for FID jets
8710-1931  Blades for tubing cutter 5/PK
9300-0311  Leak detector 8oz
CP915372  Ultra High Performance MicroFerrule
G3480-20002  14-port Actuator limiter (for LVO only)
G8410-80122  PVC waste tubing 8mm od x 5mm id 2m SPS4
G8410-80123  Tubing rinse supply SPS 4, 2.5mm id x 1m
VLVISF1  Syringe Fillport 1/16 CNctn .75/19mm
0890-2603  PFA neb gas supply tubing, 3mm id, per m
15-0285-016  Vespel Ferrule for top of trap
1610085300  Connector, ICP-OES neb. gas flow, 1/8 in
1610085600  Connector, ICP-OES aux. gas flow, 1/4 in
19231-20970  Insulator, upper collector
5022-6503  PEEK tubing, 1/32in od, 0.4mm id, 450 mm
5062-8544  Silicone O-Ring 5pk
5063-6526  Column Clamp 6/PK
910146400  Plate hose adaptor, Cary Ext Sample Comp
G1314-65062  CELL SCREW KIT
G7002-20008  Finger Grip, 7010
0100-0118  1/8inch x 1/4inch brass tubing connector
0100-1316  Union, 1/16inch Brass
0905-0938  RING, SEALING
12234034  SPS 24 elastic lid fastener, 6/PK
160-2205-1  FS,Deactivated -.200mm X 1m
160-2455-1  FS,Deactivated -.450mm X 1m
19258-20830  Transfer line nut
2170925500  Compression Spring 0.088
5022-2185  Replacement SS frit, 0.5 um pore size
5022-6534  Test tubes, 12 x 48 mm, 100/pk
5067-0243  Rack for 50x 12mm 2mL vials,1 each
5180-4103  Nut, 1/8in Brass, 10/Pk
5180-4105  Nut, 1/4in Brass, 10/Pk
5180-4109  Front ferrules, 1/8in Brass, 10/Pk
5180-4111  Front ferrules, 1/4in Brass, 10/Pk
5180-4113  Back ferrules 1/16in Brass 10/PK
5180-4115  Back ferrules, 1/8in Brass, 10/Pk
5180-4117  Back ferrules, 1/4in Brass, 10/Pk
5180-4135  Reducer, 1/8 x 1/4 Brass 2/PK
5180-4145  Connector, 1/4 x 1/4 Brass Male NPT 2/PK
5180-4165  Silcone Gskets 0.890inod/0.709inid 12/Pk
5181-1215  Blue crmp cap 11mm, FEP/Rub septa 100/PK
5181-1216  Green crimp cap 11mm, FEP/R septa 100/PK
5181-1217  Red crimp cap 11mm PTFE/rub septa 100pk
5181-3376  Vial,crimp,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,cert,100PK
5181-8866  Plunger button, syringe 10/PK
5182-0543  Vial,crimp,2ml,clr,WrtOn,cert,100PK
5185-5778  Lid Gasket for 96-well plate manifold
5188-5365  Liner O-Ring, Non-Stick 10PK
5190-4045  Vial,crimp,2ml,clr,SN,100PK
5982-9112  Sealing Gasket for 12 Port SPE Manifold
5982-9122  Sealing Gasket for 20 Port SPE Manifold
7210020800  Driver ball, 3 mm, c/w handle, 1/pk
7210027900  Screw driver, pozidrive 38mm, 1/pk
8001-0806  SS male nut 1.6MN W6 SIL-10ADvp/20AC SHM
8001-0819  PEEK male nut inlet to chk valve 1pk SHM
8003-0322  Sample capillary adptr for GemCone
8003-0363  Torch igniter tape, Copper, 2/4/5/7x00
8003-0397  Burner Head Viton O-Ring
8003-0653  Nipple, 1.8 mm OD
8710-1534  Wrench, 4mm both ends, open end
9301-1446  Glass Syringe
9301-6384  Microcentrifuge Tubes o.5ML, 100/PK
9301-6524  Solvent bottle clear, 1000ml
G1820-65199  O-rings, Viton for Babington neb., 4/pk
RF0100T  Nut,beige, flat 10-32,1/32, MS inlet 2pk
RF0101T  Nut, black, flangeless 10-32, 1/16
RSF-1200  Needle File Set(12)
UMC-2  Clip, Mtg, Univ.1 1/8-1 3/8in OD
UMC-3  Clip, Mtg, Univ.1 3/8-1 5/8in OD
UMC-5  Clip, Mtg, Univ. 2-2 1/2inch OD
05988-20066  Column Nut for MS interface
07673-20570  Screw for mounting syringe
5001-3708  Gold Seal for Inlet Valve
5067-5716  Frit For 1290 Pump Outlet Filter 2/pk
79846-27101  Seal, threaded end of syringe
9910108200  O-ring kit for fully demountable torch
G8400-40200  End cap retaining ring,7900 ICP-MS, 1/pk
G8479-67000  O-rings for MSIS nebulizer bushing, 1 Pr
0100-0119  1/4inch x 1/4inch brass tubing connector
0100-1365  Ferrules, PTFE 1/8inch
0100-1375  Ferrules, 1/16 PTFE 10/PK
0100-1378  Ferrules, PTFE 1/4inch 10/PK
0100-1511  Nut-Counter Bore, 1/16 in.
3710033900  Tubing SM s/chamber-waste 1/16 in id,/m
390887700  Bottle,clr gls,round,8 oz,1/pk
393010907  VITON O-RING CLEAN 0.237
5022-6533  Test tubes, 16 x 48 mm, 100/pk
5042-4769  Drainage Tank,Polyethylene,4 liter
5080-8898  O-Ring 12/PK, Fluoroelastomer, 0.426inID
5181-3382  Sleeves, 170ul vol, deact 5/PK
5181-8836  Capillary tubing cutter, 4/PK
5183-4437  Red PTFE/Si septa, 8mm, 100/PK
5190-4033  Vial,crimp,2ml,clr,WrtOn,LP,100PK
5190-4035  Vial,crimp,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,LP,100PK
8003-0582  O-rings sampler cone, Elan 9000/6x00/DRC
8003-0661  T-piece w/nipples, 1.5 to 2.5mm ID tubes
9301-6532  Solvent Bottle Clear 100ml Pressure Plus
CP8451  Wrench Open End 1/4 + 5/16
G3440-20033  Tube 1/16 inch 0.010 inch x 1000mm
G3440-20035  Tube 1/16 inch 0.031 inch x 1000mm
G4581-20522  Torque Driver Extension
G8485-80001  Barb Fitting, 1/4-28 Male to 1/8in, SVS2
RF0005T  Screwdriver green handled star shaped
UMC-1  Clip, Mtg, Univ. 7/8-1inch OD
05980-20018  PFTBA sample bulb
19231-20950  Insulator, lower collector
19231-21050  PTFE chimney, flame ionization detector
19256-20910  Filter Spacer, used only w PN 1000-1437
393010918  QUAD-RING, XFERLINE, 1.112 ID
5063-6505  Sieves (SS) for Outlet Valve 10/PK
5063-6506  Finger Caps 15/PK
5065-9976  10ck of 10 clamps and micro clamps
810061700  Clamp bush guide for barrel neb., 1/pk
G3270-20067  Plug for make-up gas conn HMI 7500s.1/pk
0100-0071  Plug, 1/8inch, Stainless
160-2250-5  FS, UNDEACTIVATED, .250mm x 5m
160-2320-5  FS,Undeactivated -.320mm X 5m
160-2535-1  FS,Deactivated -.530mm X 1m
280959-003  Frit,PEEK,2u,For 6.2mm Cols.
3710037100  Tubing PTFE 1.0mm id x 0.3mm Wall, per m
5022-6536  PEEK fitting long for 1/32in od capill.
5065-9971  Barbed Y-Connector,PP for 3/16in ID Tube
5182-0540  Clear PE Snap Cap w/ PTFE Septa 100/pk
5182-0544  Vial,snap,2ml,clear,100PK
5183-4428  Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,clr,100PK
5183-4619  Vial,crimp/snap,2ml,ambr,CE,100PK
5185-5838  Black screw cap, PTFE/sil septa,100pk
5190-4043  Vial,snap,2ml,clr,SN,100PK
8003-0580  O-ring for hyper skimmer cone, PE NexION
8710-1841  Wrench open end 12 mm
8710-1924  Wrench open end 14mm
9301-6528  Solvent bottle clear, 1000ml with cap
CP22474  Valco Plug SS 1/32
CR214406  Ferrules,PTFE rd,1/4 in-6mmOD,10/pk
RF0110T-7  Tubing, beige, 1/32, sipper V1P3,7in 3pk
UCP652  Adptr,PEEK,1/4-28 fmle to 10-32 MAL,1/p
0100-2138  Ferrule One Piece Fused Silica Adapter
110826500  Assy, Power Cable SATA to MOLEX Cary50
1510226000  Screw Locking M8, bead adjuster, 1/pk
1610136500  Flangeless fitting SVS 1/4-28 P218, 1/pk
19233-20625  ECD adapter fused silica liner repl.
19243-00070  Cover, Lower Insulation
393010905  VITON O-RING CLEAN 1.24
79847-60005  Magazine rack for automatic sampler
G1361-23205  Frit Adapter, PTFE for 4.7 mm od tubing
G2258-23201  Frit Adapter, PTFE for 18in od tubing
G3280-20576  Plug for dilution port (1/8 inch)
G3666-20391  Blank plug for dilution port, PTFE, 8900
G8003-60019  Nebulizer Locking Nut, MP-AES s/chamber
0100-0091  Union elbow, 1/8inch brass
0100-1512  1/16 inch Ferrule, Polyimide
12234050  Sps 24 Lower Lid Seals, 2/Pk
12234051  Sps 24 Upper Lid Seals, 2/Pk
5023-1517  Fitting, male to barb, 1/4-28UNF-ID3.2
5023-1519  Flangeless ferrule+nut 1/16in orange 5/p
5023-1520  Flangeless ferrule+nut 1/16in purple 5/p
5023-1521  Flangeless ferrule+nut 1/16in yellow 5/p
5023-1522  Flangeless ferrule+nut 1/16in white 5/pk
5023-1523  Flangeless ferrule+nut 1/16in black 5/pk
5023-1524  Flangeless ferrule+nut 1/16in blue 5/pk
5023-1525  Flangeless ferrule+nut 1/16in green 5/pk
5023-1526  Flangeless ferrule + nut 1/8in red 5/pk
5023-1527  Flangeless ferrule+nut 1/8in black 5/pk
5042-8518  Adapter, male luer to female 1/4-28
5182-0545  Vial,snap,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,100PK
5182-0546  Vial,snap,2ml,clr,WrtOn,100PK
5182-0550  Snap cap with red silicone septa 100/PK
5182-0567  Vial,crimp/snap,1mL,PP,100PK
5182-0714  Vial,screw,2ml,clr,cert,100PK
5182-0730  Septa, PTFE/white silicone, 8.7mm 100/pk
5182-3457  Snap caps,green,red rubber/PTFE 100/PK
5183-4448  Vial,screw,4ml,clr,100PK
5183-4460  Red PTFE/wht Si septa,0.060in,12mm,100Pk
5188-6535  Vial,screw,2ml,ambr,cert,100PK
5190-4039  Vial,snap,2ml,clr,WrtOn,SN,100PK
5190-4040  Vial,snap,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,SN,100PK
5190-4046  Vial,crimp,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,SN,100PK
5190-8285  Iron, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8287  Lead, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8289  Lithium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8291  Magnesium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8293  Manganese, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8295  Mercury, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8298  Nickel, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8304  Potassium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8308  Silicon, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8313  Strontium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8318  Tin, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8325  Zinc, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
8001-0201  Liner O-ring FKM 10pk SHM
8001-0824  PEEK tub 1.6x0.25 SPD20A/AV/M20A 1pk SHM
8003-0663  Adapter 1/4in Ext Thread 1.8mm OD nipple
8003-0664  Adapter 1/4in Ext Thread 2.8mm OD nipple
8003-0665  Adapter, 1/4in ext. thread 4mm OD nipple
8010-0012  Vial,screw,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,100PK
8650-0029  Gloves, Nylon Sm
8650-0030  Nylon gloves, large
UMC-4  Clip, Mtg, Univ. 1 5/8-1 7/8in OD
0100-2298  Adapter, PEEK int. 1/4-28 to ext. 10-32
0890-1761  1/16in od 0.02in id 0.5mm PEEK tubing
0890-1762  1/16in x.010in x 5 ft Tubing, PEEK, Blue
1510133100  Screw Holding M4, Nebulizer, 1/pk
1510146800  Screw Knurled M4, Retaining Block, 1/pk
1530-2163  Tubing, SS 14.17in long
1535-4045  Bearing Ring
160-2615-1  FS,Deactivated -.180mm X 1m
18740-20950  SEAL, DETECTOR
325-019-HSP  Washer, Nylon, 4.8 x 8.0 x 0.5mm
3710033400  Tubing s/chamber-torch 1/4 in id, per m
3710035300  Tubing s/chamber-peri pump waste line/m
3710037800  Tubing Tygon s/chamber-torch, organic /m
4210101500  Spacer, Quat Pump Pilston
5040-4681  Purple screw caps PTFE/Silicone septa
5040-4683  Light blue screw cap PTFE/Silicone septa
5061-5867  FPD O-ring 12/PK
5182-0552  Crimp cap 11mm, Septa PTFE/S 100/PK
5182-0715  Vial,screw,2ml,clr,WrtOn,cert,100PK
5182-0717  Blue screw caps 100/PK
5182-0718  Screw cap green 100/PK
5182-0719  Screw cap red 100/PK
5182-3458  Snap cap, blue,red rubber/PTFE 100/PK
5182-3459  Snap cap, red, red rubber/PTFE 100/PK
5183-2090  200ul flat bottm f/8-425 scrw vial 100PK
5183-4429  Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,ambr,100PK
5183-4450  Vial,screw,4ml,ambr,100PK
5183-4744  Screw Caps for 40ml vials 24/PK
5185-5791  SPE Caps,1 ml size, 100/pack
5188-5241  S/SL Insulation Kit, 3 Pieces
8010-0026  Vial,snap,2ml,ambr,100PK
8010-0448  Plunger 2.5mL 8010-0444 10pk CTC
9301-1379  Screw caps for 6ml vials 100/PK
CP4003  Tbg,ss,1/16 in X 0.25 mm,ss 316 1 m,1/p
CP4005  Tubing,SS,1/16in.ODx0.50mmID,1 m,1/pk
CP4007  Tubing,SS 316,1/16in x 0.75mm,1 m L,1/p
CP4009  Tubing, SS,1/16in. ODx1.0mmID,1 m L,1/p
CP7986  Male Connector, 1/4 in with dust filter
CP84011  Tubing 1/8in X 2.1mm SS
G1833-65480  O-rings, Viton, for polyprop. connector
R007015061  Clamp, Column Valve
RF0050T  Sipper guide needle, blunt,1.5 inch 5/pk
RF0050T-S  Sipper guide needle, sharp,1.5 inch 5/pk
RF0052T  Sipper guide needle, blunt,0.5 inch 5/pk
RF0052T-S  Sipper guide needle, sharp,0.5 inch 5/pk
RF0103T  Tubing, Halar white, 1/8in, V1P4, 33 in
RF0112T-13  Tubing, red, OD 1/32 in, V2P4, 13 in
RF0112T-16  Tubing, red, OD 1/32, V2P1, 16 in
RF0112T-6  Tubing, red, 1/32 in, V1P1-V2P6, 6in 3pk
UCP300NX  1/8 Flangeless Ferrule, Tefzel, Natural
0100-1516  Fitting-Fingertight PEEK for 1/16in
0100-2410  Union, PEEK for 1/8 od tubing
05921-21170  Column nut, inlet with long ferrules
07673-40180  Diffusion caps for 4ml vials, 12/PK
0905-1145  O-Ring 12PK, Fluorocarbon
18900-20280  1/16inch stainless steel tube 400mm long
19251-60540  Liner,split,straight,glasswool,non-deact
210-3003  Liner, Splitless, straight, 4x6.3x78.5mm
220-1179  Tubing Extender Kit, Flowmeter
3710026600  Tube plastic, 3/32 x 7/32 in., 1/pk
5020-8292  Column nut, Finger tight , cap columns
5020-8293  Column nut, Finger tight 530 um columns
5080-8846  O-ring, greased 12/PK
5182-0716  Vial,screw,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,cert,100PK
5190-0503  Quechers QC solution AOAC mtd 1 ml
5190-4030  Vial,screw,2ml,clr,LP,100PK
5190-6172  Red Screw Caps for 40mL Vials 100/pk
8003-0501  S/chamber drain fitting 0.030in idx 24in
8003-0660  Connector with 1/4 in. int. screw thread
8003-0662  T-piece w/nipples, 3.5 to 4.5mm ID tubes
820617-001  Reliance Column Coupler
8710-0510  Tool, wrench 1/4 inch to 5/16 inch
8710-0900  Screwdriver, 4 Pozidriv shaft No. 2 pt
8710-1217  Nut, driver 7mm
CP12052  Cap Plastic 1/8, 100/pk
CP4105  Tubing,PTFE,1/4in.ODx3.2mmID
CP739297  Gas-clean filter tube,1/pk
RF0111T-20  Tubing, gray, OD 1/32, V4P2-V3P6, 20 in
UCP655  Luer, female to male, 1/4-28, PEEK, 1/p
01080-68704  Isocratic standard, 0.5ml ampoule
5022-2192  SS filter assy with PEEK ring, 2 um pore
5182-0792  Female Luer connector for sample valve
5183-4649  Crossover Ethertwist Cable, 10ft
6610011600  Plastic reagent vessel and cap 500mL 1/p
6610017500  Drip tray, AA sample compartment, 1/pk.
G1364-86708  Waste tube 0.5mm id analyt intern tray
G8010-60333  Nebulizer Adaptor Kit for AVS, 1/pk
0100-1513  Column to valve polyimide liner, 0.53mm
0100-1514  Column to valve polyimide liner, 0.32mm
0460-1266  Pipe Thread Sealant Tape, 1/4inch Wide
160-2635-1  FS,Deactivated -.100mm X 1m
160-2655-1  FS,Deactivated -.050mm X 1m
5023-2504  Hex driver SW-4 slitted
5043-0502  Conical adapter, 1/16 in od sample line
5063-6531  Bottle cap with 3-hole insert
5067-0246  Vial,screw,4ml,clr,WrtOn,100PK
5180-4124  Plug, 1/8in Brass 6/PK
5181-1211  11mm crimp cap, PTFE/S/PTFE septa 100/PK
5182-0549  250ul insert, polypropylene 100/PK
5183-4301  13-425 White Closed Top Cap, PTFE/Si
5183-4305  13-425 White Open Top Cap, PTFE/Si
5183-4436  Red PTFE/Si/Red PTFE septa, 8mm, 100PK
5190-1414  ReNEWable Gas Purifier-Return Package
5190-4031  Vial,screw,2ml,clr,WrtOn,LP,100PK
5190-4037  Vial,screw,2ml,clr,SN,100PK
5190-8256  Aluminum, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8258  Antimony, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8260  Arsenic, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8262  Barium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8264  Beryllium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8266  Bismuth, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8268  Boron, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8270  Cadmium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8272  Calcium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8274  Cesium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8275  Chromium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8277  Cobalt, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8279  Copper, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8284  Indium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8297  Molybdenum, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8309  Silver, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8315  Tellurium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
8002-0815  PEEK cpilry 1.6mmx1m 170U/340U 1pk TMO
8004-0311  Column nut brass 2pk V-B
9300-2574  Swab-cotton tipped both ends 75MM(100PK)
9301-0407  Needle Syringe
9301-1337  Syringe Adapter
CP28249  ChromSep Spacer 1 cm
CP4004  Tubing,SS,pre-test,1/16in. x 50 mm,1./p
CP4006  Tubing,SS,pre-test,1/16in x 0.75mm,1/pk
CP4008  Tubing,SS,pre-tsd,1/16in.ODx1.0mmID,1/p
CP4010  Tubing,SS,pretest,1/8 in,2.1mm lth,1/pk
CP743182  Tubes Conical PP, 50 ml, Rack 21, 25/pk
CP956093  Frit, Valco, 1/4in. OD x 1mmID, 10/pk
G3440-20037  Ni Tube 1/16in x 0.031in ID 1000mm Long
5023-1803  Adapter female/male 10-32 to 1/4-28 SST
5043-0269  Adapter Profile for G1170A
5060-9055  Tube, pressure check
5180-4169  O-Ring 12/PK, Fluoroelastomer, 0.176inID
8510060100  Nebulizer instructions, Mk IV+V+VI s/c
G1531-20700  FID Collector Insulator
G3160-65328  Drain tube to rinse + drain bottles I-AS
0890-1763  1/16 od 0.007 id (0.18mm) 1.5m PEEK tbng
12234511  PP Delivery needles, 25/PK (SPS24/Vac20
1530-2167  Tube, 520MM
160-1010-1  FS,Ndl Stk(.100mm),Deactivated x 1m
18900-20250  Tube, 11 IN
2815860001  Tubing, PU rd, 1/8X1/16X25 ft,1/pk
2815860201  Tubing, polyurethane,1/8X1/16X25 ft,1/p
450-1000  Septum Tool, Knurled Handle
5043-0054  Collapsible ferrule, CTFE 1/16 in, 10/pk
5043-0055  Collapsible ferrule, CTFE 1/8 in, 10/pk
5067-0247  Vial,screw,4ml,ambr,WrtOn,100PK
5183-2036  PTV Liner, Single Baffle, Deactivated
5185-5823  Blue screw cap,PTFE/sil bond septa,100pk
5188-5366  Liner O-Ring, Non-Stick Flip-Top
5190-4034  Vial,screw,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,LP,100PK
5190-4044  Vial,screw,2ml,clr,WrtOn,SN,100PK
5190-7024  BND Blue Scr Cap PTFE/red Si septa 100pk
5190-7025  BND Grn Scr Cap PTFE/red Si septa 100pk
5190-7029  BND Red Scr Cap PTFE/Red Si septa 100pk
5190-8311  Sodium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8316  Thallium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5982-9104  SPE Manifold Male Luer Plugs, 25/pack
5982-9109  SPE Cartridge Stacking Adapters 12/pk
8001-0807  ETFE tube 1.6mmIDx0.8mmODx3m LC-2010 SHM
CP82117  Male Connector, 1/8 in with dust filter
RF0031T  Nut extender medium
SWB1021  1/16 in Brass Nuts, 10/pk
5061-5889  O-Ring 12/PK, Fluoroelastomer, 0.926inID
5182-0848  5ml Needle Sparger (Glassware Only)
810134300  Clamp bush guide, 1/pk
G1600-62402  Plastic Screw for CE 10/pk
G1820-65025  O-Ring for sampling cone, Viton, 1/pk
G4581-20006  Guard Chip Compression Bolt
G4581-60260  Intuvo Compression Bolt
G4582-20085  S/SL Compression Bolt
G4583-20005  Detector Tail Compression Bolt
G4586-20027  MMI Compression Bolt
G9820-60000  Loom - Cary 1/3 D2 lamp extension
0100-0132  Union, bulkhead 1/8inch
0100-0929  Nut, Male 1/16inch
0100-1189  Connector, Male 1/8 x 1/4
18740-80200  liner,direct,1.5mm ID, non-deactivated
4177-0607  ProSteel Sleeve
5023-2871  Fitting 1/4-28 for Tube-OD2.5mm ESD-PEEK
5023-2872  Fitting 1/4-28 for Tube-OD2.0mm ESD-PEEK
5023-2874  Fitting 1/4-28 for Tube-OD1.6mm ESD-PEEK
5043-1190  A-Line vent valve PTFE with time strip
5043-1196  A-Line 6 liter waste can GL45
5061-5890  O-Ring 12/PK, Fluoroelastomer, 1.239inID
5062-8518  Male Nuts, 4PK
5063-6599  PPS nuts, 1/8 in, 1/4-28 thread 10/PK
5180-4120  Cap, 1/4in Brass, 6/Pk
5180-4127  Union, 1/8in Brass 2/PK
5180-4128  Union, 1/4in Brass 2/PK
5180-4130  Reducer, Union, 1/8 x 1/16 Brass 2/PK
5180-4131  Reducer, Union, 1/4 x 1/8 Brass 2/PK
5180-4134  Reducer, 1/4 x 1/8 Brass 2/PK
5182-0729  Screw cap septa, 100/pk
5188-5317  Polywax 655, gram, neat
5190-1482  Needle, 5.0 uL 50 mm 26g bevel 3/pk
5190-1486  Needle, 10 uL 2 in. 22g LC tip 3/pk
5190-1496  Needle, 50 mm 25g bevel tip 3/pk
5190-1538  Needle, 50 mm 23g bevel tip 3/pk
5190-1548  Needle, luer lok 23/50 bevel tip 3/pk
5190-1571  Needle, 2 inch 22 g LC tip 3/pk
5190-1581  Needle, 50 mm 23 g Bevel tip 3/pk
8001-0403  Plunger 500uL 8001-0401 1pk SHM
8003-0850  Drain Tubing - Tygon Tubing FEP lined
9301-6523  Solvent bottle clear, 500ml with cap
CP28027  ChromGuard Empty 10 x 3.0mmR
CP4014  Tubing,SS,1/16 in.ODx0.15mmID,1m L,1/pk
G4220-20013  4 mm Hex Bit, 89 mm length
G6692-68000  Tubing, 18" length, 0.12ID x 0.25OD
RFT-2500  Tool, Ferrule, .25-.32mm
RFT-5300  Tool, Ferrule, .53mm
RMP-5005  Microprobe Set, SS (5)
VLZLA1  Female luer adapter to 1/16 ftgs
1510226600  Spray chamber mounting screw, 1/pk
19256-20690  Collet - Glow Plug
325-024-HSP  Bulkhead fitting kit
5062-2486  Velocity regulator 3/PK
5188-6498  QuickPick Purged Packed Inlet PM Kit
G1820-65075  O-Ring kit, concentric neb. ICP-MS, 1/pk
G1833-65583  Carrier gas line connector Microflow neb
G1833-66035  O-Ring for Reaction cell, 7500ce/cx, 2/p
0100-1597  NW20/25 Co-Seal
19091-80060  13cm/5.5inBasket for 6850 Capillary Cols
5062-2461  Helium tubing, 5m PTFE 0.057in id
5062-2462  PTFE tubing 0.7 mm id, 1.6 mm od, 5m
5062-2463  Corrugated tubing,PP,6.5mm id, 5m
5067-6127  Blank nut long
5067-6141  Blank Nut V-M4
5180-4152  Cleaning Wires 0.010in id/530um jet 5/PK
5190-4038  Vial,screw,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,SN,100PK
7418000400  Magnetic stirrer bar PTFE star type 1/pk
8003-0955  Spare Graphite Tip for fume extractsystm
8010-0142  screw cap 8mm slit PTFE/sil 100pk
8010-0564  Vial septa, 20mm thin, PTFE, 100PK
8710-2800  Wrench-Open End 1/4in
8710-2801  Wrench-Open End 5/16in
9301-1031  Septa for 4ml vial 144/PK
9301-1377  Vial,screw,6ml,clr,100PK
A4002  0.007 idx1/16 od Peek Yellow (5Ft)
A4003  0.020 idx1/16 od Peek Orangg
A4004  0.030 idx1/16 od Peek Greenn
A5300263  Captiva 3mL Non-Drip, 20/pk
A6358  1/8 Flangeless Ferrule, PTFE
R020028002  Replcmt Glass Connector 243198
RF0030T  Nut extender large
UC1533  Peek Tubing .030 X 1/16 X 5ft, Green
UCA220  Filter, repl, SS, 10 um, 1/pk
UMC-5-2  Clip, Mtg, Univ. 2-2 1/2in OD
19256-60750  Ignitor for FPD, cleaned
3710035400  Outlet drain tubing solvent resistant 1m
5065-9978  5m silicone Tubing, 1mm ID, 3mm OD
9910044000  Capillary tubing, hi-vac nebulizer, 3/pk
G1377-44900  tool for Micro Seat Capillary Mounting
G1820-65503  Connector for Spray Chamber Drainage
G2855-20530  Internal Nut,CFT Capillary fitting
G4240-43200  PEEK fitting,special for Chip-LC
G6600-85001  Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil
G6600-85002  Oil,Edwards Ultragrade,1L
0100-1852  Isolation seal for 0101-0920/1 valves
190064200  Barbed Y Connectors 1/16in Pk 10
5042-1386  96 Well Plates, 0.5ml, PP 10pk
5061-5870  Washers, flat 6/PK
5065-4427  Replacement screens, 2um, SS, 10/PK
5181-3365  Plunger 10ul, FN, GT,23/26 ga PTFE Tip
5183-2074  Blue pre-slit PTFE/Si septa, 9mm, 100PK
5183-2075  Blue plypro solid scrw tp,PTFE linr100PK
5190-6168  Liner,Ultra Inert,straight 2mm ID
5190-7021  BND Blue Scr Cap PTFE/Wht Si septa 100pk
5190-7026  BND Grn Scr Cap PTFE/Wht Si septa 100pk
5190-7030  BND Red Scr Cap PTFE/Wht Si septa 100pk
5190-8306  Selenium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8323  Vanadium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
7210019300  Screwdriver PoziDrive No2 Long handle
7210024300  Tool, Spintite nut driver 5.5mm AF, 1/pk
8003-0692  Tubing assy, PTFE, 1.0mm ID, 110mm, BLU
8010-0582  cap crimp 11mm preslit PTFE/sil 100pk
820669-001  Reliance Column End Fitting
8710-0803  Wrench, open end 7/16in and 9/16in
CP4013  Tbg,ss 1/4 in X 4.4 mm,316 1 m lngth
CP914757  Fitting, ext Luer lock,10-32 thrd,1/pk
G2855-20555  Swaging nut,Ultimate Union and QuickSwap
0100-2323  Polymide Liner for 250 um columns
1510225000  Screw Bead Adjuster, Grey PEEK, 1/pk
3150-0404  Element, filter 7um
393010904  VITON O-RING CLEAN 0.112
5188-6529  RRLC Check out sample, 1mL ampoule
810133400  Clamp bead adjuster, Polyprop., 1/pk
8660-0827  Abrasive Mesh 4000 Grit
G8010-60348  Autosampler Peripump Connection Kit 1/pk
G8479-60100  MSIS drain tube assembly, 1/pk
0100-0680  Tee, 1/16 inch, brass
0890-1915  1/16in x..005in x 5 ft Tubing, PEEK, Red
160-2625-1  Fused silica, deactivated - 0.150mm X 1m
2815892301  POLYURETHANE,1/16inx1/8inx25ft,CLEARTUB.
5023-2503  Hex driver SW-5 slitted
5043-1214  Fitting for OD 1.6mm tubing, PFA (2/pk)
5043-1215  Fitting for OD 2.3mm tubing, PFA (2/pk)
5043-1216  Fitting for OD 3.2mm tubing, PFA (2/pk)
5061-5886  Inner window o-ring 12/PK
5061-5891  Outer window o-ring 12/PK
5182-0551  4ml wash/waste vial 25/PK
5182-0720  Caps, screw type, blue 100/PK
5182-0721  Screw caps, green 100/PK
5182-0722  Screw caps, red, 100/PK
5182-3466  Torx Screwdrier T10 Size
5183-2089  150uL Vial insert, pulled pt glass,100pk
5183-4302  15-425 White Closed Top Cap, PTFE/Si
5183-4306  15-425 White Open Top Cap, PTFE/Si
5183-4442  Blk cp,f/8-425 scrw vial, PTFE/Si, 100PK
5185-5785  On/off valve for 96-well manifold
5188-2788  Vial,crimp/snap,250uL,PP,cert,100PK
5190-1561  Plunger, 50 uL, PTFE tip
5190-1562  Plunger, 100 uL PTFE tip
5190-1564  Plunger, 500 uL PTFE tip
5190-1565  Plunger, 1 mL PTFE tip
7210027700  Venturi extraction tool Mark 7 s/c, 1/pk
8003-0584  Aluminium gasket for NexION sampler cone
8004-0312  Column nut SS 1093 injector 2pk V-B
8010-0058  scrw cap blk 8mm PTFE/sil/PTFE 100pk
8010-0068  scrw cap blk 8mm PTFE/sil/PTFE 100pk
G8494-60007  Uptake tube+sinker 1.6mmOD x1.4m L, 1/pk
PCG369720100  PLUG NUT
SWSS20074  1/8in SS Female Connectors
390526600  POPPET SEAL
5182-0847  25ml Needle Sparger
7910046300  RS232 data cable w/DB9 m-f connector, 5m
G1315-45001  Lever for Holmium Oxide Filter
G1364-86711  Waste tube, PTFE, 20cm 1.4mm id 2.0mm od
G2855-20532  Internal nut, CFT 1/16inch SS fitting
G3270-65021  Plasma and Aux gas line tubing set.2/pk
G7002-20109  Screw, M2X6 Pan Head Torx, Gold-Plated
0100-0088  Tee, 1/4 inch, brass
0100-0090  Tee, 1/8 inch Brass
1535-4046  SEAL, ISOLATION
160-2530-5  FS,Undeactivated -.530mm X 5m
3710051100  Polypropylene tubes, 16mm od, 125/pk
5062-2483  Solvent tubing, 5m, 1.5mm id, 3mm od
5181-8830  Column nut, universal 2/PK
5182-0838  Vial,HS,crimp,FB,10ml,clr,cert,100PK
5183-2038  PTV Liner, W/glass wool, deactivated
5183-4494  Vial,crimp,2ml,clr,SLN,cert,100PK
5183-4711  Lnr,gen purp split/spltls,tpr,glswl,deac
5190-1582  Needle, 50 mm 23g bevel tip 3/pk
5190-4047  Liner, Ultra Inert,straight 1mm ID
5190-7023  BND Blu Scr Cap Pslit PTFEWht Si spta100
5190-7028  BND Grn Scr Cap Slit PTFE/Si septa 100pk
8001-0005  Needle 23/42/cone 2 pk SHM
8001-0011  Needle 5ul 23/42/cone 8001-0010 2pk SHM
8003-0966  Quartz Windows for FIAS or FIMS
8005-0424  Inline Filter Element WAT 2695 PM
8010-0359  Plunger 10ul FN CTC
8710-2391  Rheotool socket wrench 1/4 inch
9301-1419  Vial,Crimp,FB,6ml,clr,100PK
CP955125  fs tubing methyl deact 2.5m x 0.32mm
DY50390600  ARCHON 80 oz BOTTLE w/o cap
G1820-65491  O-ring kit for Concentric Neb. (10 ea)
R008390520  Replacement Solvent Filter 2U 5/Pk
R020017001  TEFZEL PLUG 1/4 X 28, 0.64 IN. LONG
2410023800  Silicon tubg 3/16in id x 5/16in od per m
5067-5443  Inlet tubing
G1820-65008  PTFE tubing for carrier/makeup gas, 1m
G1820-65018  Filter for cooling water for 7500 Series
G3160-67000  Drain tube Tygon, 3/32 x 5/32, 5m
G3280-67110  Spacer (deflect/plate b.), 4/pk
G4525-60701  Vial rack label kit for 7693
18740-80220  Liner,direct,2mm ID, non-deactivated
18900-20300  1/16inch tube SS 560 mm
3150-0958  Solvent inlet filter,PTFE, 10um pore
5022-6508  Flex capillary, 0.25x280mm no fittings
5022-6509  Flex capillary, 0.5x150mm no fittings
5022-6510  Flex capillary, 0.5x280mm no fitting
5061-5896  Abrasive sheets 5/PK ALO2 Lapping paper
5062-8517  Frit adapter, 3mm 4/PK
5062-8519  Ferrules 8/PK
5065-9927  Flex capillary, 0.5x105mm no fittings
5065-9931  Flexible Capillary 0.17mm ID x 200mm
5065-9935  Flex capillary, 0.12x200mm no Fittings
5067-5917  Column Identification Tag Assembly
5180-4164  Silicone Gskets 0.890inOD/0.654inID,12Pk
5181-3358  Plunger replacement, 10ul syringe
5182-0830  Needle, 5ul, RN, 23 ga, pt.HP 3/PK
5190-1483  Syringe, 10.0 uL, FN, bevel tip
5190-1558  Plunger, replacement PTFE 10 ul FN
5190-1559  Plunger, replacement PTFE 10 ul RN
5190-1560  Plunger, 25 uL PTFE
8003-0360  O-ring kit for torch, complete, 4/5/7x00
8003-0392  O-ring for DV axial purge window, Optima
8004-0001  Syringe 10ul FN 26/50/bevel V-B
8010-0301  Ferrule 0.4mm Graphite 0.25 col 10pk
8010-0302  Ferrule 0.5mm Graphite 0.32 col 10pk
8010-0304  Ferrule 0.8mm Graphite 0.53 col 10pk
8110002800  Cleangpwdr esteele 500g, msds rqd,500/p
8710-1709  Cutter, tube
9301-6529  Identification Silicone ring (2x4 rings)
9301-6531  Solvent Bottle Clear 500ml Pressure Plus
CP0004  Test Mix 4
CP0031  Test Mix 31
CP915117  Stainless steel mobile phase filter 10um
SWSS4031  1/4in SS Front Ferrules, 10/Pk
SWSS4041  1/4inSS Back Ferrules, 10/Pk
5042-4775  Connector for gas line at end cap, 1/pk
5064-8029  Spiral tubing, 5m. For ISIS-DS
5067-4728  Seal Cap Assembly
5182-9775  Viton Seal for SLH Septumless Head 5/PK
79841-65501  Lubricant
G1544-20590  Retaining nut
G8410-40005  Cable ducting for SPS4 autosampler, 1/pk
G8479-68100  MSIS reagent tubing kit, 1/pk
PCG933A12202  3 LandL Outlet Dist Plate
3150-0942  Filter fluid
5021-1816  Flexible tubing, green, 105mm, 0.17mm id
5021-1817  flex tubing, 150mm, 0.17mm id.
5021-1818  Flex capillary, 0.17x280 mm, no fitting
5021-1819  Flexible tubing, 400 mm, 0.17 mm id.
5021-1820  Flex capillary, 0.12x105mm, no fittings
5021-1821  Flexible tubing, 150 mm 1., 0.12 mm id
5021-1822  Flexible tubing, 280 mm, 0.12 mm id.
5021-1823  Flex tubing, red, 400mm 0.12mm id.
5022-6531  Test tubes, 12 x 100 mm - 8 mL, 250/pk
5042-8517  Adapter, Female, 10-32 to Female 1/4-28
5043-0277  Blank nut long 10-32
5065-9963  Flex capillary 0.17x900mm no fittings
5065-9964  Flex capillary. 0.12x500mm no fittings
5065-9979  Flexible Capillary .25mm ID x 250mm
5065-9980  Flexible Capillary 25mm ID x 320mm
5180-4116  Back ferrules, 1/8in SS, 10/Pk
5181-1260  Septa thru hole 5mm 25/PK
5181-1261  Septa high backpressure 5mm 25/PK
5181-3316  Liner,splitls,sngl-taper,no glswl,deact
5182-0541  Snap cap for snap cap vial only 100/PK
5182-0565  Blue Box
5182-3465  Torx Screwdriver, T20 Size
5183-4308  24-414 White Open Top Cap, PTFE/Si
5183-4495  Vial,crimp,2ml,clr,WrtOn,SLN,cert,100PK
5185-5792  SPE Caps,3 ml size, 100/pack
5185-5824  Cap PTFE/sil pre-slit bond septa 100/pk
5190-1572  Plunger, 2.5 ml PTFE tip
6610014600  Diluent bottle, 1 L for SIPS. 1/pk
8002-0201  Liner O-ring FKM sintered 10pk TMO
8003-0621  FIAS Capil Tbng assy 1m x 1mm+2 fittngs
8004-0004  Needle 26/50/cone 2pk V-B
8010-0401  Liner O-ring FKM 10pk
8010-0430  19mm spta for slvnt vial snp caps 100/pk
8710-0007  Tweezer, 4 3/4 long
G1820-65198  O-rings for end cap, Viton. 5/pk
G7116-68004  Column Holder Clamp (2/pk)
T141168003  TEKMAR BLANK TRAP, Velocity XPT
UCA446  Filter, 1/8in, 5 ml/mi max, 1 um,1/pk
UCP70401  PEEK union, .020 thru hole, body, 1/pk
01018-22707  PTFE Frits 5PK
1510133000  Washer, Nebulizer Retainer, Passivated
18740-20880  Seal, stainless steel
5001-3738  Rod, Stainless Steel
5063-6524  IQ Test Sample for UV-VIS
5064-8032  Wrench for Valve Maintenance,ISIS
5067-5378  Inlet Tubing Kit
0100-0092  Elbow 1/8inch Stainless
0100-0161  1/8 Union Cross Brass
0100-1389  Ferrule,PTFE for COC syringe 9301-0658
122340CL  Vac Elut Sps 24 Cowling Locator, 3/Pk
18900-20281  Tube, 1/16in, SS 304, 375mm long
19251-00100  Wrench for SSL inlet, nut angled
5022-2145  True ZDV Union
5022-2156  Cell fittings, black (4 short+4 long)/pk
5023-2524  LC Tools Hex-Key Kit
5062-3587  Liner,splitless,single-taper,glswl,deact
5065-9948  Fitting screws, SS, 10-32, 4mm, 5/pk
5180-4121  Cap, 1/8inch Brass, 6/Pk
5180-4125  Plug, 1/4in Brass 6/PK
5183-2037  PTV Liner, Multi Baffled, Deactivated
5183-2070  Vial,screw,2ml,clr,SLN,cert,100PK
5183-4507  Vial,snap,2ml,clr,SLN,100PK
5185-5759  SS needles, for vac manifolds 10/PK
5185-5793  SPE Caps,6 ml size, 100/pack
8003-0359  O-ring kit,for adj torch, for Optima7/80
8003-0409  Nebulizer Tubing Assembly
8010-0305  Ferrule 1/4in Graphite straight 10pk
899-1613  Solvent wash bottle, wide mouth
AX012524  Tray, Drip, CS65
G3266-80015  EzyLok gas connector for concentric neb.
G8003-60031  Sample Capillary, MP Concentric neb 1/pk
MC-1  Clip, Mtg, 120-200cc
RE6000051  Ferrules,PEEK,flangelss ftg, 1/16in 5pk
RF0077T  Reducer 1/8 to 1/16
110637000  Mixing paddle, fluorinated, Mark 7, 1/pk
5022-2146  Union Adjustment Tool
9301-0273  Tube, capillary 100/PK
9910024800  Capillary tubing, high solids, 3m length
G2258-87310  Waste tube, 0.8 mm id, 15 cm long
G3280-67023  Plasma/Aux gas tubing with inner sleeve
0100-0111  1/8inch Male Connector, 316 SST
160-2200-5  FS,Undeactivated -.200mm X 5m
160-2250-10  FS,Undeactivated -.250mm X10m
160-2320-10  FS,Undeactivated -.320mm X10m
5021-1846  Mounting tool 4mm cart
5022-2154  Tefzel Ferrules and SS Lock Rings 10PK
5062-2419  PTFE tubing 2 x 3mm, 5m
5065-9930  FLEX capillary, 0.25x800mm no fittings
5065-9933  Flexible Capillary .17mm ID x 600mm
5183-2071  Vial,screw,2ml,clr,WrtOn,SLN,cert,100PK
5982-2282  Silica - SPE Bulk Sorbent, 25g bottle
8005-0911  Ref vlv rebuld kit 1515/1525/510/525 WAT
9300-2576  Bottle, 125ml Clear Borosilicate
CP959268  11mm AC,ch;Sil w/PTFE r,45 A,1.3,100pk
UC1535  Tubing,rd,PEEK, 0.005x1/16in.x5 ft, 1/p
UCA302A  Inlet filter,solvent,SS, 1/4-28,1/pk
5042-0901  O-Ring for vacuum chamber, Viton 1/pk
9910053900  Burner Cleaning + Alignment Card, 100/pk
G1313-68713  Arm Spare Kit
G3280-90008  7700 Hardware Maintenance Manual
G3280-96008  7700 ICP-MS H/ware maintenance manual-JP
G3660-90003  8800 ICP-MS Hardware Maintenance Manual
G4280-67304  LC pump connecting tube,PTFE
G4911-90021  ISIS Manual, ICP-MS, 1/pk
G4911-96021  ISIS Manual (JP), ICP-MS, 1/pk
G7205-90000  MassHunter chromatographic SW manual
G7205-96000  MassHunter Chromatographic Software (JP)
G8400-90000  7900 Series ICP-MS Hardware Manual
G8400-96000  7900 Series ICP-MS Hardware Manual (JP)
0100-0241  Union, 1/8 - 1/16 Reducing Union
0100-1315  Plug, 1/16in, SS
0100-1324  Ferrule, 1/4 GPH 10/PK
0100-1325  Ferrule, 1/8 GPH 10/PK
0100-1326  Ferrule, 1/16inch GPH 10/PK
0101-0303  Sample loop .250cc
280960-901  Frit/Gasket,PEEK,2uL,5/PK,Reliance
500-2114  Ferrule, 0.4mm G 0.05-0.25 col 10/PK
500-2118  Ferrule, 0.8mm G 0.45-0.53 col 10/PK
5022-2184  Union, stand LC flow, no fitting
5067-5750  Capillary ST 0.17x600 SX/SX
5180-4110  Front ferrules, 1/8in SS, 10/Pk
5181-1220  Ink Cartridge
5182-0723  Caps, screw type, color blue, 100/PK
5182-0724  Caps, screw type, green, 100/PK
5182-0725  Screw caps, color: red, 100/PK
5183-2072  Vial,screw,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,SLN,cert,100PK
5183-4496  Vial,crimp,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,SLN,cert,100PK
5190-2292  Liner, UI,splitless,single taper,no wool
5982-9100  SPE Manifold Disposable Needle Tip 20pk
8001-0214  Ferrule 5mm Graphite packed col 10pk SHM
820563-901  Reliance Guard Column Connector
G3510-60820  Multi Mode Inlet Cleaning Kit
R0456740NS  End Fitting For 6.6mm id
SWSS40061  1/4 - 1/16in.Swagelok SS Reducing Union
UCF185X  Microtight Sleeves, .015id (10 Pk)
VLZU1M  Valco internal union 1/16 in,0.50mm bor
19245-40050  Duck bill 10/PK
5062-2484  Gaskets wash seal 6/PK
5064-8033  Tag for tubing identification, 10/pk
G1311-81600  Capillary, damper to inlet chamber 2
G7116-68003  Column Holder Lamella 2/PK for Inf. II
18740-20960  Adapter seal for 1/8in FID
280960-905  Frit/Gasket,PEEK,0.5uL,5/PK,Reliance
5067-1547  PEEK ferrule 1/16 inch max 600 bar 6/pk
5067-5749  Capillary ST 0.17x900 SX/SX
5183-2076  Blue scrw tp,pre-slit PTFE/Si spta,100PK
5183-2077  Gren scrw tp,pre-slit PTFE/Si spta,100PK
5183-2078  Red scrw tp,pre-slit PTFE/Si spta, 100PK
5183-4459  Virgin PTFE septa, 0.010, 12mm, 1000PK
5183-4474  Vial,HS,crimp,RB,20ml,clr,cert,100PK
5183-4475  Vial,HS,crimp,RB,10ml,clr,cert,100PK
5183-4508  Vial,snap,2ml,clr,WrtOn,SLN,100PK
5183-4509  Vial,snap,2ml,ambr,WrtOn,SLN,100PK
5188-2758  PTFE/silicone septa 16mm pre-silt 100/pk
5190-0500  Quechers LC internal std EN mtd 1 ml
5190-8320  Titanium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5610013900  Visible source lamp, Cary 4/5/6000i,1/pk
6610018900  Magnetic stir bars 6mm L x 3mm OD 10/pk
8001-0817  PEEK male nut fingertight 1/16in 1pk SHM
8002-0204  Liner O-ring graphite PTV 2pk TMO
8002-0413  Needle 22/51/3 8002-0401 6pk TMO
8005-0418  Needle 22s/ 51/3 8005-0417 6pk WAT
8010-0152  Vial,HS,crimp,22ml,clr,100PK
820315-015  Spacer,15mm,Rapid Res Cart
820330-030  Spacer,30mm,Rapid Res Cart
8710-1930  Plastic and PEEK tubing cutter
9301-1378  Septa for 6ml screw cap vials 100/PK
G3285-80085  O-rings for injector, inert torch, 10/pk
SWSS40076  SS Female Pipe Connectors 1/4 -3/8
18713-60050  Wipe test kit
19251-20620  Capillary injection rtn nut
325-045-HSP  Zero Dead Volume Union
325-062-HSP  Union, FF, 6MB
5190-6891  Caffeine std 25ug/mL 1 x 2 mL
7010017100  Drip tray for VGA 77, 1/pk
7010017200  Base plate, VGA77 AA hydride module 1/pk
9910127800  Nebulizer EzyLok gas connector, ICP-OES
G1099-20136  Transfer line sckt
G4204-40005  PEEK seal for inlet weaver assembly
0100-0985  CROSS, BRASS
01090-27609  Frits, 4.8mm 2/PK
0890-1921  Tube Peek .03in id
12234021  VAC ELUT SPS 24 LID SCREW KIT, 9 Pcs
200-0010  Test Std, DB-1/DB-5 (Microbore/HiTemp)
200-0032  Test Std, DB-FFAP/OV-351 (Capillary)
200-0070  Test Std, DB-WAX (Microbore/Megabore)
200-0110  Test Std, DB-1/DB-5 (Megabore)
200-0113  Test Std, DB-624 (Cap/Mega), 13 peaks
200-0185  Test Std, DB-5ms (Capillary/Megabore)
200-0310  Test Standard for DB-1/DB-5 columns
200-0370  Test Standard, DB-WAX (Capillary)
5023-0282  Bit kit for torque wrench
5063-6598  Tefzel ferrules/SS rings, 1/8 in 10/PK
5181-1291  Nut, 1/16in stainless steel Valco, 10/Pk
5182-0566  Snap caps 100/PK
5182-0832  Needles Rplcmnt Taperd 23-26s/42/HP 3/PK
5182-0837  Vial,HS,crimp,FB,20ml,clr,cert,100PK
5183-2085  250ul pulled pntconical glas insrt,100pk
5183-4432  Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,clr,SLN,100PK
5183-4464  Blk cap, PTFE/Si sept,.060in,instd,100Pk
5183-4511  Clear snap cap, slit PTFE/Si septa 100PK
5183-4647  Liner,split,low prs drop,glswl,tpr,deact
5190-1574  Plunger, 10 ml PTFE tip
5190-4048  Liner,Ultra Inert,straight 0.75mm ID
5190-9756  Ethanol 20 mg/dL Standard (10 x 1mL)
5190-9757  Ethanol 50 mg/dL Standard (10 x 1mL)
5190-9758  Ethanol 80 mg/dL Standard (10 x 1mL)
5190-9759  Ethanol 100 mg/dL Standard (10 x 1mL)
5190-9760  Ethanol 150 mg/dL Standard (10 x 1mL)
5190-9761  Ethanol 200 mg/dL Standard (10 x 1mL)
5190-9762  Ethanol 300 mg/dL Standard (10 x 1mL)
5190-9763  Ethanol 400 mg/dL Standard (10 x 1mL)
5190-9765  Agilent Blood Alcohol Checkout Mix
5610021700  Visible source lamp, Cary 100/300,1/pk
8001-0818  SS cplry 1.6x600mm SIL-10ADvp/20A/AC SHM
8003-0851  Seal plug f/impact bead & end cap assy
8004-0006  Needle 25/53/side hole V-B
8004-0219  Ferrule 0.425mm Vespel 0.25 col 10pk V-B
8010-0306  Ferrule 0.3mm Vespel 0.18 col 10pk
8010-0307  Ferrule 0.4mm Vespel 0.25 col 10pk
8010-0308  Ferrule 0.5mm Vespel 0.32 col 10pk
8010-0309  Ferrule 0.8mm Vespel 0.53 col 10pk
820615-001  Fitting,Col.End for 2.1-4.6mm cols.
9301-0714  Syringe, 10ul straight, FN, 26s/42/HP
9301-6342  Solvent bottle, clear 2L
9301-6526  Solvent bottle amber, 1000ml
99636001  Sampling bag,gas,Tedlar,150mmx150mm,1/p
325-455-HSP  Nut, Stainless Steel, 5mm
5042-4790  O-Ring for vacuum chamber, Viton 1/pk
5064-8019  Union Joint, ISIS
5064-8027  Tubing clamps (small 10/pk + large 5/pk)
5067-1557  Ferrules, SS, 1/32in (0.8mm) ID, 6/pk
5067-4697  SSV bridge tube
5188-5367  Gold Plated Inlet Seal with Washer
G1315-87102  80nl cell seal assembly
G1329-68737  Door Replacement Kit for ALS
G2855-20590  Column storage fitting
0100-1372  Ferrules, 1/8 No hole 10/PK
0101-1238  Sample loop, PEEK, 50ul
0101-1240  Sample loop, PEEK, 10ul
12131004  Adapters-60mL, 10/PK
18740-20800  Reducing nut for SSL
190-0131  CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.050mm X 1m
190-0231  CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.075mm X 1m
190-0331  CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.100mm X 1m
420-1000  Pencil, Diamond Tipped
500-1004  Ferrule, 0.4mm VG 0.25 col 10/PK
500-1200  Resin, Capillary Sealing, 5 grams
5022-2157  Conical adapter kit for 8453 Sipper 2/pk
5181-3315  Liner,splitless,dbl-tpr,no glswl,deacted
5181-8811  Needle 10ul, GT, 23ga., pt.HP 3/PK
5183-4311  Strg Vial Kit,4mL,15x45 Clear,13-425 Cap
5183-4433  Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,ambr,SLN,100PK
5188-2745  PTFE seal for 3150-0577
5188-5316  Polywax 500
5190-0585  10 fg/uL OFN GC/MS Checkout std 3 x 1mL
5190-1493  Syringe, 25.0 uL, FN, bevel tip
5190-1494  Syringe, 25.0 uL, FN, LC tip
5190-2238  Vial,HS,crimp,RB,10ml,ambr,cert,100PK
5190-2239  Vial,HS,crimp,RB,20ml,ambr,cert,100PK
5190-8715  75 cSt Mineral Oil Blank, 500ml
5500-1188  Capillary ST 0.12mm x 105mm long socket
5500-1189  Capillary ST 0.12mm x 150mm long socket
5500-1190  Capillary ST 0.12mm x 200mm long socket
5500-1191  Capillary ST 0.12mm x 280mm long socket
5500-1192  Capillary ST 0.12mm x 500mm long socket
5500-1193  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 105mm long socket
5500-1194  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 150mm long socket
5500-1195  Capillary ST 0.17 x 200mm long socket
5500-1196  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 280mm long socket
5500-1197  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 500mm long socket
5500-1198  Capillary ST 0.075mm x 105mm long socket
5500-1232  Capillary ST 0.075mm x 150mm Long Socket
5500-1233  Capillary ST 0.12mm x 180mm Long Socket
5500-1234  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 180mm Long Socket
5500-1235  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 380mm Long Socket
5500-1236  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 400mm Long Socket
5500-1237  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 700mm Long Socket
5500-1261  Capillary ST 0.25mm x 105mm long socket
5500-1262  Capillary ST 0.25mm x 150mm long socket
5500-1263  Capillary ST 0.25mm x 400mm long socket
5982-9311  Ceramic Homogenizers, 2ml tubes,100/pk
5982-9312  Ceramic Homogenizers, 15ml tubes, 100/pk
5982-9313  Ceramic Homogenizers, 50ml tubes,100/pk
8001-0823  FEP tube 3x1.5mm LC2010/SIL20A/C 1pk SHM
8003-0205  Liner O-ring graphite 10pk PE
8003-0691  Tubing assy, PTFE, 0.35mm ID, 60mm, WHT
8004-0007  Plunger 10ul V-B
8004-0211  Ferrule 0.3mm Gph/Vspl 0.18 col 10pk V-B
8004-0212  Ferrule 0.425mm Gph/Vspl 0.25 col 10pk V
8004-0214  Ferrule 0.5mm Gph/Vspl 0.32 col 10pk V-B
8004-0216  Ferrule 0.8mm Gph/Vspl 0.53 col 10pk V-B
8005-0836  SS union 1/16in 1pk WAT
8010-0310  Ferrule 0.4mm Gph/Vsp 0.25 col 10pk
8010-0311  Ferrule 0.5mm Gph/Vsp 0.32 col 10pk
8010-0313  Ferrule 0.8mm Gph/Vsp 0.53 col 10pk
8010-0315  Ferrule 1/16in Gph/Vsp 10pk
8010-0574  snp shll vial clr 1mL 8mm ppcap 100pk
884-2829  Polystyrene card for Oil Analyzer
CP4035  Ultimetal Tubing 1/16 X 1.0 mm
G8010-68018  O-Ring pre-optic window ax,5100 ICP 1/pk
R000083917  Dynamax Sealing Ring 2/Pk F/10.0mm
UCA427  Filter cups, solvent, repl, 10 um, 5/pk
0100-0073  1/8in SST Tube with 1/16in Reducer
0100-2637  SS Nut and Ferrule 1/8in for sw.valve
01046-60105  Cable, Universal Data
19233-20755  ECD adapter end cap
500-1005  Ferrule, 0.5mm VG 0.32 col 10/PK
5043-1195  Screw plug 1/4in, PTFE
5064-8249  Wear Retainer for SFC/SFE 10/PK
5183-4304  24-414 White Closed Top Cap, PTFE/Si
5190-2285  Vial,HS,crimp,FB,10ml,clr,WrtOn,cert,100
5190-2288  Vial,HS,crimp,FB,20ml,clr,WrtOn,cert,100
8003-0361  O-ring kit for vertical torch, 4/5/7300V
8005-0812  PEEK cpilry 0.005x20in red cap 1/pk WAT
8010-0165  hdsp cap magnetc 20mm slvr 100/pk
8010-0200  2ml snap vl clr redcap PTFE/Si 100pk
8010-0249  CL Gray inlet septa 9mm 50pk
8010-0251  CL Gray inlet septa 9.5mm 50pk
8010-0253  CL Gray inlet septa 10mm 50pk
8010-0255  CL Gray inlet septa 11mm 50pk
8010-0257  CL Gray inlet septa 11.5mm 50pk
8010-0259  CL Gray inlet septa 12.7mm 50pk
8010-0261  CL Gray inlet septa 17mm 50pk
8010-0263  CL Gray inlet septa SHM Plug 50pk
8010-0411  2ml snap vl ambr redcap PTFE/Si 100pk
9301-0713  Syringe 10ul straight, FN 23/42/HP
G4220-20001  Spacer Fitting
G8010-60834  Link tubing SVS2 to Unifit Neb, 50mm 1/p
VLZU1C  Union, SS,bore 0.25mmID, 1/16in.OD, 1/p
0101-1241  Sample loop, PEEK, 5ul
3710035700  Tubing 1.6id x 1.6 wall Ketone resistant
5021-7107  Copper tubing, 1/8in 12 ft length
5067-4685  SS-Capillary 90x0,12mm ns ns 1sh 1xlg
5190-1501  Syringe 50.0 uL FN LC tip
5190-3983  Liner,UI,splitless,dbl-taper,no wool
5982-4382  Florisil PR SPE Bulk Sorbent, 25g bottle
8001-0516  Backup ring rinse seal LC-20AT 1pk SHM
8010-0414  2mL 8mm scrw vial+cap PTFE/sil 100/pk
820320-050  Spacer,50mm,Rapid Res Cart
A5302635  Captiva 3mL Non-Drip Lipids, 20/pk
CR2111XX  Ferrules, graph, blank, 1/16in OD 10/pk
CR211200  Ferrules,grpht,strght,1/8 in. OD,10/pk
RE3725086  Needle, smpl loadg,SS,Luer, 16 ga, 1/pk
2307232901  Union, for use with the G1888A Headspace
5021-1831  OQ/PV Test Capillary 50cm, 0.25 mm id
5062-8522  Inlet tubing assembly
6610025400  SPS3 sample rack 60 tubes x 16mm od 1/pk
6610025500  SPS3 sample rack 40 tubes x 20mm od 1/pk
6610026400  SPS3 sample rack 90 tubes x 13mm od 1/pk
6610026500  SPS3 sample rack 24 tubes x 25mm od 1/pk
6610026600  SPS3 sample rack 21 tubes x 30mm od 1/pk
79883-28802  High Pressure Compression washer
9910024700  Nebulizer cleaning wire, 3/pk
G1311-81601  Capillary, outlet valve to damper
G1313-87300  Waste tube,PTFE, 12cm, 0.7mm id
G2589-20101  Inert Source Washer
G3158-60010  PFA tube 1/8inch, 2 m
0100-1922  Sample Loop, 20ul
0100-2441  ZDV union, PEEK, with Fittings
0101-0377  LOOP, 20 UL
12131019  Frits-1ml, 1/4in, 20um, 100/pk
12236104  VersaPlate complete shim set
500-1008  Ferrule, 0.8mm VG 0.45 0.53 col 10/PK
5067-0227  Vial,HS,crimp,FB,10ml,ambr,cert,100PK
5080-8773  Ferrule, 1.0mm Graphite 0.53 col 10/PK
5180-4129  Tee, 1/4in Brass 2/PK
5180-4160  Tee, 1/8inch Brass Union 2/PK
5183-4303  20-400 White Closed Top Cap, PTFE/Si
5183-4307  20-400 White Open Top Cap, PTFE/Si
5183-4518  Vial,screw 8-425,2ml,clr,PTFE Lnd,100PK
5190-1500  Syringe, 50.0 uL, FN, bevel tip
5190-6147  10ml Headspace vial 100pk
5190-8246  Arsenic, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8248  Barium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8250  Beryllium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8252  Bismuth, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8254  Boron, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8329  Calcium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8331  Cerium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8346  Cobalt, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8348  Copper, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8457  Gallium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8459  Germanium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8471  Iron, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8473  Lanthanum, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8475  Lead, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8477  Lithium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8481  Magnesium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8483  Manganese, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8485  Mercury, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8491  Nickel, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8493  Niobium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8499  Phosphorus, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8503  Potassium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8519  Selenium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8523  Silver, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8525  Sodium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8527  Strontium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8529  Sulfur, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8537  Thallium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8547  Tungsten, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8551  Vanadium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8555  Yttrium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8557  Zinc, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8559  Zirconium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-9414  Cadmium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
8003-0204  Liner O-ring graphite PSS 10pk PE
8003-0679  Sample Loop, 200 uL
8003-0680  Sample Loop, 500 uL
8003-0694  Tubing assy, PTFE, 1.0mm ID, 700mm, BLU
8005-0524  Clear plunger seal 1515/1525/515/510 WAT
8005-0529  GFP Plunger Seal 510/515/600 WAT
8005-0530  Plunger seal blk (225ul) 510/515/600 WAT
8010-0415  2ml 8mm amb scrw vl+cp ptf/sil 100/pk
820619-001  Fitting, Col. End,for 6.2mm cols.
8660-0791  alumina powder
9301-1425  20mm Crimp caps with septa, 100/PK
CP4015  Ultimetal Tubing 1/8 X 2.1 mm
CP4784  Ferrule,grph/vspl,cap,0.53mmx0.53mm,1/p
CP4785  Ferrules,0.53mmID+0.32mmID connct,1/pk
CP4786  Ferrules,0.53mm ID; 0.25mm ID,1/pk
G3286-80103  ASX-500 sample rack,21 tubes x 50mL vial
G3286-80106  ASX-500 sample rack,60 tubes x 14mL vial
PL3540-B603SPL  PL-HCO3 MP SPE 200mg/6mL, 10/pk
VLSL20CW  Sample loop for W-type valve,20ul,1/pk
1500334701  Detector Crunch Washer, 25 pack
1510133200  Screw Adjusting UNC 4-40 Bead Adj MKV bn
1510220200  Finger nut-cone
1510226800  Screw, nebulizer capillary adjuster, 1/p
2302532140  M5 Union, Brass
2304533140  Tee, Brass
5042-8507  Peristaltic pump, silicone tubing
810134400  Capillary guide for nebulizer, 1/pk
G1313-87302  PEEK Seat Tubing, 0.17mm id 100mm, 2,3ul
G1313-87306  PEEK Capillary, 0.25 mm id, 160 mm
G2258-87315  Back Seat Tube, SST 0.5 mm id 12 cm long
G2258-87316  Front seat tube SST 0.5 mm id 10 cm long
G4514-60710  Gripper finger caps for 7693
12234518  Luer Plugs, 25/Pk (For Sps24/Vac20)
18740-60835  Septum retainer nut
18740-80190  Liner, split, with cup, no glasswool
190-0431  CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.020mm X 1m
3162-0110  Centering Ring with O-Ring
3710034400  Peri pump tubes, PVC, white/white. 12/pk
3710034500  Peri pump tubes, PVC, grey/grey. 12/pk
3710034600  Peri pump tubes, PVC, blue/blue. 12/pk
3710068200  Peri pump tubes, PVC, orange/green 12/pk
3710068800  Peri pump tubes PVC, orange/orange 12/pk
3710068900  Peri pump tubes, PVC, black/white. 12/pk
5022-2133  High Flow union, SS, no fitting
5067-4686  Capillary ST 0.12x150 SL/SX
5067-4689  Capillary ST 0.12x200 SX/S
5181-1267  Syringe, 10ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP
5181-1292  Ferrule, 1/16in Valco, one pc SS, 10/pk
5182-0554  AsmKit AmbWrtVial GrCap PTFE/redSi 100pk
5188-6457  Loop,2 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5188-6458  Loop,10 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5188-6459  Loop,20 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5188-6460  Loop,50 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5190-1488  Syringe,10 uL FN 26 g Sflex bevel
5190-1490  Syringe, 10.0 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
5190-9091  Test tubes, 25 x 150 mm - 55 mL, 100/pk
8002-0220  Ferrule 0.4mm Gph/Vsp 0.25 col 10pk TMO
8002-0222  Ferrule 0.8mm Gph/Vsp 0.53 col 10pk TMO
8003-0219  Ferrule 1/8in Graphite/Vespel 10pk PE
8003-0221  Ferrule 1/16in Vespel 10pk PE
8003-0222  Ferrule 1/8in Vespel 10pk PE
8003-0223  Ferrule 1/4in Vespel 10pk PE
8003-0378  O-ring kit, fr injct sprt adptr, Optima
8003-0840  Clamping Ring for burner system
8004-0217  Ferrule 1/4in Gph/Vspl straight 10pk V-B
8010-0314  Ferrule 1/4in Graphite/Vespel 10pk
8710-0018  Pliers, retaining ring
8829951700  Vacuum Pump Oil, Inland 19, 1 L
AL20063  Tubing,PTFE,1/8inx0.063in,10 ft,1/pk
R007000502  Seal Retainer,F/Frit,10mm Col, Ti
UCU321X  Ferrule, Valco compat,SS,1/16in.,10/pk
19231-20940  Nut, collector
310046600  Bearing bush, nebulizer, Ertalyte, 1/pk
5182-0783  Trap, Tenax
5188-6493  QuickPick Split Inlet PM Kit
5190-1401  Cleaning Powder,Dielectric Capillary
5190-6144  Gold Seal, Ultra Inert, w/Washer
G1329-68727  Door Replacement Kit for G1329A
0100-0126  Fitting-Union 1/8-in-metal tubing-DIA
0101-0282  Sample loop 500ul
0101-0299  Sample loop 1ml
0101-1242  Sample loop, PEEK, 100ul
480-0003  Cleaning Kit, Injection Port
5022-2155  Polypropylene standard Union 1/4.28 10PK
5043-1198  Screw plug 1/8in, PTFE, 2/pk
5067-4684  Capillary ST 0.12x340 S/SX
5067-4733  1200Bar removable fitting
5067-4793  Perist. pump (silicone tub.) w/ spring
5067-5106  Capillary ST 0.12x90 SL/M
5080-8732  Sleeves, packed inlet, 170ul vol, 25/PK
5183-4321  Strg Vial Kit,4mL,15x45 Amber,13-425 Cap
5982-8082  Magnesium Sulfate Bulk Sorbent, 100g btl
8001-0520  Rinse seal LC-20AT 1pk SHM
8003-0655  4 mm o.d. nipple
8003-0666  Adaptr 1/4in Ext Thrd f/Pt-lr cap nipple
8004-0203  Liner O-ring graphite 6.3mmOD 10pk V-B
8010-0352  Syringe 10ul FN 26/50/cone
8010-0367  0.5uL plng/ndl rplkit RN 23/50/cone CTC
9910087100  Foam tip swabs for Hg Analyzer, 10/Pk
99636003  Sampling bag, Tedlar, 4 L, 1/pk
A4005  0.040 id X 1/16 od Peek Tan
A4012  0.0025 id X 1/16 od Peek Tan
A6024  K0.5U Replc Fltr For 6020/21/22
CP4733  Ferrules, repl,grpht, 0.25mmID, 10/pk
CP739540  Cable Assy PCB2-PCB3 SAMPLER
CP7981  Wall Mounting Bracket, Gas Clean
G4513-80227  Plunger 10 ul, fixed needle, PTFE
G6500-88027  Caps and Seals for Wash Sta Vials (10)
G8400-60327  Clamp,torch ball joint connector,1/pk
UCP742  Union,PEEK 0.010 inID /0.25mm bore,1/pk
UCU401X  Ferrule 1/16, SS (10 Pk)
1000-0488  Window, quartz
1460-2571  Canted coil spring
19362-60545  Mass flow cntrlr restrictor 0-400cc/min
19362-60555  Mass flow cntrlr restrictor 0-750cc/min
35900-60980  Remote Y-cable for use with 5890/7673
5065-4445  Peristaltic pump for 1100/1200 Series LC
5188-6494  QuickPick Splitless Inlet PM Kit
G1833-65332  O-rings for vent valve, Viton 2/pk
G2258-87312  Front seat tube PTFE 0.25mm id 10cm long
G2258-87313  Back seat tube PTFE 0.25mm id 12 cm long
G2397-20540  Micro ECD Mixing Liner
G3292-80109  Fluid Filter (for G3292A Chiller)
G4220-60070  Tubing Kit 140mm - Ultra Clean Tubing
0100-0050  Cap, 1/16inch stainless steel
0100-0121  1/8 x 1/4 stainless steel reducing union
0100-0128  Union, tubing 1/4inch
0100-1379  Ferrules, VG-2 1/16 10/PK
0100-1381  Ferrules, 1/16 to 0.4mm VG-2 10/PK
0100-1383  Ferrules, 1/16inch to 0.8mm 10/PK
0100-1631  Fitting-Tube in-Line Plastic
0100-1923  Sample Loop, 10ul
0100-1924  Sample Loop, 50ul
01080-83202  Blanking Nut 1/16inch stainless steel
160-2610-5  FS,Undeactivated -.180mm X 5m
5022-6532  Test tubes, 16 x 100 mm - 13 mL, 250/pk
5067-4687  Capillary ST 0.12x280 SL/SX
5067-5709  Capillary ST 0,25x250 S-S
5080-8895  Septa, white 11mm 144/PK
5180-4108  Front ferrules, 1/16in SS, 10/Pk
5181-3319  Needles Replacement 10ul 23/26 ga. 3/PK
5190-1461  Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 0.5 ul cone
5190-1462  Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 0.5 ul bevel
5190-1474  Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 2 ul bevel
5190-1478  Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 5 ul bevel
5190-1550  Needle, luer lok 22/51/LC tip 3/pk
5190-2286  Vial,HS,crmp,FB,20ml,ambr,WrtOn,cert,100
5190-6949  Inert Valco Nut 1/16inch, 10/pk
6610012100  Rinse bottle 1000 mL. For PSD-97/100/120
8002-0312  Column nut brass 2pk TMO
8003-0211  Ferrule 1/16in Graphite 10pk PE
8003-0212  Ferrule 1/8in Graphite 10pk PE
8003-0324  Tubing quickdisconect for LowFlowGemCone
8003-0406  Capillary tubing, PE AA+ICP neb., 10ft
8003-0654  3.3 mm o.d. nipple
8010-0351  Syringe 10ul FN 23/50/cone
8500-5851  P-Bromofluorobenzene
9301-6476  5mL disposable syringe 100/pk
CP3418  TRITON X-100
CP741648  1/16 inch Male Connector, SST
RF0032T  Nut extender small
5042-4774  Gas connector, HMI kit for 7500 series
5067-6605  UIB Clamp Guide Infinity II Kit
883-9750  Attenuation screen, 1/pk
CP742211  Single Bed Pencil Filter With Ferrules
G8000-64140  Clamp,torch with ball joint socket,1/pk
0100-1515  Bulkhead union, 1/16-1/16
0100-1527  Bulkhead union .320
0100-1921  Sample loop, 100ul
0101-0376  LOOP, 10 UL
5183-4312  Strg Vial Kit,12mL,19x65 Clear,15-425Cap
5185-5786  Vacuum gauge for 96-well manifold
5190-1437  Ferrule, LTM, up to 250um, 0.4mm id 5/PK
5190-1438  Ferrule, LTM, 320um, 0.5mm id 5/PK
5190-1479  Syringe, 5.0 uL FN 26 g bevel tip
5190-1480  Syringe, 5.0 uL FN LC tip
5190-1508  Syringe, 100 uL, FN, LC tip
5190-1573  Plunger, 5.0 ml PTFE tip
5190-6169  Crimp caps thin membrane septa 25/PK
8001-0530  PE plunger seal LC-20AD/20AB/10ADvp SHM
8001-0614  O-ring LC-10AD/ATvp LC-2010/HT 1pk SHM
8002-0916  Rear seal wash tubing kit U3000 pump TMO
8005-0539  Seal wash face seal 2690/95/2790/95 WAT
8005-0840  SS sample loop 100uL 2690/95(D) 1pk WAT
8005-0841  CL SS sample loop 200uL 2695(D) 1pk WAT
8010-0426  2mL screw vial kit PTFE/butyl 8mm 100/pk
AL35724  Tubing,PEEK,1/16in.x0.030in.,10ft L,1/p
CP738499  Ferrule,LOWOX vspl,1/32in.x0,75mm,1/pk
G4513-80204  Syringe, 10ul FN 23-26s/42/HP
G4513-80216  Syringe, 10ul straight, FN 26s/42/HP
R0PTF20KIT  Tubing,12 ferrl+12 nuts, 1/16in.OD, 1/p
0100-2594  Fitting-internal Reducer 1/16 to 1/32-in
19256-80030  Window, first
2140-0826  Lamp-Flashlight LED 0.5in-DIA 5.875in-LG
301-016-HSP  Needle for transfer line .05od Nickel
G3280-60910  Maintenance Video/DVD for ICP-MS
0350-1402  ChromTrac identifiers, color, 20/PK
18740-60840  Liner,split,with cup,glasswool + packing
5040-4682  multipk screw caps 5 colors 250/cs
5080-8774  Ferl 1/4in VG SP-22 40pct graphite 10PK
5180-4114  Back ferrules, 1/16in SS, 10/Pk
5182-0553  Screw cap and clear vial kit 100/PK
5183-2088  150ul glass inserts, polymer feet, 100PK
5183-4331  Strg Vial Kit,4mL,15x45Clear,13-425Cap
5190-1467  Plunger in Needle kit 26 g 1.0 ul cone
5190-1468  Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 1.0 ul cone
5190-1469  Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 1.0 ul bevel
5190-1470  Plunger in Needle kit 26 g 1.0 ul bevel
5190-1473  Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 2 ul cone
5190-1477  Plunger in Needle kit 23 g 5 ul cone
5190-2296  Liner, 2 mm dimpled deactivated
5190-6950  Inert Valco Ferrule 1/16inch, 10/pk
5190-9093  Test tubes, 12 x 150 mm - 11 mL, 250/pk
5500-1238  Capillary ST 0.12x105 SL/SL
5500-1240  Capillary ST 0.17x105 SL/SL
8005-0822  SS capillary 1/6inODx0.04inID x 10ft WAT
8010-0139  hdsp cap 18mm magnetic PTFE/sil 100pk
8010-0140  hdsp cap 18mm magnetic PTFE/butl
8010-0198  9mm scrw vl clr blue cap PTFE/si 100/pk
8010-0199  CL 9mm scrw vl amb orgcap PTFE/si 100/pk
820340-001  Fitting,Guard Inlet, High Pressure
820565-001  Reliance Guard Cartridge Holder
9301-0985  FID cleaning kit
A6115  In-Line Debubbler
AX012304  Fitting, MLS to 1/4-28 M, SS
G4513-80209  Syringe 10ul straight, FN 23/42/HP
G8485-60522  PFA Tubing 3m 1/16in OD x 0.04in ID SVS2
PL1310-0007  Column Connecting Nuts (Pk Of 5) 1/16
R000083907  Dynamax Sealing Ring, 2/ Pk
R000083927  Dynamax Sealing Ring, 2/ Pk
VLLZN110  Nut, long, SS, 1/16in. x 0.75in., 10/pk
VLSL250CUW  Sample loop,UW vlv,1/16in.OD,250uL,1/pk
0100-2583  Gas connector for Dilution gas port 1/pk
05921-61090  Discharge tube kit 5921 AED
0905-1189  O-Ring 13.837in-ID 0.21in-cross-section
110648190  Cell base for Cary 50/60. 1/pk
2302533140  M6 Union, Brass
3150-0944  Glass filter, solvent inlet, 40um
5041-2168  Glass filter, solvent inlet
5041-8339  Glass filter, helium (10-16um pore size)
9910093400  Mark 7 spray chamber O-ring kit, aqueous
998-0000053-EHS  Union Elbow M5
G1314-65065  Ring No.1 KIT
G1946-20213  Ferrule, Nebulizer, Polyimide + Graphite
G2350-61090  Discharge Tube Kit for G2350
MKI-U-COV06  O-Rings,Markes 6mm Cold Trap Seals PK 10
MKI-U-COV07  O-Rings,markes 7mm Cold Trap Seals PK 10
MKI-U-COV10  O-Rings,010 Markes Unity 10 pk
MKI-U-DISK1  PTFE Filter Disks,5.1mm Markes TD PK 10
MKI-U-DISK3  PTFE Filter Disks,6.3mm Markes TD PK 10
MKI-Z-0351  O-Ring extraction tool,Markes Unity TDI
R007101632  Seal Backup Ring for 50ml
0101-1248  Sample loop, SS, 5ul
12131020  Frits-3ml, 3/8in, 20um, 100/pk
1460-1914  Column Hanger for 68/78XX Series GC
160-2255-5  FS,Deactivated -.250mm X 5m
3710027200  Peri pump tubes, PVC, black/black. 12/pk
3710027300  Peri pump tubes, PVC, purple/black 12/pk
430-1020  Magnifier, 20X
5023-2502  Hex driver SW-6,35 slitted
5023-2878  2m Tubing ESD PTFE (OD2/ID1.2)
5063-6591  Fitting-Fingertight PEEK for 1/16-in
5067-0226  Vial,HS,crimp,FB,20ml,ambr,cert,100PK
5067-5109  Capillary ST 0.17x90 SL/M
5067-6138  Valve Holder Kit Right-IF-II-G
5067-6139  Valve Holder Kit Left-IF-II-G
5180-4106  Nut, 1/4in stainless steel, 10/Pk
5182-0864  Screw cap vials, pre-assembled, 100/PK
5182-9645  Needle, 0.23mm, 10cm on-column 3/PK
5190-0491  Residual Solvent Revised Mthd467 Class2b
5190-0493  Residual Solvent Revised Mthd467 Class C
5190-0513  Residual Solvent Rev Mthd467 Cls2B LOW
5190-0584  Hybrid SFC/LC chckout std in MeOH 1x 2mL
5190-1485  Syringe, 10.0 uL, RN, LC tip
5190-1507  Syringe, 100 uL, FN, bevel tip
5190-2293  Liner,UI,splitless,sngle taper,glasswool
5190-2295  Liner,UI,universal,low pressure drop,GW
5500-1200  Capillary SST 0.12x130mm M4
5982-0102  Final Drying Pouches-MgSO4 Only, 50/PK
8010-0195  2ml crmp vl clr slvcap PTFE/si 100/pk
8010-0196  2ml crmp vl amb slvcap PTFE/si 100/pk
8010-0227  CL BTO inlet septa 12.7mm 24pk
AX011468  Filter, Solvent, 5/16-24, 450 mL/min
CP4734  Ferrules,repl,graph,col 0.53mmID,10/pk
G3440-60300  SST 0.031inID 1000mm PPIP Carrier Line
G3440-60336  Tube 1/16 inch 0.038inch x 975 mm
G3440-60600  SST Modified Detector Line
G3903-61004  DB-1 1m, 0.15mm, 1.2um
01090-87606  Solvent capillary
0905-1599  Piston seal for G2258A Dual loop ALS
0905-1608  O-Ring, 2-011, Perfluoroelastomer, White
0905-1609  O-Ring,2-002, Perfluoroelastomer, White
0905-1610  O-Ring, 2-010, Perfluoroelastomer, White
19256-80060  Window, second
5042-0922  Inner sleeve for Carrier/Aux/Blend gas
5042-0923  Inner sleeve for Plasma gas line 5/pk
5067-1558  Fittings, SS, M4/4mm 0.8mm ID, 6/pk
5067-6197  Seal Handling Device
5182-9652  S/SL Gold Seal Disk with Cross
5190-0472  GC/MS Pesticide Analyzer Internal Std
5190-0485  EN12916/ IP391 Sys Cal Std 1+2 2x 1ml
5190-0494  Pesticide Checkout std 100ug/L 3x1ml
G1531-60680  Igniter Cable Assembly
G2258-87300  Buffer Loop Tubing Assy, PTFE
G2258-87314  Tubing assy, solvent flush for G2258A
G7116-60006  Divider Assembly-MCT
0101-1247  Sample loop, SS, 200ul (7725)
12131003  Adapters-20ml and LRC, 10/pk
392598001  Inlet slv,GWOL,6.5mm x 78.5mm x 4mm,1/p
5042-6459  Test tubes, 25 x 100 mm - 35 mL, 100/pk
5063-6549  Rectangular cell OG 10mm 3.5mL open. 1/p
5182-9698  Glass Endcap for Capillary Columns 20/PK
5185-5795  SPE Caps,Luer tip,all sizes, 100/pack
5190-1584  Syringe, 10 ul RN bevel tip
5190-2297  Liner, UI 2mm dimpled splitless
5190-9092  Test tubes, 16 x 150 mm - 21 mL, 250/pk
5500-1249  Capillary ST 0,12x120 SL/SL Long Socket
5500-1250  Capillary ST 0,17x120 SL/SL Long Socket
707-0027  Mirror, Dental
7210027600  Nebulizer capillary extract tool, 1/pk
8003-0629  Cleaning wire for PE autosampler probe
8003-0675  Tool, for Screw Connectors
8010-0211  CL Adv Green inlet septa 12.7mm 24pk
8010-0542  vial clr scrw pre-slit PTFE/sil 100pk
8010-0543  vial amb scrw pre-slit PTFE/sil 100pk
9910076100  Tubing kit for SIPS 10/20, 1/pk
UCP704  Union, PEEK thru hole, 0.020 in., 1/pk
18789-60060  NPD sample
19231-60680  Ignitor Glow Plug Assembly
19305-60580  FPD sample
5041-2167  Cassette, fixed pressure
5042-1356  Cassette Variable Pressure
5067-4680  ALS to Flex Cube tube 600mm 0.5mm ID
5188-5245  FPD Sample
5188-5953  FPD Check Out Sample, Meth. Parathion
89090-84700  Temperature Sensor Support
G1322-67300  Tubing kit degasses to pump
G1362-68706  Interface Tubing Kt
G1833-65577  PTFE tape for peristaltic pump
G4220-60035  Tubing kit 140mm, 2/pk
G5611-60016  Seal holder for Bio inert pump
12102161  Bond Elut-C18, 100Mg 6ml, 30/Pk
392611940  O-rings,graphite, 6.5mmID,6.5mmOD,10/pk
410203900  Aperture mask, solid sample holder, 10mm
410204100  Aperture mask, solid sample holder, 1 mm
410204300  Aperture mask, solid sample holder, 5 mm
5067-5713  Capillary ST 0.25x500 S-S
5067-6129  Capillary ST 0.17x300mm S/SX
5183-4322  Strg Vial Kit,12mL,19x65 Amber,15-425Cap
5185-5783  Needle valve for 96-well manifold
5190-0499  Quechers QC surrogate for GC EN mtd 1ml
5190-1503  Syringe, 50 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
9301-1130  500 PTFE coated Butyl rubber septa
MLAL1000023  Seals,wash/waste vials,10/20/100mL,20/p
VLFS55  Adaptor, fs, 1/32in. ID, 5/pk
G1310-68742  Seal wash PM kit for 1260 Pump
G1313-27302  Disposal Tube for ext. vial tray
0460-0186  Tape, glass, roll
12213023  Bondesil-PSA, 40um, 10gm
160-2530-10  FS,Undeactivated -.530mm X10m
19091-63000  Needles, Fused Silica 6/PK
280959-904  Frits for 2.1mm columns 2.0um 10/PK
280959-905  Frits for 4.6mm columns, 2.0um 10/PK
392027000  Chamber, CAL-GAS, Glas
5022-2158  PTFE nuts for 1/16 in od tubing. 10/pk
5080-8853  Ferrule, 0.5mm Graphite 0.32 col 10/PK
5181-3308  Ferrule VG-1 no hole for MS 10/PK
5188-6468  Loop,PEEK,20ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5190-1497  Syringe, 25 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
8001-0101  Liner straight 2.6mm 5 pk SHM
8001-0703  Tungsten lamp SPD-M20A/M10Avp SHM
8002-0806  Ti filtr frit inline filtr 2um 1pk TMO
8003-0469  Filter cartridge, wtr fr Optima 5/7/8x00
8003-0619  Capillary tubing s/s probe 0.6mm ID flam
8004-0003  Syringe 10ul RN 26/50/cone V-B
8005-0416  Syringe 25uL RN PTFE 22s/51/3 1pk WAT
8010-0243  CL Long Life inlet septa 12.7mm 24pk
8010-0365  Plunger 1.0ml headspace syringe CTC
9300-2575  Cap-Bottle Fluorocarbon 33.0-MM-Size
9301-0719  20mm Tan PTFE/White silicone septa,100PK
9301-6474  10mL disposable syringe 100/pk
G3138-65143  Y connector for pump tubing, ISIS, 5/pk
PL3540-C603SPL  PL-HCO3 MP SPE 500mg/6mL, 10/pk
UCP350X  Ferrule,flnglss ring,PEEK,1/8in.OD,10/p
19244-80620  Jet, Adapt, high temp capil, 0.47mm ID
301-015-HSP  Needle for transfer line .08 od Nickel
79883-27101  High Pressure Seal Ring
8500-4789  Cap. Inlet Evaluation Sample, Split mode
G1314-87302  Capillary ST 0.17 x 120mm S/E
G1820-65482  Bushing at spray chamber drain (5/pk)
G2855-60570  Plug for microfluidic manifold or unions
0101-0300  Sample loop 2ml
12131021  Frits-6ml, 1/2in, 20um, 100/pk
160-2845-5  FS,Deactivated,Hi-Temp-.250mm X 5m
2820001000  FTR,NW25 VACUUM CLAMP
3710058400  Sleeve Needle (890-3176)
5042-6491  Snap caps, polyurethane 500/pk
5061-3370  11mm Al crimp cap PTFE/Rubber sept 500PK
5188-5386  Crimp cap,11mm Magnetic CTC,100 pk
5188-5392  Vial,HS,screw,10ml,clr,100PK
5190-1514  Syringe, 250 uL, FN, bevel tip
5190-1515  Syringe, 250 uL, FN, LC tip
5190-8327  Zirconium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
8001-0502  GFP plngr seal LC-10AD/20AD/AB/2010 SHM
8010-0272  Needle, 26-32 gauge CTC PAL3,COC,3/pk
8010-0273  Needle, 23-26s gauge CTC PAL3, COC, 3/pk
8010-0357  Syringe 10ul PTFE tip FN 26/50/cone, CT
8010-0371  Syringe 10ul PTFE tip FN 23/50/cone,CTC
8710-1708  Blades, Hi-Duty Tube Cutter 5/PK
CP4781  Ferrules,grpht/vspl, col 0.32mmID, 1/pk
CP4782  Ferrule,0.32mmID,0.25mmID 1/pk
CP4783  Ferrules,connect,0.25mmODx0.25mmID,1/pk
CP959924  Gazfit fitting for ICP torch, 8mm, 2/pk
CR2121XX  Ferrules,vspl,blank,1/16in.OD,10/pk
CR2131XX  Ferls,40pctgrph/60pctvspl,1/16 in.,10/pk
VLZN5  Nut 1/32in., std, SS, 10/pk
0905-1175  Seal, wash
0905-1718  Wash seal PE 1290 Infinity LC, 1/pk
18710-60170  FID/TCD performance evaluat. sample kit
391895902  Filter,split line,100pct charcoal,1/ea
5043-1400  Pump Head Holder
5190-0484  EN12916/ IP 391 Calib.Sols A-D 4x 1ml
5190-0490  Residual Solvent Revised Mthd467 Class 1
G1322-68705  Online degasser asscessory kit
G1373-87300  SST Capillary,250x0.12mm, 1 fitting
G1532-20710  6890 TCD Packed Column Adapter
5042-6463  PEEK tubing 1/16in,0.01in/0.25mm id,5m
5062-3538  Ferrule, 0.8mm VG cond .53 col lng 10/PK
5065-4426  Colored finger-tight PEEK fittings 10/PK
5067-4719  Capillary ST 0.17mm x 120mm SX - SX
5181-1212  Crimp caps 11mm/black Viton septa 100/PK
5181-1513  Snap caps, polyethylene olefin, 500/PK
5181-3354  Syringe, 10ul 23/26 ga, GT, FN, Taper
5181-8809  Syringe, 10ul FN PTFE tip 23/42/HP
5182-0557  Screw caps, and clear vial kit 100/PK
5183-4332  Strg Vial Kit,12mL,19x65Clear,15-425Cap
5190-0492  Residual Solvent Revised Mthd467 Class2A
5190-1439  Ferrule, LTM, 450/530um, 0.8mm id 5/PK
5190-1523  Syringe, 500 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
5190-7003  SCD Checkout in Isooctane 1 X 2ml
5190-8562  Antimony std, 10 ug/ml, 1pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8563  Arsenic std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8564  Barium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8565  Beryllium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8566  Boron std, 10 ug/ml, H2O100ml
5190-8567  Cadmium std, 10 ug/ml HNO3, 100ml
5190-8568  Chromium std, 10 ug/ml HNO3, 100ml
5190-8569  Copper std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8571  Lead std, 10 ug/ml2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8572  Lithium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8573  Lutetium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8574  Manganese std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8575  Mercury std, 10 ug/ml 5pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8576  Nickel std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8579  Selenium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8580  Silver std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8581  Strontium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8582  Terbium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8583  Tin std, 10 ug/ml, 5pct HCl, 100ml
5190-8584  Uranium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8585  Vanadium 10 ug/ml 5pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8586  Yttrium std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8587  Zinc std, 10 ug/ml 2pct HNO3, 100ml
5190-8590  Terbium Internal std, 10ug/ml HNO3 100ml
5190-9070  Anthracene Std for FLD 2ml Ampoule
5190-9576  FID Adapter for Flow Meter
5190-9577  NPD Adapter for Flow Meter
5190-9578  TCD Adapter for Flow Meter
5190-9579  ECD Adapter for Flow Meter
5190-9580  Split Vent Adapter for Flow Meter
5500-1170  A-Line Capillary ST 0.12mmx280mm
5500-1171  A-Line Capillary ST 0.12mmx220mm
5500-1172  A-Line Capillary ST 0.12mmx150mm
5500-1173  A-Line Capillary ST 0.12mmx105mm
5500-1174  A-Line Capillary ST 0.075mmx105mm
5500-1175  A-Line Capillary ST 0.075mm x 150mm
5500-1176  A-Line Capillary ST 0.075mm x 220mm
5500-1177  A-Line Capillary ST 0.075mm x 250mm
5500-1178  A-Line Capillary ST 0.075mm x 280mm
5500-1179  A-Line Capillary ST 0.12mm x 400mm
5500-1180  A-Line Capillary ST 0.12mm x 500mm
5500-1181  A-Line Capillary ST 0.17mm x 105mm
5500-1182  A-Line Capillary ST 0.17mm x 150mm
5500-1183  A-Line Capillary ST 0.17mm x 220mm
5500-1206  Capillary ST 0.075mm x 250mm long socket
5500-1230  A-Line Capillary ST 0.17mm x 280mm
5500-1231  A-Line Capillary ST 0.17mm x 500mm
5500-1258  A-Line capillary ST 0.25mm x 105mm
5500-1259  A-Line capillary ST 0.25mm x 150mm
5500-1260  A-Line capillary ST 0.25mm x 400mm
5982-0101  Polish Tube-NaCl/MgSO4, 50/PK
8003-0502  Barb fitting male CTFE, neb sample line
8003-0503  Barb fitting female CTFE neb sample line
8003-0841  Flow Spoiler clamping ring
8010-0267  Ferrule, 0.4mm G/P short 0.25 col 10/PK
8010-0268  Ferrule, 0.5mm G/P short 0.32 col 10/pk
8010-0269  Ferrule, 0.8mm G/P short 0.53 col 10/pk
8010-0420  20mm bimetal crimp cap PTFE/sil 100pk
8010-0554  4mL amb scrw 13mm blk PTFE/sil 100pk
8500-5901  Method 501 Trihalomethane standard
9301-1291  Syringe Adapter
CP23080  ChromSep End Head
CP28243  ChromSep Column Coupling
G3266-80017  Neb. gas tubing with PEEK connector, 1/p
G3440-60033  Inert Tube 1/16 inch 0.010 inch x 1000mm
G3440-60035  Inert Tube 1/16 inch 0.031 inch x 1000mm
PL1310-0008  Tubing ferrules,1/16 in. tube,5/pk
PL1310-0038  Tubing Ferrules (Pk Of 5) 1/8 Tube
VLZF1S610  Ferrules,Valco,SS,1/16 in,10/pk
5067-4661  Tubing kit 270mm, 2/pk
5067-4748  Capillary ST 0.17x90 S-SX
5190-0522  Quinine Standard for FLD
G1531-80560  Jet, Capillary Optimized,0.29mm ID
G1833-65477  Makeup gas line connector,Luer type,7500
G3292-80112  Air Filter for G3292A Chiller
G4280-81300  Capillary,damper 1,SS,0.6mm id
G4280-81301  Capillary,damper 2,SS,0.6mm id
PIKE-160-1133  25 X 4MM KBR WINDOW
0100-1329  Ferrule, 1/16 Vespel 10/PK
0100-1331  Ferl 1/4 inch VG-1 15pct graphite 10/PK
0100-1332  Ferrule, 1/8 10/PK
0100-1333  Ferrule, 1/16inch 10/PK
0100-1344  Ferrule, 1/8 to 1/16 reducer 10/PK
0100-2595  Polymide ferrule,5/pk,0.50mm,0.80mm
01090-27605  Caps and Sieves PK
160-2325-5  FS,Deactivated -.320mm X 5m
393010801  Transfer line wrench alignment tool
5182-0865  Screw cap vials, write on spot, 100/PK
5183-4732  Capillary Column nut for 6850 2/PK
8001-0405  Syringe Barrel 500uL 8001-0401 1pk SHM
8002-0809  NDL seat capilary 0.18mmID 3.1uL 1pk TMO
8003-0669  Modular building-block-type mix manifold
A6021  M-Trap SS,Std Vol. W/.5U Fltr
CP8098  End Straighener ID 0.25-0.50
CP89103  Interface cable for EMT/EMH,1/pk
G3280-67115  O-ring A (perfluoro, od:1.07, 5/pk)
G4513-80236  Needles replacement 23/42/HP 3/pk
G8410-20012  Tubing-solvent resistant 0.093-in-ID, 2m
G8410-20013  Tubing-solvent resistant 0.187-in-ID, 2m
PL3582-CM89SPL  PL-Thiol MP SPE 500mg/6mL, 10/pk
UCA103X  Fltr frit,0.094inx0.062inx0.250in,10/pk
07675-80050  Valve Tube, 1/16 in., 1/8 in., 520mm
18711-60060  Sample, performance evaluation 3/PK
18713-60040  ECD sample
3150-0417  Fly ash filter, 5921/G2350
5188-6495  Split vent trap PM kit,single cartridge
79835-04123  Diaphragm
G1313-87301  Capillary to metering device
G1316-87300  Capillary, 0.17x90mm 1/16 in male/male
G1364-27107  Flap Septum, PEEK, for internal tray
G1375-87326  Waste tube, FEP, 1.6mm od, 08mmid
G3280-01507  Interface wrench for Sampling cone
0100-0542  TEE, 1/8 SS
0100-1107  1/8 id Front Ferrule Graph Vespel, 10PK
0101-1246  Sample loop, SS, 500ul (7725)
12131022  Frits-12ml, 5/8in, 20um, 100/pk
160-2634-5  FS,Undeactivated -.100mm X 5m
5063-6548  Rectangular cell OG 5mm 1.8mL open. 1/pk
5067-1581  Needle Port
5080-8728-50  Septa General Purpose Gray 3/8in 50/PK
5080-8896-50  Septa General Purpose Gray 11mm 50/pk
5180-4104  Nut, 1/8in stainless steel, 10/Pk
5181-1283-50  Septa General Purpose Red 3/8in 50/PK
5181-3383-50  Septa , Partial Thru hole Red 11mm 50/PK
5183-4477  Hdspc Al crmp cap,PTFE/Si sep,20mm,100PK
5190-1491  Syringe, 10.0 uL, PTFE, RN, bevel tip
5500-1157  Capillary ST 0,12x500 SL/S
5500-1217  Capillary ST 0.17x900 SI/SX ps-ps
5500-1245  Capillary ST 0.17x400 SI-SI
5500-1253  Capillary ST 0.17x130 SX-S
8001-0103  Liner straight 3.4mm 5 pk SHM
8001-0151  Liner UI straight 2.6mm 5 pk SHM
8001-0162  Liner UI SPME P+T strght 0.75mm 5pk SHM
8005-0824  SS cpllry 0.23x760 2690(D)/95(D)/2790/95
8005-0826  SS capillary 1/6inODx0.02inID x 10ft WAT
8005-0849  WAT Solvent Filter For 1525 Pump 225uL
8500-5904  Method 502.2/524.2 Stds (gases) 1ml amp
9910115600  Plastic beakers 10mL bulk std, PSD, 5/pk
CP802505  FS, Ultimate Plus Deact 0.25mm x 5m
G3440-60136  Tube,1/16 inch w/ 1/8 inch bulkhead ftg
G3520-20210  XLSI Transfer Line Nut for CFT Fitting
G8010-80043  Helix Locking Screw ICP S/Chamber, 1/pk
R000IZR21L  Port adaptor,SS,for tubing 1/16in,1/pk
RF0104T-110  Tubing, clear, OD 1/8 in, 110 in
VLZF510  Fitting-Ferrule 1/32-in-OD SST 316
VLZT1C  Tee,Valco 1/16 in.,0.25 mm bore,ss, 1/p
05970-60045  GC/MS Check out sample
5064-8020  PTFE sample tubing 2.0mm id, 3.0mm od 5m
5182-0781  Trap, Tenax/Silica Gel/Charcoal
5188-5372  FID MDL test sample 3x0.5 ml ampoules
5190-2233  Vessel, 15 mL Amber IS
G3138-65141  Plug for Carrier Gas Connector,3/Pk,ISIS
0100-1342  Ferrule, 1/8 to 1/16 Vespel 10/PK
3710052400  Cap.tubg.FEP OD0.0625in xID0.02in (1.5M)
5022-2144  T-connector,PEEK 1/16in,0.57ul sewpt vol
5042-6458  Test tubes, 30 x 100 mm - 58 mL, 100/pk
5062-3511  Ferrule, 0.8mm Vespel 0.53 col 10/PK
5062-3513  Ferrule, 0.5mm Vespel 0.32 col 10/PK
5062-3514  Ferrule, 0.5mm VG 0.32 col 10/PK
5062-3515  Ferrule, 0.4mm Vespel 0.2 col 10/PK
5062-3516  Ferrule, 0.4mm VG 0.2 col 10/PK
5062-3518  Ferrule, 0.3mm VG 0.1 col 10/PK
5181-7442  0.25mm cool-on-column needles 3/pk
5182-0558  AsmKit AmbWrt Vial GrnCap PTFE/Si 100/pk
5182-0831  Needle 0.32mm on-column/5ul syringe 3/PK
5182-9799  Syringe 10ul, FN, GT, 23ga. pt.HP
5190-1510  Syringe, 100 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
5190-1528  Syringe, 1 mL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
5190-3987  Hdsp crimp cap high perf septa 100/pk
5190-8257  Aluminum, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8259  Antimony, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8261  Arsenic, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8263  Barium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8265  Beryllium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8267  Bismuth, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8269  Boron, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8271  Cadmium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8273  Calcium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8276  Chromium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8278  Cobalt, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8280  Copper, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8286  Iron, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8288  Lead, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8290  Lithium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8292  Magnesium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8294  Manganese, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8296  Mercury, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8299  Nickel, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8305  Potassium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8307  Selenium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8310  Silver, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8312  Sodium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8314  Strontium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8317  Thallium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8319  Tin, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8324  Vanadium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8326  Zinc, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-9066  Cap, 11mm crimp, PTFE/Red sil, 1000PK
5190-9068  Cap, 9mm blue scrw bnded, PTFE/S, 1000PK
75400000  VersaPlate 96-well, 1plate/PK
8002-0860  Buffer loop 100uL WPS-3000SL/RS 1pk TMO
8003-0493  UniFit sample line 0.75mm id x 1/16in OD
8005-0823  SS capillary 1/6inODx0.009inID x10ft WAT
8010-0366  Plunger 2.5ml headspace syringe CTC
CR213164  Ferrules, 1/16in. OD x 0.425mmID, 10/pk
CR213165  Ferrule, short, 1/16in. x 0.5mm, 10/pk
UCA102X  Fltr frit,SS,0.062inIDx0.25inOD,10/pk
0101-1239  Sample loop, PEEK, 20ul
01090-60009  PTFE tubing and glass frit
325-132-HSP  Union Tee, 6MB-5
5062-3512  Ferrule, 0.8mm VG 0.45-0.53 col 10/PK
5063-6593  Fitting male, 1/16in, 4mm, SS, 10/pk
5067-4124  Shutoff valve
5067-4737  Capillary ST 0,17mm x 150 mm M/M
5180-4168  Graphite O-ring, 5700/5840/6890 10/PK
5180-4173  Graphite O-ring for splitless, 10/pk
5181-3321  Syringe, 10ul tapered, RN, 23/26s/42/HP
5181-8806  Syringe 10ul fit pl, strght RN 23/42/HP
5182-0833  Needle 0.25mm on-column/5ul syringe 3/PK
5182-3477  TCD Back Ferrule for 1/8in inlet 10/PK
5182-9734  Syringe 10ul, FN, 23ga., pt.HP
5185-5780  Collection plate spacer/deep well, 2mm
5188-6463  Loop,500 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5190-1410  Biodiesel Monoglyceride kit, 1 ampoules
5190-1492  Syringe, 10.0 uL PTFE RN LC tip
5190-1509  Syringe, 100 uL, RN, bevel tip
5190-1513  Syringe, 100 uL PTFE, fixed Luer lock
5190-1519  Syringe, 250 uL PTFE, fixed Luer lock
5190-1521  Syringe, 500 uL, FN, bevel tip
5190-1527  Syringe, 500 uL PTFE, fixed Luer lock
5190-1530  Syringe, 1 mL, PTFE, fixed Luer lock
5190-5103  20mL disposable syringe 100/pk
5190-8242  Aluminum 1000ug/ml, 100ml
5982-5750  Sodium Chloride,100g
8003-0362  Torch igniter tape, Copper, Optima 8x00
8003-0545  Inj. support adapter, twist-type torch
8004-0106  Liner split straight 4mm 5pk V-B
8500-5067  PERF, SAMPLE
8500-6813  Test Std, HP-FFAP (Capillary/Megabore)
9910107100  Gazfit fitting for ICP torch, 6mm, 4/pk
CP13011  Recorder pens set of 5, 1/pk
CP7986SS  SS Male Connector 1/4 in w/ dust filter
CP7986SS6  SS Male Connector 6 mm w/ dust filter
CP82117SS  SS Male Connector 1/8 in w/ dust filter
CP82117SS3  SS Male Connector 3 mm w/ dust filter
G1314-87301  Capillary ST 0.12 x 310mm S/E
G1820-65009  PFA sample tubing kit(0.5mm id,1.6mm od)
G1820-65435  Screws for Skimmer Base (4/pk)
G4218-40220  Pneumatic tube with SS fitting,check
G4277-80125  Needle kit,pk 3 22g/51mm/PT 3 with nut
G4591-20320  FID Jet 0.11 inch ID
G7129-60500  Sample Loop 100ul
PIKE-162-1320  PTFE O-rings Demountable Liq. Cell 12/pk
12213011  BONDESIL-C18, 40UM, 10GM
160-2855-5  FS,Deactivated,Hi-Temp-.320mm X 5m
3710034800  Peri pump tubes, PVCSolva blk/blk. 12/pk
3710035000  Peri pump tubes, PVCSolva wht/wht. 12/pk
3710035200  Peri pump tubes PVCSolva grey/grey.12/pk
3710046900  Peri pump tubes PVC, orange/white. 12/pk
3710047000  Peri pump tubes PVCSolva purpl/blk 12/pk
3710068300  Peri pump tubes PVC org/grn flared 12/pk
5021-1849  2-split collets PK
5042-6462  PEEK Tubing 1/16in, 0.007/0.18mm id, 5m
5063-6592  1/32in Ferrule and SS lock ring, 10/PK
5067-6188  Capillary ST 0,17x500 SL/M
5181-3323  Ferrule, 0.4mm VG 0.1-0.25 col 10/PK
5181-3377  400ul flat bottom glass insert, 500/pk
5182-0555  Screw caps, blue, and vial kit 100/PK
5182-0866  Screw top vial, write-on-spot 100pk
5183-2087  400ul polypropylene flt btm insrts,500PK
5183-4478  Hdspc Al sfty crmp cap,PTFESi,20mm,100PK
5188-2753  Vial,HS,screw,20ml,clr,100PK
5188-6461  Loop,100 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5188-6462  Loop,250 ul,Cheminert Injection Valve
5188-6467  Loop,PEEK,10 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5188-6469  Loop,PEEK,2ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5188-6470  Loop,PEEK,5ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5190-1499  Syringe, 25 uL, PTFE, RN, LC tip
5190-1534  Syringe, 2.5mL, PTFE, Luer lock
5190-1578  Power Supply for Low Gas LNC or Crimper
5500-1199  Capillary SST 0.12x130mm M4-SL
5500-1242  Capillary SST 0.12x30mm rigid
5500-1243  Capillary SST 0.12x50mm long Socket
5500-1246  Capillary ST 0.17x500 SI-SI
5982-5751  Sodium Acetate,100g
8002-0001  Syringe 10ul FN 26/80/cone TMO
8003-0595  Peri pump tube PVC grn/yellow flared 6/p
8003-0620  Capillary tubing s/s probe 0.6mm ID FIAS
8005-0425  M715 Seal For Use In Waters 2695 PM
8010-0553  4mL clr scrw 13mm blk PTFE/sil 100pk
820385-901  PrepHT, Replacement O-ring, 21.2mm Cart
8710-1707  Hi-Duty tube cutter for 1/8in tubing
9301-0891  Syringe 5ul straight, FN, 26s/42/HP
9301-0976  20mm Gray PTFE/Blk butyl septa,100pk
9910120600  Kit split ring tube retainer SPS 3,10/pk
C-FP020  PTFE ferrules for TD Storage Caps, 20/pk
SU57356U  SPME Inlet Guide For Manual Injection
VLZT5  Tee,SS,bore size 25 mm,1/32 in. OD,1/pk
05890-61525  Dual Parking post for autosampler
18710-20119  Jet, Adaptable, packed, 0.47mm ID
5064-8012  PFA sample tubing 0.5mm id, 1.6mm od, 5m
5064-8013  PFA sample tubing 0.3mm id, 1.6mm od, 5m
5067-4649  Capillary ST 0.12x90 SX/S
5188-5244  Response Linearity Standard, 3x1 mL amp
5190-0921  Sapphire Window
5500-1251  Capillary ST 0,12x400 SL/SL Long Socket
5500-1252  Capillary ST 0,17x400 SL/SL Long Socket
8500-5808  HCB performance sample
G1314-65066  Ring No.2 KIT
G1982-85003  Chip Cube Low Mass Reference sample
G3138-65125  Plastic Tray ISIS
G8010-60304  Nebulizer Connection Kit for AVS, 1/pk
G8411-67118  PFA sample tubing 2.18mm id 1/8 in od,5m
12131023  Frits-20ml, 13/16in, 20um, 100/pk
3710052000  Peri pump tube 3 bridged purple/blk 12/p
5181-3322  Ferrule, 0.4mm Vespel 0.1-0.25 col 10/PK
5182-9626  Syringe 10ul, RN, 23ga. pt.HP
5190-1495  Syringe, 25 uL RN bevel tip
5190-1502  Syringe, 50 uL RN bevel tip
5190-1506  Syringe, 50 uL, PTFE, fixed Luer lock
5190-1517  Syringe, 250 uL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
5190-2282  MS Analyzed Kit Clr Crmp WriteOn PTFE/Si
5190-8237  Erbium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8241  Gadolinium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8244  Antimony, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8282  Gold, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8300  Palladium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8302  Platinum, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8333  Cesium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8339  AA Matrix Modif, 1%Nickel Nitrate, 100ml
5190-8344  Chromium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8350  Dysprosium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8463  Hafnium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8465  Holmium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8467  Indium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8487  Molybdenum, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8489  Neodymium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8505  Praseodymium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8515  Samarium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8521  Silicon, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8531  Tantalum, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8533  Tellurium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8535  Terbium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8539  Thorium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8543  Tin, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8549  Uranium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
8002-0856  SS sample loop 150uL ASI-100(T) 1pk TMO
8003-0681  Sample Loop, 1,000 uL
8003-0863  O-Ring f/Hi-Sens Neb w/Pt-Ir Capil-AAnal
8005-0417  Syringe 100uL RN PTFE 22s/51/3 1pk WAT
8010-0303  Ferrule 0.5mm 2h Graphite 0.32col 10pk
820370-901  Gasket,Rapid Res Cartridge,2PK
A6063  0.5 micron Frit 3-4.6mm pK10
CP23091  ChromSep Housing SS 1-3 cm
CP23093  ChromSep Housing SS 5 cm
CP7987  Flush Head for Connecting Unit
UCS2929  TUBING,PEEK,1/16X 125 micron x 10ft
6610026000  Overlay for 40 place rack, 18 mm OD tube
6610026100  Overlay for 60 place rack, 13 mm OD tube
6910036900  O-ring screw bead adjuster, organic solv
79846-67101  Needle seat
G1532-80540  Adapter Weldment
12131024  Frits-60ml, 1-1/16in, 20um, 100/pk
160-2200-10  FS,Undeactivated -.200mm X10m
280959-907  Frits for 2.1 mm columns 0.5um 10/PK
5062-3506  Ferrule, 0.5mm VG cond .32 col lng 10/PK
5181-3394  Plastic fitting 10/PK
5190-1532  Syringe, 2.5 mL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
8001-0222  Ferrule 0.5mm G/V 0.32 col 10pk GCMS SHM
8001-0223  Ferrule 0.8mm G/V 0.53 col 10pk GCMS SHM
8001-0224  Ferrule 0.3mm G/V 0.18 col 10pk GCMS SHM
8001-0810  Flex SS capillary 0.17x200mm LC-2010 SHM
8001-8020  Flex SS cpilry 0.13x200mm SIL-10ADvp SHM
8002-0803  CL PharMed tubing 1.6x180mm LPG-3x00 TMO
8003-0524  Retaining ring for Scott spray chamber
8010-0129  Syringe, 10ul FN 23/57/C PAL3
8010-0163  Syringe, 10ul FN 26/57/C PAL3
8010-0213  CL Adv Green inlet septa 17mm 24pk
8010-0229  CL BTO inlet septa 17mm 24pk
9301-0892  Syringe, 5ul straight, FN 23/42/HP
DY50502500  Ferrule 0.050 ID Vespel VG1
G3188-27501  Ferrule, flexi inert 0.25mm col 10/PK
G3188-27502  Ferrule, flexi, inert 0.32mm col 10/PK
G3188-27503  Ferrule, flexi, inert 0.53mm col 10/PK
G3188-27504  Ferrule, flexi, inert, no hole, 10/PK
G3188-27505  Ferrule, flexi, inert, UM small, 10/PK
G3188-27506  Ferrule, flexi, inert, UM large, 10/PK
G3280-67009  Graphite gasket for Sampling cone (3/pk)
G4513-80203  Syringe, 10ul PTFE tip, FN 23-26/42/HP
G4513-80218  Syringe, 10 ul RN 23-26s/42/HP
PL1310-0003  Column End Plugs (Pk Of 10) 1/16
PL1310-0037  Column Connecting Nuts (Pk Of 5), 1/8
VLCSL250  250 ul Sample loop, 1/pk
5042-1336  Tubing, heat exchanger,FEP (8453 UV Vis)
5042-8952  Seal keeper,ceramic,hipped
5062-8535  Waste accessory kit
6910048700  Seal,pumphead,quaternary,1/pk
G1530-60590  Cable, 6890, ext. events
G3452-60835  Septum Retainer Nut for Transfer Line
G3510-20018  Column Nut Adapter - Graphite
G4911-20021  Peri pump tubes adapter (for 2.29mm id)
5043-0063  Peri Pump Tube 3 Bridged Purple/wht 12/p
5063-6547  Rectangular cell OG 2mm 700uL open. 1/pk
5183-2082  Clr scrw vial,slit PTFE/Si Septa, 100/PK
5190-1498  Syringe, 25 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
5190-1549  Needle, luer lok 23/50/side hole 3/pk
5190-6952  Inert Union SS 1/16 inch
8003-0481  Neb. sample connector 0.5mm PTFE, NexION
8005-0835  CL compression screws ferrules 5pk WAT
8500-5963  Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon stand
8710-0004  Pliers, long nose
CP803205  FS, Ultimate Plus Deact 0.32mm x 5m
G1833-65430  Clamps for spray chamber (2/pk)
G4513-80220  Syringe,10ul FN PTFE tip 23/42/HP
UCA100X  Frit,SS,.094in.x.062inx.250in,2um,10/pk
01080-68702  Isocratic and gradient test sample
1610074200  Block Bead Adjr, Plated,Tapped + Reamed
19251-80680  Ferrule install tool
19301-60660  FID flow measuring insert
5067-1570  SST Capillary 230 x 0.17 mm m/m p-s/p-s
5067-1571  SST Capillary 320 x 0.17 mm m/m p-s/p-s
5067-4604  SST Capillary 280x0.12mm ps/ps 1lg 1shnu
5067-4607  SST Capillary 280x0.17mm ps/ps 2long nut
5067-4608  SST-Capill. 280x0.17mm ps/ps 1lg 1sh nu
AS5001180  Inlet filter,for 212 pump,1/pk
G1312-87303  SST Capillary 400x0.17 mm, m/m, ps/ps
G1312-87305  SST Capillary 150x0.17mm, m/m, ps/ps
G1312-87306  SST Capillary 105x0.17mm, m/m, ps/ps
G1315-87303  SST Capillary 150x0.17mm,m/f,ns
G1316-87312  SST Capillary 50 x 0.12 mm, m/f, ns
G1316-87313  SST Capillary 70 x 0.12 mm, m/f, ns
G1316-87314  SST Capillary 90 x 0.12 mm, m/f, ns
G1316-87315  SST Capillary 130 x 0.12mm, m/f, n-s
G1316-87316  SST Capillary 170x0.12 mm, m/m, n-s/n-s
G1316-87317  SST Capillary 210x0.12 mm, m/m, n-s/n-s
G1316-87318  SST Capillary 300x0.12 mm, m/m, n-s/n-s
G1316-87319  SST Capillary 340x0.12 mm, m/m, n-s/n-s
G1316-87321  SST Capillary 105x0.17mm, m/m, n-s/n-s
G1316-87323  SST Capillary 170x0.17mm, m/m, n-s/n-s
G1316-87327  SST Capillary 170x0.12 mm, m/f, n-s
G1316-87328  SST Capillary 210x0.12mm, m/m, ps/ns 0.8
G1367-87302  Seat capillary 0.17x 100mm, 0.8 mm od
G1367-87303  Seat capillary 0.12 x 100 mm, 0.8 mm od
G1367-87304  SST Capillary 250x 0.17mm,m/m,ps/ps
G1377-87301  SST capillary, 0.25mm id, 13cm long
G1820-65105  PFA sample tubing, 0.5mm id,1.6mm od,5m
G3138-65129  Plug for Cross Joint, 3pcs.
G4556-60019  7697A Tray Rack
G8494-60004  Mounting clamp AVS 4/6/7 Switching Valve
0101-0378  LOOP, 50 UL
12131001  Adapters-1, 3 and 6ml, 15/pk
5042-6500  Double winged 2 pc fitting 1/16in, 10/Pk
5181-1273  Syringe, 5ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP
5181-3356  Syringe 10ul, RN, GT, 23/26ga.
5182-0556  AsmKit AmbWrtVial Grn PTFE/Si/PTFE 100pk
5183-4479  Hdspc Al crmp cap, PTFE/btyl, 20mm,100PK
5190-1504  Syringe, 50 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
5190-1505  Syringe, 50 uL PTFE RN LC tip
5190-1539  Syringe, 5 mL, PTFE, fixed Luer lock
8003-0657  0.7 mm o.d. Pt/lr capillary nipple
8003-0834  O-Ring, Hi-Sens. Nebulizer w/Pt/Ir Capil
8004-0156  Liner UI split straight 4mm 5pk V-B
815-0616  Tubing PTFE 3/32 in x 5/32 in od, /feet
BACR  Refill, Big Hydrocarbon Trap, 1500cc
CP6575  UltiMetal Plus Guard Column 2m x 0.25mm
MSR-1  Economy Moisture Trap Refill, 1pt
R000456165  Column End Piece, 10mm
79880-22711  Holmium Oxide filter
G1312-67301  Capillary, damper to purge valve
G1820-65478  PFA sample tubing, 0.3mm od,1.6mm od,3m
G1820-65533  Ferrule + O-ring kit for carrier gas 1/p
G6500-88005  Injection unit tension cord black, 280mm
G6500-88014  Tension Cord, for GC/HTC Needle Guide
G7167-87307  Loop Extension 500 ul
0100-1328  Ferrule 1/8 Vespel 10/PK
0101-0379  LOOP, 100 UL
12131007  Reservoir-1ml Capacity, 100/pk
5067-4738  1200Bar removable long fitting
5067-4739  1200Bar removable extra long fitting
5067-4741  Bio-inert union, 600 bar
5188-6464  Loop,1000 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5190-1522  Syringe, 500 uL,FN, LC tip
5190-7002  NCD checkout standard 1 x 1.5mL
5190-8731  Aluminum 1000 ug/g Al in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8732  Aluminum 5000 ug/g Al in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8733  Antimony 1000 ug/g Sb in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8734  Antimony 5000 ug/g Sb in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8735  Arsenic 1000 ug/g As in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8736  Barium 1000 ug/g Ba in 75 cSt Oil 50 G
5190-8737  Barium 5000 ug/g Ba in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8738  Beryllium 1000 ug/g Be in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8739  Bismuth 1000 ug/g Bi in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8740  Boron 1000 ug/g B in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8741  Boron 5000 ug/g B in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8742  Cadmium 1000 ug/g Cd in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8743  Cadmium 5000 ug/g Cd in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8744  Calcium 1000 ug/g Ca in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8745  Calcium 5000 ug/g Ca in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8746  Cerium 1000 ug/g Ce in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8747  Cerium 5000 ug/g Ce in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8748  Chromium 1000 ug/g Cr in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8749  Chromium 5000 ug/g Cr in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8750  Cobalt 1000 ug/g Co in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8751  Cobalt 5000 ug/g Co in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8752  Copper 1000 ug/g Cu in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8753  Copper 5000 ug/g Cu in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8754  Iron 1000 ug/g Fe in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8755  Iron 5000 ug/g Fe in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8756  Lanthanum 1000 ug/g La in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8757  Lanthanum 5000 ug/g La in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8758  Lead 1000 ug/g Pb in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8759  Lead 5000 ug/g Pb in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8760  Lithium 1000 ug/g Li in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8761  Lithium 5000 ug/g Li in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8762  Magnesium 1000 ug/g Mg in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8763  Magnesium 5000 ug/g Mg in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8764  Manganese 1000 ug/g Mn in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8765  Manganese 5000 ug/g Mn in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8766  Mercury 1000 ug/g Hg in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8767  Molybdenum 1000ug/g Mo in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8768  Molybdenum 5000ug/g Mo in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8769  Nickel 1000 ug/g Ni in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8770  Nickel 5000 ug/g Ni in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8771  Phosphorus 1000 ug/g P in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8772  Phosphorus 5000 ug/g P in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8773  Potassium 1000 ug/g K in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8774  Potassium 5000 ug/g K in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8776  Selenium 1000 ug/g Se in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8777  Silicon 1000 ug/g Si in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8778  Silicon 5000 ug/g Si in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8779  Silver 1000 ug/g Ag in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8780  Silver 5000 ug/g Ag in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8781  Sodium 1000 ug/g Na in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8782  Sodium 5000 ug/g Na in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8783  Strontium 1000 ug/g Sr in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8784  Sulfur 1000 ug/g S in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8785  Sulfur 5000 ug/g S in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8786  Thallium 1000 ug/g Tl in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8787  Tin 1000 ug/g Sn in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8788  Tin 5000 ug/g Sn in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8789  Titanium 1000 ug/g Ti in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8790  Titanium 5000 ug/g Ti in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8791  Tungsten 1000 ug/g W in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8792  Tungsten 5000 ug/g W in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8793  Vanadium 1000 ug/g V in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8794  Vanadium 5000 ug/g V in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8795  Yttrium 1000 ug/g Y in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8796  Yttrium 5000 ug/g Y in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8797  Zinc 1000 ug/g Zn in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8798  Zinc 5000 ug/g Zn in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8799  Zirconium 1000 ug/g Zr in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5190-8800  Zirconium 5000 ug/g Zr in 75 cSt Oil 50g
5500-1202  Capillary SST 0.12x500mm M4-SL
5500-1203  Capillary SST 0.12x280mm M4-SL
5500-1204  Capillary SST 0.12x150mm M4-M4
5500-1272  Capillary SST 0.12x800mm M4-SL
5500-1286  Capillary ST 0.12x340 SL/M
6040-0834  Rough pump fluid, Inland 45, 1.06 qt
8720-0025  WRENCH, 1/2 9/16
9301-0722  12mm Plastic vial rack, 5/PK
CR213200  Ferls,40pct grph/60pct vspl,1/8in,10/pk
G1544-80700  Liner, Direct Connect, dual taper
G1544-80730  Direct Connect Liner, single tapr, deact
G1820-65520  O-rings for Conc. Neb., org. solvent 4/p
G3440-60310  Inert SST 0.031in ID 1000mm PPIP Carrier
RE6000282RD  RheFlex One-Piece Fingertight, PEEK (10
18789-80070  Jet, Adapt, wide bore packed, 0.76mm ID
19243-80550  Jumper, weldment
325-185-HSP  Union Tee, Stainless Steel
393010920  QUAD-RING,XFERLINE TO MAN.,1.925 ID
5062-8530  Cut-off filter 295 nm for 1046A/G1321A
5067-4650  Capillary ST 0.12x150 SL/SX
5067-4651  Capillary ST 0.12x280 SL/SX
5067-4652  SST cap. 0.12mm ID 120mm pre-swaged
5067-4653  Capillary ST 0.12x200 SX/S
5067-4659  Capillary ST 0.12x340 S/S
5067-5416  Capillary ST 0.17x120mm SL/S
800-2024  Socket Somo 655 Replacement Mount
9910077600  Pump bands for SIPS 10/20, 10/pk
G1311-67304  LC Pump PTFE connecting tube
G1312-87304  SST Capillary 700x0.17mm, m/m, ps/ps
G1316-87306  SST Capillary 75x0.12mm, m/m, ns/ns 0.8
G1316-87309  SST Capillary 500x0.12 mm, m/m, ps/ns
G1316-87326  SST Capillary 75x0.12mm, f/m, ns 0.8
G2258-87301  Capillary inj valve to preparative head
G2260-87301  Capillary pump to sampler,SST40cm,0.50mm
G4513-20561  Mounting post for 7693 and 7650 ALS
0100-1327  Ferrule, 1/4 vespel 10/PK
102082  Bond Elut-Certify, 300Mg 6ml, 30/Pk
160-2205-5  FS,Deactivated -.200mm X 5m
3710049000  Peri pump tube 3 bridged grey/grey 12/pk
3710067900  Peri pump tubes, Solva, Blue/blue. 12/pk
3710068000  Peri pump tubes, Solva, or/green. 12/pk
3710069300  Pump tube Solva 3 bridge ylw/ylw 12/pk
5062-3507  Ferrule, 0.3mm VG cond 0.1 col lng 10/PK
8002-0404  Syringe 2.5mL RN PTFE no needle 1pk TMO
8005-0540  Sealwsh plngr sl 2690/95/2790/95 2pk WAT
8010-0353  Syringe 5ul FN 26/50/cone
9910075900  Peri pump tubes for SIPS 10/20, 6/pk
A5206011  Focus Versaplate Tube 10Mg, 24/Pk
G3440-60236  Inert Tube 1/16 inch 0.038 inch x 975mm
G8010-80036  UniFit drain connector, 2.0mm od, 3/pk
R007000102  Piston Body SS, F/ Mix
19245-20780  530um Insert-aluminum clad, 4-rings
5188-5347  OFN NCI Checkout standard 100 fg/uL
5188-5348  OFN EI Checkout standard 1 pg/uL
5188-5357  PFHT - HighMass Checkout Sample
8500-4328  Headspace Evaluation Sample
9910026500  O-ring/gasket kit, Mark VI spray chamber
9910057200  ICP sample compartment O-ring kit, 1/pk
G1531-80620  Jet,Cap Optimized, high temp,0.47mm ID
G1982-85002  Chip Cube High Mass Solvent (FC-70)
G2260-87300  Capillary sampler to column, SST
G8000-64112  Pre-optic window for 4100/4200 MP-AES
G8010-60227  Clamp, ball joint, inert torch 5100 ICP
12213020  BONDESIL-NH2, 40UM, 10GM
12213038  BONDESIL-SCX, 40UM, 10GM
1400-3166  Ring stand mounting bracket
5062-3508  Ferrule, 0.4mm VG cond .25 col lng 10/PK
5064-8015  Peri pump tube Tygon 2-stop org/blu 12/p
5183-4480  Hdspc Al sfty crmpcp,PTFEbtyl,20mm,100PK
5190-1511  Syringe, 100 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
5190-1518  Syringe, 250 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
5190-1536  Syringe, 5 mL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
5982-1082  C8 Octyl SPE Bulk Sorbent, 25g bottle
5982-1182  C18 ODS SPE Bulk Sorbent, 25g bottle
5982-1382  C18 Endcapped SPE Bulk Sorbent, 25g btl
5982-1882  Amino (NH2) SPE Bulk Sorbent, 25g bottle
8003-0385  Purge window DV axl, 3/4/5/7x00 DV/8300
8003-0695  Tubing assy, PTFE, 1.75mm ID, 250mm, BLK
8003-0696  Tubing assy, PTFE, 1.75mm ID, 450mm, BLK
8004-0104  Liner splt straight wool 4mm 5pk V-B
8010-0245  CL Long Life inlet septa 17mm 24pk
8010-0425  2mL scrw vialkit pre-slt PTFE/sil 100/pk
8010-0456  Plunger 250uL 8010-0446 10pk CTC
820345-001  Fitting,Guard Exit,High Pressure
CP23081  ChromSep Housing SS 10 cm
CP23083  ChromSep Housing SS 15 cm
CP28241  Rings + Screens 2 Set Of 10
CP28252  Rings + Screens 20 Set Of 10
G4513-80225  Needles Replacement 23-26s/42/HP 3/pk
G8485-60516  Carrier/Rinse Tubing 350mm, SVS2 Plus
G8485-60517  Internal Std. Tubing 350mm, SVS2 Plus
G8485-60520  Bubble Injector Tubing 220mm, SVS2 Plus
19244-80560  Jet, Adaptable, capillary, 0.29mm ID
19362-60535  Mass flow cntrlr restrictor 0-110cc/min
5190-0530  Cell cleaning sol for UV/VIS 1L
G1312-67300  Capillary Outlet ball valve to piston 2
G1312-67305  SST connecting capillary,60cm, 0.17mm
G1313-87201  Needle, G1313A Autosampler
G1329-87300  SST capillary 90cm, 0.17mm id, 1/16 fitt
G7120-60007  Bottle Head Assembly
0101-1252  Sample loop, SS, 200ul (7125/7010)
12132004  Anhydrous Sodium sulf, 15gm, 16/PK
12256018  Mega BE-SI, 2gm 12ml, 20/pk
3710026390  Tubing VGA-76/77, GLS to abs. cell, 1/pk
5181-8813  Syringe 10ul, RN, GT, 23ga.
5182-0834  Syringe, 5ul, RN, 23 ga. pt.HP
5188-6597  Replacement Kit Standard WashStation,CTC
5190-1463  Syringe, 1.0 uL, RN, 26 g, cone tip
5190-1541  Syringe, 10 mL, PTFE, FN, bevel tip
8010-0252  CL Gray inlet septa 9.5mm 100pk
8010-0254  CL Gray inlet septa 10mm 100pk
8010-0256  CL Gray inlet septa 11mm 100pk
8010-0258  CL Gray inlet septa 11.5mm 100pk
8010-0260  CL Gray inlet septa 12.7mm 100pk
G3286-80118  Drain tubing/connector kit, ASX-500, 1/p
G4513-80213  Syringe, 5ul straight, FN 23/42/HP
G4513-80214  Needle 0.32mm on-column,5ul syringe 3/pk
G4513-80217  Needle 0.25mm on-column,5ul syringe 3/pk
G4513-80226  Syringe, 5ul straight, FN 26s/42/HP
19231-20910  Ignitor castle for FID
19245-20580  Inserts, COC for 530um columns, no rings
5001-3702  Column holder for u-LC columns
5067-4746  Capillary ST 0.12x250 SLV/M
5190-0482  ASTM D6591-06 IP 548 Calib Std Kit 4x1ml
5190-2235  Antifoam agent, Antifoam 1520, 10 mL
79835-65213  Replacement sieve for check valve crtrdg
79846-87201  Needle insert, 25 ul
G1313-87304  Capillary, 18cm, .12mm id 1/16 male/male
G1315-87307  SST Capillary 500x0.12mm, m/m, ps/ns
G1316-27301  SST Capillary 100x0.12mm, m/m, ns/ns 0.8
G1316-87303  Capillary connect.capillary, 7cm, 0.12mm
G1328-87600  SST Capillary, 500 x 0.17mm
G1375-87400  SST capillary 280x0.17mm, 1/16in fitting
0100-0124  Union SS 1/16inch tubing
0101-0666  Sample loop ,100ul
05980-60051  Cloth, lint free 15/PK
160-2455-5  FS,Deactivated -.450mm X 5m
5042-6461  PEEK tubing OD/ID 1.6/0.13mm, length 5
5062-8578  500ml Ultra pure water for CE
5065-9926  Flex capillary, 0.5x800 mm no fittings
5182-9622  Syringe 1ul, RN, 23ga. pt.2
5184-3552  Vial,MicroV,snap,1.5ml,clr,100PK
5190-1457  Syringe, 10 ml, PTFE, fixed Luer lock
5190-1512  Syringe, 100 uL, PTFE, RN, LC tip
5190-1526  Syringe, 500 uL PTFE RN LC tip
5190-6194  Column nut,Self Tightening Inlet/Detect
5190-6993  1/8in UltiMetal Plus Union
5190-6994  1/4in UltiMetal Plus Union
5500-1201  Capillary SST 0.12x105mm SL
5500-1205  Capillary ST 0.075mm x 500mm long socket
8003-0506  CTFE union for PFA-ST nebulizer
8003-0682  Peri-Pump Tubing, 3-Stop 0.76mm BLK/BLK
8003-0683  Peri-Pump Tubing, 3-Stop 1.14 mm RED/RED
8003-0684  Peri-Pump Tubing, 3-Stop 1.52 mm YEL/BLU
8003-0685  Peri-Pump Tubing,3-Stop 2.06mm VIO/VIO
8003-0686  Peri-Pump Tubing,3-Stop 3.18mm BLK/WHT
8003-0687  Peri-Pump Tbg, f/Solv,3-Stop, 1.14mm W/W
8003-0700  Tubing silicone, FIMS cell exhaust, 1m
8010-0424  20mm crimp cap,small 5mm opng 100/pk
820311-001  End fitting,Rapid Res cart col
99689301  Gas Sampling Bag, 1 L
CP6576  UltiMetal Plus Guard Column 2m x 0.53mm
RDT-1023  Cartridges,SplitVentTrap(3)
RE6000282  RheFlex 1-Piece Fingertight, PEEK -10/pk
RE6000282MC  Fitting, RheFlex, 1-pc, PEEK, 10/pk
RF0112T-50  Tubing ,red OD 1/32 in, V2P2, 70 in
UCF300X  Fitting, PEEK nut+ferrule, 10/pk
01090-87305  Cap.tubing w/fittings, 1/16 to 1/16in M.
110374300  Assembly cable extension accessory, 1/p
19234-60720  Insulation cup
5022-2175  Piston seal, 2mm
G1313-87305  Capillary, 0.17x180mm 1/16 in male/male
G1313-87307  Seat capillary, 0.5ml, 0.5mm id
G1946-85020  Delay Calibrant
G3280-20663  Tubing for reaction cell gas, 1/pk
G8010-60345  Detachable sample line 1/16in od OneNeb2
12256014  Mega BE-Fl, 1gm 6ml, 30/pk
160-2615-5  FS,Deactivated -.180mm X 5m
5042-6470  Round bottom glass vial, 30x48mm, 100/PK
5061-3349  Micro-Vial Tray
5063-6519  Filter elements for 2,3mm Cartridge 10PK
5063-6574  Filter elements for 4mm cartridges 10PK
5182-0835  Syringe, 5ul tapered, RN, 23-26s/42/HP
5183-4759  Septa Non-Stick Adv Green 11mm 50pk
5183-4760  Septa Advanced Green Inlet 5mm 50PK
5184-3550  Vial,MicroV,screw,1.5ml,clr,100PK
5184-3551  Vial,MicroV,crimp,1.5ml,clr,100PK
5190-1520  Syringe, 250 uL PTFE RN LC tip
5190-1525  Syringe, 500 uL PTFE RN bevel tip
5190-8207  Strontium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8209  Sulfur, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8217  Thallium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8221  Tin, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8228  Vanadium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8234  Zinc, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8352  Aluminum 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8354  Antimony 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8358  Barium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8360  Beryllium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8362  Bismuth, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8364  Boron, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8366  Cadmium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8368  Calcium, 10,000 ug/ml,100ml
5190-8370  Cerium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8372  Cesium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8374  Chromium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8376  Cobalt, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8378  Copper, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8402  Iron, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8406  Lead, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8408  Lithium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8412  Magnesium, 10,000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8414  Manganese, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8416  Mercury, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8418  Molybdenum, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8422  Nickel, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8428  Phosphorus, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8432  Potassium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8448  Selenium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8452  Silver, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8454  Sodium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
6610018800  Rect cell disposable 10mm 3.5mL 500/pk
8003-0835  O-Ring, Hi-Sens. Nebulizer w/Ta Capilary
8010-0201  CL Adv Green inlet septa 9mm 50pk
8010-0203  CL Adv Green inlet septa 9.5mm 50pk
8010-0205  CL Adv Green inlet septa 10mm 50pk
8010-0207  CL Adv Green inlet septa 11mm 50pk
8010-0209  CL Adv Green inlet septa 11.5mm 50pk
8010-0212  CL Adv Green inlet septa 12.7mm 48pk
8010-0215  CL Adv Green inlet septa SHM Plug 50pk
8010-0217  CL BTO inlet septa 9mm 50pk
8010-0219  CL BTO inlet septa 9.5mm 50pk
8010-0221  CL BTO inlet septa 10mm 50pk
8010-0223  CL BTO inlet septa 11mm 50pk
8010-0225  CL BTO inlet septa 11.5mm 50pk
8010-0228  CL BTO inlet septa 12.7mm 48pk
8010-0443  Syrnge FN 1.0 mL FN PTFE 22/51/3 1pk CTC
G4513-80206  Syringe, 5 ul, FN 23-26s/42/HP
G4513-80219  Syringe,10 ul PTFE tip RN 23/42/HP
G4513-80233  Syringe, 10 ul,PTFE tip,RN, 23-26s/42/HP
G4513-80235  Syringe,10 ul PTFE tip RN 23/42/HP
G8010-60189  Spare filter,dusty env. air inlet 5100
5067-4647  Capillary ST 0.12x340 S/SX
5067-4669  Capillary ST 0.12x600 S/SL
5067-4670  SST cap. 0.17mm ID 600mm pre-swaged
9910081400  O-ring kit for ICP Argon Saturation Accy
G1530-60570  Cable Assembly, 6890A to 3396
G1530-60600  Cable, RS232, 9F/9F
G1530-60930  Cable, GC Remote, 9M/9M
G7120-60017  Bottle Head ay UCT long
G8003-20011  Ball Joint Adaptor, MP-AES Inert Torch
12131043  Frits-140ml, 1.514(Thick), 20um, 50/Pk
5061-3303  Fitting, male SS 1/16in, 10/Pk
5062-8575  250ml 0.1N NaoH Solution
5063-6546  Rectangular cell OG 1mm 350uL open. 1/pk
5067-5108  SST Capillary 340x0.17mm ps-ns SW M4
5183-4314  Strg Vial Kit,40mL,28x95 Clear,24-414Cap
5190-1465  Syringe, 1.0 uL RN 23 g bevel tip
5190-2278  MS Analyzed Kit Clr Scrw WriteOn PTFE/Si
6040-1361  Oil for Vacuum-Pumps 1-Liter-bottle Petr
8001-0004  Syringe 10ul RN 23/42/cone SHM
8001-0522  GFP plungr seal LC20AT/SIL10ADvp 1pk SHM
8001-0527  PE Plngr seal LC-7A/10AS/10AT/10ATvp SHM
8003-0546  Inj support adapter twist-type w/O-rings
8003-0645  Pump tubes AS-93/S10 rinse 2.79mm id 6/p
8003-0658  Nipples- connect tubes to preconcen acc.
8500-5995  GC/MS tuning standard, DFTPP
BMSR-1  Refill, Big H2O Trap, 1500cc
0100-2703  Gas connector, dilution gas port, 7900
35900-60640  CABLE, PINS SIGNAL
5023-2471  Vial Rack 5x8 2ml
5190-0483  ASTM D6591-06 System Calib Std Kit 5x1ml
CP742210  Duo Bed Pencil Filter With Ferrules
G1379-67310  u-Vacuum degasser tubing kit
G1531-20690  FID Collector body
G3154-90011  As Speciation Analysis Handbook
G3154-96011  As Speciation Analysis Handbook (JP)
G3158-65008  Alignment Boss GC-ICP-MS
G3158-90021  GC Interface Manual
G3160-90021  Integrated Autosampler (I-AS) Manual
G3160-96021  Integrated Autosampler (I-AS) Manl (JP)
G3286-90013  ASX-500 Series Autosampler Manual
G3286-96013  ASX-500 Series Autosampler Manual(JP)
G7200-90211  MassHunter User Guide (English)
G7200-92211  MassHunter User Guide (German)
G7200-93211  MassHunter User Guide (French)
G7200-94211  MassHunter User Guide (Italian)
G7200-95211  MassHunter User Guide (Spanish)
G7200-96211  MassHunter User Guide (Japanese)
G7200-97211  MassHunter User Guide (Chinese)
G7201-90205  MassHunter WS (7700) User Guide-English
G7201-90302  MassHunter WS (8800) User Guide-English
G7201-96205  MassHunter WS (7700) User Guide-Japanese
G7201-96302  MassHunter WS (8800) User Guide-Japanese
G7206-90000  MassHunter Intelligent Seq SW manual
G7206-96000  MassHunter Intelligent Seq SW Manl (JP)
G7207-90000  MassHunter WS User Access Control Pack
G7207-96000  MassHunter WS User Access Control Pk-JP
160-2535-5  FS,Deactivated -.530mm X 5m
5080-8858  Test Std, HP-1/HP-5,Ultra1+2, Capillary
5185-5775  Coll. plate spacer f/deep well, 12mm
5190-1426  PTV Liner,Sintered Glass, Deactivated
5190-1464  Syringe, 1.0 uL, RN, 23 g, cone tip
8003-0566  Cassette lens shadow stop
8010-0262  CL Gray inlet septa 17mm 100pk
8010-0264  CL Gray inlet septa SHM Plug 100pk
A4080  Nut+Fer, Parker Type,1/16 100
AL35720  Tubg,PEEK,1/16 in.x0.005in., 10 ft, 1/p
CP23087  ChromSep Housing SS 25 cm
CP8003  fs tubing Deactivated 5m x0.53mm on 7in
CP8186  Guard Column MSD Deactivated 5m x 0.53mm
0905-1717  Metering device Seal PE 1290 LC Sampler
5067-4656  SST cap valve to press sensor 0.25x80mm
5067-4745  Capillary ST 0.12x500 SLV/M
5190-0591  ESI Negative Ion Performance Std
G1315-87305  SST connecting capillary for SST prep
G1361-67300  SS Capillary, 0.6x173 mm, 2 1/16in male
G1361-67301  SS Capillary, 0.6x175 mm, 2 1/16in male
G1361-67302  SS Capillary, 0.6x400 mm, 2 1/16in male
G1361-67303  SST Capillary, 0.5x160 mm, 2 1/16in male
G1361-67304  SS capillary, 0.6x111 mm, 1/16in male
G1361-67305  SS capillary, 0.6x40 mm, 1/16in male
G1361-67306  SS capillary, 0.6x367 mm, 1/16in male
G1833-65089  Tubing for reaction gas, 2/pk
G2933-85001  Sulfur Chemiluminescence test sample
G7129-60400  Sample Loop 40ul
0100-2144  1/8inch Ball Valve
0100-2175  Rheflex fittings, PEEK, color 10/PK
12131008  Reservoir-3ml Capacity, 100/pk
5063-6551  Rectangular cell OG 20mm 7mL open. 1/pk
5133001  Disposable Waste Tray, 25/Pk
5185-5781  Coll. plate spacer,microtiter plate,29mm
5190-9090  Test tubes, 30 x 150 mm - 78 mL, 100/pk
520518-904  Agilent HC-C18(2) Grd, 4.6x12.5mm,2pk
520518-905  Agilent TC-C18(2) Grd, 4.6x12.5mm,2pk
8002-0502  Piston seal RP U3000 RS/SD pumps 2pk TMO
8004-0107  Liner direct straight 1.2mm 5pk V-B
8004-0154  Liner UI splt strght wool 4mm 5pk V-B
8005-0837  SS Compression screw 1/16in 10pk WAT
G3286-80117  Rinse/drain tubing hook up kit,ASX-500
0905-1719  Pump seal PE 1290 Infinity LC, 1/PK
19244-80610  FID/NPD adapter for capillary column
35900-60630  Cable,Gen Pur Signal
5067-4657  SST Cap. pump to sampler .17x300mm
5067-4658  SST Cap. pump to samplier .17x450mm
5067-4744  Capillary ST 0.12x340 SLV/M
89075-23800  MCT Adjustment Tool
G1361-67500  SST capillary, 0.6x170, 2x1/16in male
G1947-20029  Corona Needle APCI, 1 each
G3160-80041  Needle holder for I-AS
G4208-68700  USB Memory Stick for G4208A,
MKI-UTD-5064  Cold Trap Alignment Tool,Markes Unity
SPECAC04090  Polishing kit lapping paper, 5/pk
1535-4863  Frit, scal spredder 7.5mm PK
210131490  Assy capillary solenoid psd spare, 1/pk
5023-2254  Capillary ST 1000 X 0.12 S/S
5043-1217  A-Line safe cap GL45 1 port 1 vent vlv
5061-3361  10 SST caps 10cm x .17mm id
5062-8541  Fingertight fittings, long 1/16 in 10/PK
5062-8577  250ml 0.1N Phosphoric Acid Solution
5064-8209  Basic Anion Buffer for CE
5181-3317  Glass wool pesticide, 10gm
5184-3556  Vial,MicroV,snap,1.5ml,ambr,100PK
5188-6538  Vial,HS,screw,10ml,ambr,100PK
5190-8775  Scandium 1000 ug/g Sc in 75 cSt Oil 50g
8003-0216  Ferrule 0.5mm 2h Gph/Vsp 0.32col 10pk PE
8003-0395  Burner Gasket Kit (oring, end cap)
8003-0423  Insertion tool for Lvov platforms
8003-0646  Pump tubes AS-93/S10 rinse 1.14mm id 6/p
8004-0213  Ferrule 0.425mm 2h G/V 0.25col 10pk V-B
8004-0215  Ferrule 0.5mm 2h Gp/Vsp 0.32col 10pk V-B
8010-0312  Ferrule 0.4mm 2hole Gph/Vsp 0.25col 10pk
8500-6946  Indium Internal Standard Stock Solution
ACR  Refill, Hydrocarbon Trap, 1pt
G3440-80217  Column install pre-swaging tool,graphite
G3440-80218  Column install pre-swaging tool, metal
PL2071-2001  PEG nominal Mp 238 1g
PL2071-3001  PEG nominal Mp 282 1g
UCLT100X  Ferrules,for tubing 1/16 in. OD,10/pk
01100-68700  Compact Flash Card- G1315C/65C,G3100AA
5067-1572  SST Capillary 150x0.17mm,m/f pre-swaged
5067-4605  SST Capill. 280x0.12mm ps-ns 2lg 1sh nu
5067-4606  SST Capill. 400x0.12mm ps-ns 2lg 1sh nu
5067-4609  SSTCapillary 500x0.17mm ps-ns 2lg 1sh nu
6810008700  Filter drierite - small
6910013600  O-ring 3/16 in id x 5/16 in od x 1/16 in
79883-22404  Window Screw, SST
G1176-60541  Split vent trap for the 6820
G1312-87300  Absorber-Capillary 500uL volume
G1316-87304  SST Capillary 130x0.12mm, m/f, ns 0.8
G1316-87305  SST Capillary 340x0.12mm, m/m, ps/ns 0.8
G1375-87325  Fused silica/PEEK capillary, 50um 10cm
G4220-60017  Bottle Head Assembly Ultra Clean Tubing
G7129-60300  Sample Loop 20ul
PL0890-0640  ELSD air adapter kit G4260B/G4261B ELSD
0101-0301  Sample loop 5cc volume
391708450  Reducer nut,1/8 in.,10/pk
5067-5104  Capillary ST 0.12x150 SV/M
5183-4323  Strg Vial Kit,22mL,23x85 Amber,20-400Cap
5183-4709  Liner,direct,1.5mmID,non-deactivated 5PK
5190-5233  Column Nut, Self Tightening MSD
5190-8342  AA Matrix Modifier, Amm Phos/Mg, 250ml
8005-0535  Plunger seal kit 2690/95/2790/95 2pk WAT
8005-0541  Plunger seal blk 2690/95/2790/95 2pk WAT
8010-0233  CL Long Life inlet septa 9mm 50pk
8010-0239  CL Long Life inlet septa 11mm 50pk
8010-0241  CL Long Life inlet septa 11.5mm 50pk
8010-0358  Syringe 10ul FN 26/50/bevel CTC
8010-0444  Syringe 2.5mL FN PTFE 22/51/3 1pk CTC
8010-0446  Syringe 100uL FN PTFE 22/51/3 1pk CTC
8010-0467  Syringe 250uL FN PTFE 22/51/3 1pk CTC
A4051  Fingertight Peek 1 Piece Ftng 10/Pk
G1820-65016  Drain Tank (with PVC connector,1 liter)
G4513-80239  Needle/plunger replacement kit 1ul auto
G4513-80240  Needle/plunger replacemt kit 0.5 ul auto
G8000-64142  Nebulizer gas connector for MP-AES
HCRMS  Refill, Hydrocarbon-H2O Trap ,1pt
0100-0089  1/4inch Union Tee, SST
0101-1251  Sample loop, SS, 500ul (7125/7010)
110677500  Neutral density attenuator 1.5 Abs. 1/pk
12102052T  Bond Elut-C18, 500Mg 6ml Tabless, 30/Pk
19256-80045  Heat Shield Gasket, Perfuoroelastomer
5067-4648  SST cap. 0.17mm ID 700mm pre-swaged
5067-4655  SST cap channel to valve 0.25x250mm
5067-6131  Bottle Head Seal Wash Kit
5080-8752  Fittings, 1/4in Brass, 20/Pk
5183-4324  Strg Vial Kit,40mL,28x95 Amber,24-414Cap
5183-4757  Septa Non-Stick BTO Inlet 11mm 50 pk
5183-4758  Septa Bleed/Temp Optimzd Inlt 5mm 50PK
5184-3554  Vial,MicroV,screw,1.5ml,ambr,100PK
5184-3555  Vial,MicroV,crimp,1.5ml,ambr,100PK
5185-5789  Luer adaptors/96-well flexible cols 25/P
5188-5396  Liner,Helix open ended,deactivated
5982-9107  SPE Manifold Exit Valve Replacement Kit
8003-0327  Tip kit, GemTip Cross-Flow II-2/4/5/7x00
8003-0474  ICP-MS chiller coolant mix, 1L bottle
8500-6941  Mercury Calibration Standard
G1315-67305  Tube PTFE ESD 1_6-0_8
G1820-65515  Tubing for Drainage (4.0mm id, 2.5m)
G3160-65307  External rinse bottle 100mL, w/caps, 6/p
G3160-65315  2mL PE vials for I-AS Tray D, 200/pk
12102159  Bond Elut Fl, 500Mg, 6ml, 30/Pk
5182-0570  O-ring 6/PK
5190-3976  22mm Septa epa lowbleed fr Archon 60/pk
6610016400  Rectangular cell OG 50mm 17.5mL open 1/p
8010-0419  Chromatoprobe for Bruker sampler 100pk
8010-0442  Syringe 100uL FN PTFE 22s/51/3 1pk CTC
8500-6947  Cobalt Internal Standard Stock Solution
PL1310-0039  Column End Plugs (Pk Of 5) 1/8
UC1592  Adaptor kit,SS,tubg 1/8in.-1/16in.,1/pk
05921-80350  Spectrometer window replacement kit
1610114600  Baffle for Sturman Masters s/c, Ertalyte
5061-3378  Cable, Remote
5064-8016  PTFE sample tubing 0.8mm id, 1.6mm od 5m
5182-9763  Silver seal 5/PK
G8411-67002  Gas tubing kit for valve of ISIS 3
0101-1219  1ml sample loop, SS
160-2865-5  FS,Deactivated,Hi-Temp-.530mm X 5m
5190-8517  Scandium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
8003-0956  THGA Fltr Cartridge Fume Extractr qty50
8010-0130  Syringe, 10ul FN PTFE tip 23/57/C PAL3
8010-0164  Syringe, 10ul FN PTFE tip 26/57/C PAL3
CP6530  UM tubing methyl deactivated 2m x 0.53mm
CP6533  UM Tubing Methyl Deactivated 2m x 0.25mm
CP6535  UM tubing methyl deactivated 2m x 0.76mm
PL1310-0042  Frit(5um) Kit (Pk of 5) For Minimix
PL1412-2K00  PLRP-S 100A 50um 10g
PL1412-2K01  PLRP-S 300A 50um 10g
R000050107  Filters, repl, SS, 2um, 2/pk
RF0110T-60  Tubing, beige, OD 1/32 in, 60 in
5022-2188  Seal Prep Flange
79841-87609  Capillary tubing, 35mm, 0.12mm id.
79841-87610  Capillary 60 mm
79846-87605  Seat capillary, 0.12 mm id, 110 mm
G1375-87300  Seat Capillary, 50um, 150mm
G1375-87302  Fused silica/PEEK capillary 50um, 20cm
G1375-87309  Fused silica/PEEK capillary 50um, 28cm
G1375-87312  Fused silica/PEEK capillary 100um, 20cm
G1375-87316  Seat Capillary, 75um, 150mm
G1375-87317  Seat Capillary, 100 um, 150 mm
G1375-87320  Fused silica/Peek capillary, 25um 10cm
G1820-65345  Babington Nebulizer Removal Tool
G2258-87307  Drawing Tube Assy for flush solvent
G3138-65118  Nut for valve, ISIS, 6/pk
G3138-65139  Reducing Union Connector,6mm x 3mm,ISIS
G3280-67022  Carrier/Make-up/Dilution gas tubing
G5667-40500  Tool for needle adjustment
0101-1245  Sample loop, SS, 1ml
102054  Bond Elut-C8, 500Mg 6ml, 30/Pk
12102052  Bond Elut C18, 500mg 6ml, 30/pk
12102053  Bond Elut-C8, 500mg 6mL, 30/PK
12102082  Bond Elut Certify, 300mg 6ml, 30/pk
12102115  Bond Elut-C2, 500mg 6mL, 30/PK
12113010  Bond Elut 1cc LRC-SI, 100mg, 50/PK
12256145  Mega Bond Elut-Certify, 200mg 6mL, 30/P
14102052  HF Bond Elut-C18, 500mg 6ml, 30/pk
14102053  HF Bond Elut-C8, 500Mg 6ml, 30/Pk
14102082  HF Bond Elut-Certify, 300Mg 6ml, 30/Pk
5188-5311  O-ring for HTPTV Liner, Viton, 7.5mm od
5190-6896  LC/MS Methanol 1 liter
5190-8717  ASOLV ICP Solvent, 3785ml
8002-0604  Tfzl rtr seal ASI-100 7010/7000/7040 TMO
8003-0383  Purge extension window DV axl 2x/7/8000
8004-0157  Liner UI direct straight 1.2mm 5pk V-B
8010-0412  CL 10ml hdsp fl clr slcap PTFE/si 100/pk
8500-6782  20mM Borate buffer, pH9.3, 100ml
9301-1388  Vial,crimp,300ul,w/insrt,clr,100PK
CP23085  ChromSep Housing SS 20 cm
CP801505  FS, Ultimate Plus Deact 0.15mm x 5m
CP801805  FS, Ultimate Plus Deact 0.18mm x 5m
R38DG115SI  Pwr strip, 6-outlt,surge prot,6 ft, 1/p
0905-1731  Bio-inert wash seal
2820006000  FTG,Vacuum Seal
35900-60610  Cable 5890 signal
G1367-60301  SST cap valve to metering 0.17x160mm
G1607-20030  Gasket
G3280-60077  Tygon tubing (3m), for ICP-MS
G8010-68014  Spare pre-optic window ax,5100 ICP 1/pk
12131009  Reservoir-6ml Capacity, 100/pk
3150-0509  10 PTFE Filter membranes, 0.45um, 47 mm
5183-4691  Liner,split,straight,glasswool,non-deact
5188-6593  Vial,snap,300ul,w/insrt,clr,100PK
5982-1165  C18 ODS - Box, 30x 6 ml tubes, 500 mg
8002-0818  Flx SS cpilry 0.13x550mm UltiM3000RS TMO
8002-0820  Flx SS cpilry 0.13x250mm UltiM3000RS TMO
A8961007  Captiva 96Well Plate Cover, 10/pk
G3280-67116  O-ring B (perfluoro, od:3.8, 5/pk)
PL2012-5001  PS nominal Mp 2k 1g
PL2012-6001  PS nominal Mp 3k 1g
PL2012-7001  PS nominal Mp 5k 1g
PL2012-8001  PS nominal Mp 7k 1g
PL2012-9001  PS nominal Mp 10k 1g
PL2013-0001  PS nominal Mp 13k 1g
PL2013-1001  PS nominal Mp 20k 1g
PL2013-2001  PS nominal Mp 30k 1g
PL2013-3001  PS nominal Mp 50k 1g
PL2013-4001  PS nominal Mp 70k 1g
PL2013-5001  PS nominal Mp 100k 1g
1300530010  Tube, Tee to Pressure PCA
19231-20960  Collector Body
19256-60800  FPD Ignitor Replacement Kit
5023-2875  Fitting Adapter 10-32 F to 1/4-28 F SST
5061-3388  Spacer for 1mm cell (8453 + Cary UV) 1/p
5061-3389  Spacer for 2mm cell (8453 + Cary UV) 1/p
5061-3390  Spacer for 5mm cell (8453 + Cary UV) 1/p
5064-8021  PTFE Nut for 3 mm od tubing, 10/pk
5064-8023  PTFE nut for 1.6mm od tubing, ISIS. 10/p
989-0083  Lamp, 1/pk
G1534-40030  Insulator, NPD Lower
G3138-65138  Tubing for Gas Line,PTFE,3.0mm ID,5m
5180-4196  1/8in x .065in Copper Tubing,50 Ft Coil
5188-6537  Vial,HS,screw,20ml,ambr,100PK
8002-0921  Ferrule/fitting kit WPS-3000 6/pk TMO
8003-0328  Tip kit, GemTip Cross-Flow II -Opt.8x00
8004-0116  Liner splitlss straight wool 4mm 5pk V-B
8010-0423  20mm snap cap for 10 and 5mL sampl vials
8010-0445  Syrng 10uL FN PTFE 22s/51/3 Slim 1pk CTC
8710-1712  Wrench, 12 Adjustable
G8010-80042  Replacement Helix Seal ICP S/Chamber 4/P
PL2070-1001  PEG nominal Mp 106 1g
PL2070-2001  PEG nominal Mp 194 1g
PL2070-3001  PEG nominal Mp 400 1g
PL2070-4001  PEG nominal Mp 600 1g
PL2070-5001  PEG nominal Mp 1k 1g
PL2070-6001  PEG nominal Mp 1.5k 1g
PL2070-7001  PEG nominal Mp 4k 1g
PL2070-8001  PEG nominal Mp 7k 1g
PL2070-9001  PEG nominal Mp 10k 1g
PL2071-0001  PEG nominal Mp 13k 1g
PL2071-1001  PEG nominal Mp 20k 1g
VLSL10CUWUM  UltiMetal Sample Loop 10 ul for CUW vlv
VLSL20CUWUM  UltiMetal Sample Loop 20 ul for CUW vlv
VLSL50CUWUM  UltiMetal Sample Loop 50 ul for CUW vlvf
VLSL5CUWUM  UltiMetal Sample Loop 5 ul for CUW vlv
01090-60008  Solvent inlet filter
5041-2166  Peri pump tubes, Tygon 2.06mm id. 12/pk
5067-5941  Splitter-Capillary 0.05-ID L-500mm
5190-0473  GC/MS Semi-Vol Analyzer Checkout Mix
9910035200  Barrel nebulizer O-ring kit, 1/pk
G1833-65582  Fitting for drain tubing (10/pk)
G3138-65140  Reducing Union Connector,6mm x 4mm,ISIS
12113073  Bond Elut LRC-Si, 100Mg, 50/Pk
12256146  Mega Bond Elut-Certify, 130mg 6mL, 30/P
14113010  HF Bond Elut 1cc LRC-SI, 100mg, 50/PK
160-2610-10  FS,Undeactivated -.180mm X10m
160-2650-5  FS,Undeactivated -.050mm X 5m
5061-5806  Connecting ferrules 0.32mm-0.53mm 2/PK
5080-8750  Fittings 1/8inch Brass 20/PK
5180-4102  Nut, 1/16in stainless steel, 10/Pk
5182-0840  20ml Headspace supply kit high temp100PK
5183-0379  ECD Test Sample, Lindane
5188-6465  Loop,2000 ul,Cheminert Inject Valve
5188-6594  Vial,snap,300ul,w/insrt,ambr,100PK
5982-2232  Silica - Box, 50x 3 ml tubes, 200 mg
8001-0211  Ferrule 0.4mm Graphite 0.25 col 10pk SHM
8003-0838  End Cap Latch Assy for PinAAcle 900
CP4049  Tubing,SS 316,1/16in x 50mm,5m,1/pk
CP805305  FS, Ultimate Plus Deact 0.53mm x 5m
R000083947  Af85Dynamax Sealing Ring, 2/
19245-80521  PCOC septum nut, 7890 for 250/320um cols
5041-2184  Peri pump tubes, Tygon 1.3mm id. 12/pk
5041-2185  Peri pump tubes, Tygon 2.8mm id. 12/pk
8500-6812  Test Std, HP-1/HP-5 (Megabore)
G1312-68716  Bottle head assembly for F29/32 tapered
G1530-60560  Signal cable, general purpose, 6 pins
G4218-40010  Black plastic nut, 13mm dia-glassware
G4218-40011  Black plastic nut, 22mm dia-glassware
0101-0030  Soap Film Flow Meter 10ml
12102128  Bond Elut-Si, 100Mg 3ml, 50/Pk
12105027  Bond Elut-C18, 50mg 3mL, 50/PK
12234038  SPS 24 SS delivery needles, 25/PK
5062-8576  250ml 1N NaoH Solution
5067-4722  Capillary ST 0.17 x 280mm SL-SX ns-ns
5067-5110  Capillary ST 0.17x90 SV/M
5190-1475  Syringe, 5.0 uL, RN, 23 g, cone tip
5190-1529  Syringe, 1 mL PTFE RN bevel tip
5190-7001  Calibration blank solution 5pct HNO3
5982-1365  C18 Endcapped Box, 30x 6ml tubes, 500mg
8002-0407  Syringe 250uL PTFE Chem 1pk TMO
8003-0487  End Cap, Cross-Flow II GemClean Nebulizr
8004-0101  Liner spltless single taper 4mm 5pk V-B
8005-0514  Clear plungr seal 2690/2695(D) 2pk WAT
8010-0118  Syringe, 5ul FN 26/57/C PAL3
8010-0138  Syringe, 10ul FN 23/85/C PAL3
8010-0168  Syringe, 10ul FN 26/85/C PAL3
R007000054  MIXER FILTER, 2u, 10MM
05971-20134  Draw out plate
05971-60571  Perfluorotributylamine (PFTBA) GC/MS std
5067-4636  SST Capillary 0.12 mm x 50 mm flexible
5067-4637  SS-Capillary 30x0.12mm rigid wd ns 1sh
5067-4735  Capillary ST 0.12x130 SV/M
G1545-80530  PCOC 530um Septum Nut
G7167-87308  Loop Extension 900 ul
0101-1235  Sample loop, PEEK, 1ml
12143105  Empore SEALING TAPE PAD 660, 10/PK
5062-3580  Ferrule, 0.4mm VG 2hole 0.25 col 10/PK
5062-3581  Ferrule, 0.5mm VG 2hole 0.32 col 10/PK
5063-6556  Rectangular cell OG 10mm 3.5mL stop. 1/p
5183-4334  Strg Vial Kit,40mL,28x95Clear,24-414
5188-1181  Filter Extension, NW25X100mm
5188-6572  Vial,crimp,300ul,w/insrt,ambr,100PK
5188-6592  Vial,screw,300ul,w/insrt,ambr,100PK
5190-4000  40mL strg vial kit ambr opn cap 100/pk
5190-8335  AA Matrix Modifier, 0.1%Pd Nitrate 100ml
8002-0212  Ferrule 0.4mm M4nut Gph 0.25col 10pk TMO
8002-0213  Ferrule 0.5mm M4nut Gph 0.32col 10pk TMO
8002-0214  Ferrule 0.8mm M4nut Gph 0.53col 10pk TMO
8010-0354  Syringe 100ul PTFE tip FN 23/50/S-cone
8010-0360  Syringe 25ul FN 26/50/cone CTC
8010-0440  Syringe 10uL FN 22s/51/3 Slim 1pk CTC
8500-6936  Bismuth Internal Standard Stock Solution
PL2013-6001  PS nominal Mp 130k 1g
PL2013-7001  PS nominal Mp 200k 1g
PL2013-8001  PS nominal Mp 300k 1g
PL2013-9001  PS nominal Mp 500k 1g
PL2014-0001  PS nominal Mp 700k 1g
01090-87303  Seat Capillary 0.17 mm id 110 mm
0905-1194  Piston seal use w/buffered solvents 1pk
G1315-87319  DAD heat exchanger capillary 310 x0.17mm
G1315-87339  DAD heat exchanger capillary 310x0.12mm
G3280-40103  Sample tray for ICP-MS, 1/pk.
G3666-40104  Sample tray for 8900 Series ICP-MS, 1/pk
G8400-40113  Sample tray for 7900 Series ICP-MS, 1/pk
0100-0900  Union, 1/16in. SS zero dead volume
12256015  Mega BE-C18, 2gm 12ml, 20/pk
14102084  HF Bond Elut-Certify II, 500mg 6mL,30/P
160-2255-10  FS,Deactivated -.250mm X10m
160-4535-5  ProSteel,Deactivated -.530mm X 5m
210-3003-5  Liner, Splitless 4x6.3x78.5mm (5)
5183-1941  Cylinder wall bracket Esslab - Agilent Technologies with strap + chain for cylinder size up to 14, 35cm
5190-1524  Syringe, 500 uL RN bevel tip
5190-1533  Syringe, 2.5 mL PTFE RN bevel tip
5190-8211  Tantalum, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8213  Tellurium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8215  Terbium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8247  Arsenic, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8249  Barium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8253  Bismuth, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8255  Boron, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8328  Cadmium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8330  Calcium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8347  Cobalt, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8349  Copper, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8390  Germanium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8394  Hafnium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8420  Neodymium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8444  Samarium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8450  Silicon, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8469  Iridium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8472  Iron, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8476  Lead, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8478  Lithium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8482  Magnesium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8484  Manganese, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8486  Mercury, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8492  Nickel, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8500  Phosphorus, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8504  Potassium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8507  Rhenium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8513  Ruthenium, 1000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8520  Selenium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8524  Silver, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8526  Sodium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8528  Strontium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8530  Sulfur, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8538  Thallium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8552  Vanadium, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
5190-8558  Zinc, 1000 ug/ml, 500ml
8002-0102  Liner splitless straight 3mm 5pk TMO
8003-0456  O-ring kit, GemTip, Cross-Flow II
8004-0102  Liner spltls sngl tpr wool 4mm 5pk V-B
8004-0113  Liner splitless gooseneck 4mm 5pk V-B
8010-0413  20ml hdsp fl clr slcap PTFE/si 100/pk
9910064100  Kit thumbscrews, Cary 4/5/6000, 1/pk
CP959865  fs tubing methyl deact 10m x 0.25mm
CPLCLWSM-3S  Seal To Square Well Plate (96) 5/Pk
G1833-65571  Peri pump tube Tygon 3-stop red/org 12/p
PL1412-2K02  PLRP-S 1000A 50um 10g
2307833901  Bulkhead Fitting, Stainless Steel
5188-2790  Trap, Tenax (No.1)
G1820-65276  Sample tubing w/connector for Babington
G6600-80018  Spare Column Nut and Ferrule kit
MKI-SERUTD-5065  Split filter tube, charcoal, SS, 3.5 in
110744200  Loom LC,analog cable 325/335 assy,1/pk
190018207  Valco loop 200 uL with fittings
3710068100  Peri pump tube Solva or/grn flared, 6/pk
5067-5107  Capillary ST 0.12x280 SV/M
5185-5820  Blue screw caps,PTFE/red sil septa,500pk
8002-0211  Ferrule 0.3mm M4nut Gph 0.15col 10pk TMO
8004-0103  Liner recessd tpr wool 4 mm 5pk V-B
CP28246  ChromSep End Connector SS
G1946-80054  Capillary Cleaning
G6500-80122  Sample tray,CTC,for PAL stack
PL1310-0002  Frit kit, thrded col, 2um, 5/pk
PL1310-0005  Connector,LDVinter-col,SS,1/pk
PL1310-0012  Frit kit, thrded, 5uM, 5/pk
PL1310-0036  Frit, for threaded col, kit, 10 um, 5/p
5042-6476  Caffeine OQ/PV sample for dissol. test
5063-5263  Connector for end cap + carrier gas line
G1316-68706  Fitting holder assembly
G1833-65405  Interface wrench, sampling cone removal
110291390  Assembly, capillary rinse GTA, 1/pk
1535-4860  Loop, 5 ul 7020
5043-1218  A-Line safe cap GL45 2 ports 1 vent vlv
5182-0564  Clr cap w/PTFE/red si rubber septa,500pk
5183-4761  Septa Non-Stick Long Life 11mm 50pk
5183-4762  Septa Non-Stick Long Life 5mm 50PK
5185-5817  Gas Sampling Tubing 1/16in SS with Fttgs
5190-0464  Syringe, 0.5 uL, RN, 23 g, cone tip
5190-1460  Syringe, 0.5 uL, RN 23 g bevel tip
5190-1540  Syringe, 5 mL, PTFE,Luer lock P-P valve
5190-6897  LC/MS Water 4 liter
5982-4365  Florisil PR - Box, 30x 6 ml tubes, 500mg
8010-0101  screw cap 16mm PTFE/sil septa 100pk
8010-0271  Syringe 5ul FN 26/50/cone CTC
PL4-30373  Lamp, Tungsten
01018-67305  Capillary 0.25x700mm 2 1/16 in male ftgs
01048-87302  Inlet capillary, 80 cm, 0.17 mm id
6210092090  Moulding Spraychamber Fluorinated
G1361-67501  SST capillary, 0.6x270, 2 1/16in male
G3170-80002  5975 Calibrant Bulb
R007105613  INLET FILTER TUBE SD1 500800ML 10FT
102002  Bond Elut-Si, 500Mg 6ml, 30/Pk
12102084  Bond Elut-Certify II, 500mg 6mL, 30/PK
12256008  Mega BE-SI, 1gm 6ml, 30/pk
160-2644-5  FS,Undeactivated -.075mm X 5m
227138  Bond Elut-Si, 2G 6ml, 30/Pk
5043-1278  A-Line waste bin
5064-8014  Peri pump tube Tygon 3-stop org/org 12/p
5064-8028  Peri pump tube Tygon 2-stop wht/wht 12/p
5064-8034  Peri pump tube Tygon 3-stop org/blu 12/p
5064-8101  Peri pump tube PVC 3 tab blk/blk 12/pk
5067-4724  Capillary ST 0.17 mm x 90 mm S/SX
5067-5111  Capillary ST 0.17x150 SV/M
5181-1270  250 ul Inserts with Polymer Feet,100/pk
5183-0316  Syringe 25ul, 23ga, GT, FN, HP
5190-3978  22mm septa for Archon caps ptfe/sil 72pk
5190-8424  Niobium, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
5190-8570  Iridium std, 10 ug/ml, 2pct HCl 100ml
9301-6530  Sticker for solvent bottles (100/pack)
CP743057  Single Bed Pencil Filter
G1833-65569  Peri pump tube Tygon 3-stop wht/wht 12/p
G3160-65326  Peri pump tubing set for I-AS, Tygon 1/p
1610076400  Tube drain grey, Mark VI s/chamber, 1/pk
19243-60500  Septum nut, nonpurging
5042-8922  u-Vacuum Degasser tubing kit
5182-9760  Sealing element for SLH
G1311-60003  Bottle Head Assembly
G1313-87308  Seat capillary, 1.5ml, 0.9mm id
G1315-87302  Outlet capillary, 0.17mm id
G1315-87306  Outlet capillary, 0.12mm id
G1315-87311  Column connect capillary, 380 x 0.17mm
G1315-87312  Column connect capillary 150 x 0.12mm
G1315-87321  Inlet capillary w heat exchanger 0.17mm
G1315-87325  Inlet capillary w heat exchanger 0.12mm
G1580-80062  CPM-1/16in x 0.20in ID Tube x 50cm
G3160-65320  Rinse solution inlet/outlet tubing, I-AS
G4301-60320  Return Transfer Line
0101-1237  Sample loop, PEEK, 200ul
393065201  1pg/ul OFN_5pg/ul BZP
5190-1471  Syringe, 2.0 uL RN 23 g cone tip
8001-0808  SS inline filter LC-2010/20AD/AB/AT SHM
8001-0822  SS cpilry 1.6mmODx0.3mmID x2m L 1pk SHM
8003-0101  Liner straight 4 mm 5pk PE
8004-0151  Liner UI spltls sngle tpr 4mm 5pk V-B
8004-0173  Liner UI spltlss straight wl 4mm 5pk V-B
8005-0532  Cell gasket 2996/996 PDA 2pk WAT
8010-0214  CL Adv Green inlet septa 17mm 48pk
8010-0356  Syringe 5ul FN 23/50/cone CTC
9301-6525  Solvent bottle amber 500ml with cap
CP4024  Tubing,SS,1/8in.ODx2.1mmID,5m L,1/pk
G4513-80224  Syringe, 5ul RN, 23-26s/42/HP
G4513-80234  Syringe, 5 ul RN 23/42/HP
35900-60750  Cable 1046 signal
5067-4660  Capillary ST 0.12x220 S/S
G1103-61611  General Purpose Cable
G1534-20530  NPD Collector Funnel
G1978-85000  ESI/ APCI LC Demo Sample, 5 ampoules 1mL
0100-0996  Cross 1/8inch Stainless
12131005  Luer Stopcocks, 15/pk
12146036  Filter-Plate Polypropylene
5190-8404  Lanthanum, 10,000 ug/ml, 100ml
8010-0231  CL BTO inlet septa SHM Plug 50pk
G3280-GE063-CRR  Trade In value on retrn of GE Pt Skimmer
G4513-80242  Syringe, 25 ul, FN 23-26/42/HP
OT1-4  Oxygen Trap, 1/4in
RF0089T  Filter for solvent
X3760-64004  AVF 60 SHCE 1lt bottle
01018-60025  Solvent inlet filter, stainless steel
01078-87305  Capillary 0.17mm id 80cm male fit
0905-1700  Piston seal, 2mm, high performance ALS
1000-1438  Convex Glass Lens, 31.2mm f.l.