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Eltek data logger and alarm from Wolflabs

Product Update

Eltek RX250ALD data logger and alarm system from Wolflabs. The RX250ALD Receiver logger is the heart of a GenII logging system. Because the RX250ALD is responsible for receiving and storing the data, it is not necessary to have a PC permanently connected. The built-in battery means data logging is not interrupted even if there is a temporary AC mains failure. Multiple RX250ALDs can be used for wide area coverage. Alarms (including SMS alarms) come as standard. (To use SMS alarms, a GSM modem is required).

Features and benefits
- Data Logger with integral receiver
- Alarm and GSM text output
- 24 hour built-in standby battery
- 247K readings expandable to 2M readings
- Dual RS232 serial ports
- Transmitter battery alarm
- Display and keypad for "online" metering
- Extensive communications options

Product Category: Data Loggers and Alarms

Manufacturer: Eltek

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All transmitters, either directly or via repeaters report to the central RX250AL Receiver logger.

The RX250AL is a single unit that combines the radio receiver, signal processing, power supplies and data logger functions.

Radio receiver

The high performance receiver operates in the licence exempt UHF band. (Other bands are available e.g. VHF and 914.5Mhz – please contact US) The receiver delivers high sensitivity and high selectivity, the received signals provide a data stream that the data logger can use.

A 50ohm SMA antenna connector is provided and can be used with a built-in compressed spring antenna, alternatively an externally mounted dipole can be used to improve range if necessary.


The datalogger shares the same basic platform as Eltek 1000 series dataloggers. In this version the power supply has been adapted for use with Ni mH rechargeable batteries and can provide 24 hours of standby operation in the event of mains failure. If the batteries become discharged, the logger will go into hibernating state. When the power is restored, normal logging and charging of the batteries is resumed.

A universal switchmode (97-263V AC) plug top mains to 12V DC power supply is the primary source of power for the system and for battery charging. The power supply is supplied with single-fit adaptors for UK, Euro and US style mains outlet.

• RX250ALD: 250 channels, 125 transmitter capability with text messaging (when used with an external GSM) and Alarms. Two independent configurable common alarms - each output is a contact closure in alarm. Compatible with Darca Plus software only.
• RX250ALSECURE: Is compatible with DARCASECURE.

Technical Information

Model: Common RX250 specifications
Number of channels: Up to 250
Number of transmitters: Up to 125
Ambient temperature: -10 to +55ºC
Humidity: Up to 95% (non condensing)
Power supply: 12V DC at 500mA powered using type
MP12U, input 97-263V AC
Built-in batteries: 6 x AA Ni Mh battery
Backup battery life: Typically 24 hours
Memory: 247,000 readings expandable to 2,000,000
Clock accuracy: I second/day at 20ºC
Dimensions: D 60mm x W 180mm x H 120mm
Weight: 1Kg inc. batteries
Case material: Scratch resistant Nextel coated ABS
PC/modem interface: RS232C up to 38.4K Baud
Receiver: Crystal controlled
Sensitivity: UHF: -117dBm
Antenna connector: SMA 50 ohm female
Antenna: Quarter wave standard, lightweight dipole optional
Communication options: USB, GSM and Ethernet