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LC141  Elga Deionisation Cartridge (WAT2818)
C114/4  Elga Replacement C114/4 Deionisation Cartridges - for Small Deioniser (B114/A) (WAT4038)
VC125  Elga Replacement Disposable Vision Cartridge - for Small Deioniser (VISION125) (WAT4034)
MC:DS/4  Elga Replacement MC:DS Micromeg Cartridges - for Small Deioniser (M/M/DS/A) (WAT4040)
VC250  Elga Replacement Disposable Vision Cartridge - for Small Deioniser (VISION250) (WAT4036)
LC163  Elga Purification Cartridge, Removes Ionic Contaminants - PURELAB Option-Q (WAT4024)
LC136M2  Elga Composite Vent Filter (WAT2826)
LC140  Elga Pre-treatment Cartridge (WAT2814)
LC147  Cartridge DI LC147 Elga (LC147)
LC214  Elga Purification Cartridge - for PURELAB Flex 3/4 (WAT4160)
LC118  Elga UV Lamp, 185nm (WAT4104)
LC105  Elga UV Lamp, 254nm (WAT4100)
LC114  Elga Deionisation Cartridge, Removes Ionic Contaminants (WAT4020)
PRDIDC0800  Elga Vision 125 Deioniser (WAT4921)
LC182  Elga Labpure S1 Purification Cartridge - RO Feed - For PURELAB Ultra Mk1/Mk2 (WAT4026)
LC174  Elga Cartridge Medpure (LC174)
LC208  Elga Purification Cartridge - for PURELAB Flex 1/2 (WAT4158)
LC197  Elga Biofilter Point of Use Filter for PURELAB Chorus 1 (WAT4006)
LC123  Elga Carbon Filter, 10 Inch, 5 Micron (WAT2828)
CFYTYT1411  Elga 10 Inch 10 Micron Filter Cartridges (WAT2830)
LC109  Elga Ultra Microfilter Cartridge (WAT4062)
LC210-02  Elga UV Lamp, 185/254nm (WAT4164)
CT1  Elga Chlorine Disinfection Tablets, sanitises tubing/pipes to remove bacteria, reduce bio film and protect against bacterial growth, PK12 Tablets (WAT4012)
LC209  Elga Sanitization Cartridge - for PURELAB Flex 1/2 (WAT4162)
LC143  Elga Reverse Osmosis Cartridge (WAT4052)
LC145  Elga 0.2 Micron Point of Use Filter (WAT4004)
B114/A  Elga B114 Deioniser (with 4x C114 Cartridges) (WAT4920)
LC134  Elga 0.2 Point of Use Filter (WAT4002)
VISION250  Elga Vision 250 Deioniser (WAT4923)
LC151  Elga Ultra-Filtration Cartridge (WAT4060)
LA611  Elga 25 Litre Tank with 5 Level Switches (WAT4082)
SOLU40835  Elga Hydrex 4503 Cleaning Solution Pack of 12 x 250g (WAT4017)
M/M/DS/A  Elga Micromeg Deioniser (WAT4925)
PF3XXXXM1  Elga PURELAB Flex 3 System - Type I/III Purewater (WAT4154)
LA648  Elga Boost Pump (230v) (WAT4172)
LA698  Elga Sanitisation Block - for PURELAB Classic Mk2 & Ultra Mk1/Mk2 (WAT4078)
LA609  Elga Boost Pump Kit (WAT4076)
LC184  Elga Labpure S3 Purification Cartridge - Low Ionic - For PURELAB Ultra Mk1/Mk2 (WAT4030)
LC183  Elga Labpure S2 Purification Cartridge - SDI Feed - for PURELAB Ultra Mk1/Mk2 (WAT4028)
LA610  Elga Wall Mounting Kit (WAT4046)
LA613  Elga 75L Storage Tank with 5 Level Switches (WAT2812)
LA620  Elga Docking Vessel 35 Litres - for PURELAB, Biopure and MEDICA Systems (WAT4088)
LA586-1  Elga 25 Litre Storage Tank (WAT4086)
SOLU30966  Elga Cleaning Solution RF, 12x250mL, Sanitizes tubing/pipework to remove and protect against bactera and remove bio film (WAT4018)
LA621  Elga Docking Vessel 25L - for PURELAB, Biopure & MEDICA Systems (WAT4084)
LA643  Elga Remote Dispense Station (WAT4074)
CODILC0211  Elga Pre Conditioning Cartridge (WAT4166)
PF1XXXXM1  Elga PURELAB Flex 1 System - Type II/III Purewater (WAT4150)
LC119  Elga Reverse Osmosis Module, 1nm (WAT4056)
LA675  Elga Remote Control Station - for PURELAB Option-Q (WAT4068)
LA593  Elga Wall Mounting Kit (WAT4044)
LA644  Elga Integral Dispense Gun (WAT4080)
LC185  Elga Labpure S4 Purification Cartridge - Low TOC - For PURELAB Ultra Mk1/Mk2 (WAT4032)
LA645  Elga Remote Control Station - for PURELAB Classic Mk1/Mk2 & PURELAB Ultra Mk1/Mk2 (WAT4070)
LA590-1  Elga 75 Litre Storage Tank (WAT4096)
LA612  Elga 40 Litre Tank with 5 Level Switches (WAT4090)
TOKIGU0120  Elga Chlorine Test Kit (WAT4098)
LC120  Elga Reverse Osmosis Cartridge (WAT4058)
LC115  Elga RO Cartridge (WAT4054)
PF2XXXXM1  Elga PURELAB Flex 2 UV System - Type I Ultrapure Water (WAT4152)
PRIPLB0163  Elga PURELAB Flex 4 System - Type I/III Purewater (WAT4156)
LA735  Elga PURELAB Flex 1/2 Wall Mounting Kit (WAT4170)