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1340-6204  Ebro Wireless Data Logger (EBI 25-TX) for High and Low Temperatures (-200C to +199.9C) (THE1862)
1601-0044  Ebro Humidity / Temperature Datalogger (EBI 20-TH1) with Internal Sensor with Calibration Certificate (-30C to +70C (0 -100 % rH)) (THE1844)
1340-5415  Ebro Precision Core Thermometer (TFX 410-1) without Probe (-50C to +300C) (THE1814)
1601-0010  Ebro Temperature Datalogger (EBI 20-TF) with External Sensor Stores 8000 Measurments with Calibration Certificate (0C to +100C) (THE1842)
1340-5735  Ebro Folding Thermometer (TLC 700) with Calibration Certificate (-30C to +220C) (THE1804)
1340-1755  Ebro Infrared Thermometer (TFI 260) IP20 with 8 Point Laserpointer with Calibration Certificate (-60C to +550C) (THE1828)
1601-0042  Ebro Temperature Datalogger (EBI 20-T1) with Internal Sensor with Calibration Certificate (-30C to +70C) (THE1838)
1601-0043  Ebro Temperature Datalogger (EBI 20 TE1) with External Sensor Stores 40000 Measurements with Calibration Certificate (-30C to +70C) (THE1840)
1601-0046  Ebro Temperature Logger Set (EBI 20 T1 Set) Includes Logger. Interface. Software and USB Cable (-30C to +70C) (THE1836)
1340-5110  Ebro Core Thermometer (TTX 110) Type T with Fixed Probe (-50C to +350C) (THE1810)
1340-1611  Ebro Thermometer (TDC 150) with Fast Response Time Includes Needle Protection (-50C to +150C) (THE1802)
1340-6201  Ebro Wireless Temperature Datalogger (EBI 25-TE) with External Probe (-40C to +85C) (THE1858)
1340-5410  Ebro Precision Core Thermometer (TFX 410) with 60cm Silicone Cable and Fixed Pt 1000 Probe (-50C to +300C) (THE1816)
1340-1620  Ebro Foldback Thermometer (TLC 1598) with Calibration Certificate (-50C to +200C) (THE1806)
1348-0001  Ebro Room Climate Monitor (RM 100) (0C to +50C) (THE1864)
1340-6330  Ebro Temperature Datalogger (EBI 300) with USB Connection with Calibration Certificate (-30C to +70C) (THE1846)
1341-6336  Ebro Relative Humidity Monitoring for EBI 300 (-30C to +70C / (0 -100% rF)) (THE1852)
1340-1754  Ebro Infrared Thermometer (TFI 54) IP54 with Splashproof Housing with Calibration Certificate (-60C to +550C) (THE1830)
1340-6331  Ebro High Precision Temperature (EBI 310) Datalogger with USB Connection with Calibration Certificate (-30C to +75C) (THE1848)
1340-5121  Ebro Mini Thermometer (TDC 110) Includes Needle Protection and Spare Battery (-50C to +150C) (THE1800)
1340-5432  Ebro Reference Thermometer Kit (TFX 430 Set) Includes Precision thermometer TFX 430. Blunt probe TPX 130. Extension cable AX 110 . Aluminum case AG 130. DAkkS-Calibration (-100C to +500C) (THE1822)
1340-5610  Ebro Hygrothermometer (TFH 610) for Humidity and Temp Measurements (0C to +100C) (THE1826)
1340-4269  Ebro Precision Core Thermometer (TFX 420 + TPX440) with Min / Max and Pt 1000 Probe (-50C to +400C) (THE1820)
1340-5730  Ebro Dual Infrared / Foldback Thermometer (TLC 730) with Calibration Certificate (-50C to +350C) (THE1824)
1340-6202  Ebro Wireless Temperature (EBI 25-TH) and Humidity Datalogger (-30C to +60C) (THE1860)
1340-5425  Ebro Precision Core Thermometer (TFX 420) with Min / Max without Probe (-50C to +400C) (THE1818)
1340-5516  Ebro Core Thermometer (TFE 510 + TPE 400) Type T with Flexible Probe with Fast Response Time (-50C to +300C) (THE1812)
1341-6370  Ebro Fast Flexible Core Temperature External Probe for EBI 300 (-30C to +75C) (THE1850)
1341-6333  Ebro Measurements PT1000 Temperature Probe (-85C to +50C) (THE1854)
1340-6220  Ebro Temperature Datalogger Set (EBI 25 T-Set) with Radio Technology (-45C to +60C) (THE1856)
1340-2500  Ebro Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC 100) with Calibration Certificate (-20C to +250C) (THE1834)
1340-1783  Ebro Infrared Thermometer (TFI 650) with NiCr-Ni Connection and Wide Measurement Range with Calibration Certificate (-60C to +1500C) (THE1832)