East Anglian Fine Weld has been supplying the packaging industry, world wide for over 20 years.We specialise at our UK factory in the manufacturing and supply of all types of heat sealer spares used in packaging machines

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Worldwide (except the Americas)

Bag Sealers - East Anglian Fine Weld

Product Features

• Compact Size
• Light Weight
• Simple and easy to operate
• Variable heat sealing time setting
• No heating time required

Technical Information

Model WIE-200H WIE-200HC WIE-300H WIE-300HC WIE-400H WIE-400HC
Max. Seal length 200mm 200mm 300mm 300mm 400mm 400mm
Max. Seal thickness 2 x 100 microns 2 x 100 microns 2 x 125 microns 2 x 125 microns 2 x 150 microns 2 x 150 microns
Seal width 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm
Power (Watts) 260W 260W 380W 380W 600W 600W
Weight 2.5Kg 3.7Kg 4.4Kg 4.7Kg 4.7Kg 5.3Kg