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New Cole-Parmer magnetic stirrers from Wolflabs

Product Update

New SS1 and CS1 magnetic stirrers from Cole-Parmer have been added.

Features and benefits
- Stirring speeds of up to 1400 rpm.
- Simple body design allows spillages to be easily deflected from the user.
- Front control panel resists spills and the glass is chemically toughened for extra resilience. 

Product Category: Stirrers - Magnetic

Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer


Cole-Palmer - Jenway spectrophotometer from Wolflabs

Product Update

Cole-Palmer - Jenway 7415 spectrophotometer from Wolflabs. The 7415 spectrophotometer provide accurate and reliable results in various applications from teaching, to industrial applications, to routine sample analysis in quality control environments. These spectrophotometers have been designed to be easy to use and have enhanced connectivity for simple and quick data transfer.

Features and benefits
- Android operating system.
- 3-year warranty.
- Extensive range of accessories available.
- Multiple USB ports for data storage & printer connectivity.

Product Category: Spectrophotometers

Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer


New Cole-Palmer benchtop centrifuge from Wolflabs

Product Update

New C2000 benchtop centrifuge from Cole-Palmer has been added.

Features and benefits
- Unique swing-out rotor prevents sample spillage.
- Accepts all popular PCR plates and most microtiter plates
- Spin samples down in 20 seconds or less.
- Easy operation, just close the lid to begin acceleration.

Product Category: Centrifuges - Benchtop

Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer


Cole-Palmer - Jenway pH and conductivity meter from Wolflabs

Product Update

Cole-Palmer - Jenway 570 pH and conductivity meter from Wolflabs.

Features and benefits
- Simultaneously displays pH or mV and temperature.
- 2 year warranty.
- Waterproof housing.
- Automatic calibration.
- 2500 hours battery life.

Product Category: pH and Conductivity Meters

Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer


Cole-Parmer - Stuart hotplate stirrers from Wolflabs

Product Update

Cole-Parmer - Stuart UC152D hotplate stirrers from Wolflabs.

Features and benefits
- LED temperature indicator on analogue units.
- Digital display of surface temperature on digital models.
- Choice of glass ceramic or ceramic coated metal surface.
- Hot warning light, remains active even when unplugged.
- Compact design to save bench space.
- Units can be stored on side, minimising required storage space.
- Design allows retort base to slide underneath.

Product Category: Stirrers - Hotplate

Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer