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Air Compressors

37 products >
BB8  BB8
BB24  BB24
BB24V  BB24V
BB24D  BB24D
BB50D  BB50D
35/20  35/20
75/150  75/150
75/150V  75/150V
75/250  75/250
75/250V  75/250V
150/500  150/500
225/1000  225/1000
PT5  PT5
PT8  PT8
PT15  PT15
PT24  PT24
PT50  PT50
VT75  VT75
VT150  VT150
VT75D  VT75D
VT200  VT200
VT250  VT250
VT150D  VT150D
VTS75  VTS75
VTS150  VTS150
VT200D  VT200D
VTS200  VTS200
VT250D  VT250D
VT300  VT300
VTS150D  VTS150D
VT400  VT400
VTS250  VTS250
VTS200D  VTS200D
VT300D  VT300D
VT400D  VT400D
VTS250D  VTS250D

Other laboratory products -

1164 products >
BPB0263  M6 Nyloc Nut 'T' Type Bzp
BPB0096  Type 75 Hd and Type 35 Capacitor Bkt Mtg Screw
BPB0102  Con Rod Washer Spring Type 75
BPB0104  Copper Washer
BPB0130  M8 Flanged Nut bzp
BPB0643  1/8BSP Bonded Dowty Self Centering Seal
BPB0164  M6 x 35 Hex Head Bolt S/S
BPB0414  250mm Drain Tube (all models) Cut From BPB0413
BPB0016  Drain Here Label
BPB0078  Handle Insert
BPB0095  M5 Hex Full Nut bzp
BPB1040  Copper Washer on Delivery Pipe Bolt Type 35
BPB1044  Delivery Muffler Gasket Type 35
BPB0091  M6 Dome Nut bzp
BPB0496  8mm Self Centering Dowty Seal
BPAAPG04K040030  1/8 Back Fit 40mm 0-30 Gauge
BPAAPG04K050030  1/8 Back Fit 50mm 0-30 Gauge
BPAAPG04K050060  1/8 Back Fit 50mm 0-60 Gauge
BPAAPG04K050100  1/8 Back Fit 50mm 0-100 Gauge
BPAAPG04M040030  1/8 Bott Fit 40mm 0-30 Gauge
BPAAPG04M050030  1/8 Bott Fit 50mm 0-30 Gauge
BPAAPG04M050060  1/8 Bott Fit 50mm 0-60 Gauge
BPAAPG04M050200  1/8 Bott Fit 50mm 0-200 Gauge
BPAAPG06K050030  1/4 Back Fit 50mm 0-30 Gauge
BPAAPG06M050030  1/4 Bott Fit 50mm 0-30 Gauge
BPAAPG06M050060  1/4 Bott Fit 50mm 0-60 Gauge
BPB0667  Block Screw
BPB0612  200 x 175 x 48mm Poly Packing Piece
BPB0267  M6 x 100 Socket Head Cap Screw Bzp
BPB0161  M8 Hex Full Nut bzp
BPB0595  M8 Form 'A' Washer bzp
BPB0077  Electrical Cabinet Mounting Stud
BPB0119  Drain Tube Clamp (all models)
BPB0677  16mm Washer
BPB0019  1/4 inchBspt Pressure Plug
BPB0891  No10 x 1 1/4 inch Pozi Pan S/Tap Type B Screw bzp
BPB0491  O Ring 149
BPB0934  Washer
BPB0076  Black Round Tube Insert
BPB0005  Green Vessel Label Lge
BPB0221  Plain Poly Packing Pad All Models
BP12051  Flapper Valve Securing Screw
BP15731  Con-Rod Cover Bolt
BP16411  Motor Fixing
BP17852  Fixings
BPB0090  M5 x 35 Steel Pozi Pan Hd Screw Bzp
BPB0611  Between Motor and Dryer Packing Piece
BPB1153  Tube Clamp
BPB0683  Valve Plate Nut
BPB0692  Top Washer Bolt
BPB1039  Delivery Bolt
BPB1042  Delivery Pipe Gasket
BPB1043  Cover
BPB1091  Starlock Washer
BPB1092  Hub Cap
BPB0873  Foot
BPB1117  Hose Clips 1/4 Hose
BPB0121  M8 x 25 Steel Repair Washer bzp
BPB0665  Block Fixing
BPB0680  Cylinder Head Bolt
BPB0616  Condensate Bottle Mounting Bracket VT150D/200D
BPB0103  Con Rod Bolt
BPB0676  Studbolt
BPB0255  1 inchBsp x 1/4 inchBsp Flanged Reducing Bush
BPB0725  M6 x 10 Flanged Skt Button Head Screw bzp
BPB0259  Air Receiver Foot
BPB0638  Polythene Bag 36 inch x 48 inch x 200g
BPB0067  PTFE Thread Tape
BPB0684  Valve Plate Washer
BPB0688  Cylinder Bolt
BPB0120  M8 x 35 Hex Set Screw bzp
BPB0462  VTS250(D) Edge Protector
BPB0674  Block O Ring
BPB0678  M16 Nut
BPB0679  M16 Fan Nut
BPB0691  Cylinder to Block O Ring
BPB1118  Hose Clips 3/8 Hose
BPB1010  Oil Sight Glass Seal
BPB1099C  Air Receiver Plug
BPB0755  VTS Range Polythene Bag
BPB1180  Nylon Tube (blue)
BPB0155  Filter Regulator Bowl O Ring Seal
BPB0537  1/8bsptm x 6mm Straight Tube Fitting
BPB0283  3/8bsp M/M Equal Adaptor NP
BPB0985  VT250 12mm Olive - NOTE 2 sizes have been used under same PN
BPB0356  3/8bspm x 1/4bspf Reducing Bush
BPB0600  1/8bspm x 1/4bspm Adaptor
BPB0041  1/4bspm x 1/8bspf Reducing Bush
BPBOTTLE05  Empty 0.5 Ltr Oil Bottle/Cap
BPAAPG04M050160  1/8 Bott Fit 50mm 0-160 Gauge
BPB0602  Rubber Foot M8 x 40 x 50mm Dia
BPB0669  Short Spacer
BPB0673  Large Spacer
BPB0079  3/8bsp Oil Filler Plug
BPB0687  Valve Bolt
BPB0151  1/4bsp Female Socket - Equal
BPB0607  Across Motor Pack Piece VT75
BPB0105  Split Pin Type 75 1/2hp
BPB0257  M10 Hex Full Nut bzp
BPB0659  M10 Form 'A' Washer bzp
BPB0996  HT3 Vessel Mounting Foot
BPB1027  Press Pipe Bolts (2)
BPB1028  Bearing Bolts (3)
BPB1108  Wheel Cap
BPB1111  PTFE Tape (1 Roll)
BPBOTTLE  Empty 1 Ltr Oil Bottle Inc Cap
BPB0012  Model Number 150-500 Label
BPB0603  Rubber Foot M8 x 50 x 50mm Dia
BPB0936  O-Ring Cylinder
BPB0493  O Ring 131
BPB0629  3/8bsp Outlet Elbow
BP11031  Cylinder Head Bolt
BP14715  Crankshaft Bolt
BP14736-81  Fan Bolt/Washer (2)
BPB0775  VT and VTS Purge Tank Bleed Pipe
BPB0247  Rubber Foot
BPB0588  1/8bspp Silencer
BPB0589  Budget Range Operators Handbook
BPB0591  1/4bspm x 3/8bspm Unequal Adaptor S/S
BPB0606  Drain Filter
BPB0620  Cylinder Head Gasket 1,1.5 and 2
BPB0621  Valve Plate Gasket 1hp Pump
BPB0706  Fan Cover Fixing 2hp
BPB0707  VT200 Valve Plate Gasket
BPB0098  Oil Filler Plug Seal
BPB0587  Oil Free Condensate Bottle 2ltr
BPB0810  1/4bspm x 1/4bspf Adaptor
BPB0613  Rear of Motor Poly Pack Piece VT75
BPB0145  1/4bsp M/F Equal Connector
BPB0986  VT250 12mm Compression Nut
BPB0654  3/8bspt M/M Equal Adaptor - Modified
BPB0149  1/4bsp X 3/8bsp Female Socket
BPB1026  Delivery Gaskets (4)
BPB1119  1/4 Nylon Hose Metre
BPB0954  Monoblock Fixing Bolt
BPB0957  M12 Washer
BPB1178  Nut
BPB1179  Adaptor
BPB0958  M12 Nut
BPB0044  1/8bspm x 6mm Elbow Tube Fitting
BP12081  Set Plate
BP12091  Inlet Valve Keeper
BPB0516  2.0/2.5hp Oil Free Motor Mounting Bracket
BPB0042  1/4bspm x 6mm Tube Swivel Elbow
BPB1076  1/4bsptm x 1/4 inch Hose Tail
BPB0243  1 inchBsp Flanged Inspection Plug
BPB0502  Inspection Plug Seal
BPB0952  1/4bspt Adaptor
BP15713/4  Connecting Rod Bolt
BPB0031  1/4bspmt x 12mm Push In Tube Fitting
BPB0154  1/8bspf x 6mm Push In Tube Fitting
BPB1181  Nylon Tube (red)
BPB1014  Valve Plate Gasket Type 75
BPB1016  Cylinder Head Gasket Type 75
BPB0028  235mm Nylon Siphon Tube (75/80)
BPB0029  248mm Nylon Siphon Tube (75/250,BB24,BB24D)
BPB0034  319mm Nylon Siphon Tube (150/500,700,BB50D BB24V)
BPB0035  367mm Nylon Siphon Tube (225/1000)
BPB0416  265mm Nylon Siphon Tube (75/150V,BB15V)
BPB0417  290mm Nylon Siphon Tube (BB24V)
BPB0736  Fan Guard
BPB0752  VTS Range Corner Packing Piece (Chevrons)
BPB1048  Terminal Box Cover Clip
BPB1050  Overload Spring
BPB1082  Siphon Tube (copper - state model)
BPB0756  3/8bspf x 6mm od Tube Ftg str
BPB0046  1/4bspm x 8mm Tube Fitting
BPB0347  0.75 and 1.5hp Oil Free Crankcase Mounting Bracket
BPB0036  3/8bspmt x 12mm Push In Tube Fitting
BPB0777  Cable Grommet 25.4 x 19.0
BP18151  Blanking Screw
BPB1199  1/4bspt x 1/4 inch Push in Tube Fitting
BPB0043  1/4bspm x 6mm Push In Tube Fitting
BPB0552  1/4bspm x 10mm Push In Tube Fitting
BPB0711  1/8bspf x 6mm Brass NP Push In Tube Ftg
BPB0918  1/4bspm x 3/8bspf Adaptor
BPB0614  3/8bsp M/F Elbow NP 2hp
BPAAPRV06B12  1/4bsp 12bar Relief Valve
BPB0118  Type 35 Motor Case Inlet Pipe Cap
BP11021  Cylinder Head Gasket
BP12548  Outlet Valve Keeper
BPAAPRV06B4  1/4bsp 4bar Relief Valve
BPB0937  Cylinder 60mm Dia
BPAAPRV06B11  1/4bsp 11bar Relief Valve
BPAAPRV06B13  1/4bsp 13bar Relief Valve
BPAAPRV06B14  1/4bsp Relief Valve 14Bar
BPAAPRV06B2-6  1/4bsp 2.6bar Relief Valve
BPAAPRV06B3  1/4bsp 3bar Relief Valve
BPAAPRV06B3-5  1/4bsp 3.5bar Relief Valve
BPAAPRV06B9  1/4bsp 9bar Relief Valve
BPB0942  Valve Plate Gasket HT
BPB0944  Outlet Valve HT
BPB0949  Cylinder Head Gasket HT
BPB0273  20mm Rubber Mount
BPB0279  6mm Tube Y Connector
BP19914  Connector
BPB0682  Intake Filter
BPB1022  Stator Bolts (4)
BPB1078  1/4bspmt x 1/4bspmt Adaptor
BPB0427  BA Filter Bracket Bolt
BPB0204  Breathing Air Filter Bracket
BPB0150  1/4bsp M/F Extension Piece
BPB0940  Screw for Top Washer HT
BPB0941  Top Washer 60mm Dia HT
BPB0244  Small Air Filter for Dryer
BPB0592  3/8bspm x 10mm Tube Connector
BPB0412  Carton
BPB0448  1/4bsp M/M Elbow
BP18025-1  Pipe Adaptor
BPB1032  Stator Bolts (4)
BPB1033  Valve Plate Gasket
BPB1035  Cylinder Head Gasket
BPB1037  Cyl Head Bolt (4)
BPB0152  1/4bspmt MxM Hex Extension Piece NP
BPB0492  O Ring 147
BPAAPRV06B5  1/4bsp 5bar Relief Valve
BPAAPRV06B7  1/4bsp 7bar Relief Valve
BPB0272  40mm Rubber Mount
BP13021  Cylinder O-Ring Seal
BP12531  Outlet Flapper Valve
BPB0277  3/8bspm x 10mm Tube Swivel Elbow
BPB0321  0.75 and 1.5hp Oil Free Motor Mounting Bracket
BPB1130D  Breathing Air Filter Bracket Kit
BPB0136  1/4bsp Cross Piece
BPB1006  Small Rubber Gasket
BPB0959  Plastic Fan for Compressor
BPB0108  Internal Pressure Pipe Type 75 (Horseshoe)
BPB0282  3/8bsp M/F Plated Elbow
BPB0100  Gudgeon Pin Type 75
BPB0926  Anti Vibration Mounting Foot
BPB0693  Top Washer
BPAAPG04K040060  1/8 Back Fit 40mm 0-60 Gauge
BPAAPG04K040100  1/8 Back Fit 40mm 0-100 Gauge
BPAAPG04K040160  1/8 Back Fit 40mm 0-160 Gauge
BPAAPG04K040200  1/8 Back Fit 40mm 0-200 Gauge
BP18133  Adaptor
BP18141  3 Way Connector
BPB0831  Carton (Dilo)
BPB0832  Top Packing Piece 75/150
BPAAPG04K050160  1/8 Back Fit 50mm 0-160 Gauge
BPAAPG04K050200  1/8 Back Fit 50mm 0-200 Gauge
BPAAPG06K050060  1/4 Back Fit 50mm 0-60 Gauge
BPAAPG06K050160  1/4 Back Fit 50mm 0-160 Gauge
BPAAPG06K050200  1/4 Back Fit 50mm 0-200 Gauge
BPAAPG06M050200  1/4 Bott Fit 50mm 0-200 Gauge
BPB0160  3/8bspm Sintered Bronze Element
BPB1007  Large Rubber Gasket
BPB1018  Cyl Head Bolts (4)
BPB1025  Bearing Bolts (4)
BPB1054  Capacitor Mounting
BPB1095  1/4bsp Male,Male,Female,Tee Piece
BPB1109  1/4bsp Female,Male,Female Tee Piece
BP18215  Elbow
BP18313  Tube Straight Adaptor
BPB1139  1/4bspt Male x Female Elbow
BPB0126  800mm Link Lead
BPB0342  VT300D and 400D Polythene Cover
BPB0276  1/4bspm x 10mm Tube Swivel Elbow
BPB0517  2.0/2.5hp Oil Free Crankcase Mounting Bracket
BPB0709  VT200 Top Washer
BPB0239  2mtr x 1.0mm Mains Cable Black c/w 13amp Plug
BPB0749  3/8bsp Bulkhead Connector
BPB0802  3/8bsp Male,Female,Female Tee Piece
BPB0668  Block Bearing
BPB0820  1/4bspf x 10mm Stud Elbow
BPB1009  Oil Sight Glass
BPB0464  VTS250(D) Across Motor Packing Piece inc depth on next order by 1/4 inch 16.09.11
BPB0088  550ml Condensate Bottle c/w Black Cap and Cage
BPAAPG04P050100  1/8 Panel Mt 50mm 0-100 Gauge
BPAAPG04P050160  1/8 Panel Mt 50mm 0-160 Gauge
BP12031  Inlet Flapper Valve
BPB0898  HT Mounting Plate
BP14735  Fan
BPAAPG06M060160  1/4 Bott Fit 63mm 0-160 Gauge
BPAAPG06M060200  1/4 Bott Fit 63mm 0-200 Gauge
BPB0052  6mm Q.R. Hose Tail Piece
BPB0480  1/4bspt Male Q.R Tail
BPB0065  Outlet Pipe Elbow
BPB1038  Mounting Spring (3) Type 35 Pump
BPB1038A  Mounting Spring (3) Type 75 pump
BPB0053  4mm x 6mm Tube Connection
BPB0961  Air Intake Filter For HT
BP18313-1  Tube Fitting
BP18317  Adaptor
BPB1057  Sealing Gasket
BPB1177  Drain Tap
BPB0281  3/8bsp M/F Ball Valve Red Handle
BPB0685  Outlet Valve
BPB0483  2mtr x 1mm Mains Cable c/w Euro Plug and Type C13 Female Connector
BP14661  Front Cover
BPB0929  Safety O Ring
BPAAPG06P060015  1/4 Panel Mt 63mm 0-15 Gauge
BPB0275  3/8bspf x 10mm Tube Connector strt brass pltd
BPB0625  Fan 1hp Pump
BPB0317  BB8 Carton (Old Style)
BPB0994  VT250 Straight Alu Connecting Pipe
BPB0945  Valve Plate HT
BPB0601  Rubber Foot M10x15. 70mm Dia
BPB0481  2mtr x 1mm Mains Cable c/w 13amp Plug and Type C13 Female Connector
BPB0992  VT250 Tee Connection
BPB0057  1/4bspf Connector Tail
BP17311  Intake Filter Element
BPB0993  VT250 90o Alu Connecting Pipe
BP17312  Intake Filter Element (SA-175-2C) For DT40Q and QD
BPB1130A  Man. Drain Conversion Kit (Breathing Air Filter)
BPB0309  75/80 Corrugated Case
BPB0928  Plastic Fan for Electric Motor
BPAANRV06F06F  1/4 F X1/4f Nr Valve
BPAAPRV010B11  3/8bsp 11bar Relief Valve
BPB0240  2mtr x 1.5mm Mains Cable Black c/w Euro Plug
BPB0291  2mtr x 1.5mm Mains Cable Black c/w 13 Amp Plug
BPB0132  Internal Pressure Pipe Type 75 (Bolted)
BPB0222  Euro Converter to 13A 3 Pin Plug
BPB1003  Inlet Filter
BPB1101  2 inch X 1/4 inch Reducer
BPB1110  SB46 Compressor Oil (1 Litre)
BPB1116  Decal Pack
BPB0146  1/4bsp Relief Valve 6bar
BP18314  Adaptor
BPAAPG10M100300  3/8 Bott Fit 100mm 0-300 Gauge
BPB0932  Con Rod Bearing
BPB0933  Connecting Rod 60mm Dia
BP18319  Drain Tube
BP18312-2  Drain Tube Gauge
BPB0066  1/4 inch Drain Tap C/W Outlet
BPB1140  Cyl Head Bolt Socket
BPB0732  Thermal Switch
BPB0811  Swivel Castor VTS Range
BP16161-3  Fixings
BP16194  Rubber Foot
BP18051  Outlet Connector
BP18312-1  Drain Tube Air Outlet
BPB0278  1/8bspf x 6mm Tube Elbow
BP17310  Intake Filter
BP17310-1  Intake Filter DT40
BPB0363  3/8bspmt x 12mm Male Stud Straight NP VTS 250 PUMP
BPB1144  125mm (5 inch) Wheel
BPB0997-A  Soft Start Unloader Valve HT3
BPB0849  2 Way Entry Pallet 665 x 620mm (VT75D,150D, 200D)
BPAANR060812A  1/4x5/16x12ft 1/4m Swivel Hose
BPAAPRV012B11  1/2bsp 11bar Relief Valve
BPB0519  BB8 Corr.Case c/w H/Holes
BPB0656  3/8 X 3/8 N/R Valve
BPB1110SFG-5  0.5L Food Grade Oil
BPB0045  1/4bspf x 6mm Tube Ftg str
BPB0535  3/8bsp On/Off Tap Black Handle
BP18025  Outlet Elbow
BPB0927  Capacitor 20mfd
BPB0960  Compressor Fan Cover HT
BPB0242  2mtr x 1.0mm Mains Cable Black c/w C14g Plug Fitted
BPB0879  200mm Delivery Pipe
BPB1001B  Gas/Cov/Spr/Scr
BPB1008  Mounting Set (4) Type 75 Pump Unit
BPB1055  Mounting Set (4)
BPB1085  3 Way Connector
BPB1090  200mm (8 inch) Wheel
BPB1102  200mm Delivery Pipe
BP18411  Intake Tube
BPB0532  2 Way Entry Pallet 400 x 400mm (BB8,15V)
BPB0503  Dryer Mounting Clamp (two halves)
BPB0834  75/150 Packing Piece OBSOLETE
BPB0533  Bambi Product
BPB0557  Aftercooler Mounting Bracket
BPB0626  Fan Cover 1hp Pump (Plastic)
BPB0672  Eccentric
BPB0308  75/150 Corrugated Case (Old Style)
BPB0508  400mm Delivery Pipe
BPB0518  Bambi Product
BPB0520  BB24V,HT15 Corr. Case c/w H/Holes
BPB0039  HTS5 Corrugated Case
BPB0728  165mm Delivery Pipe
BPB0981  Thermal Switch VTS250(D)
BPB0147  1/4bsp M/F Non Return Valve
BPB0531  2 Way Entry Pallet 450 x 450mm HT (BB24V,HT15)
BPBOWL  Filter Regulator Bowl
BPB1107  250mm (10 inch) Wheel
BPB0646  24ltr O/F c/w Dryer Corrugated Case
BP16194-1  Mounting Assembly Complete
BP18211-1  Unloader Pipe
BPB0619  Motor Fan Cover VT200
BPB0758  1/4bspf x 6mm Tube Swivel Elbow
BPB0530  2 Way Entry Pallet 700 x 475mm (BB24,24D,75/250)
BP14412-1  DT100 Rear Crankcase Bearing
BPAANR060825A  1/4x5/16x25ft 1/4m Swivel Hose
BPB0974  Swivel Castor c/w Brake VTS250
BP16550-1  Cover/Screw
BPB0964  Non Return Valve HT3 or 2p
BPB1041  Delivery Pipe
BPB0280  3/8bspm x 10mm Tube Stud Elbow
BP19021  Pressure Gauge
BP16251  On/Off Tap
BP19021-1  Pressure Gauge
BPB0657  1/8bspmt x 40mm Bottom Fit Press. Gauge 0-160psi
BPB0658  1/4bspmt x 50mm Bottom Fit Press. Gauge 0-160psi
BPB0694  1/8 Bott Fit 40mm 0-200 Gauge
BPB0748  1/4bsp x 63mm 0-160 Panel Mt Gauge
BPB0812  Swivel Castor with Brake VTS Range
BPB1002E  Electrical Cabinet Cover
BPB1002F  Elec Cab Back/Base
BPB1005  Closing Ring
BPB1013C  Piston Rings Only (2)
BPB1021  Intake Cover
BPB1024  Bearing
BPB1029  Bearing
BPB1036  Cylinder Head
BPB1077  1/8bspmt x 40mm Back Fit Pressure Gauge 0-200psi
BPB1079  On/Off Valve
BPB1081  1/4bspmt x 50mm Back Fit Pressure Gauge 0-200psi
BPB1086  Non Return Valve 1/4BSP
BPB1128  Delivery Mufflers (2)
BPB0895  1/4bsp M/F Ball Valve Red Handle
BPB0681  Cylinder Head
BP18013/1  Delivery Pipe C/W Nuts
BPB1138  1/4 inch Drain Tap and Tube and Clamp
BPB0357  185mm Delivery Pipe
BPB0953  Crank Bearing
BPB0093  1/4bspf Long Lever Ball Valve Red Handle With 2mm Hole Drilled By Bambi
BPB0522  150/500, BB50D Corrugated Case
BPB0858  270mm Delivery Pipe
BPB0461  VTS250(D) Top Packing Piece
BPB0529  2 Way Entry Pallet HT 865 x 550mm (BB50D,150/500)
BPAANR081012A  5/16x3/8x12ft 1/4m Swivel Hose
BP19281  Fuse Holder
BPB1130C  Sight Glass Kit (Breathing Air Filter)
BPB1087  300mm Delivery Pipe
BPB1133  Element For Filter Regulator BPB1080
BPB0798  600mm Delivery Pipe
BPB0521  75/250, BB24, BB24D Corrugated Case
BP14412  DT100 Front Crankcase Bearing and Con Rod Bearing
BP15781  DT100 Con Rod Bearing
BPB0618  Motor Fan Cover VT75 and VT150
BP18211  Unloader Pipe C/W Nuts
BP18211-2  Unloader Pipe
BPB0623  Piston Seal 1hp Pump
BP19852  Reset Button
BPB0593  3/8bspf x 10mm Tube Swivel Elbow
BPB0856  VT200 Poly Packing Piece
BPB0415  2mtr x 1.5mm Mains Cable Yellow c/w Plug
BPB0946  Valve Plate Complete HT
BPAAPRV06B16  1/4bsp 16bar Relief Valve
BPB1047  Terminal Box Cover Type 35
BPB1084  1/4bsp Relief Valve 10Bar
BPB1084-12  1/4bsp Relief Valve 12bar
BPB1084-14  1/4bsp Relief Valve 14bar
BP18318  Gauge Tube
BPB1081HP  1/4 inchBsp Back Fit 0-300psi/Bar 50mm Pressure Gauge
BPB0534  2 Way Entry Pallet 530 x 530mm HT (75/150,HT24)
BPB1114  Filter 5 Micron
BPB0157  Wheel Kit - all models except 225/1000
BP19352  Terminal Block
BP16194-2  Motor Mount
BPB0178  1/4bspp x 63mm Bk.Fit Glycerine Gauge - 0 - 100 PSI
BPB0054  1/4bspf Q.R. Connector Body
BPB0055  1/4bspm Q.R.Connector Body
BPB0497  Delivery Pipe Tee Piece
BPB0645  2 Way Entry Pallet 580 x 580mm HT (VT150,200 and 75)
BPB0710  VT200 Piston Seal
BPB1110S  Synthetic Compressor Oil ( 1 Litre)
BPMOD-35/20  Modification Charge 35/20
BPB0344  400mm Braided Pipe 1/2bspf Swivel x 1/2bspm
BPB0822  3/8bspm Non Return Valve
BPB1129  Nycoil Hose 25ft Long
BPB0670  Con Rod
BPB0484  Dryer Purge Tank
BPB0139  Overload Protector 115v 60hz Type 35 Pump
BPB1001A  Overload Protector Type 75 240v 1/2hp
BPB1013A  Con Rod/Washers
BPB1017  Cylinder Head Type 75
BPB1052  Overload Protector - 220/240v Type 35 Pump
BPB1059  Closing Ring
BPB1087A  500mm Delivery Pipe
BP15721  Con-Rod Cover
BPAANR060850A  1/4x5/16x50ft 1/4m Swivel Hose
BPB0604  Wheel Kit - model 225-1000
BPB0671  Con Rod Bearing
BPB0059  1/4bspm Q.R.Connector
BP9234  Unloader Valve DT 100 range
BPB0686  Valve Plate
BPB0609  VT300,400 Packing Piece
BPB0525  24 ltr O/F Corrugated Case
BPB0727  Cooling Fan
BP17210  Relief Valve
BPB0794  VT75D/150D Poly Packing Piece
BPB0931  Crank
BPB1002C  Empty Electrical Cabinet
BPB0750  2 Way Entry Pallet 1040 x 550mm HT (VTS Range)
BPB1002A  Start Relay Type 75 240v 1/2hp
BPB1002B  Capacitor Type 75 240v
BPB0828  75/150,HT24 Corrugated Case
BPB0930  Cover for Fan and Electric Motor HT
BP18154  5 Way Connector
BP19261  On/Off Switch
BP19361  Warning Lamp (Green)
BP9261  On/Off Switch
BPB0510  1/4bsp Regulator
BPB0527  50ltr O/F Corrugated Case
BPB0695  VT75 Capacitor 16mfd
BPB0696  VT150 Capacitor 25mfd
BPB0704  Fan Bambi VT200
BPB1075  3/8 inch Drain Valve
BPB0137  Start Capacitor 115v 60hz
BPB0138  Start Relay 115v 60hz
BPB1001  Overload Kit
BPB1051  Start Capacitor - 220/240v
BPB1053  Start Relay - 220/240v
BPB1058  Top Casing
BPB0722  Cut Out/ Reset Switch
BPB1137  Receiver Wrench Allen Key
BPB0647  50ltr O/F c/w Dryer Corrugated Case
BP18153  4 Way
BPB0935  Connecting Rod Complete 60mm Dia
BPB0915  Manifold
BPB0701  VT200 Capacitor 35mfd
BPB0705  VT200 Fan Ring
BPB0703  Fan Cover 2hp
BPB0716  Outer fan Cover 2.0hp oil free
BP12011  Inlet Valve Seat
BP15021  Compression Ring
BP17010  Safety Valve
BP17150  Drain Tap c/w Drain Hose and Elbow - DT/30
BPB1015  Valve Plate Type 75 1/2hp
BPB0689  VT75 Cylinder
BPB0690  VT150 Cylinder
BP11011  Cylinder Head
BP13011  Cylinder
BPB0545  Solenoid valve and cable assembly
BPB0751  VTS75(D),150(D),200(D) Corrugated Case
BPB1013B  Piston And Rings
BPB1034  Valve Plate
BP17831  Outlet Panel
BP19853  Capacitor 25mf/350v
BPB0457  VTS250(D) Corrugated Case
BPB0563  100Ltr O/F and O/F with Dryer Corrugated Case
BPB1084-16  1/4bsp Relief Valve 16bar
BPB0700  VT200 Con Rod
BPB0655  Element for BPB0258 Filter
BPB1001C  Overload Protector CAJ2T12 110v 1/2hp
BPB1002D  Start Relay 110v Type 75 1/2hp
BPB0172  Automatic Drain Kit (DM)
BPB0258-B  Auto Drain For BPB0258
BPB1130B  Auto Drain Conversion Kit (Breathing Air Filter)
BPB0708  VT200 Cylinder
BPB0963  Crankcase
BPB1134  Element For B1112 Filter (SPIRAX)
BPB0123  Pressure Switch UL Approved (6-8bar)
BPB0124  Pressure Switch 16bar MDR4/16
BPB0135  Pressure Switch 13bar MDR2/11
BPB0274  Pressure Switch 12bar MDR1/11 3/8bsp in base 1/4bsp on sides
BPB0550  Pressure Switch MDR2/11 3/8 (connector)
BPB0997  Pressure Switch HT3 or 2p
BPB1074  Pressure Switch (5.5 - 8.3 BAR)
BPB1080  Filter Regulator - 10 micron
BP15711  Connecting Rod
BP14711  Crankshaft
BP19231  Pressure Switch 4 Way, Replaces Furnas Type
BPDIFFDRYER  Difference Between Cost of Exchange Dryer VT range (BPDSK).
BP18012  Tank Connecting Pipe
BPHT1  HT Pump Service Kit
BP17856  Panel Cover
BP12000  Valve Plate Assembly
BPB0456  2 Way Entry Pallet 785 x 940 c/w Bearer Pads (VTS250(D)
BPB0258-A  Differential Pressure Indicator
BPCOMMISSIONING  Cost to commission compressor installed by customer
BPB0512  Oil Free Timer
BPB1004  Top Casing
BPB1013  Piston/Con Rod
BPB1056  Bottom Casing
BPVT1  Service kit Bambi for VT75, VT150 and VT250 (2 kits required for VT250)
BPB0852  Cooling Fan and Housing Sml
BPB0712  Convert Pressure Switch To End Of Air Receiver Kit
BPDFA1SOL  Solenoid For Air Dryer
BPB0666  Block Motor Side
BPB0675  Block Fan Side
BPB0699  VT200 Block Motor Side
BPB1002 110  Electrical Cabinet Complete 110 Volt
BPB0767  Cooling Fan and Housing Lge
BPB0702  VT200 Block Fan Side
BPB1122A  Service kit Bambi for budget range
BPVT2  Service kit Bambi for VT200
BPB0271  Dryer Solenoid Valve c/w Plug
BPB0170  Odour Removing Element (W) E381AC
BPB0171  Oil Removing Element (W) E361XA
BPB1002 240  Electrical Cabinet Complete
BPB1131  Odour Removing Element Sml D006AC
BPB1131A  Oil Removing Element Sml K009AA
BPB1131C  Odour Removing Element Lge DO13AC
BPB1131D  Oil Removing Element Lge DO17XA
BP19000-1  Contactor
BP19000-2  Thermal Overload For 40q and Qd
BP19000-3  Thermal Overload For 23q and Qd
BP17110  Non Return Valve
BP17126  Non Return Valve DT23Q and DT40Q
BP7110  Non Return Valve
BP7110Q  Non Return Valve M10/23Q
BPB0511  3/8bsp Regulator
BPB0549  Pressure Switch MDR3/11 10 - 16amp Overload Taper Thread
BAM002-CARR01  Carriage
BPB0872  3/2NC Dryer Solenoid Valve c/w Plug
BP15700  Connecting Rod Complete
BPB1124A  Service kit Bambi for MD range
BPB0919  Twin Tower Timer Wiring Sub Assembly
BP18028  Copper Coil For DFA1 Dryer
BP18029  Delivery Pipe
BP19411  Fan Assembly
BP17856-1  Fascia Panel
BPB0861  Sml Aftercooler c/w Fittings and Guard
BP19231-1  Pressure Switch
BP19235  Pressure Switch
BPB1112  Filter Bambi coalescing
BPB0538  End Panel Oil Free Cabinet inc Internal Foam
BPB0468  9 litre budget vessel
BPB1135  Receiver Wrench 16mm Square
BPB1136  Receiver Wrench 20mm Square
BPB1143  Receiver Wrench 25mm Square
BPB1011  Bottom Casing
BP18027  Metal Braided Delivery Pipe
BP18027-1  Delivery Pipe
BPB0470  15 litre vertical budget vessel
BPDFA1a  Dryer Service Kit (Use 1.4kg of desiccant)
BPTwinDSK  Dryer Service Kit for Small Twin Tower Dryer
BPB0815  VTS Internal Tray Assembly
BP17851  Top Panel
BP9231  Pressure Switch
BPB1080HP  High Pressure Filter Regulator
BPB0860  Lge Aftercooler c/w Fittings And Guard
BPdiff35old  Difference in cost between T35 New and Service Exchange
BPB1175  3 Ltr Vessel White
BP12338-11  Air Receiver Painted Black
BPdiff75old  Difference in cost between T75 New and Service Exchange
BPB0783  1/8bspf Auto Drain/TimerandConnector 110v 60Hz
BPB0819  1/8bspf Auto Drain/Timer and Connector 230v
BPTIMER  Timer Unit For DT23QD
BPB0472  24 litre vertical budget vessel
BPB0763  VTS Cabinet Lid RAL 7044
BPVT75DIFF  Difference in cost of VT75 Pump new and Service Exchange Unit
BPDIFF75  Difference in cost between T75 New and Service Exchange Pump Units
BPDIFF35  Difference in cost between T35 New and Service Exchange Pump
BPB0334  Stator 115v/60Hz
BPB1031  Stator 220/240v
BPB0471  24 litre standard budget vessel
BPB0471WPE  24 Litre Air Reciever For WoodPecker Energy
BPB0469  15 litre standard budget vessel
BPVT150DIFF  Difference between cost of VT150 Pump new and Service Exchange Unit
BPB0473  24 litre double head std budget vessel
BPB0983  Coalescing Filter C/w Manual Drain
BP11658  Air Receiver Painted Black
BPB0287  1/2bspp Pressure Switch 11 bar 1381PV
BP14011  Crankcase
BPB0799  Stator Type 75 110v 1/2hp
BPB1023  Stator Type 75 240v 1/2hp
BPB1030  Cylinder Block 35 Pump
BPB1131B  Replacement Element Set (2)
BPB0258  Coalescing Filter For Aftercooler
BPB0260  24 Litre Oil Free Vessel
BPB1012  Cylinder Block
BPB0795  23Ltr Vessel
BP12405-2-1  100l Air Receiver Un-Painted
BPB0474  50 litre budget vessel
BPVT200DIFF  Difference in cost of VT200 Pump new and service exchange unit
BP17801  Base Panel 23Q
BP17826  Right Panel
BPB0560  Replacement Sml Aftercooler Sub Assembly VT75D
BPB0561  Replacement Aftercooler Assembly VT150D VT200D +
BPB0865  Replacement Lge Aftercooler Sub Assembly Left Hand Side VT300D/400D
BPB0869  Lge Aftercooler c/w Fittings and Guard Left Hand Side (VT300D/400D VT250D and VTS250D)
BPB0261  50 Litre Oil Free Vessel
BPB1094  4 litre Vessel
BPB1130  Filter Bambi breathing air
BPB1100  8 litre Vessel
BPDIFFDRYER13  Difference between cost exchange of VT Dryer (BPDSK) - to be used from January 2013
BPB0599  15ltr Air Receiver
BPB1099  15 litre Vertical Vessel
BPB1099B  15 litre Standard Vessel
BPVT250DIFF  Difference in cost of VT250 Pump new and Service Exchange Unit
BP17836-46  Rear Panel
BPB0862  Replacement Aftercooler And Fan Assembly For VTS75D,150D and 200D Models
BPB1122B-110  Budget Pump - New 110 Volt
BPB1122B-240  Budget Pump - New 240 Volt
BPB0293  MD Range Operators Handbook
BPDSK  Service Exchange Dryer
BPMOD - 75/150  High Pressure Mod. For 75/150
BPB0262  100 Litre Oil Free Vessel
BPTTDSK  Twin Tower Dryer Service Kit (OMI)
BPB0230  59 Litre Oil Free Vessel
BP19331  Electrical Box
BPB1088  24 litre vertical vessel
BPB1088B  24 litre Standard Vessel DC75/250
BPB1123-110  35 Motor/Pump - Exchange 110 Volt
BPB1123-240  35 Motor/Pump - Exchange 240 Volt
BPB0548  Dryer sub-assembly
BPB0663  Motor VT75
BPB0664  Motor VT150
BP19851  Motor
BP16002  30 Litre Air Receiver
BPB0883  Esprit 1400 Oil Less Motor/Pump 220v 50Hz
BPB0884  Esprit 2800 Oil Less Motor/Pump 220v 50Hz
BPHT1400  HT Oil Less Motor/Pump 1400 240v
BPHT2800  HT Oil Less Motor/Pump 2800 240v
BP17851-1  Top Panel
BPB0590  Filter Bambi bacterial
BPB1097  50 litre Vessel (150-500)
BPVT75SX240  Service Exchange VT75 Pump Unit 240volt
BPDFA1  Dryer System
BPVT150SX240  Service Exchange VT150 Pump Unit 240volt
BP17836-1  Rear Panel
BPB1122-110  35 Motor/Pump Unit New 110 volt
BPB1122-240  35 Motor/Pump Unit New 240 volt
BPDR45-240  Oil Free Pump Unit
BP17826-1  Right Panel
BP17836  Rear Panel
BPB0965  Twin Tower Dryer
BPVT200SX240  Service Exchange VT200 Pump Unit 240volt
BPVT75  VT75 Pump Unit 240volt
BPB1124-110  75 Motor/Pump - New 110 volt
BPB1124-240  75 Motor/Pump - New 240 volt
BPB1125-110  75 Motor/Pump Exchange 110 Volt
BPB1125-240  75 Motor/Pump Exchange 240 Volt
BPMOD-150/500  High Pressure Mod. For 150/500
BPB0542  1.5HP Oil Less Pump 380v 50hz
BPB1105  100 litre Vessel
BPVT150  VT150 Pump Unit 240volt
BPVT1503  VT150 Pump Unit 3 Phase 380 Volt
BPPind/Convert  Parts To Convert a VT400D to Twin Tower Dryers
BP16000  23 Litre Air Receiver
BPVT250SX240  Service Exchange VT250 Pump Unit 240 Volt
BPVT250SX380  Service Exchange VT250 Pump Unit 380 Volt 3 Phase
BPDT100  DR175 Oil Free Pump Unit 240v/50Hz
BPVT200 240  VT200 Pump Unit 240volt
BPVT200  VT200 Pump Unit 380 Volt
BPB0836  Large Twin Tower Dryer VTandVTS250D
BPB0870  2.5HP EXTREME 4 Oil Less Pump 220v 50Hz
BPVT250  Oil Free pump unit For VT250,250D,VTS250,VTS250D,FSP250- 240Volt
BP19000  Control Box
BP16003  40 Litre Air Receiver
BAM002-70005  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70010  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70015  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70020  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70025  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70030  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70035  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70040  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70045  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70050  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70055  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70060  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70065  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70070  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70075  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70080  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70085  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70090  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70095  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70100  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70105  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70110  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70115  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70120  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70125  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70130  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70135  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70140  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70145  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70150  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70155  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70160  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70165  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70170  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70175  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70180  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70185  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70190  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70195  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70200  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70205  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70210  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70215  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70220  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70225  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70230  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70235  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70240  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70245  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70250  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70255  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70260  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70265  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70270  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70275  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70280  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70285  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70290  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70295  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70300  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70305  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70310  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70315  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70320  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70325  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70330  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70335  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70340  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70345  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70350  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70355  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70360  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70365  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70370  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70375  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70380  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70385  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70390  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70395  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70400  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70405  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70410  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70415  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70420  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70425  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70430  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70435  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70440  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70445  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70450  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70455  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70460  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70465  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70470  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70475  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70480  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70485  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70490  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70495  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70500  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70505  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70510  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70515  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70520  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70525  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70530  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70535  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70540  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70545  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70550  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70555  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70560  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70565  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70570  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70575  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70580  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70585  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70590  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70595  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70600  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70605  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70610  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70615  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70620  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70625  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70630  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70635  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70640  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70645  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70650  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70655  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70660  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70665  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70670  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70675  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70680  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70685  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70690  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70695  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70700  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70705  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70710  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70715  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70720  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70725  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70730  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70735  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70740  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70745  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70750  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70755  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70760  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70765  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70770  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70775  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70780  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70785  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70790  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70795  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70800  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70805  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70810  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70815  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70820  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70825  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70830  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70835  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70840  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70845  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70850  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70855  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70860  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70865  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70870  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70875  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70880  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70885  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70890  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70895  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70900  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70905  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70910  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70915  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70920  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70925  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70930  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70935  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70940  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70945  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70950  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70955  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70960  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70965  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70970  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70975  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70980  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70985  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70990  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-70995  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-710000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71005  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71010  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71015  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71020  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71025  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71030  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71035  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71040  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71045  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71050  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71055  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71060  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71065  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71070  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71075  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71080  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71085  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71090  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71095  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71100  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-711000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71105  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71110  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71115  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71120  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71125  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71130  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71135  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71140  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71145  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71150  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71155  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71160  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71165  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71170  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71175  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71180  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71185  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71190  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71195  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71200  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-712000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71205  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71210  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71215  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71220  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71225  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71230  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71235  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71240  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71245  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71250  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71255  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71260  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71265  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71270  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71275  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71280  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71285  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71290  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71295  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71300  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-713000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71305  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71310  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71315  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71320  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71325  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71330  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71335  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71340  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71345  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71350  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71355  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71360  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71365  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71370  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71375  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71380  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71385  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71390  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71395  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71400  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-714000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71405  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71410  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71415  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71420  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71425  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71430  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71435  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71440  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71445  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71450  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71455  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71460  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71465  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71470  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71475  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71480  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71485  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71490  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71495  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71500  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-715000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71505  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71510  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71515  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71520  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71525  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71530  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71535  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71540  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71545  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71550  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71555  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71560  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71565  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71570  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71575  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71580  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71585  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71590  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71595  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71600  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-716000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71605  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71610  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71615  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71620  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71625  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71630  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71635  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71640  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71645  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71650  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71655  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71660  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71665  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71670  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71675  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71680  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71685  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71690  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71695  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71700  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-717000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71705  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71710  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71715  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71720  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71725  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71730  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71735  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71740  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71745  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71750  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71755  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71760  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71765  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71770  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71775  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71780  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71785  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71790  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71795  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71800  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-718000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71805  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71810  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71815  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71820  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71825  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71830  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71835  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71840  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71845  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71850  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71855  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71860  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71865  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71870  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71875  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71880  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71885  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71890  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71895  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71900  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-719000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71905  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71910  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71915  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71920  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71925  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71930  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71935  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71940  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71945  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71950  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71955  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71960  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71965  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71970  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71975  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71980  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71985  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71990  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-71995  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-72000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-720000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-721000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-722000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-723000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-724000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-725000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-726000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-727000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-728000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-729000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-73000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-730000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-74000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-75000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-76000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-77000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-78000  Order Cost - Bambi
BAM002-79000  Order Cost - Bambi

  • Special offers

    Prices starting at £296 -

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Air Compressors Bambi Limited David Child 14-Oct-2017

  • Product update

    Bambi VTS series of air compressors from Wolflabs. Recognising the need for silent oil free compressed air, Bambi has developed a brand new range of totally silent models. Introducing the Bambi VTS Range. Not just an acoustic hood but, a dedicated silent range, engineered from the ground up and with a stunning design that will look great in any location.

    Features and benefits
    - Highest quality of compressed air available
    - Noise levels as low as 54dB(A)
    - Four thermostatically controlled cooling fans
    - Optional integral air dryer and after cooler (-40°C Dewpoint)

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Air Compressors Bambi Limited David Suddaby 01-Oct-2017

  • Product update

    Bambi MD range of air compressors from Wolflabs. Ultra high performance with ultra low noise – the Bambi MD range. Designed for applications demanding the highest quality air supply with all the benefits of very low noise levels. At the heart of the range is the oil lubricated T75 pump unit developed to deliver 50% more air compared to other silent compressors and the only silent compressor fitted with piston rings eliminating oil carryover to the air supply.

    Features and benefits
    - With sound levels from just 40dB(A) and almost no vibration when running, Bambi MD Compressors can be located in the work area without causing any noise intrusion. Perfect as a stand alone air centre or for a range of OEM requirements.
    - The “V” designated models have the same specification as the horizontal versions but in an ultra compact package.
    - All models have an 8 bar maximum working pressure, optional higher pressures are available on request.
    - Air receivers are internally powder coated to prevent corrosion, internal valves are stainless steel and each model is equipped with a 10 micron air filter & outlet pressure regulator as standard.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Air Compressors Bambi Limited David Suddaby 01-Aug-2017

  • Product update

    Bambi VT series of air compressors from Wolflabs. Quality is the primary component built into each Bambi VT Oil Free Compressor. Bambi’s revolutionary VT range of oil free compressors is available with Bambi's innovative air dryer unit. With quality the key word, their oil free, clean & dry air units are class leading and packed with the latest features.

    Features and benefits
    - Soft start valve
    - Internally coated receiver
    - Air dryer
    - After cooler & coalescing filter
    - Sequential start

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Air Compressors Bambi Limited David Suddaby 25-May-2017

  • Product update

    Bambi PT series of air compressors from Wolflabs. With ultra low noise, from only 54 dB(A) and 100% oil free operation, the PT range delivers a low maintenance solution to ultra-quiet oil free compressed air. Compressors are available in a choice of receiver and pump formats to ensure that the one chosen is perfectly adapted to the application.

    Features and benefits
    - Low Maintenance oil-free operation
    - Ultra low noise when running 54dB
    - Compact design, suitable for tight spaces

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Air Compressors Bambi Limited David Suddaby 04-Mar-2017