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Homogenisers - High Pressure

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LF-1  LiposoFast Basic
LF-50  LiposoFast-50
EF-B15  EmulsiFlex-B15
EF-C3  EmulsiFlex-C3
EF-C5  EmulsiFlex-C5

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    How to get the best out of your high pressure homogeniser
    - It is important that the user identifies the homogenising pressure that will achieve lysis of those particular cells, as pressures that are too low may prove ineffective.
    - Pressure and temperature are directly affected by each other. As a general rule, a 1000psi (69bar) increase in pressure results in a 1°C increase in temperature, which could potentially impact homogenisation results negatively – it is therefore important that pressure is controlled.
    - Tougher samples generally require higher pressures for processing. In the case of DNA or protein isolation, it is crucial that the optimal homogenising pressure for a particular sample does not induce a temperature high enough to damage sensitive intracellular products.
    - Temperature increase may therefore induce an increase in oil viscosity and thus emulsion viscosity, so it can directly and significantly alter the quality of the end product, given optimal viscosity of an emulsion is always crucial. Avestin machines can offer that precise temperature control via compatibility with cooling coils, as well as sanitary heat exchangers.
    - It should be noted that some products require high homogenising pressures for processing; however these pressures can damage sensitive products. For example, proteins may be denatured. A solution to this problem lies in lowering the pressure and increasing the number of passes through the machine. Multi-pass, high-pressure homogenisation has been shown to induce higher microbial inactivation than single-pass high-pressure homogenisation of which may be a preference to some.
    - In summary, the identification of the optimal parameters when processing samples via high pressure homogenisation, can allow both ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

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    Homogenisers - High Pressure Avestin David Child 04-Oct-2018

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    New LiposoFast and EmulsiFlex series of high pressure homogenisers from Avestin have been added. 

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    Homogenisers - High Pressure Avestin David Suddaby 10-Apr-2018