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823-0210P-2  Specord 210 Plus
823-0250P-2  Specord 250 Plus
823-0200P-2  Specord 200 Plus
822-0050P-2  Specord 50 Plus

  • Product update

    Analytik Jena BioShake shaking incubator from Wolflabs. The BioShake series turns the traditional way of thinking upside down in the laboratories and defines the requirements to a lab mixer completely new. Due to a permanently increase of demand now the common thermal mixer has to face high expectations, regarding the reduction of sample amounts and a growing number of wells inside the microplates.

    Features and benefits
    - Mixing speed up to 3,000 rpm
    - For microplates, PCR plates, deep well plates, tubes and glass vials
    - Integrated vortex and short mix function
    - 3D-Shake-Control
    - Anti-Spill and Anti-Vibrations technology
    - Economization of time-consuming centrifugation steps after mixing
    - Compact lightweight mode of construction with minimal footprint
    - High-born aluminium design
    - Customized adapters for optimal mixing results

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Shaking Incubators Analytik Jena David Suddaby 01-Oct-2017

  • Product update

    Analytik Jena Flex Cycler 2 thermal cycler from Wolflabs. The Flex Cycler 2 is a modern thermal cycler with large graphical display and exceptional design. The instrument offers state-of-the-art heating and cooling rates in combination with high control accuracy. Thanks to the excellent temperature uniformity over the complete temperature range the system consistently ensures reproducible conditions.

    Features and benefits
    - Quick-X-change block exchange system
    - Automatic block recognition
    - 96 well and 48 well twin-block optionally with gradient function
    - Twin-blocks independently controllable
    - Multiblock start- and stop-function
    - Large ¼ VGA display
    - High Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) for always optimal contact pressure
    - USB A and USB B port
    - Comfortable user administration
    - GLP compliant documentation of PCR runs
    - Comprehensive additional software functions

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Thermal Cyclers Analytik Jena David Suddaby 04-Mar-2017

  • Product update

    Analytik Jena SpeedCycler 2 thermal cycler from Wolflabs. With the SpeedCycler 2, Analytik Jena has launched the second generation of the original SpeedCycler technology with an instrument even faster than its predecessor and delivering extraordinary high heating and cooling rates of up to 15 °C/sec and 10 °C/sec, respectively. 

    Features and benefits
    - rapidPCR in less than 8 minutes
    - Heating and cooling rates of up to 15 °C/sec and 10 °C/sec, respectively
    - SAC (Self-Adapting-Container) technology delivers outstanding heat transfer
    - Low-Profile-Rapid (LPR) systems for 20 µL 
    - Standard-Profile-Rapid (SPR) systems for 0.2 mL standard consumables 
    - Optimized for low reagent consumption and reduced running cost
    - Small footprint satellite system
    - Four different blocks available
    - Thermal blocks made of massive sterling silver with a gold layer
    - Portable user-interface HID-Pro 320
    - Reduced primer mismatching

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Thermal Cyclers Analytik Jena David Suddaby 28-Nov-2016

  • Product update

    Analytik Jena innuPREP nueleic acid extraction kits from Wolflabs. The innuPREP Virus RNA Kit-KFml can be used in conjunction with the KingFisher ml automated extraction system. Magnetic particle separation technology makes it possible to process up to 15 samples quickly and in parallel. The kit has been adapted to work with a large number of different starting materials. The viral RNA eluted in the final step is ready for use and can easily be introduced into downstream applications such as real-time PCR. The kit contains all of the reagents and consumables needed for fast, uncomplicated RNA purification.

    Features and benefits
    - Automated isolation of viral DNA and RNA from serum, plasma and other cell-free bodily fluids or supernatants from cell cultures
    - Extraction based on magnetic particles and is optimized for the InnuPure C96
    - Prefilled, sealed Reagent Plates keep prep work to a minimum
    - Initial lysis of the starting material is integrated in the automated process

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits Analytik Jena David Suddaby 28-Aug-2016

  • Product update

    New Bioshake series shaking incubators from Analytik Jena have been added.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Shaking Incubators Analytik Jena David Suddaby 07-Mar-2016