Unstirred Water Baths - Grant - JB Nova 26

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JBN26 Water bath unstirred Grant JB Nova 26 26L capacity with digital display, drain, no timer, no alarm, maximum temperature 95 degs C, stability +/- 0.5 degs C with single point calibration. Includes lid 36 months Grant_unstirred-water-baths_JB-Nova.pdf ? £711.99 £561.17

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK
Max. Power Draw 1.400kW

Additional information

Max temp 95 °C
Min temp 26 °C
Stability 0.5 +/- °C
Tank capacity 26 l
Control Digital
Drain Yes
Timer No
Calibration Single point
Includes lid? Yes
Manual Grant_unstirred-water-baths_JB-Nova.pdf

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. JBN26


IQOQJBNJBA IQOQ documentation Grant for all JB models (JBN & JBA)

? £214.36 £174.06

LF28 Lid Grant alternative flat stainless steel with 6 x ring sets

? £359.44 £286.52

AQL26 Lid Grant polycarbonate gabled blue for SUB28, SBB28

? £130.08 £110.51

LU28 Lid Grant stainless steel gabled

? £191.21 £156.61

J2-SE Rack Grant for 105 x 0.5ml test tubes for JBN and SAP baths

? £120.81 £103.52

J2-30 Rack Grant for 12 x 30mm test tubes for JBN and SAP baths

? £120.81 £103.52

J2-25 Rack Grant for 18 x 25mm test tubes for JBN and SAP baths

? £120.81 £103.52

J2-19 Rack Grant for 32 x 19mm test tubes for JBN and SAP baths

? £120.81 £103.52

J2-16 Rack Grant for 36 x 16mm test tubed for JBN and SAP baths

? £120.81 £103.52

J2-13 Rack Grant for 55 x 13mm test tubes for JBN and SAP baths

? £120.81 £103.52

J2-LE Rack Grant for 65 x 1.5ml test tubes for JBN and SAP baths

? £120.81 £103.52

J2-10 Rack Grant for 84 x 10mm test tube rack for JBN and SAP baths

? £120.81 £103.52

RS28H Shelves Grant raised for SUB AQUA 18/26 JB AQUA 18/26

? £169.91 £140.54

PS20 Spheres Grant polypropylene, pack of 300

? £108.78 £94.45

AQBT26 Tray Grant polycarbonate base replacement

? £76.36 £70.00

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