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207-20700-58 Spectrophotometer Shimadzu UV-3600 Plus 185-3300nm, variable spectral bandwidth from 0.1 -5nm, scanning, dual beam, for general purpose, DNA/RNA, educational, life science, industrial, micro volume and pharmaceutical applications, single cell holder. Note that these units need installing by a Shimadzu engineer in order to validate the warranty. Please use part number INSTALLATION-UV3600. 12 months Shimadzu_spectrophotometer_UV-3600-plus.pdf ? £38060.00 £33657.83

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer Outside of Europe
Max. Power Draw 0.002kW

Additional information

Min wavelength 185 nm
Max wavelength 3300 nm
Min bandwidth 0.1 nm
Max bandwidth 5 nm
Scanning Yes
Beam format Dual
Cell holders 1
Printer included No
Temperature controlled cuvette shaft? Optional
Bluetooth No
Suitable for general purpose applications Yes
Suitable for DNA/RNA applications Yes
Suitable for educational applications Yes
Suitable for life science applications Yes
Suitable for industrial applications Yes
Suitable for micro volume applications Yes
Suitable for pharmaceutical applications Yes

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Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. 207-20700-58


INSTALLATION-UV3600 Installation Shimadzu of UV-3600Plus system - Popular accessory

? £2252.12 £2252.12

206-29500-58 6-cell positioner Shimadzu CPS-100 thermoelectrically temperature controlled, used in Kinetics mode, this provides measurement of up to 6 temperature-sensitive enzyme samples. Number of cells: 6 on the sample side (temperature-controlled), 1 on the reference side (temperature not controlled).

? £4591.04 £4060.01

204-27206-02 Cell holder Shimadzu constant-temperature, four, four 10mm pathlength sample and one reference cell maintained at temperature range of 5°C to 90°C, according to selection of water recirculator system (optional purchase of PCB-1500 P/N 980-09081). Water pipe connectors: 9 mm. Note: The Four-Cell Sample Compartment Unit (P/N 206-23670-91) is necessary.

? £1891.55 £1672.76

202-30858-44 Cell holder Shimadzu constant-temperature, single, 10mm pathlength sample and reference cells maintained at temperature range of 5°C to 90°C, according to selection of water recirculator system (optional purchase of PCB-1500 P/N 980-09081 required). Water pipe connectors: 6 mm and 9 mm (two levels).

? £1180.16 £1043.66

206-29510-58 Cell holder Shimadzu TCC-100, thermoelectrically temperature controlled, single-cell peltier. Number of cells: One each on the sample and reference sides (Peltier temperature-controlled).

? £2986.92 £2641.45

206-28410-41 Integrating sphere attachment Shimadzu ISR-2600-Plus, 220nm to 1400nm for UV2600 only. The ISR-2600Plus is an integrating sphere equipped with two detectors: a photomultiplier tube and an InGaAs detector. By combining the 0°/8° incidence angle integrating sphere with the S/R beam exchange function of the spectrophotometer, diffuse and specular reflectance measurements are possible without using any special attachments. The size of the light beam for reflectance measurements can be changed, which enables reflectance measurement of micro samples (minimum light beam dimensions about 2 × 3 mm). Light beams for transmittance measurements can be concentrated to dimensions of 3 × 3 mm.

? £6882.63 £6086.55

980-10634 Network card Shimadzu required for PC

? £84.63 £84.63

INSTAL II-SHI001 Power cable Shimadzu for UK sockets and USB A-to-B cables for FTIR printer

? £26.87 £26.87

TRAINING-UV Training Shimadzu by Shimadzu product specialist, half day

? £955.36 £955.36

206-25234-91 USB adaptor Shimadzu required for connecting CPS-240A to UV

? £485.82 £429.63

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