General Purpose Vacuum Pumps - Welch - CRVpro 4 with FREE FOM16 oil mist filter

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3042-00-700621 Vacuum pump Welch CRVpro 4 with FREE FOM16 oil mist filter (700621), suitable for use with chemicals, 0.002mbar ultimate vacuum, 63l/min flow rate, not ATEX compliant, with integral gas ballast valves 12 months Welch_pumps-vacuum_CRVpro.pdf ? £1544.00 £1384.00

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer Outside of Europe

Additional information

Type Two stage rotary vane
Chemically resistant Yes
Inlet trap No
Condenser No
Ultimate vacuum 0.002 mbar
Flow rate at atmospheric pressure 63 l/min
ATEX compliant No
Integral gas ballast valves Yes
Oil free No
Wireless remote control No
Suitable for rotary evaporators? No
Suitable for filtration? No
Suitable for filtration distribution? No
Suitable for distillation? Yes
Suitable for dessication? No
Suitable for use with larger volumes of solvents No
Suitable for aggressive vapours? No
Suitable for vacuum ovens? Yes
Suitable for centrifugal concentrators? Yes
Suitable for gel dryers? No
Suitable for aspiration? No
Suitable for freeze dryers? Yes
Suitable for Schlenk line / vacuum manifolds? Yes
Suitable for glove boxes? Yes
Suitable for solid phase extraction No
Manual Welch_pumps-vacuum_CRVpro.pdf

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. 3042-00-700621


1420H-14 Cold trap Welch-Ilmvac dry ice/liquid nitrogen with DN10 hose nozzles, large cold chamber provides rapid condensation of solvent vapours, effective foreline cold trap for vacuum manifolds or Schlenk lines, removable centre makes trapping surface easy to clean

? £858.00 £819.00

330031 Freeze dryer adapter kit Welch DN 16KF with oil mist separator AKD 16, 2-way ball valve, PVC vacuum hose (1.5 m) and hose connector DN 16KF / DN 25KF, hinge clamp ring and centering ring

? £361.00 £348.00

330060 Hose adaptor kit Welch with hose connector, red rubber vacuum hose 1.5m and clamps

? £233.00 £227.00

320016 Inlet Separator AKS 16, DN 16 KF

? £214.00 £209.00

700010 Oil mist filter Welch OME10/16

? £105.00 £101.00

320015 Oil mist separator Welch-Ilmvac AKD16

? £225.00 £207.00

710755 Vacuum hose Welch stainless steel, DN 16KF, 1500 mm

? £141.00 £137.00

800995-01 Vacuum pump oil Welch Directorr premium, 1 Litre

? £62.00 £62.00

800995-05 Vacuum pump oil Welch Directorr premium, 5 Litre

? £119.00 £116.00

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