Dosing and Peristaltic Pumps - Cleaver Scientific - PP1

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PP1 Peristaltic pump Cleaver Scientific single channel 12 months Cleaver-Scientific_Pumps-dosing-peristaltic_PP1.pdf ? £1861.52 £1195.00

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK
Max. Power Draw 0.050kW

Additional information

Type of pump Peristaltic
Max speed 350 rpm
Min flow rate 0.0016 ml/min
Max flow rate 1330 ml/min
No of channels 1
PC connectivity auto control? No
Manual Cleaver-Scientific_Pumps-dosing-peristaltic_PP1.pdf

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. PP1


MU-S16 Silicon tube Cleaver Scientific I.D.1/8”, 25ft for peristaltic pump

? £158.84 £108.52

MU-S14 Tube Cleaver Scientific silicon 1/16, 25 Ft

? £160.65 £109.60

MU-S13 Tube Cleaver Scientific silicon 1/32, 25 Ft

? £153.40 £105.30

MU-S17 Tube Cleaver Scientific silicon 1/4, 25 Ft

? £217.33 £143.43

MU-S25 Tube Cleaver Scientific silicon 3/16, 25 Ft

? £213.31 £140.86

MU-S18 Tube Cleaver Scientific silicon 3/8, 25 Ft

? £235.44 £155.01

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