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207701001 XRD mill Retsch XRD-Mill McCrone complete package suitable for grinding, mixing and triturating, dry and wet applications, material feed size < 0.5mm, final fineness 1µm, 1 grinding station, minimum mean dringin time 3minutes, maximum mean grinding time 30minutes, grinding jar size 125ml. Includes 2 x agate grinding sets (50 grinding elements each), 2 x grinding jars with screw top lid of PP, 1 x pouring lid and 1 x loading device. 24 months Retsch_XRD-Mill_XRD-Mill-McCrone.pdf ? £8236.00 £7939.00

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer European
Max. Power Draw 0.100kW

Additional information

Suitable for grinding applications Yes
Suitable for mixing and titurating applications Yes
Suitable for dry and wet applications Yes
Maximum material feed size 0.5 mm
Final fineness 1 µm
Number of grinding stations 1
Grinding jar size 125 ml
Minimum mean grinding time minutes 3
Maximum mean grinding time minutes 30
Manual Retsch_XRD-Mill_XRD-Mill-McCrone.pdf

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. 207701001


23680126 Grinding elements Retsch 48, zirconium oxide, 1 set

? £384.00 £378.00

23680123 Grinding elements Retsch 50, agate, 1 set

? £1815.00 £1752.00

23680124 Grinding elements Retsch tungsten carbide, 2 pieces

? £311.00 £309.00

23680122 Grinding elemts Retsch 48, corundum, 1 set

? £477.00 £468.00

14620356 Grinding jar Retsch with screw top lid

? £152.00 £152.00

34860007 Loading device Retsch

? £193.00 £193.00

34620357 Pouring lid Retsch

? £90.00 £90.00

224600001 Sample preparation set Retsch stainless steel percussion mortar, 10 corundum grinding elements, 1 sieve 500 µm and 1 brush

? £929.00 £902.00

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