Stability Chambers - Binder - KBF-S720 Solid.Line

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9020-0368-12 Wolf budget product - Stability chamber Binder KBF-S720 Solid.Line 700L capacity, low pressure steam humidity generator, without light or uv light control, minimum temperature 0°C, maximum temperature 70°C 12 months Binder_Incubator-stability-chamber_KBF-S720.pdf ? £12248.00 £11369.00

Features & Benefits

• Humidity regulation with capacitive humidity sensor and steam humidification • LCD to display temperature and humidity along with additional information and alarms • Internal data logger, measured values can be read out in open format via USB • Unit self-test for comprehensive status analysis • Inner chamber made completely of stainless steel • 2 stainless steel racks • Independent water supply via tank

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. 9020-0368-12

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Class I Cabinets BM11500R-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Class I microbiological safety cabinet Contained Air Solutions (CAS) BioMAT1 1500R, 1500mm wide for recirculating applications, exhaust air flow rate 0.18m3, noise level 57dB, compliant to EN12468:2000 and BS5726:1992 includes commissioning of safety cabinet to the requirements of EN 12469:2000 (COMM), support stand 1500mm wide, on levelling feet, for BioMAT1 1500E/1500R and BioMAT2 1500E/1500R (CSS1500) and UV light germicidal (UV) ? £12477.00 £10500.00

Class II Cabinets F00025200000-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Class II microbiological safety cabinet Faster / Envair SafeFAST Premium 212 working width 1192mm, motorised sliding sash, two fans, 0.0844kW max power draw, 42.5dB noise level, no VHP port, for ducted or recirculating applications, with angled HEPA filter, 2 year warranty, includes commissioning and validation including KI test (COMVAL-2/3/4FT-X1), HEPA filter additional exhaust, internal (FX0025241000), stand powder coated modular for 1.2 mt size with castors (FX0002124510), UV lamp (FX0002124600) ? £10376.00 £9667.00

Class III Cabinets F00024300000-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Class III cabinet Faster / Envair SafeFAST Elite 315 2 glove ports, supplied with inlet filter and passive transfer hatch, working dimensions 740h x 1655w x 580d mm, includes commissioning and validation with KI test (COMVAL-5/6FT-X1), stand epoxy powder coated modular (FX0002154500) ? £37642.00 £28304.00

Cleanrooms CK-9M-12 Wolf budget product - Cleanroom Monmouth Scientific CK-12M dimensions 4w x 3d x 2.35d metres, modular type, self assembly installation, CAM2250 filtration unit included, ISO7 class, with soft close doors ? £13254.00 £10078.00

Colony Counters 97-0539-02-12 Wolf budget product - Colony counter UVP / Analytik Jena ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station includes: Darkroom, DigiCam 120, ColonyDoc-It Software ? £5418.00 £4561.00

Colorimeters 80-3000-43-12 Wolf budget product - Colorimeter WPA CO7500 wavelength range 400 to 700nm, supplied with 8 filters ? £509.00 £423.00

Controlled Rate Freezers CRF-1 H00-12 Wolf budget product - Controlled rate freezer Grant Instuments CRF-1 H00 for 16 x 0.5ml straws, controlled temperature range from -100 to 30 degs C, cooling rate from 0.1 to 10 deg C/min, horizontal freezing alignment ? £12469.00 £10414.00

Crosslinkers CL-508.BL-12 Wolf budget product - Crosslinker Cleaver Scientific CL-508.BL 365nm wavelength, handle door design, 6 x 8 watt tubes included, cannot be fitted with alternative wavelength tubes, no automatic compensation for diminished tubes ? £2659.00 £1686.00

Cryostats OTF5000-001-12 Wolf budget product - Cryostat Bright OTF5000 not portable, not motorised drive type, optional UV disinfection ? £14824.00 £14824.00

Cytotoxic Cabinets F000214A0000-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Cytotoxic cabinet Faster / Envair CytoFAST Elite 212 sliding sash front closure, working width 1192mm, full BS/EN certification (EN12469:2000), stand included, includes commissioning and validation with KI test (COMVAL-2/3/4FT-X1) and UV Lamp (FX0002124600) ? £16068.00 £12733.00

Data Loggers and Alarms 3999-902-1433-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Data logger and alarm system Haier Biomedical Ultra RF Gateway for monitoring up to 200 units for temperature, a variety of gases, humidity and mains supply. The unit uses wireless sensors and can be fitted with a dial out option. This unit is not supplied with a probe, includes realtime online activation fee for 1 point (996-510-3204), realtime online reporting 1 monitoring point (TX only) includes data (996-510-3214), repeater (signal booster) Rx/Tx-ULTRA comes with plug top power supply (3999-901-1212) and temperature sensor Tx-ULTRA PT100, -80C/0°C, 40 x 6mm, standard, PTFE (3999-913-2147) ? £5466.00 £4139.00

Densitometers 80-3000-45-12 Wolf budget product - Densitometer WPA CO8000 600nm wavelength, suitable for 16mm diameter measurement vessels, absorbance range -0.3 to 1.99A ? £598.00 £496.00

Density Meters 30330857-12 Wolf budget product - Density meter Metler Toledo Densito 3g/cm3 max measuring range, measures brix, alcohol, proof (US and IP), API, baume and plato, not GLP/GMP compliant OFFER ENDS 30-08-2019 ? £2313.00 £1899.00

Dissolved Oxygen Meters HI-98198-12 Wolf budget product - Dissolved oxygen meter Hanna Instruments Opdo measuring range 0 – 50mg/l, ppm, optical (DO) sensor (HI-764113), 4m cable, supplied with field kit ? £1586.00 £1366.00

Downflow Benches K-W1000-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Downflow bench Monmouth Scientific 980mm wide x 530mm deep, low airflow alarm included, without sink requires 1 pre-filter (included) and 2 main filters (K-HF0116) for powders/dusts, price includes delivery, installation and commissioning (assuming unrestricted access and that delivery and installation take place on the same day) ? £3310.00 £2540.00

Dry Ice Containers BAC320-12 Wolf budget product - Dry ice container Olivo 324L ? £1826.00 £1520.00

Flame Photometers 47542000-12 Wolf budget product - Flame photometer Sherwood Scientific M420 Clinical digital 2 channel ? £5338.00 £6547.00

Flocculators SW6-12 Wolf budget product - Flocculator Cole-Parmer - Stuart 6 place without beakers, includes digital timer which can count down from 1 to 99 minutes ? £2127.00 £1614.00

Flow Cytometers CY-S-3068R_N1-12 Wolf budget product - Flow cytometer Sysmex / Partec CyFlow Cube 8 N1 488nm blue laser produces 50mW of power, 640nm red laser produces 40mW of power, no UV LED, 6 colours, 8 parameters ? £71567.00 £55864.00

Fluorometers 6137000022-12 Wolf budget product - Fluorometer Eppendorf BioSpectrometer fluorescence single cell format, wavelength range 200 to 830nm, 25ug/ml sensitivity ? £8180.00 £8180.00

Formalin Containment Systems K-C650FDS-12 Wolf budget product - Formalin containment system Monmouth Scientific Circulaire 650FDS with no filter alarm, dispensing station, no storage cabinet, width 590mm, no sink, formalin filter included. Price includes delivery, installation and commissioning (assuming unrestricted access and that delivery and installation take place on the same day) ? £5673.00 £4325.00

Freezers - -20°C LSFSF232UK-12 Wolf budget product - Freezer Lec LSFSF232UK 232l capacity, sparkfree, upright, lockable, not suitable for monitoring, no built in data logger, external dimensions 1570h x 595w x 634d mm, drawers, manual defrost, with digital display and temperature alarm (replaces part number LSF232UK) ? £1075.00 £871.00

Freezers - -25°C to -45°C DW-40L262-12 Wolf budget product - Freezer Haier DW-40L262 262l capacity, minimum temperature -40°C, maximum temperature -20°C, not sparkfree, lockable, upright ? £1679.00 £1296.00

Freezers - Cryogenic -150°C and -152°C MDF-C2156VAN-PE-12 Wolf budget product - Freezer ultralow temperature -150 degs C PHC Europe / Sanyo / Panasonic Biomedical MDF-C2156VAN-PE 231l / 8.2 cu.ft, chest style, VIP insulation, on board datalogger, connections for liquid nitrogen backup (for use in the UK only) ? £24183.00 £18209.00

Fridge Freezers LSFC324UK-12 Wolf budget product - Fridge freezer LEC LSFC324UK fridge capacity 190l, freezer capacity 134l, sparkfree, lockable, external dimensions 1870h x 600w x 600d mm ? £1365.00 £1106.00

Fridges LSFSR288UK-12 Wolf budget product - Fridge LEC LSFSR288UK capacity 288L, sparkfree, not fan circulated, not suitable for monitoring, solid door, lockable, external dimensions 1570h x 595w x 634d mm, wire shelf, no built in data logger, with access port, digital display and temperature alarm (replaces LSR288UK) ? £899.00 £728.00

Fridges - Blood Bank HXC-1308-12 Wolf budget product - Fridge for blood banks Haier Biomedical HXC-1308 with glass door, for 576 blood bags, 1308l overall capacity, external dimensions 1980h x 1440w x 925d mm ? £8334.00 £6372.00

Fume Cupboards - Recirculating K-CT1100-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Recirculating fume cupboard Monmouth Scientific Circulaire CT1100 with filter alarm, nominal width 1100mm, work surface included, acrylic side walls, requires 2 pre-filters (included) and 2 main filters for solvents, type AC (K-CF0004), includes base stand (K-C11ST) and installation and commissioning ? £6847.00 £5222.00

Furniture - Laboratory LB-F-10-12 Wolf budget product - Laboratory bench Kinetic Laboratories LB-F-10 fixed, dimensions 900h x 10000w x 750d mm, trespa work surface, painted mild steel frame, grey in colour ? £5702.00 £4594.00

Gel Documentation Systems 849-97-0848-04-12 Wolf budget product - Gel documentation system UVP / Analytik Jena UVP ChemStudio suitable for DNA and protein gels and chemilluminescence blots, with transilluminator included, 4MP camera, motorised fixed lens, no built in tablet PC, 1 door, with advanced CCD camera, no darkroom lift, lens width 25mm, 0.95f/ aperture ? £23772.00 £20023.00

Gel Dryers CSL-GDVH35-12 Wolf budget product - Gel dryer Cleaver Scientific Maxi vacuum heated size 35 x 45 cm can dry up to twelve 10 x 10cm gels or larger gels ? £2139.00 £1352.00

Gel Electrophoresis - 2D Systems CVS10C2DS-12 Wolf budget product - 2D System Cleaver Scientific Complete Mini 2-D System comprising: 1x omniPAGE Mini Vertical Unit which includes: 2x2mm thick notched glass plates, 2x2mm thick plain glass plates with 1mm thick bonded spacers, 1x dummy plate, 2x combs (1mm thick 12 samples), 1x casting base, silicone mat, cooling pack. plus: 1x Capillary electrophoresis module ? £936.00 £601.00

Gel Electrophoresis - Blotters and Accessories SD10-12 Wolf budget product - Semi dry blotter Cleaver Scientific mini 100 x 100mm system ? £589.00 £376.00

Gel Electrophoresis - Power Supplies EV2320-12 Wolf budget product - Power supply Consort EV2320 3000V, 150mA, 150W, 4 outputs ? £1138.70 £749.13

Gel Electrophoresis - Tanks - Horizontal CSL-RVMSCHOICE15-12 Wolf budget product - Electrophoresis Gel Tanks & Gel Units Cleaver Scientific Complete working system for running and viewing agarose gels with tank, power pack and transilluminator. Consisting of gel tank horizontal Cleaver Scientific runVIEW choice 15, midi type, 1 gel size, max gel dimensions 15 x 15cm (w x l), power pack and blue light included, suitable for real time visor-free viewing ? £1463.00 £926.00

Gel Electrophoresis - Tanks - Horizontal 96 Well MSMIDI96-12 Wolf budget product - Gel tank Cleaver Scientific horizontal UV tray comb block with 12 x 8 sample 1mm thick combs ? £460.00 £294.00

Gel Electrophoresis - Tanks - Vertical CVS10TETRAD1CBS-12 Wolf budget product - Electrophoresis Package Cleaver Scientific OmniPAGE TETRAD with interchangeable 4-blot module, includes: - CVS10TETRAD1 - OmniPAGE TETRAD Mini-Protein Electrophoresis Package for 1mm self-cast gels, VS10BI – 4-blot insert with 4 blotting cassettes and 8 fibre pads ? £1063.00 £675.00

Gelation Timers FGT6-12 Wolf budget product - Gelation timer Cole-Parmer - Techne GT-6 digital 10rpm timer increment 0.1 minutes ? £2107.00 £1641.00

Glass Washers - Laboratory 1300LX-PST-PSBT-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Glass washer Lancer / Getinge ULTIMA 1300LX floor standing, active and HEPA filtered drying, maximum temperature 93°C, pump for externally supplied rinse water included, triple phase power supply, exterior dimensions 604w x 736d x 1628h mm. Comes with basic starter pack which consists of PST and PSBT baskets. Includes 10 Litres Lancerclean Detergent - LCD Type and 10 Litres Lancerclean Acid/Rinse Aid - LCA Type. Price includes delivery, installation, commissioning, 10 litres of clean detergent, 10 litres of acid rinse aid, low pressure valve and pump and full service contract 5 year service agreement, includes standard replacement parts and labour, also includes priority for breakdown and call out response after installation and standard service replacement parts ? £17908.00 £19667.00

Heating Mantles CMU0500/CE-12 Wolf budget product - Heating Mantle, Cole-Parmer - Electrothermal CMU0500/CE for 500ml capacity roundbottom flasks with temperature controller ? £353.00 £282.00

Homogenisers PK-02250MXD-12 Wolf budget product - Homogeniser Pro Scientific Deluxe PRO MAX-Homogenizing Package dispersing element, 576 watt motor, minimum volume 1.5ml, maximum volume 2000ml, maximum speed 30,000rpm, not programmable, no stand included. Can process within 5ml-50ml tubes and medium-large beakers. For all types of samples, even tough or stringy. 10mm and 20mm saw-tooth generator probes provide fast and efficient sample breakdown. Individual samples as large as ½” in diameter can be processed. Most effective for sample volumes of 1.5ml to 2L. Includes PRO250 homogeniser (01-02250), toolkit, 10mm x 115mm saw tooth homogeniser probe (02-10115), 20mm x 200mm saw tooth bottom homogeniser probe (02-20200) and carrying case ? £3263.00 £2185.00

Homogenisers - High Pressure EF-C5-12 Wolf budget product - High pressure homogeniser Avestin EmulsiFlex-C5 maximum sample batch size 6000ml, maximum homogenising pressure 30000 psi, suitable for liposome extrusion, cell disruption, emulsification and particle size reduction, benchtop ? £17965.00 £17965.00

Hotplates SD160-12 Wolf budget product - Hotplate Cole-Parmer - Stuart SD160 maximum plate temperature 325°C, metal plate, digital control, plate dimensions 160w x 160d mm ? £631.00 £484.00

Ice Makers EF124-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Ice maker Scotsman AF124 output 120kg per day, 40kg bin capacity, underbench, drain pump included, produces flake ice, standard dispensing, with water filter system flow rate 5.7l/min, capacity 34,069l. Price includes delivery, two year parts and labour warranty and installation ? £5773.00 £3450.00

Incubators 9010-0325-12 Wolf budget product - Incubator Binder BD115 Avantgarde.Line 112l volume, no fan, digital display, supplied with inner glass door, disinfection routine at 100°C ? £1676.00 £1519.00

Incubators - CO2 And Multigas 9040-0131-12 Wolf budget product - Incubator CO2 cell/tissue culture Binder CB170 capacity 170l, no oxygen control, heat disinfection to 180°C, no access port, single inner glass door, stainless steel chamber, datalogger, no humidity alert and monitoring package, with infa red CO2 sensor ? £7932.00 £6506.00

Incubators - Cooled 9020-0202-12 Wolf budget product - Cooled incubator Binder KB 240 (E5.1) 240l capacity, programmable controller, temperature range -5 degs C to 100 degs C, temperature variation +/- 0.3 degs C, not peltier cooled (replaces part number 9020-0241) ? £7268.00 £5903.00

Incubators - Cooled for Drosophila/Fruit Fly Research 280NP-FFM04-1303.P-AHL24-12 Wolf budget product - Cooled incubator for Fruit Fly / Drosophila research LMS Series 1A 280NP with fruit fly modification, 272L capacity, aluminium interior, powder coated mild steel exterior, fully programmable, minimum temperature -10°C, maximum temperature 50°C, temperature stability +/- 0.5°C. Price includes programmable interior lights and Hi/Lo alarm ? £4681.00 £4033.00

Incubators - Plant Growth Cabinets 9020-0340-12 Wolf budget product - Plant growth cabinet Binder KBW720 programmable temperature and lighting, no humidity control, 698l capacity, temperature range 0 to 70°C (replaces part number 9020-0172) ? £17580.00 £14136.00

Incubators - Warming Cabinets W330-12 Wolf budget product - Warming Cabinet LEEC 330 litre capacity digital controller sealed stainless steel ? £2931.00 £2248.00

Kjeldahl Equipment MQ3868B/E-12 Wolf budget product - Macro-Kjeldahl extraction equipment Cole-Parmer - Electrothermal MQ3868B up to 800°C 6 wells for 500 to 800ml ? £2832.00 £2199.00

Lab Coats HWC40-12 Wolf budget product - Lab coat high neck Howie 40 inch, white. N.B. for UK sales, VAT is always chargeable on this product. ? £46.04 £44.59

Lab Jacks 2042-12 Wolf budget product - Lab jack R and L Enterprises platform 320w x 260d mm, max height 470mm, max load 90kg ? £362.00 £313.00

Label Printers 198528BRAD-12 Wolf budget product - Label printer Brady BBP33-LAB Kit-UK maximum label width 106mm, maximum print width 101.6mm, resolution 300dpi, suitable for 1000 labels/day, print speed 101.6mm/sec, monocolour, USB/internal ethernet connectivity, thermal transfer print technology, no keyboard, includes 1 x power cord, 1 x USB cable, 1 x drivers CD, 1 x cleaning kit, 1 x product CD, 1 x quick start guide, 3 x rolls of labels (B33-59-492, B33-17-423 and B33-133-461) 2 x ribbons (B30-R6000HF and B30-R4300) and 1 x Brady workstation product and wire ID suite CD ? £1847.00 £1811.00

Laminar Flow Cabinets - Horizontal F00000220000-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Horizontal laminar flow cabinet Faster / Envair FlowFAST H 18 with 304L-grade stainless steel work surface, working dimensions 1800w x 600d x 734h mm, no reverse flow, includes modular stand epoxy powder coated with castors (FX0000224510), UV lamp factory fitted with PVC shutter to close the front opening (FX0000224600), price includes delivery ? £7619.00 £6931.00

Laminar Flow Cabinets - Vertical F00001180000-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Vertical laminar flow cabinet Faster / Envair FlowFAST V 18 304L-grade stainless steel worksurface included, with two internal sockets, working dimensions 755h x 1808w x 609d mm, with stand epoxy powder coated modular with castors (FX0002184510), UV lamp with aluminium front closure(FX0011846000) and automatic Regulator Faster / Envair with full digital display and anemometer (FX0011249800) price includes delivery ? £9026.00 £8092.00

Luminometers V301001-12 Wolf budget product - Luminometer Vitl Products Lu-Mini benchtop, for up to 1 tube, suitable for round and square cuvettes, for 10 to 15mm tubes, 1000 results storage capacity, with touchscreen and PC connectivity ? £2517.00 £1744.00

Melting Point Apparatus SMP50-12 Wolf budget product - Melting point apparatus Cole-Parmer - Stuart SMP50 digital display, maximum temperature 400°C, 3 samples, 0.1°C resolution, variable ramp rate, with integrated glass cutter, supplied with pack of 100 melting point tubes closed at one end ? £4015.00 £3038.00

Microplate Readers 601-101-12 Wolf budget product - Plate reader BMG Labtech SPECTROstar Nano for absorbance, minimum wavelength 220nm, maximum wavelength 1000nm, for 96-well plates, heated, shaking, scanning ? £10336.00 £11091.00

Microplate Sealers V902001-12 Wolf budget product - Microplate sealer Vitl Products VTS built in thermostat, variable sealing temperature 125 to 170°C ? £3267.00 £2263.00

Microplate Washers 80-4000-13-12 Wolf budget product - Microplate washer Biochrom Anthos Fluido 2 384 W4 with 8 way manifold, not stacker compatible, advanced programming, dispense head manufactured from PETP / Ertalyte and stainless steel, 4 buffer inlets ? £5105.00 £4178.00

Microscope Accessories - Cold Light Sources E0433266-12 Wolf budget product - Cold light source Olympus KL2500LED analogue control, LED format with a maximum lumen of 1100, with brightness control ? £1405.00 £1180.00

Microscopes K23009321-12 Wolf budget product - Microscope Olympus CX43 standard, trinocular head type, maximum magnification 100X, capable of fluorescence, with standard base and stand, LED light source, camera not included, with mechanical stage, supplied with 4x magnification plan achromatic objectives for phase contract and 10x, 20x, 40x and 100x magnification plan achromatic objectives for bright field, suitable for education, doctors surgeries, life science, environmental, laboratories, water analysis, breweries and veterinary use ? £4569.00 £3837.00

Microtomes 8000-01-12 Wolf budget product - Microtome Bright Instrument Company 8000 retracting type, no specimen orientation, no quick release Feather™ blade, without quick release cassette and is mega cassette compatible ? £8665.00 £8665.00

Mills - Ball 2010-230-12 Wolf budget product - Ball mill Spex Certiprep Geno / Grinder grinding ball type, 450W motor, for 0.6 to 800ml sample volumes, maximum speed 1,750rpm, grinding ball set not included. Price includes clamp and nesting trays but accessories may be required depending on your application. Please contact us if more details are required. ? £14996.00 £13769.00

Mills - Mixer 20.745.0001-12 Wolf budget product - Ball mill Retsch MM400 suitable for size reduction, mixing, homogenization and cell disruption applications, feed size 8mm, final fineness 5um, for soft, medium-hard, hard, brittle, elastic and fibrous materials ? £6782.00 £6519.00

Mills - Swing 8530-230-12 Wolf budget product - Swing mill Spex enclosed Shatterbox for 230 V/50 Hz operation ? £14998.00 £14172.00

Mills - XRD 207701001-12 Wolf budget product - XRD mill Retsch XRD-Mill McCrone complete package suitable for grinding, mixing and triturating, dry and wet applications, material feed size < 0.5mm, final fineness 1µm, 1 grinding station, minimum mean dringin time 3minutes, maximum mean grinding time 30minutes, grinding jar size 125ml. Includes 2 x agate grinding sets (50 grinding elements each), 2 x grinding jars with screw top lid of PP, 1 x pouring lid and 1 x loading device. ? £8236.00 £7910.00

Moisture Analyser Balances MA100H-000230V1-12 Wolf budget product - Moisture analyser Sartorius MA100H capacity 100g, readability 0.1mg, halogen heating element ? £8389.00 £8458.00

Monitors - Gas OX-600-24VDC-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Oxygen monitor Riken Keiki OX-600 wall mounted, audible and visual alarms, mains power supply, dimensions 57w x 26d x 70h mm (OX-600-24VDC) with Auto dialler AD-600I standalone GSM (cell phone) auto-dialler and SMS sender, SIM card dialler without enclosure, integrated into the BATPSU-600 UPS panel (2G SIM card required and not supplied) This unit will send SMS and email notifications, beacon and sounder kit with 5m cable plus 240V AC to 24Volt power adapter (SB-600-24VDC) and power supply with battery backup. In the event of a power cut this unit will power the monitor and the to remote accessories such as the beacon and sounder kit (BATPSU-600-7-24VDC) and 10m remote cable (4725906010). ? £1171.00 £1074.00

Multi-parameter Meters HI-9829-02-12 Wolf budget product - Multi-parameter meter Hanna Instruments HI-9829 portable, tests 13 parameters, USB download available, on screen help, waterproof, measures pH, ORP, ISE, EC, TDS, resistivity, salinity , temperature, seawater, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, atmospheric pressure and Mv ? £2267.00 £1951.00

Osmometers 32.02-12 Wolf budget product - Osmometer Gonotec Osmomat 3000-M for aquaeous samples, freezing point measurement, with manual sample handling, RS232 and USB output for data transfer to PC, 15ul micro sample volume option included, touch screen, includes free consumables starter kit, 10 ampoules calibration standard 300 mOsmol/kg (30.9.0020), 10 ampoules calibration standard 850 mOsmol/kg (30.9.0850), 10 ampoules calibration standard 2000 mOsmol/kg (30.9.2000) and 1000 measuring vessels (30.9.0010) ? £7720.00 £5505.00

Ovens 9010-0293-12 Wolf budget product - Oven Binder FED115 Avantgarde.Line 116l volume, fan circulation, digital display, no temperature gradient, rapid recovery rate, 240 hour timer, 300°C maximum temperature, 230V electrical supply ? £2576.00 £2092.00

Ovens - Drying/Warming DC/LOW/180-12 Wolf budget product - Oven LTE Scientific DC/LOW/180 for drying/warming 180l capacity, no fan, 2 shelves, external dimensions 760h x 1090w x 398d mm, not high energy efficient ? £1336.70 £1146.00

Ovens - Hot Air Steriliser HAS/250/TDIG/SS-12 Wolf budget product - Hot air steriliser Genlab HAS/250/TDIG/SS 240l capacity, maximum temperature 250°C, 5 shelves, fan circulated, extenal dimensions 1170h x 940w x 690d mm (replaces HAS/250/SS/DIG) ? £3036.00 £2659.00

Ovens - Hybridization 95-0340-02-12 Wolf budget product - Hybridisation oven UVP / Analytik Jena HM4000 - incubator shaker - Multidiser for twenty 35x150mm tubes or ten 35x300mm tubes ? £4096.00 £3603.00

Ovens - Materials Testing 9010-0203-12 Wolf budget product - Materials testing oven Binder M240 240l capacity, advanced programmability, no humidity control, fan, maximum temperature 300°C, voltage 230V 1N, 50/60Hz ? £7903.00 £6293.00

Ovens - Materials Testing With Cooling 9020-0345-12 Wolf budget product - Oven with cooling for materials testing Binder KMF720 720l capacity, with humidification system, temperature range -10 to 100°C, with advanced programability ? £17602.00 £16982.00

Ovens - Safety Drying 9010-0292-12 Wolf budget product - Safety drying oven Binder FDL115 115L (replaces 9010-0269) ? £7456.00 £7268.00

Ovens - Vacuum 9030-0030-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Vacuum oven Binder VD53, capacity 53l, maximum temperature 200°C not suitable for flammable solvents, digital control, internal dimensions 400h x 400w x 330d mm and vacuum module with chemical membrane pump VP 2.1 (nominal air flow 3.4m3/hour), final pressure 1.5 mbar, with separator and emission condenser, including all necessary vacuum connection parts, 230V 1N ~ 50/60 Hz (8012-0730) ? £12717.00 £12669.00

PCR Cabinets PCR-48-12 Wolf budget product - PCR cabinet Air Science Technologies Purair PCR 48 active and passive, HEPA filter, 1 UV light, 1219mm wide, pre-assembled, no internal power sockets, 2 access ports ? £2542.00 £2105.00

pH and Conductivity Meters 51302622-12 Wolf budget product - pH and conductivity meter Mettler SevenGo pro SG78-FK2 portable, 6 calibration points, standard probe included (51344102 and 51344110), PC connectivity ? £1849.00 £1341.00

Pipettes - Electronic Picus-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Electronic pipettes Biohit / Sartorius Picus NXT, set of 4, volume ranges 0.2-10ul (LH-745021)/10-300ul (LH-745061)/50-1000ul (LH-745081)/500-10000ul (LH-745111), single channel, microplate / tube rack tracker, automatic calibration reminder, with AC adapter ? £2329.00 £2151.00

Pipettes - Manual Pipetman-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Pipette Gilson Pipetman Classic, set of 4 containing P2 0.2-2ul volume (F144801), P20 2-20ul volume (F123600), P200 20-200ul volume (F123601), P1000 100-1000u volume(F123602), manual autoclavable, single channel, with stainless steel ejector ? £857.00 £613.00

Pipetting Controllers PC2000-12 Wolf budget product - Pipetting controller Cole-Parmer - Stuart PC2000 rechargeable, for 0.1 to 100ml pipettes ? £432.00 £330.00

Polarimeters POL-X-12 Wolf budget product - Polarimeter Optika POL-X measurement range +/- 180º, 1 second stabilisation time, 4x magnification, polarimeter tube size 100 to 200mm ? £767.00 £535.00

Pumps - Dosing and Peristaltic 160.8-12 Wolf budget product - Peristaltic pump Verderflex EV8000 max speed 180rpm, min flow rate 0ml/min, max flow rate 8000ml/min, 1 channel, no RS232 control, no tubing supplied ? £2222.00 £2069.00

Recirculating Chillers and Cooled Water Baths RC3000G-12 Wolf budget product - Recirculating chiller Grant RC3000G 3 kW cooling capacity, temperature range -10 to 60°C, 15 l/min pump flow rate, 1.6 bar maximum pressure, +/- 0.5°C stability, 1.1l tank capacity, digital control ? £7067.00 £5472.00

Refractometers 51324660-12 Wolf budget product - Refractometer Mettler Refracto 30GS for multiple sample type measurements, digital display, with printer/PC connectivity and extended measuring range ? £2474.00 £1991.00

Rockers 542-40010-00-12 Wolf budget product - Rocker Heidolph Polymax 2040 speed range 2.5 to 50rpm, tilt angle 10° with 3D motion, platform dimensions 390w x 340d mm, max ambeint temperature 50°C, with timer ? £2301.00 £1978.00

Rollers MXS-10-12 Wolf budget product - Roller Clifton MXS-10 bench top, 10 bottle positions, variable speed, max speed 60rpm, no timer, analogue control, min tube diameter 10mm, max tube diameter 100mm, max tube length 300mm, no rotation, battery backup or temperature monitoring/alarm ? £1564.00 £1413.00

Rotators SB3-12 Wolf budget product - Rotator Cole-Parmer - Stuart SB3 holds a maximum of 12 x 35mm tubes, maximum speed of 40rpm, with speed control and timer, no tube holder included ? £505.00 £390.00

Sample Concentrators SBHCONC/1-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Sample concentrator Cole-Parmer - Stuart variable needle position for 10-33mm diamater tubes requires SBH130D/3 or SBH200D/3 block heater and needles, with SBH130D/3 temperature range 29 to 130°C, 3 block capacity, digital control, no PC connectivity, 3 x blocks 20 x 2ml centrifuge tubes (SHT1/20) and needles 76mm long, pack of 100 (F7209) ? £1482.00 £1134.00

Shakers - Microplate PHMP-4-12 Wolf budget product - Shaker microplate Grant Bio PHMP-4 capacity 4 x 96 well microtitre plates, temperature control from 25 to 60°C, maximum speed 1200rpm, with timer and plate lid (replaces part number PHMP-4 UK) ? £1663.00 £1290.00

Shakers - Non Incubating AAH3D1515PLAT-PACKAGE-12 Wolf budget product - Shaker Jeiotech OS-7200 max speed 300rpm, max load 35kg, orbit 50.8mm, orbital, including 755w x 520d mm platform (AAA23503-V3) and sticky mat 200w x 200d x 5h mm (AAA30551) ? £4657.00 £3530.00

Shaking Incubators AAH239232PLAT-PACKAGE-12 Wolf budget product - Shaking incubator Jeiotech ISS-7200R floor standing, refrigerated, max vessel capacity 4000ml x 6, front loading, 50.8mm orbit, stackable, includes 755mm x 520mm platform (AAA23503-V4), max shaking capacity 24000ml and sticky mat 200w x 200d x 5h mm (AAA30551) ? £12125.00 £8885.00

Sonicators - DNA, RNA and Chromatin Shearing B01020002-12 Wolf budget product - Bioruptor Diagenode Plus with 0.5/0.65ml tube holder for up to 12 tubes, suitable for DNA and chromatin shearing, soundproof box, overheat shutdown, including water cooler and single cycle valve, digital control ? £17978.00 £17978.00

Sonicators - Probe Type Q700UK-220-PACKAGE-12 Wolf budget product - Sonicator/cell disruptor Qsonica Q700 maximum volume 1000ml, minimum volume 0.2ml, 700W, digital control, includes 12.7mm probe, a sound box is not included and is a recommended accessory. Supplied with generator, converter, 1/2 inch (13mm) diameter replaceable tip probe (4220), power cable, converter cable and wrench set, includes sound enclosure Sonobox (432B2) ? £6904.00 £4964.00

Spectrophotometers 6135000906-12 Wolf budget product - Spectrophotometer Eppendorf BioSpectrometer basic with µCuvette G1.0 200-830nm, 4nm bandwidth, scanning, single beam, for general, DNA/RNA, educational, life science, industrial, micro volume and pharmaceutical applications, single cell holder ? £6890.00 £6890.00

Stirrers - Hotplate 505-40081-00-12 Wolf budget product - Hotplate stirrer Heidolph MR Hei-Connect 20l capacity, maximum plate temperature 300°C, aluminium / ceramic (KeraDisc) plate, digital control, 1 position, plate diameter 145mm (replaces 505-50081-00) ? £981.00 £788.00

Stirrers - Magnetic SB301-12 Wolf budget product - Stirrer magnetic Cole-Parmer - Stuart SB301 30l capacity, stainless steel plate, analogue control, single position, plate dimensions 300w x 300d mm, not suitable for cell culture vessels ? £637.00 £489.00

Stirrers - Overhead 501-64020-00-12 Wolf budget product - Stirrer overhead Heidolph Hei-TORQUE 400 Precision max capacity 100l, stirrer speed 10 to 2000 rpm, digital control. Requires stirrer attachment ? £2306.00 £1847.00

Thermal Cyclers 846-2-070-724-12 Wolf budget product - Thermal cycler Analytik Jena Biometra TRIO Combi standard type, 144 X 0.2ml tubes, 54 x 0.5ml tubes, 0.6°C block uniformity, heating rate up to 3°C/s, cooling rate up to 2.7°C/s, no exchangable blocks, no temperature gradient, no temperature gradient width, with multi user facility, no USB login/logout ? £9190.00 £9190.00

Thermal Cyclers - qPCR System Real Time ECORT48-12 Wolf budget product - Thermal cycler Cole-Parmer - PCR Max Eco 48 48 x 0.02ml, heated lid, 4-plex dye detection, 1 year warranty OFFER ENDS 30-08-2019 ? £12999.00 £10405.00

Transilluminators 95-0364-02-12 Wolf budget product - Illuminator UVP / Analytik Jena FirstLight uniform UV, FI-26X, 302nm, filter size 25 x 26cm, 230V ? £2663.00 £2250.00

Trolleys SMTL4-12 Wolf budget product - Trolley James Bedford 2 tier with cabinet and drawer stainless steel 1200w x 550d x 970h mm ? £1378.00 £1356.00

Turbidity Meters HI-83414-02-12 Wolf budget product - Turbidity Meter Hanna Instruments HI-83414-02 benchtop, 5 maximum calibration points, calibration check, with logging, EPA and GLP compliant, with PC connectivity, fast tracker not included, with backlit LCD and auto off, carry case not included, suitable for free and total chlorine use, ratio and non-ratio mode ? £1967.00 £1694.00

Ultraviolet (UV) - Cabinets 95-0072-07-12 Wolf budget product - UV cabinet and lamp UVP / Analytik Jena C-15G includes C-10 cabinet and UVGL-58 PL lamp ? £411.00 £363.00

Ultraviolet (UV) - Lamps UVGL-25-12 Wolf budget product - UV lamp UVP / Analytik Jena handheld, UVGL-25 (254/365nm) ? £224.00 £201.00

Ultraviolet (UV) - Protection 98-0002-04-12 Wolf budget product - UV protective face shield UVP / Analytik Jena ? £112.00 £110.00

Ultraviolet (UV) - Radiometers 97-0015-02-12 Wolf budget product - Radiometer UVP / Analytik Jena UVX digital meter with recording option - price includes case and battery ? £507.00 £436.00

Vortexers SI-0266-12 Wolf budget product - Vortexer Scientific Industries Vortex Genie 2 maximum vessel capacity 100ml, for up to 64 tubes, variable speed with continous and touch control, including 3 inch platform and pop-off cup ? £398.00 £231.00

Water Baths - Boiling SBBAQUA26PLUS-12 Wolf budget product - Water bath boiling Grant 26l capacity, operating temperature 100°C, analogue control, with over temperature cut-out, includes lid and base tray (replaces part number SBB AQUA 26 PLUS) ? £945.00 £736.00

Water Baths - Shaking OLS26-12 Wolf budget product - Water bath shaking Grant OLS Aqua Pro 26 temperature range ambient +5 to 99°C, temperature stability +/- 0.1°C, tank capacity 26l, digital control, linear and orbital motion. Includes universal shaking platform (TU26) and polycarbonate lid (AQL26). (replaces OLS200). ? £2483.00 £1923.00

Water Baths - Sonicating XUB25-12 Wolf budget product - Ultrasonic water bath Grant XUB25 digital control, 25l tank capacity, heated, basket dimensions 159h x 463w x 263d mm, SD card slot, frequency leap, for research use. Supplied with lid and basket ? £2012.00 £1559.00

Water Baths - Stirred TX150-ST26-12 Wolf budget product - Water bath stirred Grant TX150-ST26 min temperature 26°C, max temperature 150°C, 26L steel tank, with pump and USB, lid not included ? £1663.00 £1290.00

Water Baths - Unstirred SAP26-12 Wolf budget product - Water bath unstirred Grant SUB Aqua Pro 26 26L capacity with digital display, drain, timer, alarm, maximum temperature 99 degs C, stability +/- 0.2 degs C with two point calibration. Includes tray and gabled lid ? £817.00 £637.00

Block Heaters PCH-2-12 Wolf budget product - Block heater Grant PCH-2 temperature range -10 to 100°C, 1 block capacity, digital control, no PC connectivity, block included ? £988.00 £769.00

Freezer Mills 6875-230-12 Wolf budget product - Freezer mill Spex 6875-230 suitable for DNA/RNA extraction, pharmaceutical analysis/drug testing, volatile compounds, medical research, WEEE/RoHS and plastics/polymers, minimum sample capacity 0.1g, maximum sample capacity 100g ? £12366.00 £11688.00

Gas Generators 10-6020-12 Wolf budget product - Gas generator Peak Scientific Genius NM32LA for nitrogen and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry, with integrated compressor, maximum gas flow 32l/min, maximum outlet pressure 100psi ? £12508.00 £12250.00

X-ray Developers/X-ray Processors N-XRAY-EQUP-PROC001-12 Wolf budget product - X-ray film processor Photon Surgical Systems Ecomax Automatic processes 74 films per hour, maximum film dimensions 350d x 430h mm, overal dimensions 660w x 838d x 420h mm ? £8661.00 £6730.00

Rotary Evaporators 11SR300251VS11-12 Wolf budget product - Rotary evaporator Buchi Rotavapor R-300 system vertical condenser, for use under vacuum, electronic flask lift, safety coating on glassware, F-305 chiller included, V-300 pump and I-300 controller included, B-305 bath included ? £10254.00 £9039.00

Pumps - Syringe Z740546-1EA-12 Wolf budget product - Syringe pump KDS Legato 270 for two infusion syringes and two withdrawl syringes, maximum syringe volume 140ml ? £4207.00 £4207.00

Fridges - Pharmacy HYC-390-12 Wolf budget product - Pharmacy fridge Haier HYC-390 390l capacity, lockable, glass door, not stainless steel, with built in data logger ? £2349.00 £1878.00

Cryostorage Equipment - Liquid Nitrogen Storage 10-033-01-0131-12 Wolf budget product - Liquid nitrogen storage tank Taylor Wharton / Worthington XL240 PB CE maximum capacity 250L, pressurised, stainless steel tank, pressure dispenser option, vented lid, supplied with transfer Hose 1.8 m 1600-9C66W (10-033-01-0134) and phase separator large 1193-8C80 (10-033-01-0135) ? £7426.00 £5541.12

Water Purification ZIQ7005T0-Package-12 Wolf budget product - Water purifier Merck / Millipore Milli-Q IQ 7005 produces 120l/hr of type 1 water and 5l/hr of type 2 water, tap water feed, remote point of use, 50l integral tank, 100l daily usage, for general, glass washer, analytical, life science and chromatography use, purifies by electrodeionisation. Supplied with tank (TANKA050), IQ 7003/5 (ZFCBIQXUK), cover (TANKT0PA1), Q-POD (ZIQP0D000), E-POD (ZIQEP0D00), reservoir connections (ZFC0NN5ST), POD connections(ZFC0NN2SQ), chlorine tablets (ZWCL01F50), IPAK Gard (IPAKGARA1), IPAK Quanta (IPAKQUAA1), vent filter (TANKV01A1), Millipak filter (MPGP002A1), Startpak (STARTPK01), wall mounting brackets (SYSTFIXA1 + TANKFIXA1) and BioPak (CDUFBI0A1). Units may require additional accessories or installation, please contact us for details. ? £20689.00 £16184.00

Pumps - Vacuum - General Purpose 115234-12 Wolf budget product - Vacuum pump Welch LVS 210T ef suitable for use with chemicals, with inlet trap and condenser, 2mbar ultimate vacuum, 36l/min flow rate, not ATEX compliant, with integral gas ballast valves ? £3336.00 £2978.00

Freezers - Ultra-Low Temperature DW-86L829BP-12 Wolf budget product - Freezer - ultra-low temperature Haier DW-86L829BP upright style 829 litre, with VIP insulation, smart frequency conversion compressor refrigeration, 5 years parts and labour warranty, suitable for long term sample storage, 4 inner compartments ? £12220.00 £9391.00

Fridges - Portable RPDF0012F-12 Wolf budget product - Portable fridge Labcold RPDF0012F 12 litre capacity, internal dimensions 200h x 335w x 165d mm, minimum temperature 2°C ? £494.00 £432.00

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