CO2 Incubators - LEEC - Mini CultureSafe P50

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P50 Incubator CO2 cell/tissue culture Leec Mini CultureSafe P50 capacity 50l, no oxygen control, no disinfection, 24mm access port, single inner glass door, stainless steel chamber, no datalogger, no humidity alert and monitoring package, with infra red CO2 sensor 24 months LEEC_Culture_Safe_CO2_Incubator_P_Range.pdf ? £4117.61 £2877.98

This product is approved by the UK public sector under framework LAB5028 LU and is currently being evaluated for agreement LAB1021 AP. Further details can be obtained by searching the internet on "General Laboratory Equipment LAB5028 LU".

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK
Max. Power Draw 0.350kW
Ecological Features Incubator only consumes 0.072 kwh when operating at 37.0°C. Also features anti-microbial paint which helps with contamination control.

Additional information

Volume 50 l
Oxygen control No
Dis-infection routine No
Access port 24 mm
Inner glass doors 1
Chamber Stainless steel
Data logger No
Humidity alert and monitoring package No
CO2 sensor type Infrared
Minimum temperature 26 °C
Maximum temperature 60 °C
Touch screen controller No
Manual LEEC_Culture_Safe_CO2_Incubator_P_Range.pdf


Special OfferNTCPC30 Wolf special offer - Gas cylinder changeover unit West Group PC30 inlet pressure range 0-30 PSI, 2 outlet valves, for continuity of supply for CO2 and other gases, compatible with all inert gases WHILST STOCKS LAST - Popular accessory

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Special OfferRE0350 Wolf special offer - Gas cylinder regulator Wescol RE0350 input pressure range 300 bar, outlet pressure range 0-4 bar, gas type: CO2, multi-stage control for increased accuracy, not suitable for flammable gasses, includes 3/8 nut and 6mm nipple OFFER ENDS 31-05-2019 - Popular accessory

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3ID 3 inner door LEEC option available on all 50L models

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PNEU Automatic change over unit LEEC for two cylinders CO2 or N2

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3603 Cylinder holder R and L Enterprises bench mounted for CO2 cylinders

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6ID Door LEEC 6 inner option available on all 50L models

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L1 Shelf LEEC spare and runners for any GA model, P2C or P3C

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R06 Valve LEEC in line CO2 reducing with pressure gauge 2 to 30 p.s.

? £85.10 £85.10

PRVN Valve LEEC N2 cylinder pressure reducing with gauges

? £162.46 £162.46

PRV Valve LEEC single-stage CO2 cylinder pressure reducing with gauge

? £109.17 £109.17

PRV2 Valve LEEC two-stage CO2 cylinder pressure reducing with gauges

? £162.46 £162.46

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