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The products we are featuring are from Coy with 1 person or 2 person models, with optional heating, gloved and with optional airlock, chamber lengths of 1220mm and 1820mm, chamber depths of 610mm, chamber heights of 910mm. Use our application table to identify the best product for your application. The most important questions to ask are if it is required to be a 1 or 2 person unit, needs to be heated, if it requires an airlock and the dimensions required.


Coy basic aluminium glove boxes from Wolflabs

Product Update

Affordable, modular, Aluminum Glove Boxes provide isolation, containment, humidity, temperature, oxygen control, and anaerobic (complete removal of oxygen) atmospheres. These epoxy-coated, aluminum glove boxes are designed to your individual needs by selecting components from numerous interchangeable Coy parts and accessories. All Basic Coy Glove Boxes are fabricated to meet rigorous standards for cleanliness and durability. Solvent welding ensures an air-tight structure that won’t leak. The door gaskets provide a safe positive seal without interfering with full access to the glove box interior. The viewing slope allows the user an uninterrupted view of the work in progress. Gloves are easily exchanged/ replaced in a matter of minutes. Pressure Relief Valves and Manual Inlet Ball Valves make it easy to purge in a desired gas mix for oxygen or moisture control.

Features and benefits
- The viewing screen is designed to provide good interior shadow-free ambient light.  Tempered Glass may be substituted for the standard polycarbonate for certain chemical operations.
- Quick disconnect fittings have been used wherever possible.
- Sleeve Length Neoprene Gloves
- Adjustable Shelves
- Large Side Door
- Interior 6 Outlet Plug Strip

Product Category: Glove Boxes - Basic - Aluminium

Manufacturer: Coy